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  1. I'm hearing from one source that all 5 starters are ok. Fingers crossed.
  2. Not arguing those points - but Garner rotates 5 DTs and right now we have two in Brown and Truesdell. Four if you count Coe and Davidson. Hence my concerns. The freshmen DL class looks talented, but they are all pretty undersized right now except maybe Handy.
  3. No one is really talking about it, but I think losing Odalele and Jibunor from the same class in 17, and then moving Manning and Jackson to OL, has definitely eroded some important depth along the DL. I shudder to think what it would look like if any of the big 3 had declared for the draft this year.
  4. You need more than 3 studs to be anywhere close to the best in the nation - they can't play 80 snaps apiece and stay healthy. I'm concerned about depth on the DL with Jibunor gone and Newkirk probably done. Still no news about Miller, and now apparently Moultry is slightly banged up. If you poach Davidson and Coe to shore up DT inside, then you are going to have undersized freshmen in the DE rotation where we desperately need sacks. Not saying they will be bad at all... I'm just saying it's a reason not to be quite as bullish as some are. (Admittedly, it's really the OL that has me feeling pretty "meh" about preseason expectations, as that tends to impact the whole team. Hopefully they all prove me wrong)
  5. If Handy can contribute at DE, I wonder if we may end up seeing Davidson and Coe both rotating in at DT a good bit. There is really no one else besides Truesdell healthy now, and we don't even know for sure that he is anything more than a depth/rotational type player. Maybe he can at least lock down the other starting role though. But Garner usually likes to rotate 5 DTs and we don't have them right now.
  6. I agree but someone has to play beside Brown this season. Somehow we ran out of defensive tackles all of a sudden. Was just wondering if Manning might switch back, but apparently he is running second team O-line?
  7. That may be part of it, but it doesn't fully explain why there are no secondary commits to date given the available playing time in 20 and beyond (and why the draft hasn't given the corner position an early boost). A quick check of our rivals shows they all have 2-4 DBs committed in the 2020 class already (LSU has three 4-stars and a 5-star per Rivals). It will sort out in the end (it usually does) - but this particular position group just stood out to me as a little odd as it stands right now. Maybe Greg Brown leaving had something to do with it.
  8. What's going on with secondary recruiting this year? It's nearly August and we have no commits at corner or safety (and we've already lost one of the four 2019 DB signees). Carlton Davis was drafted in the second round in 2018 and Jamel Dean went in the third round this year. Javaris Davis will likely continue the streak next year. I'm perplexed as to why the recruiting doesn't seem to have gotten a boost from the recent uptick in draft success. Is it just a matter of McGriff needing a little time to catch up? Fewer in-state prospects this year? (Maybe this should be merged with the general 2020 recruiting thread, but I thought it might be worth a separate discussion).
  9. Moral of the story: Don't poke the bear if you aren't good enough to block the bear.
  10. True, but I have been skeptical of this all along. Shug Jordan is a loop, meaning you are never on it for more than a few minutes. It's not 85 or 280 where you could understand someone nodding off. It's hard to believe the kid successfully turned onto the road and then two minutes later he lost total consciousness and stomped the pedal through the floor. Usually when people fall asleep they don't accelerate. I had initially wondered if he had a seizure or something - but if that were the case he wouldn't be charged.
  11. This is my point - driving 90 on the interstate is speeding, but maybe only 20 over the limit and maybe only 10 or so over what is really safe depending on the conditions. It's restricted access and on a divided highway. Driving 90 on a city street where there are intersections, cross traffic etc. is homicidal, almost guaranteed to maim or kill someone. There is really no comparison. I guarantee I never went anywhere close to 90 on a city street, at any age. I don't think most of us have. That isn't normal or excusable.
  12. We've all done dumb stuff, but this is different. There are dumb mistakes, and then there is driving 90 on a city street, which is borderline homicidal. Add in the influence of drugs and I absolutely think he should he should be tried as an adult. Accidents happen, but driving 90 while high is not an accident. There have to be consequences for this type of criminal recklessness.
  13. Hopefully someone pointed out that Crean didn't really seem to get the most out of Cody Zeller at Indiana. He put up good stats but they underachieved both years Zeller (and Oladipo) was there and choked in big games.