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  1. The other side of this if the Republicans had fielded somebody else they probably would have won by a great deal more.
  2. I really hope you are right.
  3. Alaska I love your enthusiasm we were multi-times National Champions with the best coach in the business and then we quit doing the things we needed to do so he quit. Unless the athletic Department (Jay Jacobs) has changed what coach could honestly expect us to back the coach in a way that we could recruit like we did in the past. I like your idea of bringing in a young coach from a Program like cal I just don't think a coach like that would come here unless he saw some type of change in the way we support swimming. I hope I am wrong and you are right but history points the other way.
  4. The part I like in this article is that KJ has had a full off season workout program that should help with the injuries. Also last year KP was not used at the beginning so KJ was overused. This year because we have two known quality RB's I honestly expect to see more rotation then we have over last few years that will be good for both KP and KJ. Plus I believe we have options beyond these two in Martin and Miller and maybe Devan Barret. Add a downfield passing attack it will be harder for teams to overload the box helping all of our runners.
  5. I like Mueller and I think he is honest but like Bigbird has said it is also about the appearance. Having him do the initial investigation on Russian collusion is fine. having him involved in an obstruction of justice where his friend Comey is a witness could give the appearance of an unfair investigation. By the way Comey might be the guy who clears Trump if he is innocent. Then the Dems would be upset because they were friends. When Comey hurt Hillary the Dems hated him and wanted him fired when the shoe is on the other foot the republicans hated him and in this case fired him. It is better all around if we have somebody on the obstruction investigation that is not related in any way to witnesses in the investigation. If they get a second counsel and that person has donated money to either Democrats or Republican I have no problem with that. You can prefer one party or the other and still be a straight shooter.
  6. Once we decided on SW our Offense was not lackluster, once he got hurt it was. This year we seem (emphasizing seem) to have more options if our starter gets hurt. Hopefully our O-line can do its part and our Offense can help the O-line by being creative hitting backs and TE with quick passes and checking off to safety valves when needed.Pressure from the front 4 or some creative pass rushing will also be needed. The reason I say creative pass rushing is other teams seem to disguise LB, Safety, and CB blitzes well and Auburn hasn't in last few years. To often I am watching the game and I will say to somebody we are going to blitz and who is going to blitz and sadly I am right to often.
  7. Watched Wiley in a couple of the Clips that were provided he is much more chiseled than last year and also appears to be much quicker than last year. I am hoping he has also added a mid range jumper to his arsenal. The good and the bad of this is. If he has added the mid range jumper with the improvement I have seen he probably will be gone after this year.
  8. Getting back to JUCO recruiting. What we should be looking for will depend a lot on what we think we can get from HS ranks this year and how some players develop this year. If one or both of the Nigerian tackles develop and with Ashley coming in we could be good at OT however that is an area we might want to look at JUCO ranks. Safety is a big concern next year we need a minimum of 2 and preferably 3 safety's this year maybe 1 could be JUCO. How does our pass rush develop this year if we are weak and we don't get the DE/Bucks we want out of HS Juco could be the route to go. Center do we think Kim can be a starter next year if not can Brahm's play Center next year. The fact that we brought in a GT at center for backup makes me think the coaches think we need to find a center. I think the coaches will feel out JUCO players now but will need to look at players in fall practice to decide if they think they will need Juco help and where that help will be needed.
  9. I like your optimism but as good as we look like at the skill positions I am still worried about the O-Line, lack of depth at Safety, and still not sure if we can get a pass rush with our front 4. I hope you are right but those are three big Question marks.
  10. Rumor was Shedrick but has not been announced
  11. I totally understand why you would be upset by deportation of a mother but it is not racism here is an article on an Irishman that is being deported. Because of the numbers of illegals from Latin American countries it can give the appearance of racism. Like you I am upset when any family is broken up. I want to protect our borders enforce our laws but also prevent families from being broken up. It is not easy to do. There have been 7 separate Amnesty programs since 1986 usually with bi-partisan support with idea that we would then not allow any more illegals into the country. We are deporting people from many different countries because of the huge influx of illegals from Central America and Mexico we are seeing many more people from these countries being deported but it is do to numbers not racism. It is to easy to always try and explain things in a simplistic manner by saying racism. My wife is from El Salvador and I know many people from the immigrant community both legal and illegal. Every one of the illegal people I know are good people. Over the years I have helped many people fill out forms to aid them in becoming legal I have even sponsored one gentleman who came here as a young person with his father married a legalized American citizen bought a house and had two kids. He was deported but with my sponsorship we were able to allow him to get a green card and return to Texas legally. Economically this country could not survive with open borders so we do have to protect our borders, we need a proper vetting process so we can weed out the criminal elements, this is a complicated issue made worse by sensational stories on both the left and the right the illegal who kills or rapes somebody, the good person who is deported breaking up a family. These stories polarize people on both sides so we can't find the common ground we need to really address the issue in a fair humane manner that also protects the interest of our country.
  12. I like the idea but why would a Cal coach want to come here. The state of Alabama does not have any elite programs to create elite swimmers and Auburn has not shown the inclination to truly support Auburn swimming in a while. If we wouldn't support it while we were a National Power what makes you think we will support it now.
  13. I have no problem with some of the lawyers having donated to a candidate of the other party. I personally thought Mueller was a good choice when he was selected and he still is a good choice for investigating collusion with Russia. My problem is with what changed in the investigation and that is the possible obstruction of Justice with his having a long standing relationship with Comey. This is a clear conflict of interest. You can not have a relationship with a key person in the investigation especially one who has leaked things to the press.
  14. Mueller's friendship with Comey does go against the State departments rules on conflict of Interest. Even if he is a true straight arrow who could be impartial despite his friendship if he found obstruction it would look bad even if he was right. I like the idea of two different Special counsels.
  15. 6'4" PG who plays nasty defense and who led the entire camp in assists. This kid is a game changer come on BP pull him in.