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  1. If a player gets a scholarship to play Basketball and Football. Am I right that it only counts as a single scholarship and that goes against football.
  2. You would have to have 25 more scholarships for a women if they did that
  3. On the whole Auburn does a solid job of this with exception of O-Line. I know Mikey will jump in and bring up LB's but looking at what we have now I don't think that is valid anymore. Since we need 4-6 O-Line every year I have always felt we should lock in one solid OT every year that staff likes but who is not considered elite but staff believes can develop into an SEC tackle in 2-3 years while still going after the elites. That way worse case we get one kid Staff likes and can develop every year instead of having the drought we have seen at OT in the recpast. There is always a risk of slow playing a talented kid hoping for an elite kid. It is especially tough at OT where there are so few Elites and so many recruiting for those elites.
  4. One thing I love about what Keith writes. Is his honesty when he doesn't have current information he says I don't have current information. Unlike a lot of the guys in the field he does not create a smokescreen trying to convince you he knows everything. As he gets new information he passes it on even if it disagrees with the information he originally gave us. He recognizes that he is dealing with 17 and 18 year old young men who change their minds, he also doesn't judge them when they do. I have followed him for a while now and I trust him which is a compliment to Keith.
  5. They need PG talent partly because they are a mess. That should help him. I think he has a much better chance of making a full time NBA Roster with the Knicks then just about any other NBA team.
  6. I wish we had a dynamic guy like Davis on the D side to help us lock down defensive players. I am not talking just talented because we have that in Hunter I am talking about a guy who helps us recruit using their social media presence. With the Lockdown a gung ho commit on social Media is a big bonus.
  7. I assume Caddy has been talking to him. Any word on whether Caddy is worried?
  8. Praying for you and your family.
  9. If they are good enough to make NBA G-league pays and they can work at their craft full time. What college provides is a safety net with a good job if you graduate and NBA does not happen.
  10. We have what appears to be a lot of talent at TE. Three tall TE's type Deal, Fromm, Frazer all three who are ideal targets in the Red Zone. Deal and Frazier are also big so can easily be hand in the dirt Blockers.. Shenker is just solid swiss pocket knife he can block and catch as TE and play HB/FB also. Pegues is a big boy he is a HB/FB you can give the ball to short yardage situation and get it on his own, he is a load blocking, has good hands and pretty darn good speed who could catch a short pass and blow up the DB and turn it into a long play. What Auburn's O has missed the most in last few years are plays designed for short yardage that we turn into big gains. TE's often get those type of one on one matchups where a safety or LB makes a mistake or TE gets a little behind or breaks a tackle and there is a lot of open green. I think we have some players who can do that now and once there is some open green can take advantage of it.
  11. With the WR's we have returning including Johnson and the TE's we have now with our current crop of RB's if Morris utilized all of them in the passing game including quick hits to TE's over middle on first down we have the potential of a dynamic passing attack. Utilizing the whole field in passing attack including quick hitters also takes some pressure off the O-line it forces LB's to drop into coverage helping the O-Line both when passing and running. This is where I am hoping Gus is really giving Morris free rein on the O. The Morris O relies on a lot of what Gus does on O but the difference in use of TE's and RB's in passing attack can make a huge difference. Since there will be some major changes because of missing Spring. It will hurt us more than teams that basically stay the same from last year. A new O-line and some changes in the O style will be a tough learning curve during the fall.
  12. We are getting there. We seem to have turned the corner on D since Steele has arrived. We seem to be reloading on D instead of rebuilding our Achilles heal the last few years has been the O-line it has been adequate but when we have met top notch D's we have not been able to overcome because against those teams you need a great O-Line. It appears with the JC's we brought in last year and the O-Line recruiting this year we may be turning the corner on the O-line, we have a plethora of talent at RB some pretty darn good talent at WR and TE along with a very good and possibly great QB in Nix and another coming in Davis. If we can finish out this recruiting class strong next years team should be very good and we should be well balanced on O and D. This year we have a new OC who I expect will take advantage of our strength's but we have question marks. How good will the D-Line be with the loss of Davidson and Brown, will we have enough depth among the DB's as we lost a lot there also and can the new O-line hold its own. We have to have some people step up big time on the O-line. With a better Offense scheme last year the O-line could have looked better than it did. Better utilization of TE's and RB's as receivers keeping D honest and not always being so predictable on offense would help the O-line. As a second year QB giving Nix more leeway in changing play would also help the O-line.
  13. I am from Allen, Tx. For many years top teams from all over the country came to play against Allen. They all left with an L in their Record in last couple of years Houston area and a few other schools have caught and sometimes gone past Allen. Allen has put a lot of players in college and it was not just QB and WR. If any Texas team could pull in the top talent in the state it would be a juggernaut. One key issue in Texas is the number of teams that recruit the state OK, OSU, Arkansas, LSU, Arizona, UCLA, USC and that is not counting all the in state teams.
  14. War Eagle and welcome aboard. The O class keeps getting better and better.