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  1. You are so right. They are truly a Powerhouse on the recruiting trail. Maybe to give ourselves an outside chance of winning against them when competing for the same recruit we should add them to our every year schedule on a home and away basis. That way if we are able to play them close we might have a chance in head to head recruiting. LOL
  2. I like Kirby doesn't have anymore in home visits for Broderick Jones and Gus does also that it appears his visit to Auburn will be his last. Maybe we can steal him from Georgia. Hope springs eternal.
  3. I think the issue is he has been trying to get treatment and play through the groin injury. Groin injury needs rest trying to continue playing without being totally healed would aggravate the injury. Here is an article on it. Basically do the treatments and lots of rest until completely healed. If he does that he should be fine.
  4. I was scanning for any more information on Justin Powell injury. I found an article that after he was hurt he had MRI's on his knee and Groin. Knee came back clean but groin injury has him out indefinitely. Apparently this is an old injury he had been getting treatment for.
  5. Last night was a microcosm of all are faults hitting at the same time. First you have to give credit to bama they played hard and fast. Throughout the year we have had fast guards able to get to the rim against us it is a combination of our guards not being able to keep the other teams guards out and weak side help slow rotating. It was exaggerated last night because Kyra Lewis is super quick and fast with a great ball handle. We do not move well without the ball because our guards tend to dribble to much instead of getting into an offensive flow. The last few games Samir has beaten his man 2 or 3 times a a game and gotten to the Rim and missed layups and he is not the only one but it happens to him the most. A lot of times they were not even contested layups. Layups should be automatic points missing 5 or 6 a game as a team is 10 -12 points. Now add missing 13 out of 30 Free throws and then have 21 turnovers. bama is quick and plays the passing lanes which accounts for some of the turnovers but I saw two things that caused most of them and it was a combination of the passer and the receiver. Weak slow telegraphed passes and receiver standing flat footed instead of moving to the pass. Our guards can't make entry passes down low and when they do it is to late. A big man flashes open and there is a short window to hit him then where he has man sealed and can make an easy move to basket. Over and over I would see Wiley do it and pass not come then by time defender had adjusted they make the pass making it more difficult to catch and score. We don't take advantage of mis-matches put Okoro isolated on one side with Wiley down low and let Okoro go to work he can consistently beat the man covering him and if big man comes over to help he can dump to Wiley for an easy dunk. We started the game with a Samir drive to the rim and a missed layup he makes it and we have a 2-0 lead and a little confidence his missing and bama coming down and scoring started a trend we could never break.
  6. We need to clear a side and give it to zokora and let him work.What is Doughty doing
  7. We have quit driving and started shooting long 3s.
  8. I never said it was easily justifiable I said the killing of Solemeni was legal just like Obama's use of Drones to kill terrorists in other countries. But my biggest point is this Topic of discussiont was about the impeachment and then out of nowhere you bring up this killing which has nothing what so ever to do with the Articles of Impeachment and the pending trial. I was questioning why you brought this up as it is irrelevant to Impeachment.
  9. I am not the one lying and changing the story. We were talking about impeachment and then out of nowhere you bring up the killing of Solemeni which had nothing to do with the impeachment. You are the one who changed the story. I agreed with you Presidents have been given to much Power by Congress hence Obama doing extra judicial killings and now Trump. Again though not related to impeachment. As usual when somebody confronts you and you don't have empirical evidence you attack the poster and in this case accuse me of lying.
  10. I agree with you that Congress ceded to much power to Executive branch. I have said the same thing on things like Obama's Executive Order on the Dreamer's even though I agreed with what Obama was trying to do. The problem is until Congress finds a way to regain the control they gave away what Trump did with Solemeni and what Obama did in authorizing Drone strikes against terrorists were legal and within the power that Congress ceded.
  11. We are talking about the trial due to the Articles of Impeachment, There is nothing in the killing of Solemeni in the article's so why bring that up here. There is a great deal of latitude in what the Commander-in-Chief can do with authorizing attacks. Multiple Presidents have used this latitude in what they say is defense of the Country or our service members.
  12. Prior to our Constitution most trials in the World were of the variety you are accused you must be guilty so you have to prove your innocence. The framers of our Constitution bent over backwards to be sure the defendant was protected and put the onus on the Prosecution to make a case. I thought the House Impeachment hearings were unfair and one sided but I am sure there are people who disagree with me. The good news is it was a hearing for the purpose of gathering information and coming up with the articles of Impeachment and was not an actual trial.. The Senate is where a real trial takes place and where the rights of the Defendant become paramount. The House Managers will be acting as the Prosecutors and the Presidents Lawyers will represent him. I believe Justice Robert's will allow the defense a good bit of latitude in things like calling Witnesses to aid the Defense. There are two Basic charges one Abuse of Power and two Obstruction of Justice. The second is by far the weaker of the two as it is based on fact that Trump told multiple people not to testify during the House hearing. He invoked Executive Privilege. I believe the Defense will bring up at least one Legal scholar who will bring up multiple examples where other Presidents have done the same and it was not considered Obstruction of Justice since Congress did not follow through with taking it to court. On Abuse of Power multiple examples of where previous Presidents have tried to do things like legislate via Executive order which is technically an Abuse of Power but never prosecuted and that they will come back to a few points one that Military aid was released to Ukraine (including aid the previous administration would not provide), that Ukraine never opened an investigation into Burisma because of aid being withheld, and that the Ukrainian President has stated multiple times he did not feel pressured, finally that Vice President Biden publicly stated that he told Ukraine if it did not get rid of the Prosecutor who was pushing the Burisma investigation before Trump became President he would withhold support for the Ukraine government (which is basically what the Abuse of Power article is about). I realize other countries also thought the prosecutor pushing the Burisma investigation was corrupt and he might have been but Biden's threat was interfering with another Government which is what some Democrats are trying to say is what Trump was trying to do. I would not be surprised to see dirt laundry of previous Presidents having coerced foreign Governments and ask why those times no articles of Impeachment were brought.
  13. The OT's Ga signed are 4 year players and were all at least 4*. Most of our OT's that we just signed are Juco's so that may or may not work in our favor. Also I believe in the bowl game one of the starting OT's for Georgia was a young guy so he would be competing against at least one player who has been a starter somewhat.
  14. Okoro no rebounds 3 assists and 7 points and he played a great game. He and Flanagan basically took Edwards out of the game. Okoro didn't score more because we didn't need him to. As Coach Pearl says he plays like a Senior. His basketball IQ is off the boards. Purifoy 8 Rebounds, 2 assists and 7 points, Samir 6 rebounds, 4 assists 17 points, everybody helped win this game some with O some with boards and all with D.