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  1. AuburnNTexas

    Rotation this year

    Assuming Mac is really 100% he will play 5 as much or more than Wiley. He fits Pearl's system better than Wiley. Shot blocking leaking out for trailing dunk. Getting back on Defense and hitting the three. Wiley is a natural old school 5 but Bruce doesn't use a lot of old school 5. If Mac was 2 inches taller he would be a perfect 5 in Bruce's system. Don't get me wrong Bruce will use Wiley a lot as he provides an inside presence a d is a big body that we need at times.
  2. AuburnNTexas

    Ole Miss Game Report Card

    Boobie, Kam, Shiver, and Miller played RB. Because of injuries the O-Line has seen 7 or 8 players Driscol, Troxell, Kim, Brahms. Horton, Ashley (who was Out). Harrel, and Prince who have gotten meaningful snaps and we have seen a lot of different receivers. So an awful lot of O players are getting experience. I would have liked our last drive to have had a different QB running our real offense not just QB keepers. When Gus puts in a backup QB he never lets them run the real offense which I think we all have a problem with.
  3. AuburnNTexas

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    O-Line is playing a solid game today. Running backs are all running hard. Couple of dropped passes and missed passes. Stidham is better today but still not very good. Biggest issue is when he has time and no WR is wide open he won't throw back shoulder throws of 50/50 not even to Seth Williams who has shwon he will win the 50/50 balls.
  4. AuburnNTexas

    Heron Transferring to St. John's

    I agree look at impact on team when Brown hurt his shoulder. My order would be: 1. Harper - Floor General who could take on scoring role when needed 2. Mclemore - Rim defender and key 3 point baskets to pull big man away from paint helping others to get to basket. Tremendous drop when he went down might even be number 1. 3. Brown - Best on Ball defender and when hot was instant O and could carry team 4. Murray - a lot of intangibles for him, rebounding, pesky defender, took the charge, scored inside somehow, probably our best post player 5. Chuma - As he reaches his potential he will probably be best of this group of players versatile played 3, 4 and 5 and could have played 2. 6. Herron - Scored and could carry team when scoring, solid rebounder but when he was out Dunbar had his best game. D was ok but not great.
  5. AuburnNTexas

    2019 Men's Basketball Recruiting Thread

    I thought Flanagin was a SG if so we have a full team with these 5 guys.
  6. Great pickup and welcome aboard WAR EAGLE
  7. AuburnNTexas

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    The difference in this game is one QB is willing to stay in pocket and step up to make a good throw and the other sees any pressure scrambles panics and throw with no idea of where the ball is going. O-Line while not great has been decent this game. Mistakes are on our QB. D is playing badly two games in a row but I expect D to be tough in second half.
  8. Rodney has shown that he is a good recruiter, developer, and has an eye for the kids under the radar. I remember a few years ago when he was the coach many Auburn fans went after. How times have changed.
  9. AuburnNTexas

    Auburn-Tennessee Visitor List & Thread

    Hopefully with as bad a s Tenn. is and with another week under their belts we see a real offense from Auburn this weekend and impress some of these guys. I am trying to be positive but with what I have seen on O from O-Line and QB so far this year it is hard.
  10. AuburnNTexas

    Starting to think

    While very improbable with the way our team is currently playing (O-line and QB) lets make it two in a row for both bama and Ga. and maybe that can get us on the road where we honestly can compete with them year to year. Time for two upsets this year.
  11. AuburnNTexas

    Austin Wiley Injured

    It seems like he is very susceptible to foot injuries. What is this the third time he has had some type of foot injury?
  12. AuburnNTexas

    AU adds JuCo PG J’Von McCormick

    Mr. Loblaw in the little time you have been on the board you seem to know a lot about the basketball program. What is your background?
  13. AuburnNTexas

    Tip-off at Toomer’s

    Even if not raining probably didn't want anybody hurt because of slick court or muscle pull due to cool weather. Erring on the side of safety which is correct decision.
  14. AuburnNTexas

    Mississippi State Post Game Thread

    I wish somebody could explain something to me. It seemed like yesterday almost every run play that went outside the tackles got good pickups yet even after a nice gain we would not run the same play again. The difference is when Miss St found a play that worked they ran it again and again and again until we stopped it multiple times. I am a great believer is doing it over and over until they stop it Gus believes if it works we must avoid doing it again and instead replace it with a gimmick play.