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  1. Sani-Freeze

    Men vs UAB

    In his defense, maybe that was supposed to be a pass...
  2. Sani-Freeze

    men vs Dayton Preview/Review

    The assists made me wonder if he might be a better backup at point than McCormick right now. We've got to get Harper off the court for a few minutes each half without such a big drop in production.
  3. Sani-Freeze

    Tuberville weighs in ...

    Bingo. Am I the only one who recalls Tubs allowing his agent (Sexton, of course) to fabricate ridiculous rumors of suitors at the end of every season, in order to renegotiate his contract (while recruits signed with our rivals)? Seems a bit hypocritical for him to make some of these comments now. I know he was in a tough position given some of the boosters meddling, but he just rubbed me the wrong way. He just wasn't a great coach, as evidenced by his career record of 159-99. He quit recruiting, retained his lousy BBQ bunch of assistants and ran our program into the ground. Plus he was just too smug for a guy who lost 4 games every year. I've never understood the love he gets from the AU faithful.
  4. Sani-Freeze

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    There is zero chance that Dabo would leave a job where he is competing for national titles every year, and move to conference/division where it's a much tougher path to get in the final 4.
  5. Sani-Freeze

    Iron Bowl-what's your best memory?

    '89 game, with my dad and uncle - I was 10. My uncle parked his old rusty orange Datsun pickup right under the oak on Magnolia (obviously there were no rules when it came to parking back then). After the game, I stood in the pickup bed and threw rolls of TP into the tree. (P.S. If anyone has pics of the oaks from right after the game that night I'd love to see them).
  6. Sani-Freeze

    Georgia Game Report Card

    This stat I actually understand - It's an attempt to replace runs with short passes due to a completely inept offensive line. It was really our only hope to stay in this game, but there was no margin for error on either side of the ball (and we made plenty of errors).
  7. Sani-Freeze

    Broken record of Mazahn hits

    He's wrong about one thing: If this crap continues for one more year, it will be the last year.
  8. Sani-Freeze

    Tell me how we can beat Uga

    Dude the playbook is supposed to be a secret. Keep this quiet. Stidham and Slayton would have to have a Leard-to-Daniels type of a night. And unfortunately that connection has just been off this year for some reason, on both ends. But they did seem to rekindle a little of the 2017 magic on the last two drives vs aTm.
  9. Sani-Freeze

    Going to be back on campus

    You won't recognize the place if you've been gone 20 years. The town was sort of old and run down then - it needed some new development but they've taken it way too far now with high rises everywhere. I am genuinely sorry that the '98 squad was the last one you witnessed in person. Good defense, but that O was one of our worst ever. Ben Leard literally handed off to a Tennessee D-lineman at one point for a TD the other way. Also sorry you're about to see... never mind. Just eat/drink a lot.
  10. Sani-Freeze

    Samir Doughty injured

    Indian burial ground
  11. Sani-Freeze

    Rotation this year

    Well we saw it last year at the 5...
  12. Sani-Freeze

    2012 - hoping for the bottom to come out

    Maybe splitting hairs, but right now this feels more like 2008 to me because the team is still fighting. But between the early transfers and now nagging injuries piling up, the talent is getting really thin at numerous positions. It's going to get even uglier before this season (mercifully) ends. I was dumb enough to think this was a minimum 9-win season with a decent chance at 10. Good grief.
  13. Sani-Freeze

    Tennessee Game Report Card

    Miller played pretty well but he may be the slowest player to ever wear an AU jersey. Asa Martin is the only hope going forward and I can't fathom why he wasn't involved today. But as others have stated - it doesn't matter much if the OL can't get any push. Their performance was dreadful all day.
  14. Sani-Freeze


    From SB Nation: Bad news, Auburn fans: Malzahn’s buyout is so big that there’s almost no chance Auburn fires him in 2018, 2019, and maybe even 2020. If Auburn had fired Malzahn right after the 2017 regular season, his buyout would’ve been $6.9 million. But the Tigers decided to extend Malzahn’s contract through 2024 and give him a raise from $4.725 million per year to an even $7 million average. In the event Malzahn is fired without cause now, Auburn owes him 75 percent of the total remaining money on the deal — half of that within 30 days, the other half in installments over the next four years. The math here isn’t that complicated, but Malzahn’s buyout would work out to about $32.1 million if Auburn fired him on Dec. 1, 2018.