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  1. A Look at the Current Coaching Staff

    I would move Greg Brown to the great category. His DB's are playing better than last year. Injuries are starting to affect DB play but he inherited most of these guys and all are playing better than previous year. Only time will tell if he is a top notch recruiter and this is a tough year to be recruiting for Auburn,
  2. Now that we have (hopefully) calmed down

    Some of the things you say are true and I have no problem with you saying them. I have rightly been accused of being a Sunshine Pumper. There is nothing wrong with being a Sunshine Pumper but even Sunshine Pumpers need to have a point where they can see that the sun is no longer shining. After our first three games this year I got off the Gus Bus but after the SEC season I started to believe Gus was changing and I mentioned before the LSU game I was close to getting back on the Gus Bus I gave him credit for the turnaround on Defense because he hired Muschamp and Steele,I have him credit for our recruiting, I gave him an allowance as Stidham had not played in over a year and was obviously Rusty. At that time I said I was thinking about getting back on the bus unless we lost to LSU. The reason was we have more talent than LSU, LSU was and is bad this year, and we were firing on all cylinders and as far as I was concerned there would be no excuse to lose to LSU. Then we started out great and our better talent and better game plan proved how much better we were. Than we did the unthinkable we went into a shell. 17 runs up the middle on first down while watching our lead evaporate. If Chip called all 17 Gus could have forced him to change he is the head coach. Than he finally brings Barrett in and runs the play he always runs when Barret comes in and we get stuffed for a loss. We had to work hard to lose this game. Last game against Ole Miss big lead than go into a shell. I have seen this to many times. That is why I believe we need a change. I love your calm demeanor and your positive outlook but as I said earlier sometime you have to realize the sun is no longer shining.
  3. 17 consecutive first down runs

    Last week even after the weak second half I said I had jumped off the Gus Bus awhile back but the way we had been steadily improving I was thinking about getting back on. I was wrong last week. I am now not only not thinking about getting on the Gus Bus I am joining the group that wants to run the Gus Bus out of town. To me the turning point in the game was when we had the 4th and 1/2 yard for a first down at the 50 and Gus wouldn't go for it. I looked at my son and said we just lost this game he doesn't have faith that his offense can get 1/2 yard or that his defense can stop them from the fifty if we fail. When the coach doesn't believe in his team you can't win.
  4. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    How about a pass on 1st down once in this half.
  5. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill

    At this time Golson is LT, Dunn is C, and Braden Smith is RG. That said Prince will have experience at LT as part time starter so you could say either need two or three replacements of starters. The O-line worries me next year along with DB's especially Safety.
  6. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill

    I thought James had 1 more year.
  7. Auburn Schedule

    You hit the nail on the head. LSU always recruits better than us as does Georgia and bama. A&M is right here with us. Now the people who say we don't develop talent are either wrong or all the other teams except bama also don't develop talent. I watched A&M play bama. They are a good talented team that has not reached their potential. If their QB had not gotten hurt in UCLA game they would be undefeated and might have been able to beat bama Mond plays his heart out but is inconsistent in his throwing and reading of defenses. He can make great play then a bad play. He is getting better from game to game. By the time we play them he will no longer be a freshman. Individually LSU has talent they just are not playing like a well oiled unit poor coaching is hurting LSU and no QB development.. We should beat them handily as for A&M I expect a dog fight
  8. 2018 4* Buck Richard Jibunor

    Wish I could check both Laugh and Like. Brown is showing he is a heck of a coach.
  9. Any News on Practices?

    Player eligibility information will come out when it comes out at this time all we have is conjecture. Forgetting the eligibility questions I would like some information on how practices have been going. Are practices open or closed? If open is there any information on how team looks? Do we seem to have an established first unit and second unit? How do the new freshman and transfers look? If closed does anybody have inside information that can answer the same questions.
  10. LSU kickoff set 2:30 CBS

    This is perfect time for Auburn early afternoon and not at Night in Baton Rouge. We should be able to stop LSU O and If our O is solid we should win handily. I think we will end the streak they are down, weak O-Line average to weak QB, and so far not seeing much from a coaching perspective by LSU on Offense. LSU D is not what it has been in the past. As I said a few weeks ago I am off the Gus Bus but as the team has improved I am thinking about getting back on. A loss to LSU this year and I go from thinking about getting on the Gus bus to wanting it to leave town. This is a must win game for Gus as far as I am concerned especially with the way A&M has improved as the year has gone on. That game has gone from an easy win to a dog fight.
  11. Ole Miss Game Report Card

    The other thing is while we have a great set of starting DB's we are starting to see that we don't have great depth. With Carlton Davis and Javorius Davis we have lock down corners giving D-Line a little more time to pressure the QB. Javorius being out as impacted our D a little more than most people realize. With every one of our starters healthy we have one of the best Defensive Backfields in college football but we are thin and next year we will be much thinner. I am glad we are playing LSU next week as they have an anemic passing game so might be able to let some DB's recover. The next week against A&M will be tough game they are improving a lot from week to week. We have to win both of those games to make this season relevant and we need both the O and the D to be hitting on all cylinders when we play Georgia as that team has the talent to play with anybody in the country. We can beat them but only if we are playing at our peak and even then it will be tough.
  12. Thank You Pres. Trump

    The sad thing is when Obama was in Office I saw similar things the other way. To often in our society our political views bring out hatred. No President is perfect and not everything a President does is bad. When you bring a subject up like Hurricane relief and when it is Obama and somebody brings up the birther issue or if Trump they try to paint him as a white supremacist and not deal with the actual subject it makes you realize why Congress is so ineffective that are a microcosm of many of the people on these sites.
  13. Thank You Pres. Trump

    Basically we had a subject that was about what a good job Trump was doing with Hurricane relief. Then to avoid talking about the real subject a statement was made trying to imply that people who supported Trump were the same as people who supported Hitler. That statement had nothing to do about hurricane relief as you your self said you know good people who supported Trump who are not Nazis. Most of the arguments against Trump doing a good job in Puerto Rico were about subjects other than the relief effort.
  14. Thank You Pres. Trump

    How do you translate this. I seem to remember another person in history whose following defended him regardless of his actions, who condemned the media and utilized propaganda to further his own gain, who said that anything that opposed his views was "fake news". The US fought against him in WWII. The military is not designed to rebuild roads, Rebuild electrical Grids, etc. You still have the same number of Ports in Puerto Rico to unload aid whether the military is bringing it in Merchant Marine is bringing it in. Bringing in huge numbers of soldiers who also need food, water, living space, sewage is just adding to the problem. There are groups like the SeaBees who can help and some have been sent.
  15. Thank You Pres. Trump

    You just called everybody who supported Trump a Nazi that is a new low. I didn't vote for Trump or Hillary but with people who hate as much as you do and can't give any credit when he does things well. I am slowly starting to believe in Trump. There are huge differences in the responses to the Hurricanes because of geography and the response from the local government. Texas and Florida had plans in place and aid waiting to be brought in. In Texas and Florida you had local aid a few hours away so you did not have the logistical nightmare of trying to deliver to a Port or Ports that were devastated that had limited power for unloading ships. The governor of Puerto Rico has said that the Federal response has been great. I agree that Trump should have updated the Jones Act quicker in Puerto Rico but the problem wasn't that there was no aid at the Ports. There was aid at the Ports even without the Jones Act. The issues were around getting if off the ships and then getting it to where needed. Because of years of Democratic mismanagement of government in Puerto Rico and huge debt. Infrastructure was in a very unreliable state making it more susceptible to a hurricane. After the Hurricane there was basically no electrical grid left, most roads and many bridges had been washed out, sewer and water systems were down. In Texas and Florida in most cases water and electricity were back in a week. Local companies got the electricity back on and local governments got the water back not the Federal government. If the local government in Puerto Rico had been doing its job they would not have been so unprepared to get basic service back up and running. Being on an Island, having poor infrastructure prior to the hurricane and basically no infrastructure after the hurricane is the difference in the response. It is a much more difficult task to provide aid to Puerto Rico than Florida and Texas where all aid has to come through port or via air and that needs to be taken into consideration before you criticize. As for all your other complaints that you and others have with Trump what the heck does that have to do with the subject of providing aid to Puerto Rico. Bringing up Trumps tweeting, his collusion with Russia, etc. has nothing to do with whether the Federal government is doing a good job in aiding Puerto Rico.