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  1. Our biggest issue in recruiting at this time is numbers we only have 11 commitments. We are dead last in SEC in recruiting rankings just below Ole Miss which has 13 players committed after that every other team in SEC has 14 or more players committed. Our per player ranking of 88.33 puts us in middle of the pack. Team Ranking #Commits Player Ranking Auburn 40 11 88.33 Ole Miss 39 13 88.03 Vandy 35 19 85.78 Tenn 30 14 88.01
  2. All of our Top WR's graduated or left, We basically have the same O-line that has been deficient for last 2 years , we have 2 or 3 studs at RB and at best we have an adequate QB (Bo) based on past performance. We do seem to have talent at TE but without better blocking and a QB to deliver while they have looked better the issue is not on the TE's. On D we couldn't hold the edge last year and we had no outside pass rusher and we lost some D-Line from last year. We did pick up some talent in the D-Line but the system they are running to often with 3 man d-line it is hard to say how much is tale
  3. Hannity and Fox are not the only sources for what Cuomo said on the Michael Cohen interview it was there for all to see. He basically said people are accusing me of sexual misconduct from my time at ABC and I never did anything. That is why when the NY Time report came out that included his email and apologizing for grabbing his ex-bosses backend in front of her husband it also proved he lied during that interview. This is one of the few time I agree with a Face Palm from icanthearyou
  4. There was not much to like about the game. The 1st half the defense being gashed was horrible. This is a team that had been able to stop the run then couldn't stop Ga. State run. The second half was different the D finally came to play. One player coming in made a huge difference because he was a leader who got people in position. That tells me the coaches have not done a good job of preparing the backups on leading the team but it did show that with leadership on the field the defense can play. we should have both starting LB's for LSU game so that is a huge positive. The D-line also came to
  5. The young man is definitely a fan favorite and you can see why. He is always upbeat and full of energy.
  6. A few og our recruits seem to be having monster years. How often do the rating services re-evaluate player rankings and when do we expect the next re-evaluation to occur for each service that are used in the composite.
  7. The part that was left out at a later time when interviewing Michael Cohen 2020 he basically said it never occurred, so it is even more embarrassing as he publicly stated it never occurred and then in the NY Times piece they show the email where he apologized for it. So he not only did as it was seen and he sent a letter about it then he denied it in Public years later. This and the way he handled his brother including getting special attention for the Covid vaccination then when he was supposed to be quarantined he is seen in Public and you start to wonder what more he can get away with befor
  8. His point about schools like Arkansas giving in-state Tuition for a 3.2 is on the money as my oldest son who went to school in Allen, Tx. went to Arkansas as in-state with above a 3.2 and he was just a student not a ball player. As for no NIL for players at his school that is an issue each school has to deal with. The school has to have some way to connect players especially in sports like baseball, soccer, softball with some way of getting NIL dollars. Not directly from the school so in accordance with any weak laws NCAA has on NIL.
  9. There was one in the 1st half and then the one in the second half where he almost caught it multiple times.
  10. After seeing this I will have to change my opinion on Bo. While he didn't hurt us as the two almost INT's did not happen he had some open shots that would have had a major impact if he had made good throws, that would have changed the game. Then some good throws he did make were not caught.
  11. I was think more using 2 TE's one 6'6" and one 6'7" have them cross into the End Zone while running the same fade route to the WR to pull the DB away and then make it a jump ball to one of the TE's
  12. There is no doubt that yesterday on the long passes Bo was throwing Moonshots that were pretty awful. In our first game he threw more traditional long balls with much less arc. I am wondering if after that one hit if his arm was damaged. I know Bo doesn't have the strongest arm but I have seen him throw better long balls. I am not excusing him it was either really bad throws and his arm was healthy or his arm was hurting and he couldn't make the throw if that was the case you tell the coaches and they have option of bringing in Finley or avoiding those type throws. I am hoping on offen
  13. If you run a fade from the 2 yard line there is no time for other options, but normally you run a fade with a bigger receiver. I thought it was a bad call from the beginning as it did not play to the strengths of this team. Bring in 3 TE's and either use them to secure the edge while one can be a target for a pass if the other team sells out to stop the run. One of the 3 TE off line of scrimmage with Bo, Hunter and Tank in backfield. Hunter leads Tank and tank picks his spot. We needed to play smash Mouth in that situation if they stop it they deserve credit but make them stop our best.
  14. I was hoping for a great game against Penn State to help turn some recruits our way. Tonight's game didn't hurt us as we played hard and competed and had a few chances to pull it out but it also didn't seal the deal with any players. I like the physical way we played tonight but I was disappointed when we tried gimmick plays instead of sticking to what we are best at which is grind it out power running and play action passes after we have established the run. We had 2 or three times tonight where I thought Tank was going to get a big gain but got hit with one hand ankle type tackles.
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