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  1. How bad do you hate UGA

    When I was little, my dad took me to an AU game in Athens (mid-80s) and all the UGA fans were wearing buttons that said "F*@k Auburn" (but spelled out). So that was how I learned the F-word as a kid, and also learned that I hated UGA. Throughout my childhood (in Atlanta), adult UGA fans would get in my face and tell me AU was a cow college and make fun of me for rooting for them. I remember, even then, thinking how odd it was that adults would bark like a dog... They are the default redneck fan base of Georgia. Not all UGA fans are rednecks, but all rednecks are UGA fans in Georgia. People who couldn't name a single player on the team want to talk trash and tweet "Dawgs On Top!" when UGA beats AU. They are a fan base of haters. They hate everyone for no particular reason. They hate SC and Tenn. They hate UF and Tech. They hate Clemson and Bama. And especially AU. But it's not enough to just hate the team - they also have to hate the school and disparage the town. They have to tell you how much better Athens is, and how they have more bars than your town. They have to accuse AU of cheating, at least daily. They really believe everyone else but them is cheating. If anyone else wins something, they must've cheated. But if UGA wins anything, it's squeaky clean... Well they never really win anything of consequence, but I digress. (Though no one yet has explained to me how they can sign all those 5-stars for free when they believe everyone else is paying $200k apiece). Sorry for the rambling answer, but you struck a nerve with this topic. I could go on and on.
  2. Injuries heading into UGA Game

    He did not play, but I haven't seen any info as to why. Seems like the D-line continues to get thinner and thinner each week. It was good to see Moultry get a sack though - hopefully he will contribute going forward.
  3. what are the keys to beating Georgia?

    There was no reason to run Kerryon like they did in the 4th quarter, up by 15. Malik Miller isn't undersized - if he can't help pass protect occasionally, then that is on the coaches. It's true that Chubb has 140 carries, but he is backed up by several guys who could start for most teams. It's not the end of the world for UGA if he gets hurt. AU doesn't have that kind of depth - which is exactly why KJ should have been on ice in the 4th quarter.
  4. I saw Georgia in person

    Exactly - the goal is just to get the ball in the hands of their ridiculous stable of RBs in space. I honestly think their 4th string Swift could probably start at 5 or 6 SEC schools this year. Elijah Holyfield is their 5th string RB. Normally I scoff at UGA for their over-hype and under-performance, but this year feels different. They will be very tough to beat.
  5. I saw Georgia in person

    Possibly, but they do a good job of calling short passes that get the ball out of Fromm's hands quickly.
  6. Pettway out indefinitely

    Fair enough, but I'm not clear on how you think we are going to move the ball on UGA. Everyone keeps talking about beating them by passing - we've played one good defense this year and couldn't pass on them at all. We just lost Kyle Davis. We refuse to feature Myers for some reason. Slayton has the drops. Hastings is not going to take over a game. We don't use tight ends at all. Our red zone offense is KJ in wildcat, which UGA will stop. The one-two punch of a healthy KJ and Pettway gives the offense a much better balance (and we don't use any backup RBs, so they aren't well-prepared to step in now). Like I said, I hope you are right but I don't see it. I'll gladly eat crow if I'm wrong. Maybe Ben Leard and Ronnie Daniels have some eligibility left...
  7. Calvin Ashley

    There have been more busts than hits with the five stars for some reason, but guys like Brown are helping reverse that trend. Blackmon, Westerman, Diamond, Reed, Frazier, Greg Smith, Raven Gray, Kodi, Duke, Roc, Jovon, Cowart etc.
  8. Pettway out indefinitely

    Did you watch the Clemson game? I hope the rest of you are right, but I think UGA is going to be a similar game. I think the offense works much better with Pettway healthy - he is more effective in play action and in pass protection. And he can get you three yards against a good defense when you really need it. We don't have the quick passing plays you would need to attack a defense like UGA. And we don't have the pass protection against a good defense for the long, slow developing pass plays that we call. Obviously the best shot is that our defense can rattle the freshman QB early, but UGA has done a good job of calling plays that don't ask him to hold the ball or make reads so he can get rid of it quickly.
  9. Pettway out indefinitely

    There goes any prayer of beating UGA.
  10. Okay, some levity

    AU is the only team in the country with no 5-7 yard pass plays in the playbook. No slants, no crosses. No back-shoulder throws like the ones Syracuse just used against Clemson. Also- Can anyone tell me what a tight end is? Wait - don't answer that...
  11. 3 injured players expected to practice

    For what it's worth, both of LSU's starting OTs are banged up and may not be able to go. So there is a chance they start 2-3 freshmen on the O-line. That has to weaken their rushing attack.
  12. We are going to beat Ole Miss and LSU

    Like Ole Miss, we play Ark right after they play Bama. I doubt they will put up much of a fight.
  13. Basketball Probe

    Is this a haiku? ________ Could this be overreach? The government accuses the coaches of depriving the universities of their honest services as university employees by soliciting and receiving bribes. Will be interesting. How could a player that spent 12 years in NBA need money?
  14. Tre Williams out for Mizzou

    Pettway was dressed out on the sidelines. Likely means they were just resting him.
  15. Byron Cowart

    Agreed - It was only two tackles, but he looked sharper than he has previously. Let's hope the move inside pays off and he continues to progress. I think people underestimated the significance of losing A. Jackson at DT (after also losing Adams, Swain and Lawrence), but Cowart could help fill that void nicely.