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  1. New year, new bowl loss, same old Gus Malzahn. He was outcoached, outschemed, and outclassed....Gus cannot hold Flecks' jock strap when it comes to scheming and set up plays.
  2. Happy new year, anybody seen Auburn's first team defense? We need to hire their offensive line coach....I'm being serious.
  3. No slants, no side line outs, or curls for wideouts. This is a poorly called game on offense so far.
  4. I am absolutely sick of watching this offense and watching Kevin Steele save Gus Malzahns' butt year after year. He has always called the plays and they have always been the same 26 plays. He doesn't throw slants, rarely a crossing route, doesn't recruit and develop quarterbacks and players. I watched Nick Marshall regress as a qb, and Stidham regress. I am just tired of him.
  5. Worst playcalling in the intermediate passing game!
  6. Somebody give Gus a red nose that honks and some clown shoes.
  7. I say we start a Go Fund me account to get rid of this guy who they call our head coach.
  8. Our offensive line is offensive. Playing patty cake with em.
  9. Run up the middle, even a blind nun saw that coming.
  10. Gus Malzahn has got to be the most overpaid and overrated coach. We have great talent and he wastes it. We never use a tight end as a weapon NCM should leave. He is wasting his time here. There is a huge reason Jalen Harris left the T.E. Why would anybody want to play when we have the worst talent developers on offense. No offense to Kodi but he was a qb that wasn't developed by GM and he is learning on the job. Our routes and offense are offensive and stupid simple. Jay Jacob's gave us the biggest middle finger by approving GM contract. It should never have been approved fo
  11. I am 35 Male Reeltown, Alabama Graduated in 05 from Au in Accounting I am now an attorney
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