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  1. Very fitting that Wendell airballs the 3 looking for a cheap foul
  2. Well just like some of the Gus teams, they fought their way back just to rip my heart out at the end. Trade Flanigan with somebody like their Stevenson, and this AU team would be respectable
  3. Bruce goes to the Elite 8 at UT and then the Final Four at AU with deadly shooting PG and SGs, then for some reasons goes completely away from that model for the past 3 seasons. Hopefully he recalibrates this offseason
  4. I just stumbled upon this thread this morning, and I have to applaud @japantiger for fact-based, rational responses to some pretty stinging criticisms. The lack of civility on tough topics is rampant, and it is always refreshing when folks genuinely want to understand why somebody does something that they instinctually don't agree with. Not saying that happened in this case though :-) I have only started hunting western states over the past 3 seasons in Oregon and Washington after about a decade in tree stands in AL. Branching out to pronghorn in Montana this coming season, and currently planning my first elk hunt in 2024. I am extremely grateful for the hunters that came before me that are largely responsible for still having sustainable populations of these animals in the wild during the modern era. Stay safe out there and thanks for being a great example of how to handle yourself in a tough conversation.
  5. Our offense is terrible. We are frustrating to watch
  6. Wow, Tom Hart with the Bama update while we are struggling. Hate ESPN sometimes
  7. Took a loooong time to trim off the first 5. Now at the under 4, need it to be within 5
  8. New plan: at the under 8, have it less than 9 :-)
  9. How is it a shooting foul for aTm when Jep has the ball in his hands?!?
  10. Agree, this should have been very close to a 198...hate it for the team. Just glad we got the 197.5
  11. Cassie absolutely nails it.....9.875. Jeff may be too clean. Can we give $5k gift baskets before the meet please?
  12. Arky with a big wobble on beam....9.875 lol
  13. Jeff said it perfect, control what we can, but they have been letting it get to them a little bit...very professional Auburn got a bad draw on judges tonight
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