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  1. It says he will be out 3-4 weeks so I am assuming was just a scope to clean up some cartilage or something similar. He should be back in time for SEC season but with Flanigan out we will be hurting at SF for a while. I am praying he has a quick and complete recovery and we don't bring him back to soon.
  2. You have to read that article in context in 2020 under Trump we were producing 13 Million Barrels a day. That is what Biden inherited and he has been averaging 11.2 million barrels a day since. It does say that he President does not control the market but when you look at number when Biden Inherited and then look at the article from Sullivan how under Biden Drilling permits have been stalled you get the full picture. I know Sullivan is a Republican Senator but he gave the dates and provided when the administration blocked permits you get the full picture. The private sector was trying to get permits and were blocked or delayed If we were still doing 13 million barrels a day that would almost match the cuts that are taking place from OPEC. Because of the Pandemic after we reached 13 Million barrels a day many states especially Blue States went in to lockdown cutting the need for oil as travel decreased dramatically. A lot of the increase is by bringing wells back online so while there has been an increase under Biden it could have been much greater. The Permian Basin in Texas is the biggest reason for the increase under Biden the majority of that increase was wells that had been capped during pandemic have been brought back online since they were already permitted they did not have to jump through hoops to start pumping. It is bringing new wells online especially on federal lands that is the draw back and that is what Sullivan was talking about. Almost all of Alaska is Federal lands as some other States like New Mexico.
  3. I am in a time crunch for researching other articles but this article does give verifiable facts on things done to slow down production. As to why production has increased some states like Texas are not on Federal land and they have increased production there. If I have more time I will find other articles. I will include one article that is not political. It shows both sides. but at peak under trump 12 million barrels a day Biden lower. Average er day over presidency Biden higher then Trump but part of that is it was so low when he took over. https://www.wusa9.com/article/news/verify/presidents-dont-control-the-quantity-of-domestic-oil-being-produced-technically-highest-oil-production-during-president-bidensadministration/65-401bfdf8-e601-4d3f-8dee-f90f349c9cac
  4. From the senator in Alaska https://www.sullivan.senate.gov/newsroom/speeches/speech-biden-slows-american-oil-and-gas-production
  5. On passing plays I want him to utilize his legs only enough to buy a little time. I watch QB's who are not great runners who move up at right time often just enough to help blocker reset and then make a throw. Robbie made some great throws on the run that helped us to score in 1st half but while outside of the pocket there was no defender so his footwork was still good and he made some great throws. On the fumble that turned the game around he was running for his life and tried to throw with a defender right there. A sack would have been a lot better. On the whole Robbie played a great game against LSU but a key mistake (Partly because of a great defensive play by LSU) gave LSU the momentum they needed.
  6. Of course what Putin is doing in Ukraine and with energy blackmail and of course having MBS go along with the 2 million barrel a day cut is part of the problem. But if we had been energy independent that would have had a much smaller impact on us. Joe taking a stand against MBS from a humanitarian standpoint was correct but if you are going to do that then you better have a backup plan when MBS doesn't help you. Oil and Natural gas wells in Russia and most of the OPEC+ nations don't meet our regulatory environmental standards so by relying on oil and natural gas from those countries we are doing more harm to the environment while also leaving ourselves and our Allies in a bad position with the whims of OPEC+. What I am blaming the current administration is by slowing down oil and natural gas development in the US they have allowed Putin and MBS to put us in this position.
  7. Global warming is real and we should be trying to go Green in a well thought out manner. It takes time to go green and build out the required infrastructure to truly rely on green energy. Right now we still need gasoline and natural gas and we will for a while. So if you are really wanting clean energy in the interim you should get your oil and natural gas from the countries with one of the best regulatory requirements. That would be the US and Canada. I live in a red state Texas we are the number one state in the US in Wind energy and will soon be number two in Solar. That said we have not built out our grid enough to always utilise the green energy we produce. That will take time. Electric cars are one of the things Biden is pushing without looking at the impact on an already overtaxed electrical grid system and using batteries that are using chemicals that are dangerous both in having issues of burning but also in the mineral extraction, the people being abused in places like the Congo and having to rely on countries that are not always friendly to the US. The good news is on that battery front there have been some significant developments on different minerals like aluminium, sulfur and sodium. These batteries should be cheaper, more environmentally friendly and abundant in the US while providing faster recharging, longer range and will not overheat and start a fire. that said it will probably be 3-7 years before these type batteries will be able to be produced in quantity. In addition we have to make legislative changes to find a way to tax electric cars to maintain our highway infrastructure. Gas taxes currently pay for that infrastructure.The more electric cars we put on the road the more electricity we will need. The problem with the current administration is they handicapped US fossil fuel based industries trying to go green so we are reliant on foreign countries for some of our energy needs. OPEC and that includes Russia can dictate price by cutting production which is occurring now. From a defensive standpoint we need to be energy independent and that should include Green energy and our cleaner oil and natural gas. Even if the whole US were to follow California's lead and only sell new electric cars starting in 2035 it will take at least another 10-15 years before the majority of cars are electric. We saw where California asked their drivers not to charge their electric cars because during peak times in fire season the grid could not handle the load. Long term going green is the right way to go just like getting out of Afghanistan was the right thing to do. It is not the goal I object to it it he lack of planning in reaching the goal The way it has been done is hurting us all as energy costs are a big part of the inflation that is impacting all but the super rich. Texas is doing it better than most but can still do better. We have increased the number of oil wells in the state and increased production of oil in the state while building out wind farms and solar farms. We still need to build out infrastructure so that we can use Wind when not enough solar and solar when not enough wind and we need enough backup storage. We also need to improve the way we winterise all of our electric production as shown the winter before. In 1st quarter or 2022 over 1/3 of all Texas electricty was renewable. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/energy/article/Texas-renewables-generate-record-power-in-early-17129079.php
  8. I still see them working on the outside. I thought it was supposed to be ready at the end of September. Is the inside done yet?
  9. Florida Texas Pittsburgh Georgia Arkansas Ole Miss Kentucky Alabama Texas Tech Clemson USC Notre Dame Kansas State NC State Tennessee TCU Utah 49
  10. Do we have any players we are feeling good about at this time? I know most people feel like Wesley Yates will stay closer to home Texas or LSU. What about Peyton Marshall the big man who visited a few weeks ago? I believe we will have 5 scholarships available for this coming class.
  11. Steiner was the one staying with the RB. The same RB who had the big catch and gain to help LSU score final touchdown when nobody followed him. I am not sure which LB was supposed to be with RB on the pass play. I actually thought Steiner played well. The play where Steiner stayed with LB I believe the edge was responsible for allowing the QB to get outside. It was Pappoe who has disappointed me this year. He is in his third year after starting 1st year, playing a little last year before being hurt. His big issue is taking himself out of position by mis-reading the play. I think losing Eku Leota hurt us big time. He has been great at holding the edge. We have a lot of talent in D-Line but not enough depth and this is a catastrophic injury because we lose one of our best players especially at Edge where we were thing to begin with. Bragg played well in his place but he is not Leota. Hopefully because of the injury Leota comes back next year to help his NFL stock.
  12. Sadly we were our own worst enemy tonight. We actually played our best game tonight in most aspects. But mistakes killed us. Somebody else said we now know how Missouri felt last week. I agree with that. The question is this Harsin's last game as Auburn's coach or not.
  13. By far the best game plan and execution all year. The fumble for a TD was just a great play by the LSU player and Hall did have his hand in face mask but LSU player also had his hand in Halls. The real test is how we handle the bad luck at end of 1st half when they get the ball 1st. I don't know if we will win this game but we have a chance to win it. The pass to the RB for the big gain was all on Pappoe he made the wrong choice. This year he has done some great things but also has messed up. He has the talent but doesn't always make the best reads. Steiner has looked good the 1st half.
  14. So far every thing is going well. I have to admit I am surprised.
  15. South Carolina Auburn Florida UCF BYU Air Force Texas A&M Georgia Washington Oklahoma Kansas State Michigan Kentucky Alabama Baylor Wake Forest Clemson 51
  16. I like Sanders he would definitely bring some swagger back and should be able to excite both recruits and the big money people who we need to back NIL which is becoming so important in recruiting right now. Some have questioned his experience or lack of experience within the SEC. I have watched some of the games he has coached and believe me his team has more of an offensive philosophy then Auburn has had in the last 5 years. Of course he like any coach needs to be vetted especially for the type of people he would bring in as assistants. Like any good head coach you need the right staff around you to recruit, teach develop and pit together a great game plan. So as long as during the vetting process we get a clear picture of the type of people he hopes to hire as assistants I think he would be a great hire. He is probably my first choice but if not Deion I would prefer Stoopes he would not have the immediate impact but might be the guy given enough time that could put us back on the map in 3-4 years. I don't want Freeze and his baggage and I am only so so on Kiffin.
  17. Even those of us who originally supported Harsin know we need to replace him. I don't think Kiffin can get us to next level but that is just my opinion which probably isn't worth that much. I think he is a good coach but I just don't think he can get us where many think we belong. Kiffin, Freeze, Stoops, Sanders behind the scenes I hope we are doing out homework looking at these and maybe others. While I want us to continue looking we need a new AD first who has input on who we select. Not giving a new AD a chance to have input on the selection would be a huge mistake and would undermine the new AD before he or she is hired. The reason a new AD is so important is because of how dis-functional Auburn has been recently. If we can't get the whole Auburn family pulling together big boosters both the types that want a big say in everything and the ones who just love Auburn and donate with no strings attached, cleanout bad blood in Athletic department, the President, the people setting up and running NIL and the fan base as a whole. It will take a very strong no nonsense type AD with tremendous communication skills to get us over the hump and moving in the right direction If we get this type of AD then whoever the committee and the AD decide on should be somebody we can all pull for even if, in my case the coach was not my 1st choice.
  18. This was more Missouri found a way to lose then Auburn found a way to win.
  19. We did a pass on 1st down got a big gain then went back to same offense. I blamed Bobo last year but this seems to be what Harsin wants.
  20. I predicted every offensive play on that series. Maybe a pass on 1st down would be nice.
  21. Very good pickup he fits the type of HS player we need to sign if we don't get the 5* stud. A player with the potential to develop over a couple of years who can become an SEC lineman. we need a couple more like this from HS ranks then we need to hit the Portal hard. War Eagle and welcome to Auburn.
  22. In the Penn State game Leota stepped up he played hard side line to side line. He was our top defensive lineman sadly that is about the only player in the front 7 who played well. On O Tank and Hunter played well when they had even a sliver of an opening. The problem was they did not get enough carries because we went into panic mode and because our O-line was so bad.
  23. I backed Gus a lot longer then most before I got off the Gus Bus by I finally realized he was not the man for the job. I have been one of Harsin's biggest supporters byt today was a total embarrassment. In the 4th quarter my daughter called me and asked if I was yelling at the TV as I tend to get excited when watching Auburn play. I told her no as it wasn't worth the effort. We were totally outcoached on both sides of the ball. As everybody saw the O-Line was pitiful. I kept hoping to at least try some of the backups. Even if a backup is not as good at some point you have to be replaced when you play that badly. I compared the two D-Lines and the two O-Lines. Penn State's D-Line was never vanilla mano a mano even when they only rushed 4 there were always stunts and twists. Then add in LB Blitzes a CB Blitzes and our O-Line was lost. Auburn's D-line relied on Bull rush's and speed rushes from the outside always mano a mano very few stunts and twists. When we did Blitz we tend to give it away early before the play starts making it easier to pickup. Add to that the way Penn State used 2 and 3 TE's on running plays to open holes at the point of attack and we ended up getting scorched on the ground. Our DB's actually played better this game then last two games in they didn't give the huge cushion and there were a couple of plays where the DB was in phase but because of a great throw and WR using body well they got nice receptions. It is hard for me to judge the WR's and the QB's because O-Line was so porous the WR's didn't have the time to get into their routes and the QB's were running for their life. One thing that really upset me is what pretty obvious at end of 1st half that Finley was hurt. In the 1st half he made some really good throws despite the lack of blocking. I saw the way he was walking off the field and it was obvious he was hurt. On 1st aberrant throw in 2nd half it was clear his arm was hurting. He should have been pulled then. As I said I have been one of Harsin's supporters. I no longer am his supporter and the only way to bring me back is some miracle that this season turns around after this game. When I say turn around I don't mean we have one good game I mean we basically play lights out the rest of this season.
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