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  1. Remind me what happened with Brewer? I remember feeling a little guilty that I didn't follow the 02-03 team more closely in hindsight, once they made that run in the tournament. But I think they really weren't very good in the regular season and it was harder to follow closely back then with a bunch of games not televised. It is weird how quickly the program dropped off the map after that sweet 16 but I assume it had to do with the AAU recruiting circuit issues.
  2. John Petty will probably return and score 47 points on us. Seemed like he was there for 10 years.
  3. I think Brandon Mosley is worth an honorable mention here. He was a juco transfer (listed as a TE by some sites) who was over shadowed in that 2010 class by Cam, Dyer and a bunch of others. But there was no one else on the roster to play right tackle opposite Ziemba, and I don't think we win the title without him.
  4. Deion interfered with Lawyer Tillman in the end zone at the Super Dome. Yes, I'm still mad.
  5. I still have PTSD over the use of the term "multiple" when describing an offensive scheme
  6. All I wanted last year, after Harsin was hired, was an up-and-coming, innovative OC that I'd never heard of before. Then we hired Mike Bobo.
  7. Hopefully it's a moot point but I would still need to see a lot more success or potential than that before wanting to take a chance on the guy.
  8. FSU was 5-7 and 134th in scoring. He might not have had too much to work with, but that's not even good enough to give him the benefit of the doubt.
  9. I'm headed down for that one too. They are 5-4, undersized but apparently have some guards who can score. I haven't seen them play so I don't know beyond that.
  10. I stumbled across this article from May where Tom Crean took a cheap shot at KD when he transferred out (among NINE transfers off UGA's roster from last season). In case y'all haven't noticed, Crean is a punk and it will be fun to see if KD has a little extra edge in the two upcoming games with them. I'm about to buy tickets for the game in Athens Feb. 5 - would love to see AU fans take that place over. "Given the standards and expectations of Georgia Basketball, we whole-heartedly agree with K.D.'s desire to seek a new program," Crean said in a statement Monday evening. "We certainly wish him the best and really hope he finds success in all areas moving forward." https://www.onlineathens.com/story/sports/college/bulldogs-extra/2021/05/11/uga-basketballs-second-leading-scorer-latest-transfer-portal/5044742001/ (Fun fact: UGA is currently on a 4-game losing skid and appear well on their way to a record somewhere in the vicinity of 12-20. So my guess is that Crean is canned by March).
  11. That one seems odd - he played a good amount. Seemed to fit the new system.
  12. Especially with Flanigan out, it is huge to have a player like KD that isn't afraid to barrel through traffic and get the ball to the basket. He and Jaylin have had some critical baskets when the 3s weren't falling. It's crazy how many steals KD gets also.
  13. It's now a bend-AND-break defense until further notice.
  14. True, although I still think you have to try mixing some things up once a team has mounted a couple of quick scoring drives. I may have missed some things (I do remember one failed corner blitz) but it felt like we just let it ride. At least try a four-man front for a series or two to try to cut down on the double teams. Blitz a LB. Anything at all to try to force an error and get off the field. Even Roof would occasionally make a late aggressive tweak that helped stop the bleeding - and his defenses were pretty light on talent too. On the pass rush front - I am surprised they haven't played the freshmen Brooks and Hunter in at least a few games to see if they can bring any spark at all (especially after the suspension of Height and C. Johnson).
  15. Fair point. But usually an offensive-minded head coach will tend to trust his DC on these things, like Gus did with Steele. I don't think Steele ever looked this bad. Also - It's Harsin's first year in a power 5 conference. Mason has a lot more experience, so I can't give him the same margin for rookie mistakes.
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