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  1. We need better O-Line recruiting which it appears we did this year. From what I have read here Dilly had a lot to do with that and other coaches. I understand Morris is also a good recruiter. So as long as Morris and Grimes can evaluate the kids and we can recruit the numbers we need each year we should be fine with JB. Did see this year that JB does not have to be primary recruiter and we can get what appears to be a great class. The big question is was this years class a one time fluke because of dire need or have we turned the page on O-Line recruiting. I am not against getting a new O-Line coach but I don't want us to bite off our nose to spite our face.
  2. In every class we have a 3* who ends up being really really good we see a few on this years defense. Who is your prediction for the 3* who will shine in this class. Mine is one of the players who committed early this year Daniel Foster-Allen I think he will be a very good D-Lineman.
  3. Often I see kids measurements and it says 6'5" or 6"6" then I see them in a picture with Gus who is tall but not that tall and they are close to same height. This kid towers above Gus so measurements are fairly accurate. I agree with Goweb11 he is a very big man.
  4. Him and some of the others like Kobe coming in this year along with returning players Seth, Flash, Jackson and we should be very good at WR. Plus I hope the two RedShirt Freshman TE's are ready to step up this year.
  5. Probably will help us keep a commit or two that liked Dilly Next year is when he will help. Being from SEC and Texas already has contacts.
  6. You are correct many Presidents have played around while in the White House. Clinton did it with an employee and also was caught lying under oath but I still agree with you it was not an impeachable offense and politics is what led to it. I was against it at the time and still think it was wrong thing to do. I also believe that the Trump impeachment is about politics. I have no idea if Trump was doing what the Democrats say he was doing but I do know they have not provided any hard evidence as to what they are claiming. Obstruction of Justice because he told his people not to talk he invoked Executive privileged many Presidents including Obama have done that before. What Congress has always done is taken it to court and Judges have ruled sometimes the President wins sometimes Congress does. The fact that Congress has not taken this step proves this is a bogus claim. Impeachment is serious you don't do it based on a timeline but you follow the precedent of getting the court's opinion. If they took the step it would delay the impeachment process but you would get a Jurist's view if the Judge or maybe even Supreme Court if it got that far rules against Trump and he didn't allow them to talk then Congress has a point and should proceed , if Trump then allows them to testify there is no obstruction, but if they ruled in Trump's favor they lose the basic reason behind the impeachment. The Democrats don't want to find out what the court would rule because though they have sided with Congress a few times in the past in the majority of cases they give the President a lot of latitude.
  7. I don't know what games you have been watching but our DB's have been very good this year and I think we have very good DB coaches who can both recruit and teach. Playing the tough man to man that we play you will get burned sometimes but we have slowed down an awful lot of good teams this year and Bama is only game where we were torched but they have 4 of the best WR's in the game and our D scored twice against them.
  8. If he works well with Chad Morris and O improves he might be here for a while. With the Morris hire a guy with that much experience and a guy Gus likes we will find out how stubborn Gus is. If we get the exact same O next year then Gus has not learned anything and should be let go. I think Gus is a pretty good coach, but he needs to become an elite coach for Auburn to get to where we want Auburn to be. Gus has gotten better as a coach in the fact that he hired some top notch people to run his D and it has shown with how well the D has played. Now he has hired a top notch OC and QB coach will he utilize him?
  9. The problem with getting the ball to Wiley is on everybody but Wiley. He works hard gets good position and seals his man. The problem is basketball is very fluid you can only seal a guy for a very short period of time as the sealed player moved or another players drops down to help out. When the big man gets the initial seal the ball has to come then, If it does Wiley gets an easy score or he can pass to a wide open man when the crash down on him. The two best on time passes I have seen to Wiley this year have come from Mac and not one of our guards that is a problem. Wiley gets tired as he has to constantly seal his man not get the ball and reseal him. That is physically demanding down low and wears a player out. If he gets the ball early he only has to seal once on that possession extending the amount of time he will be able to play.
  10. The D line will be solid next year. Some of the players who played this year will be better next year with a years experience. As good as Brown and Davidson were they got better each year they were here and had their best seasons as Seniors. Some of the kids we sign this year will get PT and provide depth and get better as year progresses. That said we will be replacing two great players and there will be some drop off. In 2021 Hunter will get PT and hopefully have the same type of progression as Brown and Davidson.
  11. I want to keep Dilly as I think he has proven to be a great recruiter especially on the O-Line where he has helped with all of the O_line signees for the 2020 class.
  12. I hope we manage to keep him. We need a Freshman capable of playing tackle as it looks like we will be having Juco OT's so it would give him time to get better as a Redshirt and then fit is as a starter a year or two later. Kid is from an area that we have not done well in so that is probably why he has not been as positive as some would like. This could slowly help us in that area if he comes here and does well after a while.
  13. I would love to see it, but with number of knee injuries he has had I am not holding my breath for him to be able to be a starter or solid backup.
  14. Great pickup. War Eagle and welcome aboard.
  15. I am halfway between Mikey and Bird. One thing I have seen with Gus is when we have close to equal talent with bama we win. Gus does some of his best coaching against bama. This is a credit to Gus and a place where I kind of side with Mikey. We have probably the most dominant D-Line in college football this year. In a normal year where very obvious holding is called we probably beat Ga. and LSU. This year not just to Auburn but across the board I have seen Ref's allow a lot more holding by the O-line. What hurts is because our D-Line is beating people so consistently it impacts our biggest strength. That is an area that impacts Auburn and indirectly Gus negatively. The times I have watched games and called the play before it was run is where I agree with Bird. Our O-line is not bad but they are not great either it really helps them to play better when the other team isn't waiting on the play because like me they know what is coming. Point for Bird. When Gus arrived at Auburn he brought an O that was ahead of its time and for a while he was an offensive genius but as other teams have adopted many of the things Gus does defenses have caught up. Other teams still keep some of Gus system but with more variation as an offensive coach Gus has not evolved fast enough a point for Bird At the same time when he got here Auburn sucked on D but Gus worked at finding the right coaches and we are now a Defensive powerhouse. a point for Mikey. Player development is a mixed bag. Derick Brown and Marlon Davidson have always been good players but hey have gotten better from year to yeas as have many other D-Line. Garner gets credit for that but Gus kept Garner when a few years ago I remember a lot of Auburn fans saying Garner was over the hill. Point for Mikey. On D side both DB's and LB's have gotten better while at Auburn again point for Mikey. On the other side of the ball weak O-Line recruiting, even though a few have made it to NFL. We have had some very solid WR classes but so far no super star's after being at Auburn a few years and the route trees are weak and don't help the WR's point for Bird. We have a mixed bag at RB we have had some players who were not originally thought that highly of who got better and some who never made it here. Kind of a wash. Finally Gus can get his players to play hard and never quit and Gus runs a very clean program. I would give Mikey a point on this but Bird has always said same thing about Gus so on this one point Mikey and Bird agree.