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  1. We'll see if the coaches saying the best players will play regardless of class is true with Therezie. Because the guy is probably our best pure CB as a sophomore and is no worse than No. 2 in the CB pecking order. Basically, Therezie should be one of our starting CBs. Period.
  2. THIS^^^ Look, it's wonderful that our coaching staff is recruiting at this level. It makes their jobs a whole lot easier when they've got top-notch talent to work with. But it's time to do some coaching. Outside of a national title, we have two average 8-5 seasons under Chizik. In those two seasons, we've gone a combined 0-8 against 'Bama, LSU, Arkansas and UGA. Does Chizik deserve credit for recruiting -- and landing -- players like Cam and Mike Dyer? Absolutely. But a Cam Newton doesn't come along very often, and it's time to take these recruiting classes that we've put together under Chizik and produce results on the scoreboard week in and week out. If we don't win at least 8 games (before the bowl), I think it would be fair to question the direction of the program under Chizik, especially with it being his fourth season. But I fully expect us to win 8 or 9 games this year at the least, so based on that, I don't think the questioning will be necessary.
  3. But, but, but... him and Reuben are going to play together. Dang kids.
  4. @AndrewJBone AuburnSports.com broke the story on Foster. They were contacted. Bama, UGA sites were not. @Rivals Ok, now I'm getting a tad excited.
  5. Think ppl are putting way too much stock in our mods/reporters being there. The guy is arguably the top player in the country playing high school ball down the block, and there's a CHANCE he could pick AU. They dang sure better be there just in case he does. I'm definitely not saying he won't pick the good guys, but honestly, I don't think anybody knows what's happening tomorrow. Everyone's just covering their P's and Q's.
  6. Dude is the best TE in the country by a wide margin, and it looks like our coaches have blown this one. I still think there's a slight chance he could flip, but for Chizik to write him a letter and address it to the wrong high school is, quite frankly, a huge embarrassment. I don't know if that is playing any part in his recruitment, but it certainly doesn't help when you're trying to convince a kid to spurn our biggest rival and sign with your school.
  7. Dee Ford and Nosa Egua...two sides of a pair of vice grips! Can't wait to see them blast opposing QB's. Sorry, but I don't understand all the hype about Eguae. I don't even know if he'll start this year. He's got 3 sacks in two years, and he didn't record a single sack all of last year. I know there's more to playing the position than rushing the passer, and if he's one of our better run supporters, then fine. But we need more production out of Eguae in his third year as a potential starter.
  8. Everybody forget about Brian Greene? He's a PG, and he'll probably start from Day 1.
  9. Who the heck knows? These kids can tweet absolutely anything they want to, and 15 minutes later, there will be a million rumors going around.
  10. You are reading too much into it. This is his 3rd visit to Clemson. He has already visited Auburn 3 times. Cool. U think we still lead for him?%
  11. I don't have a good feeling about Adams. He's already visited Clemson four or five times, and he's visiting again? Sounds like a kid falling love with a place. But maybe I'm reading too much into it.
  12. If Farrell has anything to say about it, and he will, Howard will be a 5-star in their next set of ranking updates. Hopefully, he flips to the good guys.
  13. Me, Im 21 and never had a sip. Dont plan on it either, never really felt like I needed to, Im crazy enough as it is I have no idea how the coaches will handle this. I'm sure thet CGC will do whatever he can to get Pike's head straight whether that means kicking him off the team or making him realize he has created a problem for the program and giving him an option to work through a punishment. What I do know is there are many talented kids that would LOVE to get a spot on the team and if Pike can't keep his head out of his rectum, he will be his own worst enemy. This was a gamble Chizik took when he signed Pike, plain and simple. I don't have a problem with our coaches signing the kid because everybody deserves second and maybe third chances, but by being suspended twice in high school and kicked out of camps, Pike has clearly shown that he doesn't think he has to abide by the rules and that he's above the law. Chizik shouldn't be shocked by this.
  14. Fans... Fans like the recruiting services that rank their commits/signees the highest. They don't like the ones that rank their commits/signees the lowest. Thus, this thread isn't surprising.
  15. Yeah, the nerve of this kid to change his mind multiple times during the recruiting process. Shame on him. Some of you are being ridiculous. Ya'll are blaming this kid for not being able to make up his mind in recruiting? Seriously? He's a very talented player, and our coaches want him. Kids change their minds ALL THE TIME in recruiting. Granted, if he's not sure, he should probably just hold off committing to a school until he is 100% sure, but again, it's RECRUITING. He's not the first kid to do this, and he won't be the last. Quit acting like spoiled children. Come on down, Jayron. The AU family would love to have you!
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