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  1. Sani-Freeze

    Do we have a 5* Curse?

    I was referring to most of the longer previous list of 5 star signees who never made a significant contribution. Dyer was one of the exceptions who gave us two good years.
  2. Sani-Freeze

    Do we have a 5* Curse?

    All of those I listed were either Scout or Rivals 5 stars. I didn't bother to check other sites or composites. I think some sites also had Jordan Diamond and maybe even Kodi as 5 stars also. Anyway - my point wasn't that they were all busts. It's that we very rarely get more than two good years from any of those players (even good ones like Lawson, Coleman, Obomanu, Dyer etc). And most of that list never made a significant contribution.
  3. Sani-Freeze

    Do we have a 5* Curse?

    We definitely do - but it pre-dates the Chizik tenure. Off the top of my head: Tray Blackmon- Biggest recruit we had signed in a decade. Arrested for public intoxication, suspended for 6 games, played in a few games and then quit the team. Obomanu - Had two dreadful seasons before having two good years. Granted, it was partly due to offensive scheme and coaching - but he did drop the easiest pass ever in the history of football to cost us the Ole Miss game in 03. Brandon Jacobs - backup for a year, transferred, went on to a nice NFL career I think Leon Hart was a 5* by some services, and I don't remember him ever playing Greg Smith - Dubbed the Internet King. Never played a snap. Raven Gray - Never played a snap - but still made sure to say damaging things about AU to an SI reporter years later Jermaine Johnson - never played a snap Michael Dyer - Two good seasons before getting booted for myriad character issues Shon Coleman - Immediately diagnosed with cancer after signing, still managed to play two seasons years later Kiehl Frazier - couldn't play QB, switched positions and transferred Kris Frost - Decent LB career; played more like a 3-star though and went undrafted Duke Williams - broke a teammate's jaw and left the team Jovon Robinson - I've already forgotten why he left Carl Lawson - Incredible talent, but was injured for two+ years You already mentioned Westerman, Reed, Cowart etc. A small handful - Tre Williams, M. Adams, Davidson and Brown and maybe one or two others - have had solid AU careers and contributed for 3 or 4 seasons. It's really a remarkable phenomenon when you think about it.
  4. Sani-Freeze

    What is off about this team?

    I have to disagree here - Gus inherited a program just two years removed from winning the national championship, with a good amount of talent still on the roster. Bruce inherited a program that was one of the very worst in the country for nearly 15 years, and had absolutely no talent. Sure, this particular team may be underachieving relative to its talent - but Bruce is absolutely the only reason there is any talent at all on the AU campus to begin with. Huge difference from Gus. Bruce may not be perfect, but we need to all be thankful he stuck around and made this program competitive. I'm disappointed in the results we are seeing on the court, but I'm giving him a pass for whatever happens this season.
  5. Sani-Freeze

    Wiley out against UK

    It's pretty clear this team desperately misses Heron right now. He could shoot 3s but also attack the basket from outside, which no one seems able to replicate. I didn't think losing the 6'3 Murray would be as big of a deal, but he scrapped harder than most.
  6. Sani-Freeze

    Men vs. Kentucky game thread

    I wasn't joking though...
  7. Sani-Freeze

    Harold Joiner

    You asking us or the coaching staff?
  8. Sani-Freeze

    2019 4* OG William Putnam (Clemson)

    Can't build a dominant/cohesive line that way, unfortunately.
  9. Freshman 15? Somebody get that kid a box of Krispy Kremes, a Momma's Love and a case of Budweiser right away...
  10. Listed at 215 - I'm assuming he is slated for a redshirt if they intend to keep him at TE. Maybe he'll be able to contribute early but if so I'm guessing it could be at WR like Canella.
  11. The TE position is a special level of cursed for this program. There are just no words. I know we've all been frustrated by the lack of a TE in the offense, and some is certainly on the coaches - but sometimes it just seems like the universe has determined that AU will never complete another pass to a TE under any circumstances... Just to recap since Uzomah left: We've had one guy get murdered, another accused of rape and dismissed. One who played some as a blocker but transferred out. One who couldn't bulk up that moved to WR. Now we sign a prototypical TE and he immediately tears his ACL. That leaves one guy - Shenker - for 2019. And I believe he was originally recruited more for the hybrid H-back role. (If Fromm is really 215 lbs as listed, he'll have to redshirt to bulk up). So even if Gus was planning to try to bring back the Lutz/CJU role in the red zone next year, he won't have the players for it.
  12. Sani-Freeze

    Men vs UAB

    In his defense, maybe that was supposed to be a pass...
  13. Sani-Freeze

    men vs Dayton Preview/Review

    The assists made me wonder if he might be a better backup at point than McCormick right now. We've got to get Harper off the court for a few minutes each half without such a big drop in production.
  14. Sani-Freeze

    Tuberville weighs in ...

    Bingo. Am I the only one who recalls Tubs allowing his agent (Sexton, of course) to fabricate ridiculous rumors of suitors at the end of every season, in order to renegotiate his contract (while recruits signed with our rivals)? Seems a bit hypocritical for him to make some of these comments now. I know he was in a tough position given some of the boosters meddling, but he just rubbed me the wrong way. He just wasn't a great coach, as evidenced by his career record of 159-99. He quit recruiting, retained his lousy BBQ bunch of assistants and ran our program into the ground. Plus he was just too smug for a guy who lost 4 games every year. I've never understood the love he gets from the AU faithful.