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  1. My Dad was a Line Office who spent 33 years in the United States Navy he was Class of 44 that graduated in 43 because of World War II. He would be appalled with how far the training in the US Navy has fallen. To much reliance on automated systems and not enough training for the men who man our ships. A ship is only as good as the men that man it and due to lack of proper training not to the quality of the sailors our Navy is not as prepared as it should be.
  2. AuburnNTexas

    I really don’t think we’re a bad team....

    You can afford to have one small guard on the floor who brings something like Harper but two puts you at a defensive disadvantage. When both are hot we can sometimes overcome this by out scoring the other team. Last year Mitchell could come in as a defensive stopper and Heron, Murray and Mac were quick to rotate when somebody got beat. Chuma is starting to do the quick Rotation, Wiley is not quick enough, and Mac is a little hesitant. Without the quick Rotation getting beat out front gets exaggerated which is what is happening. We need to see more of Purifoy and Dunbar at the 3 and less of Samir, we need to see Chuma to continue to be more aggressive as we have seen recently, we need Mac to get over the psychological hurdle from his injury and we need to feed Chuma, Purifoy and Dunbar more as they have match up advantages. Our offense doesn't take advantage of areas where we have match up advantages. As others have said we live and die by the 3. Dunbar and Purifoy are both big powerful 3's who are quick enough to drive and strong enough to overpower inside against most teams 3's. Chuma has shown in last few games that the 4's are not fast enough to cover him and if they back off he can shoot the 3. Scoring this way also keeps the guards out front so it is harder for other teams to get fast breaks off of rebounds.
  3. AuburnNTexas

    2019 Men's Basketball Recruiting Thread

    Cole is right. I am one of the ones who thought we could handle the losses better than we did. I thought Chuma's improvement from year to year would make up for the loss of Desean Murray especially with Wiley coming back so we would have three players who could play 4 Chuma, Mac, Spencer. and 2 who could play 5 Mac and Wiley. I thought the combination of Purifoy returning. Dunbar and Doughty who we heard so many good things about when he red shirted would balance out Heron. I was worried about Davion Mitchell the most but we had McCormac coming in. What I didn't expect was Purifoy takng this long to start being the player I thought he could be, I expected more from Wiley (Injuries changed that) , Mac is still not the MAC from last year he shows signs at times, Doughty is not what I was expecting and McCormac is an enigma as I have seen him play well at times against good teams and at other times he plays like he doesn't have a clue. I remember last year when Heron was out and we started Dunbar and he had a monster game, I expected more of that and Purifoy at the three. I also expected to see Samir as a backup PG as it was mentioned last year that he done that on the scout team. One of the few times I have disagreed with Cole regarding basketball and I was proven wrong. Unlike some on this board I will own up to when I was wrong.
  4. AuburnNTexas

    Who will be the new leaders in 2019?

    Brown and Davidson on D with help from others. We have to wait and see who will step up on O. On O the QB is normally the man and then a big Ugly but with whoever wins the QB role being a first year starter it is hard to say. For a big Ugly we have a lot o seniors but it usually needs to be a dominant O-Lineman and only Prince fits that but I have never heard anything about him being a vocal leader.
  5. AuburnNTexas

    Trolls & Trolling

    Their site managers are not as good as ours. Thanks to all of our Admins for the great job they do.
  6. AuburnNTexas

    2020 4* RB Tank Bigsby

    Garner and Caddy is a good combination. Garner with the experience and proven recruiting ability and Caddie with the magic name and resume in college and the pro's. Caddie can learn from Garner who has always been a great recruiter.
  7. AuburnNTexas

    Greg Brown working on deal to leave AU

    You don't grade a coach on one game.
  8. AuburnNTexas

    Men vs. Vanderbilt

    The good news is Okeke seems to be playing better, this game he kept Dunbar in more, the bad news is our guards keep the ball to much and don't look for anybody else. Brown can be instant offense but when he is not hitting he hurts the team by not trying to get the ball to the hot player. We need to see a lot more of Dunbar and Purifoy at the three. I think we have lost our big men this year because they are getting frustrated when they get open on cuts or get good position down low they are not getting the ball. That affect not only our scoring but it affects their effort on the boards. I know we can board better then we have in last few games because I saw the bama game. bama is near the top in boards in the SEC and we matched them by crashing the boards and blocking out. Since then we have quit doing that. Height helps with rebounding but position, blocking out, and effort are more important than height.
  9. AuburnNTexas

    Greg Brown working on deal to leave AU

    FSU had a worse year then us and their O-Line was worse than ours and they really have no better players on the O-line I am not sure the FSU gig is a great gig. At least this year we will have a veteran O-Line. I am not sure where you think FSU is more secure.
  10. AuburnNTexas

    Greg Brown working on deal to leave AU

    When he came in I remember a lot of people saying goober couldn't recruit.. Last couple of DB classes were real good under Brown. I thought he did a good job with our DB's but not surprised he is leaving with his track record but I will be sorry to see him leave.
  11. AuburnNTexas

    2019 Transfer Portal Thread

    Lets at least take this to O-Line recruiting and out of the transfer Portal
  12. AuburnNTexas

    2020 Recruiting Thread

    Shuttle was 5.29 his 40 was 5.87 which is slow even for an O-Line
  13. AuburnNTexas

    2019 3* LB Octavius Brothers

    T-Will has a little of the Garner Mentality of giving the young guys some PT so they can develop against real competition not just in practice. Worse case is I see Brothers being a really solid special teams player next year while adjusting to speed and size of the SEC college game. I could see Pappoe becoming a starter by end of year or a heavily used sub and Brothers getting reps against weaker teams and a very small number of reps against better competition by end of year. We have seen Garner lose key D-linemen over last few year and seen little to no drop off in D-Line play. We lost Adams and Lawson one year, Holland the next year and still had a very good D-Line this year. Last year we saw a lot of young DB's get PT it seems on the defensive side of the ball there is a real emphasis to get young players PT and develop them. We are slowly getting to the point of reloading on defense instead of rebuilding. We are seeing a little of the same mentality with WR's and a little bit with RB's this year but the O has a long way to go especially in O-Line and QB to be able to reload instead of rebuild. The new Redshirt rules should help with that in giving some young subs some PT against weaker teams to help with that process.
  14. AuburnNTexas

    2019 O Line Recruiting

    We signed three pretty good O-Linemen this year even though we needed at least one more OT it was not a bad class in that we had one center, one guard, and one tackle. We have a commitment from a really good guard for next year and have a Juco OT with a lot of potential coming in for 2020 season. I am sure other coaches were more responsible for the three signees but all three had good things to say about Grimes. It is very hard for any coach to come in in year one from another region of the country and have an initial recruiting impact because he has not had time to build relationships. As for his coaching ability you really have to look at his body of work not just last year. These were players who had been coached by a different coach, most of the O-line starters were gone from the year before and we really didn't have a true SEC center. At the beginning of the year Kim was getting man handled at Center which messed up the whole line than Brahm came in and didn't do any better. So you could say poor coaching but in last three games with Kim at Center he was holding his own including games against bama and Georgia. You don't get stronger during the season that is taken care of in Off-Season. The reason he was able to hold his own is he read the D better and he improved his technique. That has to be due to coaching. Something strange happened once Center was holding his own the whole O-line seemed to play better. Was it a great O-Line at end of season? No, but it held its own against two strong defenses and routed a weak defense. I still think O-Line is a question mark for next year and I still think Grimes with help from other coaches has to show he can recruit O-Line better then past O-Line recruiting but with Jernigan and Buskey he has a good beginning. The other thing to watch is how the non-starters who were here when Grimes got here have improved to the point of competing for a starting job in the fall or at least being viable subs. The current backups and the ones coming in this year will be tested in 2020. We had some pretty good O-Lines when he was here before. I am not against looking for a new O-Line coach but I am not for it either unless there is a really good candidate to replace Grimes who wants to come to Auburn. If Auburn finds a way to pull off a 9 or 10 win season with our schedule then Grimes will have done a heck of a coaching job, if O-Line looks like last year he should go.
  15. AuburnNTexas

    2020 Recruiting Thread

    He is really big and appears to be strong but the guys he is blocking are so much smaller it is hard to tell. Initial stance and pad level are not very good and he does not seem to be that quick. He would be a project but is the type of player we should have as an option if we don't get the stud OT that we always seem to strike out on. Would love to see him in some camps to compare him against better players and against better competition. His playing basketball is a plus.