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  1. Wait just a damn minute...are we talking gymnastics recruiting in here?!? lol, we've come a long way
  2. Wendell has two big issues...lazy shot selection and insane lack of urgency in late clock situations. Both are mental. Don't know how to practice that.
  3. After giving up like 0.85 points in the first rotation, Oklahoma gives up less than 1 point over the final 3 rotations
  4. I appreciate the ABC guy on the Floor broadcast being honest and saying these scores for Auburn are too low in his opinion
  5. Auburn is going to the Final Four! What a great friggin day
  6. Come on strong bars routine! 198 still in play
  7. Do we get to redo our floor routines from the LSU meet?
  8. Really disappointed that I am not the local Alumni get together cheering on the Tigers in the Elite Eight right now...dammit Canes
  9. Yah, we are Elite 8 if not for this s***
  10. Well s***, the flawed team fell out much earlier than I thought they would
  11. 12 point deficit, 8 min to go...let's see if Miami can withstand a team that doesn't want to lose
  12. Come on, typical Auburn run upcoming...
  13. Miami has their 6th foul in 28+ min of play
  14. Jabari denied again. He needs to go from level 8 to level 9 soon
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