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  1. Guys....the media has to get clicks, the media doesn't even have a clue but they know you are gonna click on those garbage, speculative articles. KCCO
  2. Guys and gals who are opposed to this hire...why? He is at Ole Miss and brought them their first ten win season in program history. Lane is a good coach and also has adapted to the offensive changes very well over time. He is a great recruiter and also has done really well in the transfer portal. He can see talent like others (Brian Harsin) didn't. That back was told he wasn't good enough for Auburn...he ran all over us. Kiffin will change our program, he will have more resources at Auburn and is also very versatile at using the talent he has. He doesn't try to fit them to a scheme that he is bootstrapping the talent we have to hell or high-water. I also love his attitude and hiw he doesn't bite his tongue, i.e., like the apology to Jackson Dart's mom for the Bama player unneedingly smashing Dart into the ground again and again. Lastly, I don't think he likes Saban at all he wants to whip him anytime he can, or he wouldn't have left Bama the way he did for FAU before a national championship. If we are lucky enough to have him sign the dotted line and get out of his way he will shift us back into a power and top ten team that will have a chance every year. If this news is true it will be like when we hired Pat Dye and he threw the tables over on Bear Bryant. War Eagle
  3. #2 from the hogs has held every other play and Pritchett is struggling with him.
  4. Why would a gunner be cheating 20 yds down field.....
  5. There is no time to experiment with our football program because we are at an important crossroads. A crossroad that can set this program back for years. My first choice is Lane Kiffin, we should make it so hard for him to say no. His name recruits well, he does a good job in the portal, and his scheme is excellent. My second choice would be the best recruiter we can find who can without a doubt recruit the best offensive lineman. This will be the sixth year that we have not focused heavily on restocking atleast the two deep. We need atleast four or five quality linemen. Jeff Grimes may be that guy. My third choice would be Hugh Freeze, the guy has a good scheme, he can recruit, and comes with a ton of baggage. I believe he could get our recruiting and coaching back on track but it would be like drinking bad medicine. Fourth, If we had no option buy to experiment then go with Sanders or go with a coach that has ties to SEC country recruiting. Someone that lives on the road recruiting. Recruiting is about relationships with people, the high school coaches, the players, mostly their families, and you have to work round the clock and use social media and be up to date with what high school players find trendy. The job doesnt stop...ever. Fifth, Go after the best available coach that is running a good program and recruits well out of conference but they must be able to recruit, specifically the lines of scrimmage. You can have the best skill players in the world but they are nothing without these guys. Finally, If we don't focus on a coach who eats, sleeps, and lives recruiting our program will be set back atleast four years. The transfer portal definitely can help a program but you have got to constantly sale the program. The best example is Bruce Pearl, he is a gem, he knows what's up. We need someone relentless like him. Also, as a fanbase we have to have a coach we can all get behind and stop settling for mediocrity, we must stop talking negatively about our players. This is used to negatively recruit against us...you that do this are hurting what recruits think about our fanbase and program. It is obvious Harsin is not gonna be retained, I know it, you know it, everyone does. Let us just put down our keyboards and let it all play out. Continue to support our program and mainly the players. Sincerely, The Defiant
  6. The writer of this thread is on the pineapple express....dude.
  7. The call not to go for the field goal is proof positive to me that Harsin is intentionally trying to get fired. I would make him take me to Court for the payout. If we didn't do that pay him in pennies.
  8. There is no quarterback in the world that can win with our offensive line. Barry Sanders would struggle getting holes with this line. Due to lack of recruiting at the position since Grimes was the position coach we will go winless in the SEC this year. If we win one, this one is the only one and it will be a struggle.
  9. You may have lost your mind, there is nothing positive coming with our poor talent on offensive line and no real qb. This must be the rambling of a man who witnessed cthulu.
  10. Different colors, different team, but same ole Benedict Bo.
  11. If we or sources know that this is Jimmy Rain (and/or other controlling boosters) and there was really much to do about nothing regarding the investigation, I have an idea. How about we realize that taking money from someone who doesn't know anything about running a football program or gets all in their emotions about not being cowed down to or believes that any disagreement is subordination is a cancer and must be cut out. They are a continual liability and a PR nightmare. Taking that person's money will do way more damage than to kick their ass to the curb. If Harsin does well and still gets fired them we won't have any players left to have a team. If I were them I would leave to make a clear example. The example is we are Auburn and we won't allow a person who claims to be an Auburn man destroy our program to coax a fat, entitled, ego. Cancer needs to be treated immediately or it effects every portion of the body. We need, as a whole University body to get to the root of the issue once and for all. We had to once when Bobby Lowder got his feelings and ego stepped on when he drug Housel with him out the door. We are Auburn and we will survive without them.
  12. I'd love a job that pays 100s of thousands each year too, wooo! Team spirit, let me write the students a love note to create some leverage.
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