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  1. I agree with all but Jared Harper. His stock was not going to get any better so I believe he left at the optimum time.
  2. I love this type of comment from players but to be honest last year when we saw them running the stadium we heard the same thing also they were all hitting new maxes in the weight room. Then at times we got pushed around. I love what a job the new staff has done on the recruiting trail both HS and Portal so I give them praise for that, but I want to see results on the field. By the way I really do think we will see results on the field but I was burned by initially buying into Harsin so now I am waiting to give praise until after I see results.
  3. Love the number of LB's on this list, have already seen a lot of recruiting of QB's, I wish we had more O-Line but I bet that this group are working them but just couldn't get them for Junior Day. This is a great list thank you for putting this out there.
  4. I know some people are upset with the way Bruce is coaching. I think he has actually done a decent job with the talent he has. This year he has used the zone more than any other time since he has been at Auburn. The zone hides some of our players one on one weaknesses on Defense. He probably should have tried it in 1st half against A&M as it initially caused them some issues in the second half. The Problem with the zone is if the other team has a big like marble who can hit the Mid-range jump shot the zone falls apart. The real issue is the overall talent level of this team and their basketball IQ. Broome is a talented Center and Williams is a talented forward, Greene is a decent to solid PG after that there is a talent drop off especially since Moore got hurt. The basketball IQ is in certain things I have seen. When other teams press Green others don't react to help him. To much reaching on D out front instead of moving feet to keep player in front of you. To many bad passes because they don't see the whole floor. Prior to this game on offense Flan seemed to be willing to pull up and take solid mid-range shots he didn't force things last few games he was scoring gust under or just over double figures while hitting around 50%. In this game he insisted on getting in among the trees where he had to try and score over the trees his shooting % tanked because of that. I remember Harper or Brown after a long rebound or steal taking off and depending on defender go to rack and scoring or pulling up and hit an open 3. Our current players if they pull up to shoot a 3 on a break probably won't hit it and if they go to the rack they will miss, get it blocked, get called for a charge, or get stripped way to often. Bruce tried to address some of the issues we saw at end of last year. He brought in Broome, Traore, and Westry. Broome has worked out well and to be honest everybody expected more from Traore and Westry. Sadly while Traore has some talent it needs development and sadly Westry got hurt. With the Westry and Traore we expected this would be a very good team without them Bruce has to coach his backend off.
  5. Jaylin needs ball movement to have his game. Jaylin moves and gets open when there is ball movement and passing. Tonight it was about selfish guard play and a lot of ineffective dribbling out front. The press took Wendell out of his game then when he was pressed nobody had moved out to help him with a passing lane. There are a couple ways to beat a press near half court One is to see it and pass it before second man gets there and the other is to dribble it right at the the second man in the press while he is coming at you then go around him. The one thing you can't do is stop your dribble before you are ready to pass the ball. On the see it and pass it. It is not all on the man being doubled it is on the man where double team is coming from making himself visible in a quickly closing passing lane.
  6. The refs are not the problem. we are being outplayed.
  7. In the last few games we moved the ball by people moving and passing. In this game we have gone back to one on one dribble offense and if we pass it is to no purpose because it doesn't lead to another pass. We are also getting beat inside both by not rotating and protecting the rim when guard is beat. Rotate and challenge the shot or force the driver to pass. The few times we get the ball inside they collapse and our bigs don't get the ball off quick enough so the littles are able to get their hands on the ball.
  8. No ball movement on O and guards getting beat on the drives. A&M has our kryptonite good guards.
  9. A&M lost to Ky. So only bama ahead of us in SEC.
  10. The team seems to be gelling in the LSU game we got solid performances across the board and we cut down TO's which has been our bane. Lior did a solid job filling in for Moore, Flan played a very solid all round game 8 points , 7 boards and some really good defense, Green and Williams played extremely well with ZEP and KD giving valuable minutes and Broome despite not scoring a large number of points was able to provide boards and defense. It will be interesting when Moore is healthy how much PT Lior will get having his 3 point shot is very valuable and opens things up for other players. It would be nice if Lior could play some 2 but I don't think he is quick enough on D.
  11. The article in post above yours seems to indicate that. Changing subject a little. What is short and long term status on Chris Moore?
  12. You are correct and that is why I used the caveats. You quote the caveats I used as the reason I said he would be a starting SEC QB when the caveats are the opposite. I also state that Geriner might win out the starting job. I also state that HF is still looking in the Portal but won't just take a body. I do believe good coaching can help and he could improve. To be honest I think HG is our best option if the stories about his accuracy are true. But lets see what progress any of the QB's show during spring before we make grand announcements for or against any of our possble starting QB's. What surpises me is why more people don't seem to think HG has a chance to win the job.
  13. I never said he would win the starting job and would be a lot better. I said he is very athletic and has a great work ethic. I also said that HF will probably look seriously at Geriner who I personally think could win the job. The fact that HF didn't go after Sanders means two thing to me he thinks either RA or HG could be as good as Sanders but that does not mean he thinks either will be the starter as he is still looking in the Portal hoping to find somebody he thinks would easily beat out RA or HG. Counting the freshman coming in if HF doesn't find the right QB one of those 3 will be the starter. The thing is HF won't just settle for a body from the Portal.
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