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  1. I love bringing in these big targets and hope it will open up the mid-range passing game. One question I have though: What position groups are we taking the scholarships away from? Because we suddenly have a lot more OL and TE than we had carried in the previous few years. I know we have to fix those positions at any cost, so overall it should be a good thing. Just hoping it doesn't impact the quality depth in other areas.
  2. Speaking of Diame and missed dunks: I was in the second row at Stegeman for the game in 01, sitting right behind the UGA football team (or at least the whole offensive line). They were all jawing at me for wearing AU stuff in the UGA student section. Then Diame went up for a dunk and... thud. Just doinked it off the rim, and then fell on his butt in the lane. And they all just turned around and pointed at me and laughed their butts off. And AU lost. #thanksDiame
  3. Didn't realize Nebraska had a basketball program. See I learn new stuff all the time on this site.
  4. Bruce likes to force the opposing manager to burn through his bullpen arms
  5. If you follow the comments on various twitter threads about this, the Ill. folks are still RAVING mad - I mean like scary, bizarre, obsessed kind of furious - even three decades later. Maybe Ill. has some influential boosters or something that have managed to stalk him all these years and try to make things more difficult at his later jobs.
  6. I've been wondering the same thing, and I think this traces back to his recording a recruit and turning in Illinois 32 years ago, when he was an asst at Iowa. It's like he violated some unwritten coaching code that has caused the entire establishment to work against him ever since. He was blackballed from getting a D-1 job which is why he coached at Southern Indiana for a decade. What he did at Tenn was wrong, but it wasn't nearly bad enough to draw a 3-year show cause/ban - and yet they hammered him with it anyway.
  7. Wade Christopher is the only correct answer. Lock the thread before he gets angry.
  8. Not much you can do about the guard play at this point, unless you can get a few productive minutes from Turbo (which Pearl obviously doesn't think he can). Here is a thought about the front court: Could Danjel rotate with Wiley at the 5, and let McLemore play more at the 4? Partly based on 3-pt shooting and partly because I feel like Danjel might have a little more of a chance of catching and making a move to the basket than Anfernee. Danjel is bigger than Mac anyway, and his outside shots aren't falling this year.
  9. Remember the year we played Brandon King at DE at like 220 lbs because we were so desperate to create a pass rush? Hopefully those days are gone but man... all our ends have been a step slow getting to the QB since Holland left.
  10. I've seen plenty of bad games. I haven't seen a player (11th in the conf in scoring) miss every single layup, every free throw, and throw passes into the stands. Something is really... off. Maybe he is sick or something but he shouldn't be playing.
  11. Seriously is he point shaving at this point?
  12. I was just wondering what it's going to take to bench Samir for a while. I know we really don't have many other options but my goodness... the last three games have been unbelievably bad for him. Missed layups and FT, turning it over like it's his job. I can't imagine Turbo would be any worse at this point.