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  1. Kick 6 with the wife, oldest son, and daughter. Section 16, Row 42, the field goal came directly towards us and we had a view down the sideline. It was euphoria. Edit: since that is pretty hard to beat, I'll give 2004 UGA as #2 (paper shakers and a thumping of UGA) over the LSU game that same year (we didn't know how good we were at that time; Courtney Taylor is a legend).
  2. Baton Rouge 2003. Game delayed by lightning. We decided we couldn't field a punt. Our tickets backed up against LSU fans and they poured drinks in our seats the entire game.
  3. It was also a flipping hot day in early September. Geez that game was miserable. Runner-up on the opposite end of the spectrum...Kentucky 2009 was FREEZING and we sucked
  4. Feels like at worst a lateral move from Rocker and most likely an upgrade based on unknown potential wrt recruiting. Now looking forward to bringing in a couple of key recruits/transfers to solidify depth in the at-risk position groups
  5. Will he officially be a JR? or listed as a RS SO? Curious how they will designate class based on the 2020 season
  6. State income tax is 2% lower in PA than AL at his tax bracket, but then Philly tacks on 4% locality income tax. Agree on home purchase, $1M in Auburn goes a long way vs. Philly. Looking at the churn in his resume though, I would suspect that he isn't a purchase and sit on it type of guy.
  7. Tough news when it is a former player. NFL DL coach seems to fit his strengths though (focus on player development rather than identifying and recruiting new talent). Hopefully CBH makes another strong pick.
  8. I thought Mullen was in the NFL transfer portal?
  9. Interesting lack of sportsmanship after the game. Nate Oates sends his team straight to the locker room and they are yelling the whole way back
  10. Coop with a bad 90 seconds there
  11. Frustratingly quick whistles now. I hate state of the profession on refereeing
  12. Our O looks horrible without Coop out there. Geez
  13. Just a different team, everybody is playing slightly elevated from where they were. Coop dishing well timed balls
  14. Coop obviously a bit rusty, but that kid is blazing fast. That little wiggle before the step-back 3 is going to be deadly when his shots start falling.
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