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  1. Two young hungry assistant coaches who are very good recruiters along with a head coach who is a great recruiter. All three have been around the game long enough to know the X's and O's. Great teams start with great talent. I think we potentially have the kind of coaches that can pull in the talent. Next year it has to be transfer portal, Juco, and coach them up. I am not expecting much next year what I think will be key in judging this hire is if they can pull in a decent 2022 class and a great 2023 class. Next year I want to see a well coached team with both an offensive and defensiv
  2. Just from watching Alexander's highlight film which is always an incomplete picture . Alexander is the best Pure shooter coming out of HS I have scene at Auburn in recent years. His HS shooting is better than Brown's plus he has a lot of skills in HS that Brown didn't initially have. If he can carry that over to the College game he will be a scoring machine when he is on the floor. Based on what appears to be the talent we will have on this team next years getting PT will be the hardest part for him. Even though he is a 4* I think he is even better than his rating. I am hoping he gets enoug
  3. Now that it is official I wonder if we will see another surge in number of players in transfer Portal. This is a two edged sword gives the Student athlete more control and flexibility which is good but I am afraid some players will go into Portal lose current scholarship and not get picked up so won't be able to get a free education.
  4. Actually 11 of the 16 as Geriner is now a 4* and if you look at Baudoin in 247 he is right on the edge of becoming a 4*. Hopefully we can lock some of these in soon.
  5. There is no doubt that Flanagan was the most complete player we had last year. He was our best on ball defender a solid rebounder could score around the basket drive to the hoop and shoot the outside shot. Why were people down on him one he like Powell were out of position when playing the 1 but when Powell played the 1 he had Flanagan as the wing that he could rely on. Flanagan didn't have another Flanagan on the wing when he was the 1. That put Flanagan is a bad position. When Cooper first joined the team he opened the lane and Flanagan was deadly driving. Once teams realized how inconsisten
  6. I have to admit I thought the same thing when I saw her picture, more importantly I think she is an up and coming coach who will help get Auburn back to where were in the Ciampi days.
  7. I think this is a great move for both the player and the team. That said it is a new position and it will be a learning experience. For a DT he is very athletic and quick so will beat people sometimes with quickness but he has lot of technique to learn. I believe it will take some time before he makes a major impact but long term this was the right choice.
  8. The player versus school argument is a false argument. If a player decides to leave and try the NBA or go the transfer route they have every right to do it and I support that right just like I believe a person can look for another job. I almost always wish any player that leaves Auburn the best of luck. I agree up front that I don't know all that has happened behind the scenes when a player makes a decision. That doesn't mean I can't think that some of the decisions are not very wise. To often we forget how important a college education is. I had to work and pay my way through college.
  9. May everybody enjoy a Blessed and Happy Easter.
  10. I think this is a great hire. She is one of the best recruiters in the country with strong ties to fertile SEC recruiting territory in Mississippi, Arkansas, Texas, etc. Players she has coached all get better from year to year. Time will tell but I think this is a homerun hire.
  11. I think Alexander in the film I have seen he has great form and can shoot deep effortlessly. Now that is based on highlight film so take my opinion with a grain of salt. The others are all above average. Scoot has talent to go 1st round NBA maybe even in top 5 but time will tell. Pearl has his work cut our for him melding all this talent into a cohesive team. Talent alone won't win against top teams without talent playing within a team concept.
  12. With it looking so good for Scoot and TY TY we will have a really strong group of guards next year. Scoot and Zep at PG both capable to be starters and both capable of playing SG. Alexander and TY TY at SG both capable of being starters and both capable at helping out at PG. SF Flanagan, Cambridge, Moore, PF Jabari, Williams, Moore, Center Williams, Cardwell, Stretch with possibility of adding Kessler or Gurley. What will be nice is we will have a mixture of new players and veterans. I expect Jabari to go 1st round NBA next year and I wouldn't be surprised to see Henderson also g
  13. My Dad was in the Navy but my Mom's people were from the Eastern Shore of Maryland (Blue Crab Country). I spent many a day as a youngster in a small flat bottom boat sculling in brackish water rivers and looking out for soft shelled crabs. Pan Fried on white bread with mustard. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. Until my Senior year in High School when Dad got transferred to San Diego area I always ate fresh Blue Crabs both hard and soft and Oysters that I caught myself. Boy was it a let down when I found out how much you had to pay for them.
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