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  1. I think it's more of an indictment of Grant Loy than Bo, honestly. I think he will be given a serious shot at starting, but you gotta give that nod to Bo if the competition is even close to start the season. But they know that Loy isn't going to seriously push Bo from a competition standpoint. Hope he picks the good guys
  2. Sounds like Harsin believes that this is a practical world...
  3. Transfer portal needs a revisit. No way you can lose 15-20 transfer players annually (in addition to the graduating class and early exits to the draft) and expect to fill out a team of 85 w/ only the +25 allotment. We are going to look like an expansion team this year. 50% of the roster is turning over.
  4. I'll give it to them, the staff seems to be excellent decruiters so far. I hope this means that they are raising the personal accountability standards and have a crystal-clear vision for what they want to fill the void left by the departures. We had a very light signing class, and we have effectively lost 75% of another signing class from transfers/early draft entries.
  5. That is a long and sad list.
  6. Most years it stacks up like: 1-2: Clearly favorites to win it all 3-5: little difference between them, all contenders (most likely 4 out of 5 P5 conference champions are included when you expand out to 5 teams) 6-8: flawed second-tier contenders (non-P5 or have lost at least once, maybe even twice. Weakest of the P5 champions) Letting 1-2 off the hook in the earlier rounds does nothing to let the remainder of the field have a shot. In fact, letting them have a bye is effectively the same as going back to the BCS model.
  7. The disadvantage is that they would be destroyed by Bama, Clemson, or tOSU in the first round
  8. Well, you can expect that to run on al.com all week, lead off Sportcenter this week, have a feature on SEC Now, probably a 30for30 episode, and be on The Lead ticker for the entire month of March. Don't be surprised if HBO signs on for exclusive rights too.
  9. Seth moving on is both the worst and best thing that could have happened to Bo. Throwing up a prayer off his back foot was infuriating and worked more often than it should have. I look forward to him (hopefully) taking it to the next level in 2021.
  10. Kick 6 with the wife, oldest son, and daughter. Section 16, Row 42, the field goal came directly towards us and we had a view down the sideline. It was euphoria. Edit: since that is pretty hard to beat, I'll give 2004 UGA as #2 (paper shakers and a thumping of UGA) over the LSU game that same year (we didn't know how good we were at that time; Courtney Taylor is a legend).
  11. Baton Rouge 2003. Game delayed by lightning. We decided we couldn't field a punt. Our tickets backed up against LSU fans and they poured drinks in our seats the entire game.
  12. It was also a flipping hot day in early September. Geez that game was miserable. Runner-up on the opposite end of the spectrum...Kentucky 2009 was FREEZING and we sucked
  13. Feels like at worst a lateral move from Rocker and most likely an upgrade based on unknown potential wrt recruiting. Now looking forward to bringing in a couple of key recruits/transfers to solidify depth in the at-risk position groups
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