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  1. Now lets really change the BB landscape completely and be able to say Auburn beat Duke for a BB Recruit.
  2. We are at #7 in team rankings on 247 there is no we we can pass any of the ones currently ahead of us and there are a few teams that might be able to move past us. Our Average player ranking is 90.9. Two of the teams ahead of us have 92+ ranking the rest with exception of Clemson have 93+ and Clemson is 94+. All the teams below us but OU are below our rating but a few are very close so could pass us but not likely. OU is 91+ and only has 15 commitments so if they close out strong probably could pass us. Whether we stay the same or drop 1 or 2 rankings this is a very strong class ASSUMMING we can close out the D-Line, the TE and the two DB's we want. We will have quality , quantity, and more importantly we will have a balanced class that meets our needs. bama, Georgia, and LSU are the only SEC teams ahead of us with A&M and Florida as only SEC teams that might pass us but even if they do it would be a negligible difference and I doubt their classes are as balanced as ours. Our coaches have done a great job recruiting this year, now lets follow it up with a great year on the field.
  3. Would have been nice to have but with all the WR's we have in this class losing on a WR is probably the least impact on this class.
  4. There were Black witnesses at the scene that supported the officers story and there we black witnesses who said the Officers report was bogus. Then on top of that there was physical evidence that the Office was attacked by Brown. With some witnesses supporting the officer and with physical evidence showing officer had been attacked by Brown there is no way that Warren or Harris could honestly say the officer murdered him. Harris as an ex-prosecutor should know that. That is the type of inflammatory statement that could cause another riot where everybody loses.
  5. Any word on when he plans to commit?
  6. It is time for the NCAA to either say investigation is over and what Auburn did to penalize themselves was enough or to state their case on why more needs to be done and what those penalties would be. Then we can either accept the penalties if there are any or we can protest the penalties if we think they are to severe.
  7. Here in North Texas another day over 100 with heat Index around 108 and what is funny until about 2 weeks ago this had been one of the coolest summers in the 25 years since I moved here. Luckily the Auburn - Oregon game is inside.
  8. I am not normally a conspiracy believer type. This is one that I do believe. A guy in a high profile case that implicated important people on both sides of the aisle and top people in the business world in a Federal Prison and tries to commit suicide then 2 weeks later is removed from suicide watch and commits suicide. If this was a Hollywood movie you wouldn't believe it. To say this smells fishy is the understatement of the year. Sadly what will happen there will be an extremely expensive inquiry that won't prove anything and then a couple of low level people at the prison will be charged with negligence so it looks like they did something and then for the next 40 years people will be talking about it.
  9. Add to that he puts players in the NFL. This year there will probably be three of them and one will probably be 1st round.
  10. Plus we have a couple of Bucks coming back next year.
  11. Cohen is a solid 4*, Buskey and Zierer are 3* Juco OT's that would easily be 4* is they were not Juco, Wright and Jernigan both have the size and nastiness to become very solid SEC players in the future. This will turn out to be a very solid O-line group with 2-3 impact players next year Buskey, Zierer and maybe Cohen and the other with 1-2 years of seasoning before playing in the SEC.
  12. With tank we are basically through on O except for TE and maybe one more O-line. It has been a great O class with us getting commitments that we need both for near future and down the road. On D we still need two more DB's and from what I have read we will get the two that we want. We hit it out of the ball park at LB so now we are waiting on how Garner finished us up on the D-Line. I am one of the ones who keeps saying Garner always comes through late but I would feel much better if we could get a couple more commitments on D-Line in next two weeks. We are all talking about who we will loose on D-Line this year because we have three guys who will probably go pro Brown, Davidson, and Coe [only a Jr. might stay but doubtful]. We have some younger guys who we will really need to see develop this year two who are currently hurt. and both at DT so I expect to see Handy get some PT at DT. DT Coynis Miller - hurt DT Daquan Newkirk - hurt DT Tyrone Truesdale Buck Colby Wooden Buck Derrick Hall Buck TD Moultry Buck/DE Big Cat Bryant DE Caleb Johnson DE/DT Jaren Handy DE Charles Moore Buck/DE/DT Nick Coe - Probably going pro Most of these players were very good players out of HS but we really need this recruiting class to allow us to have the depth that we have used over last few years so that we can play 8-10 players per game. We have the potential to be a solid D-line next year but it is really hard for any team to replace a Brown, Davidson, Coe very few team put 3 D-line into pro ball in the same year.
  13. Great pickup this is the RB I wanted the most. This is two classes in a row where we got great RB"s Welcome Aboard Tank and War Eagle. BOOM BOOM BOOM we have a TANK.
  14. This is true to a point whether it was Reagan or Clinton the laws that were passed at those times had bi-partisan support. I agree there are many things in these laws that are unfair. Somebody living here for multiple years who has established roots and a family should not be deported for some minor criminal act. I also think a country should be able to control who comes into their country to live. We need a total reform of the laws. Our laws need to allow us to protect our borders, control entry, and be humane while increasing the number of legal immigrants as needed. From a purely economic standpoint if we allowed all the people who want to come to this country because of extreme poverty we would be overwhelmed. We are a country of immigrants and we should always have immigrants come to this country. I here some people talk about the time when we had open borders and they say it didn't hurt us they are right not only didn't it hurt us but it helped us. We had a huge country with vast natural resources and a small population it was a win win for those leaving a country with no future and coming to a country with opportunity and a need for people. At the time of open borders we did not have Drug Cartels bringing in drugs, we didn't have ease of travel where people could come to our borders from other countries and enter. Most of the people waiting at our borders in Mexico trying to get in come from Central America ( my wife is from El Salvador) most are hard working, family loving, responsible people with very few skills that are needed in this country. As more and more things are taken over by automation and robots they would be the first to lose their jobs. I feel for these people and I understand their desire to come here, there is just no way we can handle unfettered immigration. That is a cold hard economic fact. We do need a complete overhaul of our immigration laws. We have to address those who are here illegally but have established roots we need to be able to deport people who have committed serious crimes, and we need to allow those who are basically good people but who have some minor offense to be allowed to stay. We need a flexible immigration policy that is not just x number of people from this country every year. Economy is booming and we have more jobs then people increase the number allowed that year. No law will be perfect but a blind monkey could probably write better laws on immigration then what we currently have. At the beginning of the Obama administration Democrats controlled both House and Senate and could easily have passed immigration laws that were fairer. They didn't the Republicans have been equally at fault. The Republican's push the wall as if it would be a panacea it might help in some areas but would not fix the problem. The Democrats block the wall at every turn they say it would cost to much but compared to total government spending it is a pittance. If they let Trump build his wall or gave him more money then currently the Republicans would be forced to compromise. We need to start with the Dreamers. When Obama first did his Executive Order on the Dreamers I said I agreed with what he was trying to do but that no Executive Order could overturn an existing law. It would have eventually gone to the Supreme Court where I am sure it would have been overturned even by Judges who agreed what it was trying to do. If Supreme Court did not overturn it they basically would be giving all future Presidents the ability to change law by Executive Order. Trump overturning Obama's Executive Order put it back to Congress where it always belonged. It is time to bring a little sanity back to Washington. We need a bi-partisan Dreamer Law with nothing attached to it, not the wall for the Republicans or cutting funding for Ice for the Democrats. both sides can fight over details of how far to go but at the least they are legally recognized as being allowed to stay in the US , to work in the US and to go to school in the US as to eventual path to Citizenship whether a quick path or a longer path that is not that important. I honestly believe that passing a Dreamer Law could bring down some of the animosity and members of Congress might actually start talking with each other and begin the process of writing a fair set of immigration laws that allowed us to be more humane while still protecting our borders. I also think the Republicans are their own worst enemies if we had fairer Immigration laws I think you would see a huge number of Hispanics move to the Republican Party. The Hispanic Family of today is similar to the American families of the 50's and 60's. Church oriented, family oriented, very conservative on many social issues, much closer to the Republican party then the Democratic party.