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  1. I wasn't online during the Furman game Cole but I actually thought of you as I was yelling for our guards to throw Austin the damn ball... He had a good game despite the awful passes.
  2. In my opinion, AU would've been bounced in the first round of the tournament if Mitchell was still here.
  3. Technically still a strange arena... Why couldn't they just make it an even 10k instead of 9121? So strange.
  4. Perhaps Saban would like to comment on why this isn't holding, while he's busy rewriting the rule book.
  5. AU PD confirms the helmet has been located off Wire Road
  6. No doubt. If we can just throw 57 more passes behind the line of scrimmage, the defenses are going to fold like a lawn chair.
  7. Didn't call for his firing in 2015. I said he didn't have what it takes to be a successful head coach. Now I'm calling for his firing.
  8. Maybe the internet just isn't for you
  9. Titan - I recall posting virtually this exact thing in 2015 and you were an absolute ass about it. Gus was our wonderful head coach, he was the best thing ever, etc. I believe you said something to the effect of "maybe this board just isn't for you" or something of that nature. Nice to see you again.
  10. By the way - Can we start calling him Blockingbola yet?
  11. I agree with you in theory- if we are going to play a slow half-court offense this year then we absolutely have to do more to get him involved. But it's a two-way street - he has got to get better at catching and holding onto the ball if they are going to scheme to force-feed him. There were a decent number of times last year where he fumbled perfect passes (or a smaller defender picked his pocket when he turned toward the basket) and sometimes it almost felt like Harper didn't trust throwing it to him. It's already happened several times in the first two games this season too.
  12. That's it? Just better guard play and we're good.
  13. Oh you mean the guy who tried to hire Houston Nutt in 08? I'm sure he has top shelf guys blowing up his phone... (I'm not saying we can't do better, I just don't want Raine involved hiring any position that doesn't involve pressure treated lumber).
  14. But Bird - If we fire Gus we might hire someone who just loses to all our big rivals... Oh wait
  15. I heard he's from Texas?