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  2. Listed on their roster at 6'5, 210 for those who are wondering. Maybe some potential depth at the 2-3 spots?
  3. No kidding - there are concerns that Izzo may have even covered up sexual assaults. But Pearl is a bad guy for lying about a hamburger in 2009...
  4. Adding to the unbelievable hypocrisy here: Kelvin Sampson is a dirty coach, who got in trouble at OK and later got Indiana on probation. His list of past transgressions is longer and more serious than Bruce's.
  5. Dumpster fire of a team, lousy program with little winning tradition, dumpy arena, nerdy coach who underachieved at Indiana and then threw his own team under the bus this season during a losing streak. Sure, makes perfect sense that the top player in America wanted to get in on that. After that and George Pickens, I am not taking another word from a UGA fan about anything AU has ever done.
  6. True. I just can't shake that old indian burial ground feeling, even at arguably the highest point in our program's history. Really bummed for Chuma.
  7. Has any other tournament-caliber program suffered even one serious injury like this down the stretch, over the past two years? It's unbelievable that we've had it happen two years in a row, to critical starters.
  8. My biggest concern is that UNC gets the benefit of the whistles in big games. Don't want to see a repeat of the Sylva/SC game in Columbia (against a far superior opponent this time).
  9. Well to be fair, half our assistant coaches are suspended or in prison lately so that probably does cut the salary numbers down significantly... (Not meant as a shot at Pearl; I think Jacobs pressured him to hire Person. Still have no idea what happened with Frankie Sullivan.)
  10. AU has never been to a final four, so that's not a realistic benchmark. It's like Kentucky waiting to pay Stoops until he gets them to a football playoff. Your Ellis comparison is a fair point - but I would counter that he basically caught lightning in a bottle twice with two guys (Porter and Daniels). It never felt like he was recruiting or building anything special, for sustained success. Pearl's knack for bringing in transfers plus the incoming recruiting class make this feel different from 2000 and anything else Cliff did. Ellis won some games but he was a low-energy nerd who sat on the bench and acted like he'd rather be playing jazz music. I was a freshman in 97 (his 4th year) when Beard Eaves was very nearly empty for every single game, before Porter transferred in from Juco in 98. Contrast that with the intensity, brand and atmosphere Bruce has created from day one - even when he wasn't winning. Here's the bigger picture that you're missing: It's about more than just the wins and banners. I think Pearl is the best ambassador for AU that we have had in my lifetime. He genuinely seems to love Auburn, and expresses that better than anyone I can think of on a national stage. It's hard to put a price tag on that sort of ebullience. He's 59; I would have no qualms about a 10-year contract to make sure he retires here.
  11. I disagree on this. You and I could recruit, and win a decent number of games, at Kentucky. No one in the history of AU bball has done what Pearl just did the past two seasons. Sonny Smith was only winning 18 to 22 games with guys like Barkley and Person. Pearl is a magician and he deserves whatever he wants. The arena should have his name on it by April. Edit - He's done it amid suspensions, injuries and transfers that have really hurt depth and team chemistry/continuity. It's amazing these teams keep fighting through the adversity and turnover they have faced. This makes Pearl's record even more impressive in my opinion.
  12. I was referring to most of the longer previous list of 5 star signees who never made a significant contribution. Dyer was one of the exceptions who gave us two good years.
  13. All of those I listed were either Scout or Rivals 5 stars. I didn't bother to check other sites or composites. I think some sites also had Jordan Diamond and maybe even Kodi as 5 stars also. Anyway - my point wasn't that they were all busts. It's that we very rarely get more than two good years from any of those players (even good ones like Lawson, Coleman, Obomanu, Dyer etc). And most of that list never made a significant contribution.
  14. We definitely do - but it pre-dates the Chizik tenure. Off the top of my head: Tray Blackmon- Biggest recruit we had signed in a decade. Arrested for public intoxication, suspended for 6 games, played in a few games and then quit the team. Obomanu - Had two dreadful seasons before having two good years. Granted, it was partly due to offensive scheme and coaching - but he did drop the easiest pass ever in the history of football to cost us the Ole Miss game in 03. Brandon Jacobs - backup for a year, transferred, went on to a nice NFL career I think Leon Hart was a 5* by some services, and I don't remember him ever playing Greg Smith - Dubbed the Internet King. Never played a snap. Raven Gray - Never played a snap - but still made sure to say damaging things about AU to an SI reporter years later Jermaine Johnson - never played a snap Michael Dyer - Two good seasons before getting booted for myriad character issues Shon Coleman - Immediately diagnosed with cancer after signing, still managed to play two seasons years later Kiehl Frazier - couldn't play QB, switched positions and transferred Kris Frost - Decent LB career; played more like a 3-star though and went undrafted Duke Williams - broke a teammate's jaw and left the team Jovon Robinson - I've already forgotten why he left Carl Lawson - Incredible talent, but was injured for two+ years You already mentioned Westerman, Reed, Cowart etc. A small handful - Tre Williams, M. Adams, Davidson and Brown and maybe one or two others - have had solid AU careers and contributed for 3 or 4 seasons. It's really a remarkable phenomenon when you think about it.