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  1. I agree with most of what you say except for: LB - We have 3 starters for a 2 man rotation plus Steiner, Riley and Tisdol from what I have heard Steiner and Riley have what it takes. I know they are freshman but they have been getting extra reps and will contribute so that is a 5 or 6 players for a position we normally only put 2 on the field. P - We have an Aussie plus a walk-on with some experience. Normally Punters don't get hurt now Covid-19 could change everything DLine - You are probably right but I think we may have better pressure from outside this year then we had las
  2. The NCAA is doing UK and Gatewood a disservice for waiting this long to decide. All the Information has been on the Table. Auburn has no objections so either should be allowed to transfer now question is wait a year or don't wait a year. If NCAA says yes or no in next few days they could have said the same thing a month ago. Personally as I have said every player should be allowed to transfer once to any school and no 1 year waiting period. If a player wants to transfer second time again any school but sit out a year. Coaches can change schools, college Presidents can change schools, regu
  3. It is a super deadly killer as we have lost over 200,000 Americans. What Ironman has posted is very encouraging as far as our student body goes and as shows our players should be fairly safe. as but it matches what we know the people who already have issues are the ones being affected starting with older people with issues. As one poster mentioned even if no deaths there could be some underlying heart issues. The good news on that front for our football players is since they are being tested regularly if they tested positive then we are in a position to look and see if impacted by the h
  4. Totally understand where you are coming from. Even despite my Orange and Blue glasses I have some trepidation with LT also. I am hoping it is because Jackson improved that much. I just really want to believe it is because we have two really good LT's
  5. There are two ways to look at it. One that Jackson has come on really strong and has made the choice really difficult. If that is the case we have depth at OT with the loser being as good as the winner. The other way is that Troxell is still not 100% so LT could be a weakness. From what players have been saying Jackson has come on strong. Since I like wearing Orange and Blue glasses I am going with Jackson has come on real strong.
  6. I think Our O will be improved. I actually expect some big plays. Quick hitters to TE's.Slants, and to RB's should force LB's and Safety's to stay home which will help both O-Line and RB's. I have faith in our LB's and DB's the question will be D-Line can we keep our LB's clean on runs so they can make tackles and can we get pressure on QB with front 4 or front 4 and a single extra extra player blitzing. I maybe disappointed but I really think Gus will let our O evolve using TE's, slants, passed over the middle. If he does even though people have been talking about the change I don't t
  7. I can see Williams also but I opted for Cambridge because of the position and opportunity to play. We will have Moore, Williams, Franklin, and Thor splitting time at PF so even if Williams is improved a lot there is a lot of competition at that position. at SF it is really just Flanigan and Cambridge and at SG Johnson, Turbo, Powell, and Cambridge. Unless Johnson has found his stroke he is a defensive liability at SG, Turbo is undersized and Powell who I expect great things of in the future is a freshman coming off an injury. While Williams had a couple of good games Cambridge had a couple of
  8. I am going with Cambridge. Very athletic can play SG or SF stroke improved and was coming on at end of year. Has size to be a strong defender at SG. Main competition is Freasman Powell.
  9. All the people in that area have my prayers. Wish it was closer when we have it in Texas at my church we sometimes get some people to go down to area a few days after with Water and Food and Tarps to donate and tools to help clear trees and temp patch roofs with tarps. Reason for a few days after is not to get in way of emergency services and also for water to go down enough so we can get into areas. Other times we will go down months later with youth group for a week and help rebuild doing what ever is needed. Covid - 19 means we did not do that this year sadly.
  10. Shivers, Stove, and Richards are all three players I would be happy with. Shivers low to ground hard to see strong catches a seam and goes to the house. Richards shifty and powerful, can make make 1st tackler miss or break tackle. Stove good size and speed with sure hands each has strengths the coached get to see them in Practice but I can see it being a tough choice. The good news if all are really good choices. I predict Chapman will win out but might see both in Kentucky game to see how they work under pressure.
  11. I didn't see any mention of Tyler Fromm and Luke Deal but they both have the kind of bodies to help out in Red Zone. I could see some Red Zone threats with Deal, Frazier, Pegues where we could go with Power Run or pass with mismatches as we would have some big boys blocking or Deal, Fromm, Frazier and we would have three height mismatches in the end zone and all still big enough to do Power Run to keep D Honest. I have seen other teams do this successfully It is nice to have these type options.
  12. Offense - Brendan Frazier Defense - Tie Wesley Steiner/ Chris Thompson if have to choose one Steiner Juco - Marco Domio Transfer - Brandon Council Special Teams - Oscar Chapman
  13. Kinda knew that without anybody having to tell me.
  14. I did it once a little tougue in cheek. I will not do it again.
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