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  1. Nice get....We are off to a great start with picking up quality DLs.
  2. Has anyone heard anything about crowd size at the football games? Maybe I missed something, but a stadium full of fans is a sure recipe for Covid 19 to spread like wildfire over a field of dry hay. I am really concerned about this having been a Covid patient recently. I hope safety prevails.
  3. Does this allow for a full stadium of fans? I am horrified at the possibility of having 80, 000 fans and having severe breakouts of the virus. Having gone through the virus first hand and surviving a mild case, I do not want to see anyone unnecessarily contracting this virus. I am one of the lucky ones albeit I still have some minor issues with it (sense of smell and taste have not yet fully return and having some headache issues as well); I can only imagine this virus eating up folks attending games. Maybe a stadium without fans could be a possibility. I would like to know how the issue of fans will be addressed. Thanks & WDE!!
  4. I think things will work out in the end. Just a gut feeling.
  5. I wonder if Bryant Denny Stadium will have 100,000 dummy fans......they have this every game they have and will ever play!
  6. I am glad baseball season is going to happen. Anxious to see how my Braves will do in this shortened season. I wonder if the Braves will have dummy fans in the stands!
  7. You are dead on 110% right. Dr. Fauci is the only one who seems to have an accurate pulse on this virus and the leader of this country has stuck his head in the sand and refuses to listen to Dr. Fauci any more. It would not surprise me to see the virus approaching close to 100,000 cases a day in the not too distant future. I appreciate your knowledge and concern with this virus. It is scary and is getting worse as we speak. I am so thankful I survived my bout with covid 19 and feel deeply for those suffering from this horrible virus. I want to share a link that is real time with keeping up with the virus in our country.
  8. It looks like we are fixing to be really hard hit of which is disturbing to me. This could be worse than what we experienced back in April and May. Things are moving too fast in my opinion. Not sure what the answer is. Maybe some degree of lock-down is needed again until things turn around.
  9. prayers going out for you my friend. May God provide a complete healing for you!
  10. saw my MD today and he gave me the green light to get back into life as normal. Going to play golf tomorrow (9 holes) I cannot wait until then. I am so thankful that I made it trough without too much discomfort. I lost a total of 6 pounds of which I really do not care if I put it back! I want to thank each and everyone of you for your prayers and thoughts for me. It is a great feeling to know your fellow Auburn family has your back! Please continue to pray for those in Florida, Texas, and other states that are being hard hit as I speak from this evil virus.
  11. I think that this is worth some merit. However, I think that Florida and Georgia have produced some of the best players to ever wear and orange blue uniform. Time will tell about the Texas recruits we will sign.
  12. I think Tank Bigsby will be in the same mold as Davis. He has his size and footwork. I think Tank is actually faster than Davis. I believe that Tank will be a beast and will have a great career. not too many backs can compare to Davis.
  13. I will see my MD next week for followup. He has not mentioned anything yet about antibody test. I will ask him when I see him next week. I feel good for the most and have my sense of smell back almost normal. All in all, mine was a rather mild case compared to so many poor souls out there that has/had it worse than me. I am fortunate in that I hope I can actually play some golf in a couple of weeks maybe. I will ask my MD about it before I take off to the links! It will be a while before I will want another smoothie! I appreciate all of the thoughtfulness and prayers for me! Keep praying for those areas being hard hit. Godspeed & WDE!!! Doc
  14. my time is officially up. i feel better now and look for better days. I thank all of you for your support and prayers 110% Auburn folks are the greatest on earth!!!
  15. sounds like they are on the right track of which is a good thing for sure.
  16. I wish no one to contract this horrible disease, and the lack of concern and cavalier mindset will cause some serious and possibly very deadly outcomes. If I could tell those folks what they are up against, they might think twice about their reckless behavior even if mine was a milder case. Then again, 125,000 plus deaths are not enough to get their attention. Just say a prayer that they will learn before it is too late for some of them.
  17. Having a Marie Calendar chicken pie tonight! I am looking forward to eating some solid food. I think it will go down just fine! North Carolina had over 2000 cases of Covid 19 today of which is the highest it has been so far.
  18. If all goes well, Friday will be the final day of isolation.Went beyond the 14 days though of which I am not complaining about. Will wear a mask for the long term though when I go out in public. Thanks for your prayers and thoughts my friend! I ate a bowl of frosted flakes this morning and could actually taste it and smell it of which has been gone for a good while. All in all, I think my case has been mild and one manageable compared to many of the poor souls who have dealt with this dreaded virus. Ready to focus on Auburn football and put this dreaded virus behind me!
  19. feeling better and counting down the final days. My MD wants me to be symptom free as possible before I face the world again! (lol)
  20. Getting close, no fever, no cough, just a bit tired and still having some issues with smell but that is better as well. Getting a little tired of smoothies though!
  21. hanging in there fairly well. Some days are better than others, but I think the worst is over hopefully. Just wish my sense of smell would get better! Thanks for thinking about me for sure!
  22. Thank you so much! I am doing ok for the most. The biggest issue is lack of smell. This messes with the taste of food! My weight is only down by 3 pounds of which is not bad. I am glad I am not in the shape as some people in North Carolina. We are having a big rise in cases of covid 19 in North Carolina. Counting down the days when this isolation will end. I am skyping with my wife who is upstairs! This is weird, but the best way to communicate!
  23. I have a lot of friends who are teachers in Louisiana, and they made out OK. I hope the best for you and that you stay Covid free!
  24. Dude is fine! Thanks so much & WDE!