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  1. Before the pandemic I wanted her gone, I realize this changes everything one because pandemic is more important than who our woman's basketball coach is and two because it has and will have for a while an impact on the finances of the Auburn Athletic department.
  2. Never worry about being anal with me. If I said something incorrect it needs correcting. I know you were just answering the question my it doesn't matter comment was more to why even ask the question the damage is done.
  3. It doesn't really matter when you lose 3 out of 4 of last years class and one in this years class as the team is decimated now and little hope other than transfer portal. What player would want to transfer to a school where coach throws her players under the bus. Because of money Flo will be here at least one more year and it may be her worst year yet.
  4. At the very beginning I was one of the people who thought we were over hyping this I also used Flu stats as one of the reasons. What I have seen has changed my mind. The flu is spread out over a long time and at no time did it ever totally overwhelm the capacity of the system to treat it. This is proving to be different. I have 4 different nieces who are Nurses. One in Florida, One in Texas, One in DC area and one in Long Island. The Long Island nurse is overwhelmed and the Florida nurse is getting there, the Texas nurse got coughed on by Patient who tested positive but Thank God my niece tested negative. All are complaining about either shortages or will soon have shortages of protective gear. None have ever seen anything like this. Another huge difference is knowledge yes the Flu kills a lot of people every year but we know enough about it to have vaccines that are fairly effective and medicines that we know work against it. Because of the Vaccines we are able to keep the number of infected people's numbers smaller so we have the capability to treat those who get it. This is more like the Spanish Flu in 1918 that decimated the world. There was no vaccine and the medical establishment was overwhelmed at that time. We have no Vaccine for this and we have no known treatments but luckily because of improved Scientific capabilities we may have some effective treatments in the not to distant future. At this time distancing and slowing the spread is the best we can do. That is why Cities with high density populations and areas like Florida and New Orleans because of Spring Break and Mardi Gras are being hit proportionately harder than areas like Wyoming.
  5. It is more than just mental. Different sight lines from Arena to Arena, different rims and floor. Laugh but the ball bounces differently in some arenas. Then home team is fired up and the crowd energy affects their floor energy especially of defense.
  6. Sadly I believe you are correct. Based on Performance and lack of Leadership when she threw her players under the Bus (Reason they are all leaving) she should be gone. I think money is only reason she will stay they don't want to pay her buyout. I think Greene is looking at budget and cutting where he can so he can spend money where he thinks it will be needed in the future. Under Greene I don't think you will see a lot of coaches fired and Auburn on the hook to pay them when they are no longer coaching. I think he wants to run a tight ship when it comes to the financial side of the house. I actually like the idea of having better control of the financial side. His mistake was in giving Flo the contract extension in the first place based on one good recruiting class and not based on performance on the Court.
  7. You are right the Senate was in recess but the House was not and while Mnuchin was involved Peolosi got no real input from Republican's in the House. when they saw it they made clear their objections but they passed it. The Senate was Mnuchin and McConnell when it was finished the Democrats were brought in and also negotiated with Mnuchin it was at this point they tried to add things that had nothing to do with what the Bill was designed for. Like I said earlier I had no problem with their comments on wanting more oversight on the money going to companies. More oversight in Washington is always good. Trump also agreed to that area it was the frivolous add-ons that delayed this. There was some bad things in the first bill and there will be bad things in this bill partly because it is Washington but mostly because of the urgency to get things done. The House and Senate Republicans accepted what they considered the bad in the first bill because of the urgency. The delay in the second bill around Postal Service, Wind and Solar subsidies etc. does not speak well for the Democratic leadership when time is of the essence.
  8. Watched his film he won't be a 3* for long. Great edge rusher against both pass and run. Good form on most of his tackles. I saw a couple of plays where he was isolated on a receiver and stayed with receiver the whole time. He fits today's game has the speed to cover receivers and TE's and is physical enough on runs. At 6'1" and 208 pounds will need to add some muscle mass to play in SEC but his frame can easily add 10-15 pounds. T-Will has a good eye for LB's.
  9. As Brad said it is ICHY. I will give ICHY credit he is an equal opportunity Face Palmer. He will Face Palm anything from bad ideas to well thought out ideas and everything in between. I will be shocked if he doesn't Face Palm this.
  10. The first bill by the House basically excluded Republicans and there were multiple things in it the Republicans didn't like but they passed it anyway because of the urgency. Now when the Republicans did something similar in the Senate the Democrats made a big stink about it. That said the Democrats were not involved in the initial planning but have been allowed input and the bill has changed with their input. The Problem is the Democrats are saying we do it my way or we don't do it at all. You left out Schumet LOL. You are right in 1st Bill from House Pelosi and Democrats put it together and basically ran it through. Only difference is there were many things Republicans didn't like but they realized speed was of the essence both in fighting the Covid-19 and for the long term health of the economy and so they agreed to it. Now McConnell does same thing with Republicans and the. Democrats stop it. I agree with some of the Democrats objections on oversight of the Slush fund but some of the things they have tried to add that have nothing to do with either Covid-19 and the actual bailout of the economy is my problem with the Democratic stand. Trump himself agreed with Democrats on more oversight that could have easily been done. Just like in the 1st Bill time is of the essence especially for the economy.
  11. Thank you for the Junior Highlights.
  12. I see he is now a 4* on 247 composite. Still showing 100% Auburn on 247 but visited a lot of teams after this came out. Bicknell came on after this came out. Does he like this young man? His sophomore year highlights look very good as he was a monster than. I have not seen any Junior year highlights. In Sophomore highlights he impressed me in a couple ways he moves well for his size which can be seen when he is pulling and he is tenacious he blocks until the whistle, logs keep churning, and if he knocks over his man he goes looking for somebody else to hit. Like most really big HS O-Line he needs to improve his pad level. I would love to see some Camp footage of him if they have camps this year as I want to see him matched up against bigger and better players as he was just a lot bigger than most of the players he was blocking
  13. E Prayers have been sent. I had my Mom in ER in Mckinney, Tx on Monday when she spiked a fever. Luckily while there fever abated and all tests came back clean. She is 94 and doing well so far.
  14. Some of the bad habits holding onto the ball to long that would get you sacked in the SEC is the player knows the level of competition and knows they can get away with it. It is an adjustment most players have to make when going from HS to college. The O-lineman who beats everybody because he is bigger, stronger, faster and don't develop great technique. Coaches recruit talent and potential. His having a very good arm and some elusiveness is what they are recruiting.
  15. Him and Green or Brown and Green and this would be a great class. If we got either Thor or Brown I would be real happy getting Cardwell as a 5 he is 6'11" has some tools and can be developed I like having a nucleus of 3-4 year players with 1 and done or 2 and done thrown in. I like having a solid nucleus that know the system and only having to teach 1 or 2 great players the system each year. While not impossible starting 5 super talented freshman is usually a very good team that wins on talent alone but seldom wins it all because it is hard to get 5 super stars to play like a team. Look at Memphis this year with the talent they have they should be better than they are.