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  1. I have read in a few places on this board that KJ Britt has a leg Injury. I tried searching but could not find out exactly when it occurred and exact nature of the injury (Both what the exact Injury is and what the prognosis is for the injury).
  2. Before his ankle injury Purifoy did take it to the hole as he practices this year I expect to see his confidence grow and to see him go the hole more often. The part of the game he needs to add is creating his own shot off the dribble and that includes a pull up jumper on a drive or a dribble and step back. Totally agree with you on Wiley and FT shooting. FT shooting goes for the majority of the team as we actually got to the line a lot this year but because of our poor FT shooting it was not the advantage it should have been.
  3. Even if he has the hips to play CB our biggest need is safety. Add 15 pounds to this young man with his height you have an ideal safety than if he has the hips to play CB you have a safety who can really lock down TE's and RB's out of the backfield. This is a young man I really want to see us get.
  4. When you see how well the SEC is doing in the tournament it also means that some of our losses are a little more understandable. Some issues that can be addressed strength there will be a huge difference with a full off year of working out with our strength and conditioning program remember the majority of these our starters were freshman one who was really a HS senior. Having played together a year defense will improve. We are losing Dunans, Johnson, and Lang We will replace Johnson with Mitchell who I believe will be an upgrade but will have normal freshman issues by end of season he will be an upgrade, Chuma Okeke should be an upgrade for Dunans but again will be a freshman. Dunans was an enigma one he did a little bit of everything shoot outside score inside off the dribble, play passing lanes, rebound when doing all of this at times played at a high level and made us look really good then he also had times when he played out of control and would hurt us. I will miss him because whether doing good or bad he always played hard and gave it his all. Okeke is bigger and stronger is a known rebounder so should be an upgrade there. Whether he can create his own offense especially off the dribble remains to be seen. As the year went on we saw less and less of Lang. Players develop during the off season. Thornwell is a great example of that he was not a dominate player as a freshman but he worked at his game and got better every year. The key to this coming season will be how each players develops and meshing in the new talent. Purifoy needs to get his confidence back and work on a medium range game where he pulls up and pops he has the talent but the injury put him behind ths year, Spencer needs to get stronger and embrace the 4 position, Herron just needs to continue the normal improvement any player makes from year to year, Brown needs to work on his ball handling or accept that he is not a ball handler, Wiley needs to get Stronger and quicker and would be nice if he could add a short range jump shot, strength increase should also help his Post defense., McLemore needs to get stronger as he will always be playing against bigger people. Harper has to become a truer PG looking to setup teammates before scoring a year of maturity should help with that. As a team they need to improve communication I watched us play solid Defense at times then I would see a player out of position often because of weak communication. On an individual basis the defensive effort was there it was the lack of cohesion as a unit that hurt us on defense I expect an improvement with more strength, better conditioning, a years experience as a unit. We are returing 7 players who have had some expeirence as starters: Wiley Center Spencer PF/C Purifoy SF may have to play some PF Herron SG Brown SG Harper PG McLemore Sub PF/C Add Mitchell PG Okeke SF/PF That is a solid 9 man rotation. One key thing is even though we will be better next year as we are seeing so will other teams in the SEC. Next year should be fun but with improvement we are seeing in SEC it will also be tough.
  5. Prayers for you and your family.
  6. Hopefully we will see something in the scrimmage Saturday as to how well this group has improved and the chemistry between them and the QB's.
  7. We need a Big Man preferably a foreigner who will be a Freshman and a GT PG or combo G to help our two young PG's next year as one will be a sophomore and one will be a freshman. We really only have two big men with Wiley and Spencer if we can't get a foreigner Big Man then I will settle for a GT big man if he he high quality not just taking up space on the bench. Based on how well Person's played there I wish we had taken a chance on him as a freshman then we would have had a solid senior to help lead this team this year. Hindsight is always 100%
  8. Give him a 6 pack of PBR and loosen him up LOL
  9. I was that way for years but I was put in positions where to survive I had to overcome it. I now handle meetings speak in public, etc. Still would rather not do it but I can do it and am pretty good at it. If the desire is there you can overcome your limitations.
  10. I agree with you and for a program like Auburn who really won't be able to consistently get the one and done type the almost good enough to be one and done but having to stay 3-4 years is probably a best case scenario.
  11. Best of luck to TJ. Hope he finds a team that will help him utilize his skill set. I would love a European Big man and a solid Combo guard. Combo guard or PG could be a grad transfer but I want a long term big man
  12. I know where you are coming from but it is also a balancing act when a kid sees you are recruiting a lot of LB's or RB's he can start to wonder how much interest you have in him. How big a net you cast has to take into consideration how many you are planning to sign in the class. If you are signing one and the kids know it you could chase away the kid you want if you are showing interest to 5 or 6 kids if you are planning to sign 4 or 5 then showing interest in 8-10 is probably reasonable. In the past we did not have enough LB's in the net as you have documented but we seem to be improving there however we have done well at the RB position. That said I like Asa a lot because of the balance of his skill set so I do hope if we don't get him it isn't because we did not show him how much we want him. I hope we are showing him a lot of attention as earlier I read that Chip loves this kid.
  13. Hope he is healed and can show out wherever he goes.
  14. There is still time. Assuming we want him bad (I don't know if that is true or not) than it appears he wants to be wanted. T-Will needs to show interest on a more regular basis.
  15. I always give the player the benefit of the doubt. I am assuming it is exactly what they are saying person problems. I am praying for him and his family whatever the problem is and hoping it all works out and we see him in the fall. Lets quit making guesses on what the reason is and drop this thread until we have some real information.