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  1. I only watched a few minutes but quickly noticed that every highlight reel for every player featured Auburn... for the wrong reasons.
  2. Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but the phrase "still on the team" seemed a little ominous to me. If everyone was in good standing, that's an odd way for him to phrase it. Hopefully it's just a temporary doghouse situation.
  3. Oh you may be right - I just hadn't seen him in any signing classes so I thought he was a walk on. Either way he is too small for setting the edge. And he must have played nearly every single snap for the blue.
  4. Poor 95 is an undersized transfer DE who shows up in every single one of those offensive highlights... I guess that's where Handy or Moultry should've been. (Or Leota or Brooks when they get here). Always hard to gauge A-Day performances with so many walk-ons/back-ups playing significant minutes. The play where Nix had three open targets 10, 20 and 30 yards downfield on the right sideline looked like a Borges play from 2004. Since we have a new coaching staff, maybe this means the A-Day MVP won't be dismissed from the team next month? When the announcer called Canion "Cuh-NEE
  5. Nah, he would've been blasted by #24 at the two if not for the non-contact jersey. He pulled up.
  6. Might have been six if you count jet sweep left and jet sweep right as two different plays.
  7. Mr. Wendell! I hope his development is not... arrested
  8. I hear you and I really want this to be true, but... man he needs to be better. One of the last games of the season he was 0-4 with one missed dunk, two missed layups and one jumper that missed everything. Also fumbled some decent feeds. He would have to rebound like mad and block a lot more shots to make up for that sort of offense. It's like playing 4 on 5.
  9. By my count we are at 10 right now if Thor returns; should have room for 3 more.
  10. Finally a Jay Hardy mention, albeit on the third team line. Hoping he shows up on the depth chart by the fall.
  11. I think it was Will Adams who played under both staffs and recently said he thought Russell's approach was good for agility and preventing injuries. Seemed to think that Pitman's approach was a little outdated. So it will be interesting to watch the next few years and see if there is a discernible difference. But I tend to think most injuries are just bad luck rather than a result of poor conditioning. And it's been pretty clear in recent years that we need to get bigger and stronger so I'm good with the change.
  12. I think the transition to the 3-4 front is a big limiting factor on the ceiling for this season. It takes one of the deepest position groups on the roster and turns it into much more of a question mark. I just think we're a year away on that side of the ball.
  13. How dare you question a 100% 3-point shooter!
  14. Hey it's sort of a cool term, might as well run with it. I'm curious whether Wooten is in playing shape after a year away. He's a little bigger than McClain and Pappoe so it would be nice to have him in the mix.
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