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  1. I would give more credence to those who say the Mueller report is still damning to Trump if they also lambasted the Obama administration that knew about Russian Obstruction long before Trump even started running and did nothing about it. This is also documented in the Mueller report. I have seen one article on CNN mentioning this and none of the constant lambasting of Obama administration for their total weak response to this that has been going on under their watch. Mueller report basically said that there was no collusion by Trump and his administration. I do agree Trump is his own worse enemy and if some of the things he asked people to do there might be case for obstruction if they had done it. The fact that the people did not do it meant that no obstruction occurred. You actually have to obstruct to have the crime of obstruction. Mueller was never removed and was never handicapped by the Trump administration. Comey being removed was legitimate and his actions in the Clinton investigation, leaking of information and actions since proved that removing him was correct. Other people who have been removed was because of investigations by independent investigation (IG) where people were caught leaking or text messages showing bias in the investigation. So far what I am seeing is people looking at the Mueller report on reading it with their own personal bias and coming to the conclusion they want. Reading the parts that seem to give credence to their view and ignoring the parts that refute their view I am seeing this from both Democrats and Republicans. If the Obama administration was getting hammered on a daily basis for their inaction in same way Trump is because of his supposed actions it would be easier for me to believe their reporting. The lack of this reporting on the Obama administration and to be honest the Steele Dossier which used information gathered from the Russians and paid for by DNC/Hilary campaign basically tells me this is political. To me there are a lot of legitimate reasons for people not liking Trump and in next election people can decide if they want him based on how well economy has run since he was elected versus other issues like immigration. At that time we will all have to take a hard look at all the candidates as they all have some issues.
  2. I love this letter it is the type of thing I would expect from Gus. Gus has his deficiencies but he also has his strength's which are sometimes overlooked. One he is a straight arrow with Gus running the program there will be no NCAA type issues, Two and this is big his players always play hard for him and never give up. When Gus got here our defense was atrocious he has brought in the right defensive coaches and let them run the defense and over last few years we have become a very good defense. So those who say Gus has not grown are overlooking the good things. That is not to say that there are no issues with Gus. As has been mentioned multiple times teams have caught up with his O and he has not adjusted. His play calling is predictable and his HUNH is no longer HUNH as he has not recruited multi-faceted players so he has to substitute for each package. Also I believe Gus has hurt our O-Line recruiting by being to hands on and not listening enough to his O-Line coaches. There has been some talk that Gus is working on that with players like Shenker, Joner,, Fromm, Deal and that we have seen more O-Line players being offered early on then in the past. Kudos to Gus for what he is doing with Alumni players and hoping he has really made some changes this year on the O side. The scary part in the past I thought Gus was changing but once the season started it was the same old Gus.
  3. I was very clear when we have a need of a large O-Line class like this year we find a few of the right 3* guys. The guys the coach's think have the potential to become SEC OT's and we offer them. Now is the tricky part if we need 3 OT's and we think we have a good shot at 2 elite OT's we take the 1st one of the 3*'s that meet coaches requirements. We explain to the others we need to wait on higher ranked players. If we need 4 OT's then we would accept the first 2 3* guys. What has happened in the past is we slow play all of the 3*'s we like and then when we strike out on the big dogs the are already gone
  4. Injuries and he lost his rhythm and timing because of those injuries. In sports muscle memory goes a long way. You do it without thinking, when you have to stop and think about it you lose your game. When you are out and can't practice you lose that muscle memory and it takes time to get it back.
  5. You are probably right but there aren't to many teams that utilize the old style big man. Wiley was born 20 years to late. That said there are some basic move that any big man can learn on his own,. Things like a quick drop step, little turn into defender enough for some contact but not enough for an offensive foul then little fall away bank shot form 10 feet. You can't be right under the board to do a bank shot. I notice Wiley often posts up to low leaving him very few options. That said I also think the guards in our offense don't look to setup players down low. Towards the end of the season you saw a little more of those type passes to Chuma and he was very effective because his moves were to quick for big defenders and he rose over small defenders. The other issue is when we did pass the ball down low to Wiley we seldom had a player cut down the lane for a pass preventing a quick double team on Wiley. Agree that our offense is not ideal for Wiley but I think some of that is he was never healthy long enough to develop a rhythm and for the other players to trust getting him the ball down low. In Hawaii before he got hurt we saw some of what he could do on offense.
  6. Very clean pocket giving QB view of whole field. then good vision by Joey and a solid throw with some zip on it.
  7. The good side was what Nix did the bad side was O-line assumed play was dead and stopped. I hope Grimes chewed them a new one. If the ball is snapped you play you never assume the play is dead. The D didn't.
  8. I do believe we will have one of the most talented teams we have put on the field in years. The key to if we will be bad, adequate, good, or great will be three areas. 1. And by far most important is O-Line - this was our Achilles heal last year and while we are returning 5 seniors it is the same seniors who started last year but did show signs at end of year that they were improving. They suck again we suck, they are adequate we are adequate, they are good or better we are great because I think we have all the skill positions covered. How the backups develop is crucial even if the ones are great because during an SEC season there are usually some games where a starter is out for a while or longer and we need to be able to handle that. 2. QB - most years this is always number 1 and you would think that we will have a starting QB who has never started a game that this would be number 1 but because of their lack of experience coupled with I think both Gatewood and Nix are very talented which will help with the lack of experience if they have enough time which falls on the O-line.. 3. All new starting LB group. Talented and most played a good bit but this is least experienced part of D.
  9. That far in advance it is like picking a top 25 in the spring. It is usually a waste of time but they do sell the magazines.
  10. When you need as many as we need it is ok to pick up a solid 3* early who have the right size and quickness to develop over a couple of years while still trying for higher rated guy or 2. My point is by the time we strike out on the top dog we don't even have solid develop-able 3*'s left
  11. With the rule changes it is harder to run the HUNH but having players you don't need to substitute for depending on packages would allow us to be able to get back to running the HUNH the way Gus used to. Here is hoping but as person who stayed on the Gus bus longer than many others. I now have to see some changes in play calling and actually see us run the HUNH and wear D's down before I will believe it. It took me longer to get off the GUS bus and it will take me longer to get back on, but I am hoping he gives me a reason to get back on.
  12. Here is an article from Kentucky site that seems to think we are in drivers seat with Sharife Cooper.