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  1. AuburnNTexas

    2019 4* OG William Putnam

    At this point I think all three positions are extremely important. recent postings seem to point to us getting 1-2 quality RB's (probably 2), I think TWill will find another quality LB (Not based on Knowledge just trust in TWill), Putnam was and is huge and apparently not looking good so hopefully we are able to pull in 1 or 2 of the names we have recently seen (Kennedy, Olaseni, Jones). Also we need some of our current younger O-Linemen Brahms, Irving, Troxell, Hamm to come on strong this spring and fall. Also if Ashley stays we need the light to come on for him. Nobody we will sign this year will help us next year with luck 1-2 can help their second year so we really need some of the younger guys to come on strong after a year with Grimes.
  2. AuburnNTexas


    Tenn. is a JR, SR laden team and as such have played together for a while. Auburn has a good mixture of players with a lot of Juniors and Seniors also but because of suspensions, Transfers, etc. have not played as a unit as long as Tenn. That has something to do with the slight difference in the way Tenn is playing versus Auburn. I think we are lucky that we are playing them at the end of the season. By that point we should be a more cohesive unit. Hopefully Wiley will be at his peak and we can match their physicality and I believe our Defense will give them trouble. It will probably come down to which team is hot that night hitting their 3's. I believe playing at home might make the difference. Assuming both teams stay healthy this could easily decide the SEC championship and the seeding in the national championship. Right now I believe we are a two seed and Tenn is a 1 seed but a lot can change during the next 3 months.
  3. AuburnNTexas

    Season Long Poll & NET (New RPI ) Thread

    There is some validity in not ranking a team as high as we would like if they have not played any road games with hostile crowds. I feel confident this team will pass that test when it comes and I have no problem with us being number 8 at this time. If we keep taking care of business we will move up in the polls. The next two games will give us the chance to prove we can play well in front of hostile crowds. UAB is a solid team and NC State is 8-1 at a court where they are hard to beat. We beat both of them and we might move up. I say might as all the teams ahead of us are undefeated or have lost one game like us. Tenn. lost to number 1 Kansas, Gonzaga to Tenn, and Duke to Gonzaga. I think the only team ahead of us we could move past is Nevada because though they are undefeated we will have played tougher competition if we beat the next two teams. Now if some of the teams in front of us lose then we could move up more. To stay near the top we have to continue winning. I love the fact we are playing Tenn. once this year at end of the year at home. There is nobody on the schedule we can't beat but there will be tough games against KY twice, Miss State twice, and Tenn once. Those are the games that will decide where we end up in the polls.
  4. AuburnNTexas

    2019 4* OG William Putnam

    If we pull Putnam in we have an adequate O-Line class if we don't we have a very weak O-line class it is that simple. I have some questions for the insiders one is Irvin he was a red shirt this year and was projected as a Center. Has Irvin shown promise. That was one of our weaker positions this year. Brahms has a year to get stronger as he is finally recovered from his leg injury. Kim's technique was better than Brahm's but he just wasn't strong enough and he has had plenty of time to get stronger so I don't expect him to be the answer at Center. Is there anybody else who we could put in at Center like Hamm if Irwin, Kim or Brahms is not the answer? The second question is around Horton he was not very good this year but the year before he was very solid. I heard he had all kinds of minor injuries was that the problem and do you think he can get back to being a solid contributor? The beginning of the year my big fears were OT and Center. and I felt most confidant with Horton and Harrel at guard. Center proved my fears were legitimate. OT play most of the time was better than guard play. We have three OT's I think we can count on Prince, Driscoll, and Troxell. Prince got better as year went on and Driscoll got used to SEC play while Troxell gained valuable experience. Is Hamm ready to contribute at Guard if Horton or Harrel are not the answer at Guard? Do we have any other O-Linemen who are ready to contribute? Do we have a late bloomer like Robert Leff in the group?
  5. AuburnNTexas

    2019 4* DE/Buck Colby Wooden commits to AU!!!!

    As the year went on we started to see guys like Coynis Miller get PT. The Interior is where we will need bodies most and Handy and Gordon seem to be the hybrid DT/DE type that grow into true DT's that Garner likes. I still expect them to get PT even if Coe and Davidson come back. Garner rotates a lot of D-Line which helps this team year to year. Two years in a row we lost important D-Linemen and I like many others expected huge drop-offs but it didn't happen. Garner is the reason for that. If Coe and Davidson both come back it will impact their PT but I still think Garner will work them in. I agree with you that the time will be more limited if both come back but like Miller he worked him in and by end of year he made some plays for us. Unlike some of our coaches Garner believes in preparing for next year by playing the freshman in real games as much as possible against the cupcakes and a little against our SEC foes. Wooden who is more of a Buck will have hardest time as he will have two Bucks ahead of him plus Coe at times.
  6. AuburnNTexas

    2019 4* DE/Buck Colby Wooden commits to AU!!!!

    I think it is a possibility he is moved back to LB with 2 Seniors graduating it is the weakest area on the D side of the ball.
  7. AuburnNTexas

    2019 4* DE/Buck Colby Wooden commits to AU!!!!

    I expect Wooden, Handy and Gordon to get PT next year helping with the players we lose. I think we have done really well in the CB and Safety area also. My biggest concern on D will be at LB and I am hoping the OP will help there. On the D side we have a pretty solid group but need at least 1 more LB and two would be better. The D might actually be better next year not because they are better but I am hoping that the O-Line is improved and that the D spends less time on the field. We should know whether O is really better by 5th game when we play Miss State. By than we will have played Texas A&M and Miss. State. We need to get by Oregon than use the two easy games to improve and hit our stride by A&M if we don't it will be a long year and Gus will be on his way out.
  8. AuburnNTexas

    Open Letter From AD Greene To The AU Fans

    Time will tell whether he is a great AD. I felt sorry for him coming in right after the President of the University had just given Gus the huge raise and long term contract. I believe because of that contract Greene's hands were tied when this season imploded. I am hoping he will be allowed to do what he says in his letter. The problem at Auburn that has been around for a long time is too many cooks stirring the pot. Between the PTB and the President Greene was in a lose lose situation this year. Next Year Gus will have a great year and keep his job taking the pressure off Greene or Gus goes down in a blaze of glory and Greene helps lead the search and picks his man whether the PTB like his man or not. Auburn has to allow an AD to be an AD and not to hamstring him or have him reporting to people outside of the administration. If this does not happen we will have these issues again and again.
  9. AuburnNTexas

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Dawand Jones I thought I had read somewhere we just recently offered him.
  10. AuburnNTexas

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    I have been off the Gus Bus for a while because of his stubbornness in not adjusting his O to his personnel. I think this has the potential to be a good hire. Also like Gus or don't like Gus whenever his back is against the wall he seems to pull the rabbit out of the hat. I think with the experience gained this year we will have a better O-Line. I think Nix will be an improvement over Stidham not because he is a better QB but because of the things he does better. Nix can hit his target when he is on the move Stidham had an issue with that. This class may bring in a couple of solid RB's to help and a couple of TE's. We won't use the TE's as much as we should but I expect us to use more than past two years. I also think Nix will not be afraid to throw the 50/50 ball to Seth Williams and to Pickens if we keep Pickens. Gus just might pull off a really good season next year. I want Gus gone but I always want Auburn to win so I am hoping he puts to gather the type team that will have us in contention at least until Amen corner and hopefully after Amen corner.
  11. AuburnNTexas

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    I have a preference of MAR but I like all 4, I want at least one of them in the Fold on early signing day as that will ease some of my fears for this class which revolve around RB's and O-Line.
  12. AuburnNTexas

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    In the last few days we seem to have a chance at a few really solid RB's and some O-Linemen including some OT's (Kennedy, Olaseni, Jones) are any of them going to be early signers or are we going to have to wait till later on them. Despite how bad this year has been we still have a chance to have a really good class including some O-Line talent that to be honest I had lost all hope for.
  13. AuburnNTexas

    Dayton game

    This was a good game for the team it showed our strengths and weaknesses. We play tough defense but have lapses as multiple teams have had large number of turnovers while still hitting good three point percentages. We live or die by the three. Out most gifted player Chuma is to passive, at times our bigs get lazy on the boards and don't block out well. Doughty is showing his versatility as a long armed defender, who can pass, and hit the three at times and actually can handle the ball to an extent. Our guards can score against anybody and Harper is one of the best PG's in the Country. This team even when not playing well in stretches always bust their butts off which will give them an opportunity to win bad games. The positives out weigh the negatives and the negatives can be addressed as the season goes on. Rebounding is strange with this team against some of the better teams we have played we held our own rebounding but against Dayton a team where we were longer we did not do as well. This is something that can be addressed and I am sure Bruce will address. I don't know if we will make it to final 4 as some are predicting but I do know this is a very good team that plays hard and that I love watching after so many years of less than stellar Basketball on the Plains that is good enough for me but boy would I be tickled to see a final 4 team. I still need to see us play away games with hostile crowds that is the final test. All this without Purifoy. I am excited about Auburn Basketball.
  14. AuburnNTexas

    2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    Nowadays back than it was not that odd to see 6' QB's all the players are bigger now. I can remember when 275 pound linemen were considered big and 300 were considered huge.
  15. AuburnNTexas

    Potential Grad Transfer QB Jalen Hurts

    Hurts won't come to Auburn if he decides to transfer. He is a solid kid who handled the demotion well and kept ready. He would understand the impact of his coming to Auburn and would avoid it. He has a good head on his shoulders and would make choice that would allow him to continue to grow at QB and Auburn is not that place at this time.