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  1. Marks was freakishly athletic. I get the weight similarity, but otherwise haven't seen enough explosiveness from Cowart to draw that comparison yet.
  2. I hope so, but at 283 he is still an under-sized DT.
  3. DE depth might be ok if everyone stays healthy, but I'm more concerned about the DT spot which I haven't seen much discussion about. We lost one starter in Adams and two key rotational guys in Lawrence and Swain. I haven't heard any indications that the incoming freshmen DTs will be ready to contribute. So that leaves two true DTs in Russell and Brown, backed up by two (relatively inexperienced) tweeners in Williams and Cowart. Unfortunately, Brown can't play every snap... I wish they'd move one of the 17 backup offensive guards to bolster depth at DT. I know we'll have some 3-man fronts which lessens the number of DT snaps overall, but I still think the position is a little thin with the departure of A. Jackson.
  4. I went through Camp War Eagle with Meiko Collier (probably 20 years ago this month actually). All I really remember about him - The counselor asked us an icebreaker question to name someone you think is sexy. His answer: "Me". I guess the coaches didn't feel the same way?
  5. Typically we don't condone assassinations but I suppose in this case we might be able to arrange something
  6. SEC just set a new record with 21 players drafted in the first two rounds (out of the first 58 picks). Still none from AU. I agree with various posters here that it's partly due to lost recruiting battles (see: R Foster, J Davis for example). But Temple, Villanova and some place called Ashland currently have more draftees than AU. Obviously I'm biased, but I'm surprised every year at how low our guys get drafted - and how many don't get drafted at all (like Avery Young last year). Something has to change with player development - and we need to change the overall perception of AU players by NFL scouts.
  7. What this thread needs is a little Hall and Oates. You're welcome.
  8. 5-10 is Wade Christopher
  9. Judging from their commentary, I'm pretty sure Verne and Brent stopped watching sports a long time ago...
  10. Am I the only one wondering who was the guy who knocked out a 6'3, 190-lb kid, and whether he could play Buck or safety?
  11. well at least we have the dancing banana until then...
  12. Or pictures of fruit?
  13. If this team ever boxed out, they would win a lot of games. I know they are young, but the defensive meltdowns are concerning. So many easy put-back baskets for the opponent, every game.
  14. Indian burial ground...
  15. One of my main gripes in recent years has been the use of WRs as blocking dummies. It basically lets the defense play 11-on-8. Or sometimes more like 11-on-2 when they can also ignore the OL and TE. For example: I think Jonathan Wallace was on the field for most of the offensive snaps in 2015 without catching a single pass.