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  1. As a driving PG he will be late on transition from Offense to Defense it is the other guards job to get back on D when he drives. He is not physically strong enough to stop a bigger guard from backing him down but luckily we have a lot of shot blockers who help him there. He at times can be tough on ball handlers out front he has quick feet and hands but he is not consistent with that. At times he gets lazy and beaten out front and PG goes right by him. All players play defense at different levels during the game. Watch Flanagan he almost always plays good defense but at certain points in the
  2. Powell is a key long term piece but with the players we currently have and how well they are playing once Powell is cleared I don't initially expect him to start and I think his playing time will be limited to be sure he is completely healthy. This year is for experimenting, getting team chemistry right, improving on defense, and analyzing players and how all the pieces will work best together. The future is next year assuming key pieces return. I am not saying that Pearl won't try to win every game, he wants to win it is part of his makeup and one of the reasons I think he is a great coa
  3. I would be willing to bet Jordon Moko is Polynesian either Maori or Samoan. There are a lot of Samoan's who move to both Australia and New Zealand to play Rugby the Maori's are from New Zealand but some go to Australia to play Rugby.
  4. Again the weakness of the old staff a JUCO that looks this good and we don't even get on him until a new staff comes in.
  5. I am more a Rodman comparison then Malone as Malone had a post game that Cardwell does not at this time.
  6. I could have said the same about you but I was talking about coaches article. LOL😃
  7. Shame on you. I was drinking a class of iced tea when I read this and I laughed so hard it came out of my nose.
  8. To periodically stop by Auburn and talk to team about getting your DOG on.
  9. I get the same feeling but only time will tell for sure. Here is hoping you are right because if you are we are in a great position to take off. Tenn imploded, Kirby may have to be more careful recruiting becaue of what happened at Tenn., Nick is not getting any younger, The Miss schools have coaches with unique styles but I just can't see either taking off. The proof is in the pudding was LSU team this year an aberration because of the number who went to NFL or opted out becaue of Covid or will they find the right assistant coaches and come back strong., Finally is A&M about to turn t
  10. Anytime I see something like this it makes me sad. I pray he finds an answer and can turn his life around.
  11. Cardwell is interesting he has a big body and is not afraid to use it. Lot of hustle and a lot of enthusiasm. Coach has to channel his energy so he doesn't get into foul trouble and they need to develop his post game. He is very athletic for his size he runs well he seems to have strong hands if he could develop a drop step in the Post and a turn around jump shot with the other players around him we would have a complete basketball team. In todays game having a true old style Center is a luxury and most teams don't have the personnel to play against the old style Centers. He doesn't hav
  12. I am going with a B+ to A- for the staff as a whole. Some coaches like Harsin A, Mason A, Bobo B+, Caddy B but could move up easily, Rocker B, Friend A- because of his recruiting B on his development, Some of the others I really don't know enough about to give an honest opinion I think some are young and up and coming but with that type hire you can hit a homerun, a ground rule double, a single, or a strikeout it will take a couple of years to find out. Can some of the Boise guys bring in a few quality players from outside of our normal recruiting area while getting their feet wet in the hi
  13. As usual you show you know the game and you have a knack of being able to share that knowledge via the printed word. Thank you that was an informative enjoyable read.
  14. Mr. Grubb's he deserves a Mister in front of his name. He was great ball player and I love his demeanor and love for the game. I loved the stories he told and the toughness he and those teams had. In last few years I have seen some of that by individual players and some times units like last years D-Line but I have not seen it as a team on the whole. Those teams let their plays do the talking. This year I saw players who had been beaten multiple times finally make a good play and then start acting up and woofing as if they were great players and what was really sad not having the coaches
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