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  1. Probably helped getting that 100k Propst was talking about, hope Propst doesn't fall up any stairs in the near future.
  2. Right, I agree 100%. However, when other programs implement successful recruiting and has had multiple years of success beating Saban crazy things happen. An example is Ole Miss, after two years Alabama hired their coach and their were rumors that Ole Miss was being investigated. I remember that coach being questioned by the NCAA about his experience recruiting certain players Kimdiche brothers I believe. I have no proof and this is me guessing but I wouldn't put it past someone that is a booster or someone that is planted to get in touch with Tunsil's step father to make all that inform
  3. You know what would be awesome/hilarious is for us to document or make a break in someone investigating Bama and if we could confirm the cheating and we all pitch in to make it into a commercial while they are in the playoffs one year.
  4. I think we as the Auburn fans should start a 501 c 3 called the Auburn Collective that raises money to have influence and an contributes money for coaching and making sure the betterment of the athletes and the best interests of the football club are in the forefront. All information of coaching and the program would be shared with the shareholders/contributors.
  5. Easy to look good with a boatload of talent.
  6. I wouldn't be surprised if Bama was trying to offload a contract on us. The guy is not a good coach and was drunk 85% at Socal. I would rather have Bill Clark over Sarkisian.
  7. I appreciate the write up, well thought out. This is a good case you have made.
  8. The one thing I will say about Bo Nix is this, he has alot of talent and incredible potential. The problem is that he has way too much ego. Egotism can be a good thing and it drives being competitive, but there is a line that must not be drawn because he starts putting himself or his Legacy in front of the team and becomes un-coachable. This is what we call Narcisism and this will destroy him because he already thinks he has everything he needs for success from his father when he played in High School Ball. He also broke the record for passing in the State of Alabama. So, it greatly disturbs m
  9. It is time to let Nix sit down and eat some humble pie. You know about 90% of the time he is going to Seth on must convert plays and Horn has good coaching and he is jumping the route.
  10. This has got to be the worst offensive gameplan I have ever seen. Two qb powers one into the boundary on a goal line play....what...the....hell. Chad Morris and Gus need to go
  11. Gus Malzahn is the recurring constant or common denominator in our problems. We pay him a kings ransom every year for the most underwhelming offense. It is so offensive, the guy is a scam artist. My pet Labrador is more of an offensive guru than he is. Auburn will never move forward with him at the helm.
  12. New year, new bowl loss, same old Gus Malzahn. He was outcoached, outschemed, and outclassed....Gus cannot hold Flecks' jock strap when it comes to scheming and set up plays.
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