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  1. AUinVirginia

    Kris Frost

    I believe that players parents like yourself, are a very integral part of the " family" feel at Auburn. The fact that some players have parents that are close in proximity, and can spend quality time with these young men, whether it be a simple dinner, or attending church, speaks volumes about not only the kind of players we have at our beloved university, but also the parents as well..........ALL IN !!!!
  2. AUinVirginia

    Melvin Ray Rumor

    For all the admirer's of " neon Dion", here is a clip from the Bo Jackson highlight reel.
  3. AUinVirginia

    Bama/Utah- Auburn/Oregon

    I remember when exactly the same thing was said about the Bama/Utah game. How Utah could not hang with the speed and toughness of the SEC. We all know how the story turned out, 31-17 i believe. While you cannot compare this years teams to those of that year, i suggest we take a somewhat humbler approach to this game. I hope with all my heart we win this game. It will be good for Auburn, players, students, fans, recruiting, and even some things we don't see. But let's not take these Oregon folks for granted, they are where they are, because they win. If we go out and play like we have all year long, and put forth our best effort, we stand a mighty fine chance of winning. But let us walk in and think because Cam walks on the field, we have already won..........we have lost already. I believe the coaches will have the players ready for a game of this magnitude, and the best team will prevail. With that being said, i bid you all goodnight. I have been on here for 2 years or close to it, but have only posted when i really felt the need to voice an opinion. I apologize in advance, if this has already been posted. If so, please remove it. Hope you all have a very Merrry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and WAR DAMN EAGLE !!!
  4. AUinVirginia

    Where are you watching the Iron Bowl?

    I wil be, at my home in Virginia. The family will be out shopping, and I wil be left alone, with my 2 boxers. I will have lot's of left over ham, and potatoe salad, and deviled eggs. In my recliner, full stomach, good game, what more could you ask for ? Happy Thanksgiving, and please have a safe holiday weekend.
  5. AUinVirginia

    Ok, gotta say it.....

    I will give you my honest opinion, regarding why the diffrence in both groups of people. For starters, I went to Kansas, and graduated. I moved to Alabama because of work. The mother of my children, is an Auburn graduate with a degree in elementary and secondary education. This woman took me to my first Auburn game. Also I got to attend my first tailgate activities. It is at the Friday night, and Saturday day tailgating activities, that I fell in love with Auburn. The people were beyond friendly, they treated me like family.......To a complete stranger as I was, they offered food, drink, and true companionship and friendship. Never have I been treated like this at any football venue in all my 50 years. Since that first time I attended a game, I fell in love with Auburn. It is not just a passion and a love for the game of football, it is a passion and love for humanity that sets Auburn apart. The people at this school, believe with their whole heart in the Auburn creed, and live as well as alumni. I travel extensively in regards to my work, and everytime I have run into an Auburn fan or alum, I have always been treated with class and respect. These people carry themselves with dignity and class. All these qualities that these people show, some may be learned at Auburn, but for the most part these traits are taught and handed down generation to generation. On the other hand, I have in seen a Alabama grad, or maybe a fan, as it is a difficult task to tell one apart from the other, seen them standing stinking drunk in a parking lot, yelling "Roll Tide" at the twilight hour of the morning, on a Tuesday morning with not a game being played in two months. This may not seem like a wierd sight for many people here, but I witnessed this in Minot, North Dakota. And "fwiw" Gene Chizik, is the best representative as an Auburn coach, that the university has had in many many years. I could see his name on a building on campus, in the future....War Eagle!!!
  6. AUinVirginia


    I will make a challenge to every member here. There are 5800 members from what I read on another post. If every member will donate 1 dollar, that's right $1.00 every month, or $12.00 for the whole year, this site will live on. Who does not spend a dollar on a soda, or a candybar? A lottery ticket even............. $1.00 from every person here will go a long long way every month folks.................Is $1.00 of your money every month worth in exchange for the service, info, and freinships you have here?
  7. AUinVirginia

    Mhalzahan needs a job performance review

    I have been an Auburn man, all my life since I can remember. I with what I have seen this year, feel we will be lucky to make it to a bowl this year. After watching this game, I truly do not have the words. If we are to make any kind of run for anything, it will be next year. Go ahead and bash me, and tell me to leave. This is what happens here when you have a realistic view of the football program. I alway's haved loved Auburn, and alway's will. But we are a long way from being a true contender. Goodnight and wareagle!!!
  8. AUinVirginia

    Unconfirmed Happenings

    Let's not get into a panic, over "rumors" !!!! If any of it were true, one of the admins, or mods would have confirmed this by now. No internet sporting venue of any repute is confirming this erroneous garbage. I for one, will not lose a minute of anything over it. Amazing to me, with as many AU folks on this board with inside info, not 1 has come forward to collaborate on the aforementioned pile of dung. I for one do not have hardly any posts, because I rarely have anything to say. But this rumor spreading at precisely the day before our season opener, smells atrociously like a TURD inspired wish. Hell if any shread of truth were behind this, the 1-2 reputable turd sports writers would have already posted it from here to the ends of the known universe..... Good night all, WDE!!!!!
  9. AUinVirginia


    My Veterinarian, who graduated from our great university in 1951, asked me if I knew of a good "AUBURN" site. The good doctor is 83 years old. Has never missed a class reunion, and now gives back to the community, by offering his services, free of charge to the public. You only pay for the medicine your pet may need. An example of the Auburn Spirit!!! I directed him to this site. I explained to him, how I enjoyed this site, and the lack of the "bammer" mentality that abounds on other sites, is non existent here. After reading the replies to the original poster for information, I hope he does not read this thread, and use it as an example of the Auburn spirit. However vague the question may have been, only 1 respondent offered an attempt to answer the question, without sarcasm. I am surprised however, that with such an intellectual sports community, noone even offered to redirect the person requiring information, to the appropriate thread. I have been under the impression, that this site was started with the vision to be the most informative site, regarding Auburn sports, and to forward information, to those in need of such. I myself am nearly 50 years of age, and have found this site to be very informative, and very accurate in it's endeavor to forward information. I seldom make a post, as I usually read the information I require and try not to impress the world with my lack of knowledge regarding sports related news. With this in mind, I hope that the younger members of the Auburn family realise, that some of us old farts are not alway's as concise as we would like to be. And on occasion may have to have something explained to us several times. There were "no" computers for us to use when we were in school, so any information was aquired from someone directly involved with the team, by word of mouth. Thank you for allowing me to express myself, and WAR EAGLE !!!
  10. AUinVirginia

    AU fans around the globe

    Born in Torrejon de Ardoz, Spain. Reside in Bristol,Va.
  11. AUinVirginia

    Good Night all Auburn fans wherever you may be.

    Goodnight from just up the road from Johnson City,TN. Bristol,VA. It is such a pleasant surprise, to be able to read the updates and relevant information regarding Auburn. Also to be able to interact with other members of the Auburn Family. The best part is not a mullet in site!!! As a moderator on a muscle car website with nearly 8000 members, I know how difficult it can get at times dealing with members emotions. You folks here do an exceptional job, at keeping this site clean enough for my kids to come and retrieve information. Thank You and keep up the good work!!!
  12. AUinVirginia

    Another Cam Newton Delay

    Ok, I am not even close to Toomers corner, I am in SW Virginia. I however love Auburn, and will till my last breath. With that being said, I hope the best for Auburn and it's recruits. If Mr. Newton decides to go somewhere other than the plains, so be it. He has to make the best decision for him. Not base his decision on what bloggers say is best for him. We have a good crop of replacements for Chris Todd. Our cupboards are not bare, as before. I hope that Mr. Newton makes the best, most informed decision he can, and if it includes Auburn, GREAT!!! The same goes for Lattimore, and Seastrunk. Auburn has put in place a coaching staff, that has more football knowledge, than any blogger I ever met. I have faith, that Chizik will do his best for Auburn. Looking at the games we lost, can all really attributed to lack of execution. The coaching staff appears to be dealing with the issue by signing the class that they have. With all the above ranting by myself, I will leave my first post with this: I believe in Auburn, and love it. War DAMN Eagle !!! PS. I as a general rule, do not post on boards. However this being a site that seems to have Auburn in it's heart, I enjoy reading all the information posted here. And will from time to time, post or reply to a post. I hope that I can contribute something positive when I do. Thank you>