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  1. Sani-Freeze

    Rotation this year

    Well we saw it last year at the 5...
  2. Sani-Freeze

    2012 - hoping for the bottom to come out

    Maybe splitting hairs, but right now this feels more like 2008 to me because the team is still fighting. But between the early transfers and now nagging injuries piling up, the talent is getting really thin at numerous positions. It's going to get even uglier before this season (mercifully) ends. I was dumb enough to think this was a minimum 9-win season with a decent chance at 10. Good grief.
  3. Sani-Freeze

    Tennessee Game Report Card

    Miller played pretty well but he may be the slowest player to ever wear an AU jersey. Asa Martin is the only hope going forward and I can't fathom why he wasn't involved today. But as others have stated - it doesn't matter much if the OL can't get any push. Their performance was dreadful all day.
  4. Sani-Freeze


    From SB Nation: Bad news, Auburn fans: Malzahn’s buyout is so big that there’s almost no chance Auburn fires him in 2018, 2019, and maybe even 2020. If Auburn had fired Malzahn right after the 2017 regular season, his buyout would’ve been $6.9 million. But the Tigers decided to extend Malzahn’s contract through 2024 and give him a raise from $4.725 million per year to an even $7 million average. In the event Malzahn is fired without cause now, Auburn owes him 75 percent of the total remaining money on the deal — half of that within 30 days, the other half in installments over the next four years. The math here isn’t that complicated, but Malzahn’s buyout would work out to about $32.1 million if Auburn fired him on Dec. 1, 2018.
  5. Sani-Freeze


    Not when he's one year removed from a 10-win season. But this does feel a lot like the 2008 season to me.
  6. Sani-Freeze

    Where is the problem

    I'll give Horton the benefit of the doubt and assume he is playing hurt. But I can't fathom why they weren't giving Troxell/Ashley reps to give Horton time to get healthy.
  7. Sani-Freeze

    Southern Miss Postgame Thread

    With a collapsing pocket on most of those. I understand that he has regressed and isn't seeing the field well. But I can't point a finger at the QB when the entire O line is a turnstile and the RB talent is the worst we've had in 20 years.
  8. Sani-Freeze

    Southern Miss Postgame Thread

    Three in an entire game. When we couldn't run the ball or protect on long throws.
  9. Sani-Freeze

    Southern Miss Postgame Thread

    There were at least a few intermediate routes in week one. Almost nonexistent since. There were also a lot of quick passes to Davis that basically took the place of runs and spread the defense out. Now we are just back to the Sean White offense for some reason.
  10. Sani-Freeze

    Southern Miss Postgame Thread

    I'm still not clear on what Lindsey is calling, versus Gus. The play calls against Washington were pretty solid. Seems to have regressed since then - or has he been handcuffed?
  11. Sani-Freeze

    Southern Miss Postgame Thread

    Horton was beaten on every snap.
  12. Sani-Freeze

    Southern Miss Postgame Thread

    At least the 1000 yard rusher streak is still intact... We just need Kam Martin to go for 750 yards against Miss St.
  13. Sani-Freeze

    Shake up the OL

    Tega was definitely one of our best 5 and possibly our best OL. So no, this is not a good thing.
  14. Sani-Freeze

    Stidham's Accuracy

    He has taken way too many hits already this season - some were his fault for holding onto the ball, some were OL mistakes, and some were designed QB runs. Coaches need to scrap the designed runs and figure out some quicker pass plays to reduce the number of shots he takes. I wouldn't be surprised if he's already a little banged up. If not, he will be soon enough if we stay the course with this playbook.
  15. Sani-Freeze

    Upon Further Review - LSU Game

    I can pretty confidently say there's not an NFL player in that starting 5. Heck, I'm always too optimistic about our better OLs getting drafted (Pugh, Isom, Berry, Dismukes) and I'm still wrong about that most of the time. Maybe Brahms or Troxell will work their way into the lineup soon and who knows what their ceiling may be. I've wondered the same about Grimes - I think you have to wait and see if these guys progress as the season goes along. But a major talent infusion is desperately needed. UGA lost their starting LT against SC, and a true (5 star) freshman came in and played even better. That's what we're up against now.