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  1. Sani-Freeze

    2020 5* PG Sharife Cooper

    Rock the Casbah, rock the Casbah
  2. Sani-Freeze

    2018 offseason recruiting

    Any chance of finding a grad transfer PG before the season starts?
  3. Well I think they paid for Fiel..... a lot of their last class
  4. Sani-Freeze

    A-Day thread

    Just saw the replay and McLain was hobbling badly after his long catch. Hamm had to be helped off the field after getting rolled up from behind. Hope both of these guys are ok.
  5. Sani-Freeze

    Malzahn reviews 6th spring practice

    We were led to believe Lawson was going to bounce back from his spring ACL tear in 2015 also. I'm no doc but I really doubt Stove is going to be ready to cut on that knee by Sept. or Oct.
  6. Sani-Freeze


    Bryce Brown's injuries (foot and shoulder) also occurred right around this time - he was never the same after that, and it seemed to really cripple the offense.
  7. Sani-Freeze


    I love the guy, but he tends to disappear for really long stretches in a game. I agree his draft prospects would have been better last year. Needs to come back for one more season.
  8. Sani-Freeze

    Projected depth chart to open spring practice

    I suppose if Ricky Bobby can sell his windshield, AU can sell one position to a sponsor. Got to pay for the stadium reno somehow...
  9. Sani-Freeze

    Men vs. South Carolina

    Chuma is a wing. We have one other guy who can play the 5, and he fouled out today even though Mac played most of the first half. There is no way to look at this as anything but a devastating loss. I don't care about the wins and the tourney, but I just feel really bad for Anfernee and all the teammates who have fought so hard for each other.
  10. Sani-Freeze

    Basketball Probe

    I just caught the end of it, but he said he expects to remain the coach at AU for a long time. I think it's interesting that he did an interview - seems like a positive sign to me. I'm usually not the optimist here, but I wonder if there may be a slight possibility that AU gets off with a slap on the wrist because we got in front of this and benched the two players involved. It would be funny if everyone else ended up vacating wins etc. and we get to chant FBI at them next year.
  11. Sani-Freeze

    Let's take over Stegeman (@UGA Feb 10, 3:30 ET)

    Anyone need a free ticket? I can email it to you. PM me.
  12. Sani-Freeze

    2018 4* SDE/DT Malik Langham

    He has the frame to bulk up and flip to OT like Sammons and Tega. Would have at least been one more potential long-term project for that position.
  13. Sani-Freeze

    Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    Refs decide the outcome of every close bball game.
  14. Sani-Freeze

    Men vs. Texas A&M - game thread

    What happened to Brown and how bad is he hurt? I'm traveling and can't watch.