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  1. Also... White is 2nd in the L drill. Puts him ahead of Mincy as the all-time leader. I had to look at the roster to see if we had a walkon named White I wasn't familiar with.
  2. It's not alphabetical, look at some of the others listed as "or".
  3. I posted in the other depth chart thread, but LB surprises me with D. Davis and M. Atkinson listed first in the "or" scenario.
  4. D. Davis and M. Atkinson at LB. I realize there is an "or" for both, but it's surprising their names are first.
  5. I hope he is feeling 100% now. Kozan quote from on April 16th, 2015: "I feel 100% right now" and the back "feels great." This time he probably is much better. Hard to perform on the field without the ability to do squats in the offseason.
  6. Nevermind. Didn't see your second post. I know Dansby and Thomas were highly thought of. So were Jay Ratliff and Reggie Torbor.
  7. Off the top of my head, Cadillac, Ronnie, and Carlos Rodgers returned in 2004. Subsequent performance - AUsome! Drafted - 5, 2, 9
  8. Wow! Why announce it though? I would guess both will play.
  9. Darvin Adams had 997 with Todd and 963 with Newton. Duke had 730 last year. That was sharing the ball with a 3rd round pick and not playing some games due to injury. If he stays healthy, I would absolutely think he will go over 1,000.
  10. Yeah, I just don't know if we can field a good rotation of Adams, Lawson, Daniel, Lambert, President, and Lawrence. Can Harrell stay healthy? Will Niles or Nero do anything? Will a couple of the youngsters step up between Williams, Thornton, Kennion, or Russell? There is definitely some talent, but I worry about depth at tackle and true big-bodied run stoppers.
  11. Looks to me like Fulse had a very nice block, so I don't think this play displays lack of an H-Back.
  12. Gus says he is done for the season after having shoulder surgery. He will apply for and should receive a medical redshirt since he played in less than 30% of the games.
  13. Here is your link.
  14. This is per Joel Erickson. I think Ford has played very well, and don't know if you mess with that.