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  1. AuburnNTexas

    2018 Fall Camp - Scrimmage 1

    I wanted to hear if 1st D played against 1st Team O and if O-Line held its own. I have great faith in the talent of our D-Line but I think the biggest question this year is the O-Line if they are just solid with the talent we have we will be really good if they are better than solid this could be a special year. The other question I have was how vanilla was the defense. Even if O-Line held its own it gets much harder when D starts throwing in Blitz packages and disguise their look. That is where O-Line communication and play calling becomes vital and is a real test of how cohesive the O-Line is as a group.
  2. AuburnNTexas

    ** Nip Watch 2018 **

    It hit 98 in Allen today. But the kids at Church on Sunday were talking about Band Practice. I live in hearing distance when the band practices at Allen HS. That is when I know football season is getting near and the nip is coming.
  3. AuburnNTexas

    2020 5* C Walker Kessler

    When was the last time that Auburn had offered a 5* Center and point guard in the same year?. The answer is never Bruce is really working. I don't know if we will get either but I love the fact that we are going after this level of talent and from reading what the players are saying we are in serious consideration. Go get them Bruce and staff.
  4. AuburnNTexas

    Prayer request for my family (and me).

    Prayers for you and your family.
  5. AuburnNTexas


    We have options now we need one of the players people mentioned earn the WC in fall practice.
  6. AuburnNTexas

    naming OL starters after 1st scrimmage

    What about Ashley what has prevented him from being what was predicted for him. Is he a viable option at guard or are they just trying that because they don't think he will ever be a tackle. I am hoping you will say it took a while but a light has finally come on as we will need him this year and in the future whether a guard or a tackle.
  7. AuburnNTexas

    naming OL starters after 1st scrimmage

    I wouldn't count out Troxell at RT. I know that Driscoll is good and has a lot of experience but we all were sure Ashley was a stud and it appears that Troxell beat him out this spring. Many assumed it was because Ashley was not that good but it could be that Troxell was better than most expected. What this means Troxell or Driscoll will give us depth at tackle if we have an injury and Horton or Kim give us depth in the interior assuming that Ashley is a starter at guard. I tend to agree with Prince, Harrel, Horton, Ashley, Driscoll but by end of week we could have some surprises. Other possibilities. Prince, Harrel, Horton, Ashley, Troxell Prince, Harrel, Kim, Horton, Troxell or Driscoll
  8. AuburnNTexas

    JB Grimes- Thoughts?

    We don't normally go out of area recruiting but since there are so few SEC Caliber OT candidates and so many teams with great recruiters in the areas we recruit competing for so few true SEC Caliber OT types it is refreshing to see that we are trying some areas we don't normally recruit. Kudos to Grimes for going there. I am on the fence as to whether Grimes using the help of our other coaches is able to pull in top notch OT type prospects but I am pulling for him. The better he does the better Auburn does so I hope he proves all his doubters wrong and he pulls me off the fence.
  9. AuburnNTexas

    2019 4* PG Tyrell "Turbo" Jones

    He would be a great pickup. I thought Davion Mitchell had a great future here. Of the players we lost I think Mitchell may hurt us the most as he was a valuable PG who I think would have blossomed this year. We need a solid PG in this class and the next one ideally.
  10. AuburnNTexas

    2019 4* SF Allen Flanigan Commits to AU!!!

    Wat eagle and welcome aboard. 2 Small Forwards in this class so far a good beginning.
  11. AuburnNTexas

    2019 4* Buck Derick Hall

    If we get him a couple more LB's the DB's that seem to be leaning to us (2 to 3) and maybe one more true DT and we will have hit a home run on D side of the ball. I believe it is doable. Then we need a really good RB and another very good O-Lineman preferably a tackle but a stud guard/center and we will have had a great class. I think the tough part will be the O-Lineman. I realize that would give us 21 or 22. But it would be a great nucleus and we would have hit all of our needs except a stud OT. Despite some of the bad news lately we still potentially have a great class. We just need to finish up strong and keep the ones we have.
  12. AuburnNTexas

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Please quit backing up your arguments with facts. It gets in the way of a good discussion. LOL
  13. AuburnNTexas

    2019 4* OLB Mohamoud Diabate

    LB is one of the tougher positions to predict when a person has not played the position in a game. MD has the size and speed to be a very good LB. Coaches have seen him with hand in dirt rushing so they know what he can do there. They want to see him in passing drills to check out his cover skills. Drills are nice but in passing drills you know you are in cover so can prove that you can cover in a drill but a game is different. In a game a LB has to see the field, look at his keys, decide in an instance is it a run and I need to fill the whole or is it a pass and do I need to drop back into coverage. Some of this can be taught but some of it is a natural instinct that some players have and some don't. He could have great cover skills but if he is late in recognizing he should have dropped back into coverage it makes no difference. We need some good LB's in this class to go along with Pappoe. I believe the coaches had some targets they were sure of what they would be getting so slow played him for a while and he might also have slow played us as he might have wanted to leave the area. As time has progressed and some targets have moved on he has moved up the board as he has the potential to be a great pickup as an LB but if that doesn't work we can have another very solid Buck. He is worth the effort and I hope we can pull him in and at least one more LB.
  14. War Eagle and welcome aboard. This solidifies our QB depth and helps lessen the pain of the two players that did not commit to us.
  15. AuburnNTexas

    Tariffs impact on American businesses

    Homer, A little consistency would be nice. First you refute my statement with this statement: " No, the author simply acknowledged the Europeans committed to these deals previously. " That was not true. When I took quotes from the very article you were pointing at showing that is not what the author said you say clearly it was an opinion piece. Which was the exact point I was making. There were no previous deals that were already there. Whether they might have happened who knows. I am not a Trump lover there are things I don't like about him.I especially dislike how the tax cuts were not matched with spending cuts. But many of the economic experts claimed the sky was falling when Trump was elected, we would be back in a recession in a few months. Instead the stock market has risen dramatically growth in last quarter was 4.1%. Will some of the things he does come back and bite us, possibly but considering the people who are telling us he is wrong on everything he does have incorrectly said he could never be elected and that his policy would not allow growth. Over the last two years they have been wrong.