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  1. You've mentioned this issue before - what is the deal? I would think Gus understands that we can't win with 14 guards on the roster. Does he just have a different list of desired OT targets from Grimes? It doesn't make sense that the OL coach would have to fight for a proportionate number of scholarships.
  2. Aren't there separate turn lanes in every direction at that intersection?
  3. It's in the middle of Auburn during daylight - no way he fell asleep unless he had a seizure.
  4. My brand is called ROTFL
  5. He showed promise when healthy so he was worth taking the chance. What you can't do though, is whiff on the other tackle you take in the same class (Ashley in 17). And you definitely can't follow that up with a class with only one OT (Stutts in 18). And you most certainly can't, under any circumstances, follow that up with ANOTHER class with only one OT (Osborne in 19). Because then you would be faced with a really serious depth and talent problem at a critical position... Thank goodness our coaches wouldn't let that happen.
  6. Except that there are no others... It's almost like we should've recruited some OTs in the past few years or something.
  7. Whoa there - what happened to Tutt???
  8. At 12'8, he will definitely be able to see the whole field and find the open receiver.
  9. So he didn't declare for the draft (pretty safe to say he wouldn't have been drafted based on the injuries) - Is he expected to return for another season at this point?
  11. Listed on their roster at 6'5, 210 for those who are wondering. Maybe some potential depth at the 2-3 spots?
  12. No kidding - there are concerns that Izzo may have even covered up sexual assaults. But Pearl is a bad guy for lying about a hamburger in 2009...
  13. Adding to the unbelievable hypocrisy here: Kelvin Sampson is a dirty coach, who got in trouble at OK and later got Indiana on probation. His list of past transgressions is longer and more serious than Bruce's.
  14. Dumpster fire of a team, lousy program with little winning tradition, dumpy arena, nerdy coach who underachieved at Indiana and then threw his own team under the bus this season during a losing streak. Sure, makes perfect sense that the top player in America wanted to get in on that. After that and George Pickens, I am not taking another word from a UGA fan about anything AU has ever done.
  15. True. I just can't shake that old indian burial ground feeling, even at arguably the highest point in our program's history. Really bummed for Chuma.