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  1. The Defiant

    Worst offensive Line I have ever seen

    Worst playcalling in the intermediate passing game!
  2. The Defiant

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    Somebody give Gus a red nose that honks and some clown shoes.
  3. The Defiant

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Mississippi State

    I say we start a Go Fund me account to get rid of this guy who they call our head coach.
  4. The Defiant

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    Our offensive line is offensive. Playing patty cake with em.
  5. The Defiant

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    Run up the middle, even a blind nun saw that coming.
  6. The Defiant

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    Our offensive line is hot garbage...
  7. The Defiant

    Nate Craig-Myers

    Gus Malzahn has got to be the most overpaid and overrated coach. We have great talent and he wastes it. We never use a tight end as a weapon NCM should leave. He is wasting his time here. There is a huge reason Jalen Harris left the T.E. Why would anybody want to play when we have the worst talent developers on offense. No offense to Kodi but he was a qb that wasn't developed by GM and he is learning on the job. Our routes and offense are offensive and stupid simple. Jay Jacob's gave us the biggest middle finger by approving GM contract. It should never have been approved for that much. Hell GM is so bad he knows his offense is more efficient using a dual threat, but recruits pro style QBs. He is a overpaid high school coach and gets outcoached almost every game. We have no middle passing game, we have thrown more slants this year than all of his prior seasons. Let's face it guys, without Kevin Steele we would be lucky to win all of our gimme games. I'm tired of GM this job is way over his head, but because of Jacob's we are stuck with this guy. I'm tired of it, rant over. Also, for those of you clowns who are gonna say, there are no coaches out there. All you have to do is give Neil Brown a shot or Bill Clark. Saying that is a losers mentality it's just like saying I can't, when you haven't even tried. War Damn Eagle and you sunshine/GM supporters need to wake up and look at the stats. We are paying a barely .500 coach 49 million and he can't win a bowl game. Last one was Memphis when we stunk it up that year too.
  8. The Defiant

    Demographic Curiosity

    I am 35 Male Reeltown, Alabama Graduated in 05 from Au in Accounting I am now an attorney
  9. The Defiant

    Malzahn Extension

    Is it available for the public to review? I would be interested to know who signed off on it. If it was Jay Jacobs, it shows that he should have been terminated and not given an opportunity to continue. This is my opinion.
  10. The Defiant

    Official Postgame thread

    7 million dollars, another bowl loss, same crap different game. We lack imagination on offense and I'm so tired of Malzahn - he is just plain mediocre.
  11. The Defiant

    Lingering Questions...Add Yours.

    How about this, If our two starting backs can't play in an an SEC Championship next year and coaches say they believe and trust the backups to get it done, how bout they leave them in to get it done. Why cant they actually "trust" their ability and their coaching instead of lying and having a knee jerk reaction to only give them a couple of series and abandoning them (and the run game) for a guy who is so injured it is very unlikely he can get it done. That doesn't look like the coaches trust the backups to get it done....just saying. Or hire a good running backs coach who will have the next man ready.
  12. The Defiant

    Offensive News and Notes from A-Day

    I believe that Sean White is a good SEC quarterback. What everyone must realize is that a Quarterback needs a scheme to match his talents and Sean is a pro style QB. The scheme that we have been running for the past two years has had terrible WR routes, just deplorable. We were basically running a version of the Deleware Wing T/triple option. What you have to be impressed with is that on first down almost 4 out of 5 times, we ran the ball. Sean had to make most of his throws when opposing defenses expected the pass, and he had the highest QBR in the league ladies and gentlemen! The kid was and is good, in this scheme he would be better, dare I say pre-injury very close to Stidham. Coach Lindsay's scheme is what a college level offensive scheme should look like in the modern era. It should have viable reads so that when the NFL caliber rushers in the SEC hit the edge, the QB can seamlessly drop the ball into a check off so he can avoid getting pounded. That didn't happen for Sean very much last year, have you thought maybe If he had a scheme that would help him out HE WOULDN'T BE SO INJURY PRONE. How about you all stand back there while Miles Garrett is coming and Gus calls a play where two wide receivers are on fly routes and the other is running a deep post! What about that third down play during the Texas A&M game where on third and long we do the reverse fake and Sean gets creamed. ABSOLUTELY IDIOTIC PLAY-CALLING FOR A PRO STYLE QB.. This scheme that Coach Lindsay has already implemented is ten times better. We actually have detailed routes, we have drags patterns, we have crossing patterns, shallow rubs and we utilize every eligible receiver! If the linemen can gel and be on top of their blocking assignments this scheme is a Qbs dream. I am excited because I SEE DEVELOPMENT, ACTUAL DEVELOPMENT for the first time with the wide receivers and QBs in three years on offense. This will always baffle me though, Gus Malzahn has been called a "offensive genius." I will never understand his mode of thought these past two years, hell maybe he was going through a midlife crisis (insert snarky comment about his Suicide door BMW here) but his schemes were so incredibly simplistic and not much above Pop Warner schemes you see in your community YMCA. If you are a person who is excited out of their mind about Jarrett Stidham, that's great. HOWEVER, pump your brakes if you think he is the next Jon Stauback! The dude went against the second defense, we should probably be more impressed by what Malik Miller did against the 1s, but who knows how good the 1s are as a unit. You will never truly know what kind of QB or football player you have unless you let them go live 1s vs. 1s with no orange jerseys. IRON SHARPENS IRON BOYS
  13. The Defiant

    Correcting red zone failures

    When you get to the goalline, I believe these are the best options. The offense needs to spread the field in the shotgun and run and have a QB run pass option, QB Powers and have tight-ends in the slot and as lead blockers in motion on the wing. The defense has to think about three options, is th qb keeping it, is the running back keeping it, or is the tight end going to rub and then catch a pass on a fake and you can do the same with a fullback. If you are going to run it, then, yeah power I is effective with a big, fast lineman in as the fullback. Also, you could have the fb in motion as the same scenario before. My point is, plays where linebackers have to stop and think are the best goal line plays in my personal opinion, because you freeze them, this allows time for the linemen to jack them up and give them a jumpstart on creating push.
  14. The Defiant

    Fountain will not be on the field next year

    What in the what is going on up there? Well If Fountain wants an on the field job, keep him, designate him Special Teams Coordinator, Ball boy instructor, he was ranked high this year for recruiting in several recruiting sources. I mean taking an off the field job as an analyst (demotion) is not something a good coach at his position wants to hear. With Coach Rodney Garner here I highly doubt that Tracy Rocker will come, I mean what's next, are we going to ask Coach Garner to take an off field analyst spot ( a demotion) for Rocker to come here. I swear, I guess Auburn has to make headlines somehow with Sarkisian taking the Atlanta Falcons Offensive Coordinator position, we have to stay relevant in the dummy headlines too, sheesh.