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  1. There is nothing tougher than having a sick child. He and your family has my prayers and the prayers of my whole family.
  2. There is no doubt we have a tough schedule and that has to be factored in. Every coach has a bad game Kirby, Saban, Gus. With Saban his teams have so much talent they can usually overcome a bad game. I would have said the same thing for Kirby prior to South Carolina game. If we didn't have a freshman QB who made mistakes we probably win at Fla. despite how bad a game Gus called and it was bad on the skunk smell test with 10 being super smelly it was a 9 or 10. That said prior to this game Gus has actually had a pretty solid Offensive performance and many myself included was hoping he had turned a corner. Now we find out if the Fla. game was an aberration or the previous 5 games was the aberration. Before everybody say Fla. has a weak D how good would our D be if we lost Brown and Davidson as that is basically what happened to Florida. If Florida doesn't lose those two players Burrows would still be good but he would not have been as good as he was and maybe Fla. would have won the game. So first we can't have a let down against Arky because we are looking forward to LSU then we see which Gus shows up. If Gus calls a great game that allows us a legitimate chance to beat LSU then maybe he has turned the corner and we have to give him the benefit of the doubt even if we lose that game. If he calls a a game similar to Fla and we get blown out then it is time to start planning to select a new coach and even if we win because of a great defensive effort we still need to think about replacing Gus. What I am looking for is the type of game he calls and ideally a great game and we upset LSU.
  3. Has Sharp already used his Redshirt year? If he can't get back healthy for this year it would be nice to have him for next year.
  4. I think we will need to get the ball inside more which could lead to more assists for the PG in our half court sets. Since I don't think we will push up court as much as in the past I expect to have fewer assists on the break. J'Von showed speed was one of his best assets in the playoffs if we slow it down that may actually hurt him. Time will tell.
  5. -Line is probably the toughest position to play with possible exception of QB. You have to be big enough and strong enough to handle some huge space eaters while you have you be quick enough to stop speed rushers,, then you have to be able to pull, handle different blocking assignments, adjust on the fly when teams do blitz's especially delayed Blitz's. Add to that the RPO how long do you hold block before moving downfield to next level. I haven't even gotten into different techniques for run blocking, setting up a screen, regular pass blocking. Finally you have to work as a unit where there are times you hit one man just enough to allow another O-linemen to pick him up and then still getting to the zone you are blocking in or the man you are to block. One WR runs the wrong route QB can still go to another WR four O-line do their job perfectly and one misses the O-Line failed. In addition sometimes they are told not to block a player as QB is reading that player. If QB makes a bad read we get a TOFL and O-Line is blamed.
  6. My preference is mostly really really good players who stay 3-4 years and become great teams with a chance to win the big dance but I wouldn't mind a one and done every now and then to join the nucleus of really good players.
  7. Considering the players we lost who are now playing at next level this is probably a fair assessment it might even be giving us the benefit of the doubt. I trust Bruce so I think we will at least match that but if you are an outsider looking in I can understand why they said 4th.
  8. The problem with stopping it is for some kids there is a legitimate reason they are older. Sick when younger so had to skip a year family moved from another country had to spend a year to learn enough English to be able to understand teachers, etc.. What you want to stop is the Parents who intentionally held their kid back to give him or her a competitive advantage. The Rule that would stop the parents from legally cheating would hurt the kids who had a legitimate reason as they couldn't compete. Some time the administration is stuck between the proverbial rock and a hard spot.
  9. I agree with most of what you say but the way Bo has missed wide open receivers is on Bo plus by 6th game of the season has probably played as many snaps as second and third year players who were backups. Before you say it I will agree second and third year backups have had way more practices and watched way more film. I think Bo will be great and I knew when Gus chose him we would have Miss. Stae type games and Fla. type games now we need to see how he does against the other tough teams on our schedule. Up until the Fla game he had missed some throws but really had not made many bad decisions. I think he will sit down in the film room look at his mistakes and learn from them.
  10. There have been an awful lot of teams lately starting true Freshman QB's and it has worked well. There were open receiver and Bo missed them and made bad reads. This was Bo's 6th game so the true Freshman tag doesn't quite fit when you have played 5 previous games. I love Bo and think he will be a very good QB but I have to blame a lot of this loss on Bo. I watched Lawrence last year and he had good games and bad games as a freshman but mostly good games. Bo has had one great game against Miss. State one bad game against Florida and so so against the other teams but has shown great leadership, guts galore and found a away to win until Florida. If Bo makes one or two plays we beat Fla. even with the issues we do have with the O-line. Then despite how bad the game was everybody would be praising Bo and most would be praising Gus. I left the Gus bus a while ago but I also know over the years a lot of good teams have lost in the swamp both because ity is a tough place to play and because Fla. even when they are down has good players and with Mullen they have a good coach. Two things to look for now one do we come out flat or mad against Arky and then how do we play against LSU. If we come out mad and hammer Arky then play LSU tight and beat them or make it a nail biter and the other two big games are really close especially if we win one then Gus will have done an acceptable job this year. If we are flat against Arky and lose or win a nail biter against Arky then LSU dismantles us it is time to start looking for a new coach, also if bama and Georgia dismantle us it iis time to look for a new coach. Lets play a few more games before we start looking for a new coach as I saw some solid coaching (not great) in the earlier games.
  11. Lets not forget Mark-Antony Richards. When he had surgery they did not give a timetable but they said they did not expect it to keep him out whole season. So is there any status on him. Even without him we have DJ and Joiner as big backs and Kam and Shivers as breakaway backs plus a lot of our best runs have come from Schwartz and Stove. I hate it for Boobee but with week off and Arky as next game this was probably the best time for this injuryif there is such a thing as a good time for an injury.
  12. I agree with the other two but this year he has not run Boobee into the ground.
  13. Initially but great players don't always make great coaches. Noy saying they wouldn't be great coaches but after the initial high if the team doesn't do well the players quit coming.
  14. Now that we are starting to receivers putting up some big numbers Seth Williams in Miss. State game and the Flash with his running and catching it should help in receiver recruiting. We now have some highlight film to show interested receivers. I just hope we continue to increase the Utilization of our WR's and TE's as this will both help the Auburn O and help us on the recruiting trail. It might even help with O-Line recruiting as these kids know the Pro's are looking for O-line that can both pass block and run block.
  15. You could be right as both fit that role. If that is the case with Jay gone next year then Joiner might get more touches.