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  1. The ultimate beer/grill shed

    Agree but I have a smoker on wheels I can put in the backyard with it. Then it is complete. I am just jealous I don't have this. I might never leave my backyard again unless it was to restock the beer and food pantry.
  2. Tour of Italy

    Level of competition affected things but it seemed they played solid D based =on steals and did well on the boards. Seemed like multiple people had good games on the boards especially Okeke and McLemore. As our biggest player I was hoping to see more of Spencer on the boards but since he is recovering from an injury I would bet they didn't play him as much. Brown has always had a pretty stroke he seemed to start slow last year than come on later in the season. Having him hot early is great news. Basically everything is positive. The team will be better this year because of the large number of starters who are returning and the improvement you can usually expect from players in their 2nd and 3rd years add a couple of talented new people and we will have a very solid team. I can't wait to see some of the early games so we can get a feel if this will be a solid team or a very good team.
  3. Mark My Word 2017

    Mark My Words: Auburn goes 11-1 wins SEC West and SEC Championship game Mark My Words: Bama loses 3 games including to Auburn Mark My Words: Both Stidham and KP in Heisman hunt but neither wins Mark My Words: Stidham decides to play one more year at Auburn
  4. Secondary

    Miss your postings Cole both on football and basketball but especially on basketball.
  5. This is looking for a problem where there is none. I seriously doubt that any parents or kids saw the name of these schools thought that they were advocating lynching anybody. I find it somewhat sad and somewhat humorous at the same time. In Oregon you couldn't name a school after our Ex Attorney General Loretta Lynch. We have so many real problems in this world what kind of idiot would waste time and effort and money to fix a non-issue.
  6. You are right that such a message should be exposed and discarded by the populace. You are correct this message is dangerous but I don't think this message is gaining a foothold it has always been here. As an older person I actually see hope there was a time in this country where this was a main stream message and even those that disagreed with it kept quite. Now the majority on the left and right reject this message and the minority that expound it is getting smaller. The majority also openly reject this message of hate. There are usually more counter protesters than supremacists at these events that is showing you how our country has changed. The change is not finished but I like the direction it is going. The change is slower now because the bigotry is not as open so it is harder for people to react to it.
  7. I don't tolerate them but they do have that right and we have the right to repudiate them. Free speech is a two way street and there are consequences. I can tell them what I think of them and their views or if they have a business I can boycott because of their repugnant views. The same freedom of speech that allow idiots like these White supremacists to expound their view allowed Martin Luther King to preach love and change and helped bring about the Civil Rights movement which has changed this country positively. The fact them I am married to an Hispanic woman and that my kids are mixed. I have friends whose grandchildren are Anglo/Hispanic, Anglo/Black, Hispanic/Black and most people in my community don't care. It shows things are so much better than segregated society where people were killed for mixed marriages. Free speech had a lot to do with those changes. Free speech is like a loaded gun it can be used for good like Civil Rights movement or a gun protecting your home or bad like White supremacists or a gun used in a crime.
  8. I specifically denounce White Supremacists but not exclusively as I could say the same thing about anarchists, and other hate groups. They all have a right to free speech as do I in condemning them. I believe that is all AUJeff was saying also.
  9. A prime candidate for a forced vasectomy!

    As a Christian I totally understand her and am in awe of her.. The question in my mind is could I be as good a Christian as she is. Her love for her Lord and her gandson has enriched Lee's life and her own. She is a happier person because of this love. Hate tends to make you bitter and you don't enjoy life as much.
  10. I understand why people would like to blame the Judge and ACLU. I understand why the city wanted to move it to a bigger park to allow the Police to have a better staging area. That said moving it probably would not have stopped a nut case who drove the whole way from Ohio with the intent of running over people he irrationally hated from running over those people at a larger park. That would have only been stopped if no cars were allowed in the area of the protest and nobody asked for that.
  11. I just finished reading the whole thread. AUJeff is defending their rights to be repugnant Americans and expound their views as he is defending the rights of other repugnant groups be they on the left or right. In no way have I seen anybody agreeing with this group of people. As long as they don't break the law they have a right to say what they say no matter how much it repulses me and about every other poster on this board. The problem in all these types of protests is the unbalanced people who show up and in this case drive a car into innocent people protesting these neo-Nazi nut cases or as we saw at Berkley throwing Molotov cocktails. All groups have a right to free speech none have a right to commit violent acts.
  12. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix

    I hope we get Bo and JF but when you are talking about great QB's it is often the intangibles that set them apart. Look at some of the great pro QB's Bart Starr was a field general a solid athlete and a solid arm but wasn't going to set the world on fire with his pure talent, Joe Montana was Bart Starr with a better arm and a little better athlete than Starr but there have been numerous QB's that if you only measured skill set were better then Montana but few who were better on game day. Peyton Manning all the tools size, arm, etc. but what set him apart was the way he studied the game, he may have been the best prepared QB of all time. Tom Brady none of the experts would have predicted his level of success coming out of HS and college. Joe Kapp a big boy and a competitor but as a pure QB weak arm made some horrible throws yet he willed his team to win. So for all the people predicting BO and JF will both be the next great College QB I hope you are right but till I see them play in a few games I withhold putting them on a pedestal until they have proven it on the field.The measurables are there but there is so much more to being a QB.
  13. Team's Strongest/Fastest Player?

    Strength is a relative term when you are doing bench or squats you are locking out your arms or legs. A short man locks out over a shorter distance but has not moved the weight as far. So if a taller man moved the weight further but doesn't lock out he still exerted more force. Some of the sled drills show a different type of strength as everybody is moving the weight the same distance but than a bigger man has an advantage as he has more weight to put behind it. Speed against the clock is different then speed on the field. Against the clock it is about technique plus natural speed on the field it is about seeing the game and reacting plus speed a fast man who doesn't make the reads as fast will often lose to a slightly slower man who has a better feel for the game.
  14. Jarrett Stidham to be named Auburn's Starting QB

    So LT Prince LG Open Center Golson, RG Smith, RT James If you have seen the various lineup combinations that Hand has published all of them have had Horton at LG. While it is possible somebody could supplant Horton at LG. I just don't see it happening. I think out O-Line is set with only real questions is of who is next man up if we have an injury.
  15. 2018 4* RB Asa Martin

    We need the season to start so we are so busy talking about what a great season we have, we will no longer have time to review the semantics of a statement and try and determine exactly what a poster meant.