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  1. I can't think of a good analog, but it seems that FSU would be the closest. We peaked about the same time in 2013-14. aTm bailed them out w/ Jimbo and then they made a terrible hire w/ Willie Taggart...we just kept our terrible hire when Arkansas was about to bail us out.
  2. Completely agree. "Dead inside" is soooo far away from my feeling toward AU football from like 1987 through 2014, but it is the way I have become recently. And I don't like it.
  3. I personally don't think it has anything to do with a deranged lust for being a perpetual underdog. I think it is more likely that the average observer see a clean program, high character student athletes, no hints of scandal, reasonable recruiting (not stellar but reasonable considering the rise of Clemson, UT, UGA), outward appearance of loving AU (former players involvement, Coach Dye getup, $2M donation), recently more engagement/openness with the press and fanbase (COVID had been handled VERY well by this staff), and a fair record vs Bama during their historic run the past 10+ years.
  4. Brace for a 1.5 year lame duck head coach. Team chemistry is falling apart. Recruiting is already being affected, and it will temporarily get worse. It is a worst case scenario.
  5. I think this is the year. AD Allen Green needs to add a revenue sport hire to his resume. It is one of the reasons he didn't get the USC job.
  6. Feels like we should be up 10-14 pts. Bo continuing to play nervous, especially on the road. First INT was clearly on him. Scrambling right with a clean pocket is infuriating. Seth is playing soft, especially considering he could be a first day selection. Should have came down with a couple more 50/50 balls. WR drops were an issue. Seth, Capers, Flash all had moments D was terrible in short field situatuons. Tutt needs to be replaced on PR Malzahn blew the last 19 seconds. Missed the TO, then Bo had to fix the alignment on a running clock. Gave up a sack on a 3
  7. OLine unit had significant missed time too, in addition to the 4 missed practices you are referring to. I think the team deserves a little more patience considering the unique circumstances this year. 5-1 at the bye will have me back on board with unrealistically high expectations 🙂
  8. UGA game absolutely sucked. I was terribly disappointed in Bo's road performance looking an awful like like the FL game last year, the nerves on offense that caused some early issues and set the tone for the rest of the game, our lack of physicality on both lines all game, obvious skill level deficit, et. al...nothing went well except second half D, and I'm convinced that Kirby just shut it down Arky game, I want to blame it on crummy conditions, a dead crowd due to those conditions, and an Arky team playing above their heads. Special teams won the game for us, which Gus predicted before
  9. Pretty lucky we aren't paying off a $32M buyout plus asst buyouts plus new $10M+ staff payroll. Finances are going to be horrendous this fiscal year. Also, we aren't sure that a new coach would keep any of the assistants, especially those with a long tenure underneath Gus. I thoroughly enjoy having R. Garner, T. Will, and Cadillac on the staff.
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