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  1. Both of these articles make great points. I am not for reparations but I do believe our country needs to find a way to change the inequities within our country. The Black community is hit hardest by these inequities but also whites in Appalachia and in some inner cities. All the places where this occurs have certain things in common high unemployment, poor education system, high crime rates, lack of access to good quality reasonably priced food, Usurious lending practices, etc. Most of our Government provided aid does not address this. We need to have Usury Laws that protect all the people but especially the poor, we need better schools with longer school years we need more teachers and less administrators in each school, School should start at a younger age and have year round programs to keep kids off the streets. We need to bring back truancy officers to keep kids in school. We need to make it a priority to bring better paying jobs to poor neighborhoods. We need Super Market chains in poor neighbor hoods. We need a higher percentage of Law enforcement in high crime neighborhoods with local police stations.
  2. I love the fact that he is a facilitator in addition to being a great shooter and scorer. Having a 6'5" guard who can bring the ball up the court when needed and who can see over defenders and pass over them to players down low is just another option Auburn will add to its repertoire. Over last few years we designed our offense over a super quick, fast PG (Harper) who could score from outside, drive and score and had great chemistry with a pure shooting SG (Brown) and added Okeke who could beat his man in multiple ways and most all around player on the team. Now I see Pearl trying to get similar players Like Cooper for Harper and Powell for Brown, Okoro for Okeke but also players that bring different things allowing us to play multiple different styles. Bigger guards and forwards allow us to play zone better because of players reach and also allow us to play down low more than in the past. I see Auburn teams evolving keeping the same basketball philosophy and style but adding pieces that will allow us to do different thing both on Offense and Defense. I know some are saying Okoro will be one and done but if he stays a second year and develops like Okeke with the players who will be around him this year and what looks like a great class coming in next year we could easily be a top 4 team in 2 years.
  3. Does anybody know if he is doing any working out yet. He has been a great ambassador of Auburn and if he can come back strong either by end of 1st NBA season by second season it should help Auburn BBall recruiting immensely.
  4. Getting back to Wiley. The potential has been there from Day 1 and we have had glimpses of what he can do for us. During the NCAA tournament run we saw some real glimpses of what he can do for us when healthy. If you watched some highlight on when he played for the National teams again we saw a great player. I am really hoping he is truly healthy and in great game shape this coming year as he can be a real presence on the boards and on the defensive end and if he can become a force down low both scoring and passing out to open three point shooters when teams have to double team him it can take some of the pressure off of our PG position because we have a down low option that can both score and facilitate others scoring. I don't expect Auburn to change who they are but having this down low option will open up others.
  5. I am looking over the commits on first page of this thread. And we are doing great on O side so far. 3 WR with a good possibility of a 4th very soon Capers 4 O-Line two OT and two OG and will probably sign 2-3 more. This could be one of our better O-Line classes with some Juco players for next year and some players who have potential but will need time to develop. 1 QB all we will sign. We need 1 RB and the balance of the O-line and we are done on O side. we will probably end up with 12-13 O Players. D has been a little slow this year so far 2 very good LB's - Looking good on a couple of others so not to worried about LB especially with the way T-Will is recruiting this year. 1 DL - Garner always seems to get a good class and always seems to take a while so I am not worried there. DB - from what every one has said is a weaker class this year to begin with so I have to admit I am worried at DB's would feel much better if we could have a few commit after our July thing. Need Woodson and McGriff to come through for us. Here is commit list I cut from first page of this thread. 2020 Commits 4* WR Kobe Hudson - 247 | Rivals | Highlights 4* WR JJ Evans - 247 | Rivals | Highlights 4* OT Javion Cohen - 247 | Rivals | Highlights 4* OG Tate Johnson - 247 | Rivals | Highlights 4* LB Trenton Simpson - 247 | Rivals | Highlights 4* LB Cam Riley - 247 | Rivals | Highlights 3* QB Chayil Garnett - 247 | Rivals | Highlights 3* WR Elijah Canion - 247 | Rivals | Highlights 3* Juco OT Jonathan Buskey - 247 | Rivals | Highlights 3* OG Avery Jernigan - 247 | Rivals | Highlights 3* DL Daniel Foster-Allen - 247 | Rivals | Highlights
  6. Title IX was created to fix a real inequity in the way Woman's sports were funded versus Men's sports. The basic idea behind it is correct but not well thought out. At P5 schools the money making Sport is football which has 85 Scholarships if you are going to have to match scholarships on a one to one basis you have to eliminate a lot of men's scholarships to make up the fact that you have 85 Football scholarships. Because football is the money maker no school that is making money off of football will give up football scholarships. If instead of saying one to one scholarships you said you had to match one to one on all none football scholarships for Universities that have football and a percentage of the the football scholarships maybe something like 70% to 80% (60-68 scholarships). If you were to change it to that there would have to be a stipulation that no current woman's scholarships would be lost to reach that 70% to 80% number. Another words for schools that fund football they could add anywhere from 17-25 men's scholarships depending on number selected without women losing any. Schools that don't have football would still have to be a one to one match. The one thing I don't understand in the minor sports both male and female with the amount of money in the academic budget because of TV money why the University won't waive the out of State tuition that would help all the minor sports.
  7. Good wheels for a man his size, reads plays very well, keeps chasing the play, pad level is way to high he gets away with that because he is so big and for a HS player uses his hands fairly well. He would be a great pickup and Garner would fix his technique. He has the potential to stuff the run in the middle because of his size and is quick enough to beat guards on inside and get to RB or QB in backfield. He is type of player that Garner would get some PT as a freshman and that he would really start to shine second year.
  8. That would buy us two years to get back to the type of O-line recruiting we should have been doing all along. It would give us 2 starters and a backup. Maybe even having one of the Juco OT's play guard next year as the only truly experienced player next year will be Brahm's at center after starting a few games last year.
  9. Look it is one of two things Jibunor really wants to play LB and coaches have told him he is a DE/Buck so he is leaving or he did something he shouldn't have and Gus being a class act is letting him save face. As a coach there have been many valid arguments against him but as a human being and the way he treats his players he has always been a class act. That is why when the team is having a bad game you never see the team give up they like Gus and play hard for him.
  10. I agree unless he keeps growing. He is 6'5" as a sophomore Add another 1 "to 3" and you don't see many LB's in the 6'6" to 6'8" range unless you count Ted Hendricks "The Mad Stork"
  11. In the highlight film I saw him execute the cut block multiple times on quick passes to be sure defender couldn't get a hand up. He didn't just dive for the legs on one he hit him quick high then went down so defender had no chance. This kid would be a great pickup especially as we will need two new starters at OT next year he and Buskey just might be the answer giving incoming freshman OT's time to develop. If not him then another Juco OT or Grad Transfer for next year.
  12. I agree we should take a real hard look at him less because of the 2021 kid decommitting then because he is a really good player in his own right. Also while I love Sharife I am not as sure as many are that he is a one and done player not because of his skill level but because of his height. While we all think Copper is coming here there is still time for some of the Blue Bloods to steal him we can't leave all of our eggs in one basket.
  13. Great size especially when considering he has two more years. To be that big and be considered a Safety must have pretty good wheels. This kid has the potential to play multiple positions depending on how he grows and fills out Safety, LB, DE, maybe even TE in the future.
  14. Sports like baseball there are not enough scholarships to go around. Even if we wanted to fund more baseball scholarships we couldn't unless we added an equal number if woman's scholarships in a woman's sport. Since baseball usually splits scholarships between players I do like the idea of waiving out of state tuition like Miss. State does. Where we would come up with the money for waiving out of state tuition and better facilities is a different issue.