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  1. Solid Pickup good size for a safety has experience and 3 years eligibility. Biggest needs outside of O-Line were WR, Safety, and Edge Rusher. So far we have now hit the WR and the Safety both with multiple years of eligibility. WR has potential but is a gamble because of injury history Safety seems to fit real well. War Eagle and welcome to Auburn. We still have 5 scholarships left and have now used all that we have to use this year. I am assuming that Edge Rusher is still a priority if we hit that we will have 4 more slots and I wonder if they will save some of them for next year. We have Ausberry coming in to add Depth at DB and Mba should be healthy to add depth at DT. A solid Edge rusher is the only thing I think we have to add on the D side. I am not saying don't pull in more players from Portal if we land a solid Edge rusher. I am saying if the player can't help this year or have a lot of eligibility we might be better having a larger class next year with all the work the coaches have done towards the 2023 class.
  2. I agree but the ones like the Dawson and the two Johnson's have each had a year in the system so if one or two could break out we might be ok on the WR front. That is a big If but today I have on my Orange and Blue glasses maybe I will change my mind tomorrow.
  3. I would go with Mayer look at his 1st 2 years when healthy he shot a real solid 3. Last year with injury his 3 went down. That is assuming he is 100% Mosel number 2. If can't get either of those 2 we have a scholarship to lose and this might be a good time to lose it. especially if Westry proves as good as some think he will be.
  4. I tend to agree with NWALA on this. A slightly different wording like their O-Line play has not been stellar up to this point instead of saying it is garbage. Then you are getting across what you mean without sounding mean. We are talking about young men who are working hard and doing the best they can who also have graduated and come back to help the team so they do deserve our respect just for that.
  5. The more I find and watch snippets of Westry the more excited I get. He could be the missing piece as a big guard especially as a PG.
  6. Surprised doesn't have Penn State or Pitt being he is from Pennsylvania.
  7. I think the more SEC teams see Ole Miss they more they adjust to the offense. bama will win by at least 2 scores.
  8. I pretty much agree with you. bama as usual just reloads so probably over A&M has the talent but still loses games it shouldn't I go even or under Ole Miss even but could be under Arkansas and Miss State are 6.5 one will be over one under not sure which LSU even Auburn over I think we win at least 6
  9. Sorry about that I must like him a lot. LOL I will fix it.
  10. That study is a generality. I am not doubting it is true in general but each person is different based on what this report said then Jabari would have gone G-League for big money but he was rational and looked at the long term he saw how Bruce had developed players at his position and determined that was best for him. I also think outside influences also have a big impact on a players decision. Jabari's dad had played in the NBA and I am sure helped guide him other players have advisor's who even though they might be Adults look for the quick money and not what is in best interest of the player. I am not saying G-League can't develop you but it depends on which team and which coach you go to where in picking Auburn he got a coach with a proven record of developing players and improving their draft stock.
  11. We are in good shape if we don't sign him worse case we go with the players we have then the last scholarship that we have to not use is gone that means from here on out we have all of our scholarships to use and loss of 1 scholarship twice will have had minimal impact or if we don't sign him Bruce finds another player that fits his needs and we are better then where we are right now. Right now we have multiple players who can play multiple positions giving us a lot of flexibility. Broome - Center or PF Cardwell - Center Stretch - Center Williams - PF and Center Traore - PF or Center and maybe SF Westry - PG, SG and maybe SF Flanigan - SF and SG Moore - SF and PF Green - PG and SG Donaldson - PG and SG KD - SG Zep - PG and SG Phillips would be icing on the cake but is not a necessity.
  12. I agree with the ranking even though I like what I see Harsin trying to do. Recruiting is the life blood of any sport and so far he and his staff have not stepped up to the plate. I don't think all of that is on him but it doesn't matter results count. The 2023 class will decide his future if he has a decent season on the field and has a really good class he will be on his way. If this class sucks even if it is because of the stink around the false rumors or not getting NIL backing it doesn't matter as I said earlier results matter. Bad class then his path is on the way out and it doesn't matter if he was screwed or not screwed by boosters or others inside Auburn. Part of the recruiting battle is getting support from boosters and people inside Auburn even if they didn't initially want you.
  13. I agree he seems to have done a great job of adapting and it is being run much more professionally now. I agree with your assessment on the portal and sadly the thing we all want to see in Portal O-line does not seem to be getting much traction which means 2023 HS, JUCO and Portal O-Line becomes not just a priority but a necessity.
  14. You guys are correct until they commit or to be more exact until they sign the letter we don't have anything. What this is talking about is how so many top players are even giving us the time of day and putting us in the top 10 or top 5 or top 3. This is an improvement in that we are still in the game. Like you I want to see some commits but for some reason at this time very few teams have a lot of commits from top players. Maybe because NIL discussion's have changed the game and the kids are playing teams against each other to get the best bid.
  15. If nothing else he will be competing against top notch players and that usually helps you to elevate your game. This is a win for Auburn unless he is good enough to decide to leave.
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