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  1. I've seen plenty of bad games. I haven't seen a player (11th in the conf in scoring) miss every single layup, every free throw, and throw passes into the stands. Something is really... off. Maybe he is sick or something but he shouldn't be playing.
  2. Seriously is he point shaving at this point?
  3. I was just wondering what it's going to take to bench Samir for a while. I know we really don't have many other options but my goodness... the last three games have been unbelievably bad for him. Missed layups and FT, turning it over like it's his job. I can't imagine Turbo would be any worse at this point.
  4. This was exactly my reasoning when I predicted 9-4 before the season. I felt like there was a slight chance we could get to 9-3 in the regular season - but that would result in a quality bowl opponent and a 4th loss. I honestly thought it was going to be 8-4 and then a bowl win over a lesser opponent.
  5. Wade Christopher could play all of those positions AT THE SAME TIME
  6. It's been rumored in the past that they break promises to the kids, like "we won't take another WR if you sign with us" stuff, and then they do it anyway. Hopefully it's starting to catch up but who knows.
  7. See Ellitor I told you not to worry about DB recruiting this cycle... ...ok maybe it was the other way around, I forget...
  8. I wasn't online during the Furman game Cole but I actually thought of you as I was yelling for our guards to throw Austin the damn ball... He had a good game despite the awful passes.
  9. In my opinion, AU would've been bounced in the first round of the tournament if Mitchell was still here.
  10. Technically still a strange arena... Why couldn't they just make it an even 10k instead of 9121? So strange.
  11. Perhaps Saban would like to comment on why this isn't holding, while he's busy rewriting the rule book.
  12. AU PD confirms the helmet has been located off Wire Road
  13. No doubt. If we can just throw 57 more passes behind the line of scrimmage, the defenses are going to fold like a lawn chair.
  14. Didn't call for his firing in 2015. I said he didn't have what it takes to be a successful head coach. Now I'm calling for his firing.