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  1. Trey Neal

    Welcome aboard
  2. Gun Control vs. Second Amendment

    There is no simple solution. In the latest shooting the ball was dropped multiple times. The shooter was not diagnosed as having an issue by a counselor despite multiple issues at school , being involved in cutting, etc., home was visited by police 36 times with no action taken, FBI didn't follow through on warnings. Current regulations would have stopped this person from buying a gun but people did not do their jobs. The church shooter a while back would have been prevented from buying a gun but Air Force didn't download its information to the database to prevent him from getting a gun. So in some cases the Law would have prevented these incidents if people had been properly vetted so a new Law would not have changed anything if the agencies that dropped the ball were to drop the ball on a new law. Doctor patient confidentiality needs to be visited is there a way a Doctor can put a patient on a no gun list without explaining why and could patient request to be taken off at a later time. Better Background checks would be nice but is only as good as the information that is put in. I am not totally opposed to regulations on how many rounds a gun can fire per minute but regulations don't stop people from circumventing the regulations on their own. Limiting the types of guns people could buy would seem like a solution but a shotgun with a few modifications would be an extremely deadly weapon in a public space. For those who want a total ban it would be unenforceable there are so many guns out there and many very good, law abiding people would not comply with a gun ban. Trying to enforce would probably result in multiple violent confrontations. What about all the violence on TV, Movies, Games, News, etc. How much has that eroded peoples sensitivities to violence. The internet where people no longer socialize person to person has had some impact. Common courtesy with the breakdown of families and the values that were taught by Parents, Churches, schools, etc. All these things have a part in the increase of violence.
  3. The Future of Auburn Basketball

    With McLemore out this year Spencer, Okeke, Dunbar will get more PT. It will hurt us but this team has strong character and I would not be surprised to see them play harder if possible as a sign of support for their hurt teammate. Ideally we will get a 6'9 to 7' GT for next year. If so need that person to be a rebounding, shot blocking, player who can run the floor and fit this teams up tempo style. Would be nice if could be a scoring presence but that is not required. Even if we don't get a GT we will should have every body back while adding Samir Doughty to the team a 6'4" PG who transferred to Auburn and sat out this year. I also expect to see Davion Mitchell to show the same type of improvement that Harper showed from year 1 to year 2. He is already starting to make his presence as a lock down ball defender. That would give us 3 different PG's all with different skill sets. I also expect to see Okeke to be greatly improved from year 1 to year 2. Assuming that the CP issue does not take down Bruce and that the play of this years and next years team helps in Recruiting in the future we have have turned the corner. The recruiting class after next years class will go a long way to letting us know if we have turned the corner. I want us to be a 4 year team, I want very good players similar to what we have on todays Roster as oppossed to one and done players as Bruce has shown that he can develop talent. The improvement in Brown, Spencer, Harper, McLemore, etc. from year to year has been amazing. Bryce Brown has improved enough that he may have a slight chance to play at the next level. Nobody could have expected that when he signed with Auburn.
  4. 2019 4* LB Lavonta Bentley

    Normally can't wait for Spring ball but this year the basketball team is doing so well I have something to keep my interests alive. Now if we could only get a great Auburn Rugby team so we could watch them in the Penn 7's every year.
  5. 2019 4* LB Lavonta Bentley

    I was basically just adding to what you said. Mikey is very knowledgeable but it is fun to pull his chain every now and then.
  6. 2019 4* LB Lavonta Bentley

    In recruiting there is no perfect solution. One kid would prefer Auburn because he gets a lot of carries and gets the chance to shine. Another thinks about having more tread left for the next level. We see all kinds of different reasons why kids come to a school. School is close to home and family can visit, School is far away and kid wants to see something new, Number of players at their position that go to NFL, School approaches the game like a business, school is family and like home, where girlfriend goes, etc.
  7. Demographic Curiosity

    66 Male 1975 BS in Biology work in IT Live in Texas last 22 years was a Navy Brat so grew up in multiple different places. Actually started school in Naples, Italy went to 5 different schools in first Grade. I believe I went to 12 or 13 different schools in total. Graduated from HS in Mission Bay, Ca. Started playing Rugby at Auburn and continued until October of last year when I played in an Old Boys Tournament in New Orleans. Married for 32 years, Still have the Pickup Truck I took to my Wedding took 6 years to graduate as I put myself through school. Auburn is the second best thing to happen to me after my wife kids, and grand kids. Still play basketball but not sure what I do out there really qualifies as basketball anymore.
  8. Wiley and Purifoy

    Unless Wiley tears it up at the Combine I think we would be a second round pick at best, not because he is not talented enough to be a higher pick but because the NBA has not seen enough of him. While he appeared to be a physical specimen last year when he came out of High School he was much softer then he appeared. After a year in a college program he has a much stronger body as seen in the National team games earlier. We know he is a much better rebounder and is strong around the basket, stronger body and base should be better defender in the paint but we don't know if he has developed an offensive game. I watched some of the highlights from the National team he played on. He moves much better than last year, gets to the boards, plays solid defense, most of his offense was put backs and dunks, I saw a good drop step to get to the rim after catching a pass, but I did not see mid range jumpers and other Offensive moves that a 1st Round pick should have. At this time based on what I have seen I would expect him back. That said he has been practicing against one of the Best SEC teams (Auburn) all year so he could have improved a good bit and may have added to his Offensive game. I think what he does at the combine will determine whether he returns.
  9. Men vs. Kentucky

    SEC Standings Auburn 11-2 Tenn 9-4 we beat them we have tie-breaker Missouri 8-5 Fl 8-5 Bama 8-5 Fl plays Tenn at Tenn so we pick up a game on Fl or Tenn. Tenn has away games at Ga, Ole Miss and Miss. State. Miss State and GA tough at home. Fl plays bama at bama so we pick up a game against one of them. Fl plays at Vandy. bama plays at KY next then at AU and at A&M Missouri plays at LSU, KY, and Vanderbilt Our next game is at home against SC we should win. The bama at home tough game but I think we win, Fl at Fl we match up well one of the few teams not really a lot bigger than us we should win, next at AR they are really tough at home but we should win, final at SC we are better team we win. If we win 3 of our last 5 games we win SEC even if all the other teams win out. We are one of the few teams to consistently win away games in the SEC. I expect all 4 teams below us to lose at least one more game which would mean we only have to win 2 to WIN SEC. That said I believe the worse we do in our last 5 games is 3-2 clinching SEC but we could also win out which would probably give us a #1 Seed.
  10. Men vs. Kentucky

    We lost to bama because for the first time this year we couldn't make free throws. we lost to A&M without Bryce in the second half and a questionable foul call at the end of the game. We are smaller against every team we play. Big teams do cause us some issues but our quickness causes them some issues also. By the way we beat KY.
  11. Judge: Baker can refuse to make gay wedding cake

    Thank you for clarifying the distinction.
  12. Are we going to sign anyone this year?

    I realize the players that CP was talking to are gone. My question is with the kind of year and exposure we are getting especially if we do well in the big dance what affect will it have on recruiting. If a positive impact I would assume it would help us more with the 2019 and 2020 classes.
  13. 2019 Recruiting Thread

    What constitutes an offer. Is there an Official site that says Auburn offered or are getting this information from the kid. I am not knocking the work Zeke has done as I am really appreciative of the work he has done. I sure don't have the time or the energy to do as much work as he has done. But it seems hard to believe that many offers have already gone out. At this time of year is an offer more like we have heard about you and believe we might be interested in you why don't you send us some film and talk with us or have the coaches already seen enough to think the player has potential to help us. I realize as time goes on the coaches narrow it down based on need, priority, interest of the player, etc.
  14. He has always said things like this. He was one of Rosa Parks biggest supporters. The problem is that does not fit many news outlets view of the man.
  15. 2018 or 2019 Grad Transfer OT Calvin Anderson

    No Offense taken. I just think with Grimes coaching for next 6 months you can see a huge improvement.