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  1. 4-2 is 100% where I thought we would be. It is just a lot uglier than anything I thought would be possible
  2. Alright, I have decided: AD: Charles Barkley Radio: Cole Cubelic FB HC: Deion Sanders Can somebody let Chris Roberts and Jimmy Rane know?
  3. I wonder how Cole Cubelic would do? Seems like more of an analyst. Has he called a smaller game for ESPN yet?
  4. Compare the last 4 recruiting classes and talent on the roster for both seasons to make it complete
  5. A surprising W over UGA may be the only thing that saves him through the end of the season (at a minimum), and I dont see Kirby going that far
  6. This is his version of rat poison. I think it is a contributor, but he needs to be a bit more inward with the criticism too
  7. I can't bring myself to hoping we lose a game. He will lose his fair share in the next 3 weeks. We will be very, very lucky to go 1-2, and a change will be made
  8. On the offensive side, the WRs played a MUCH better game this year vs. last year where we seemed to drop every other pass. Only bad play I remember was Shed's fumble, super frustrating and a 14 point swing that took away any hope that we had at that point. TEs were neutral RBs were neutral (underutilized in both PSU games) OL seems somehow worse w/ largely the same folks other than Brahms/Johnson switch QBs seem worse. Advantage to Bo bc we are having to get the same pass/run production from that position w/ two QBs now instead of just him
  9. Qualification: a coach that will accept an extreme performance based contract $500k per regular season G5 non-conference win $1M per regular season conference/P5 win $2M per post-season win Front the first $5M. All performance based, no buyout on both sides. Inflate at 3% annually. Potential annual salary of $16.5M this year, will be pushing $20M when the CFP expands Harsin would have made $4.5M last year Gus would have made $8.5M in 2017 Chizik would have made $14.5M in 2010
  10. Chizik would have been the guy, but he had a midlife crisis and decided to try DC again
  11. Hey, I'd be on board with Neon Deion. It would be exciting to say the least. Having said that, it would kind of undermine one of his primary messages of serving a higher calling by coaching at an HBCU. I just don't see it (maybe, maybe FSU one day)
  12. This is Auburn, have they even announced the hiring committee yet? I mean, we have to spread the blame so we can't pin it on a single decision-maker eventually
  13. IMHO, he definitely survives 2-2 over the next four game stretch Also IMHO, he is fired at the bye week if he goes 0-4 over the next four game stretch So somewhere in between those two extremes 🙂
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