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  1. Indian burial ground...
  2. One of my main gripes in recent years has been the use of WRs as blocking dummies. It basically lets the defense play 11-on-8. Or sometimes more like 11-on-2 when they can also ignore the OL and TE. For example: I think Jonathan Wallace was on the field for most of the offensive snaps in 2015 without catching a single pass.
  3. Good point
  4. You need a "let's wait and see" option - I don't know enough about him yet. I know the ASU offense was bad last year, but they were decimated by injuries and were playing a 4th string QB.
  5. Sonny Dykes recently became available. Had some success at TX Tech and AZ as an offensive coordinator before becoming a head coach.
  6. The AU front seven's inability to get Mayfield on the ground was the most maddening thing for me. I lost count of the whiffs. If you get that safety and a couple of sacks in the first half, maybe the game stays within reach.
  7. Cake Wars on Food HD. Prostate relief fast on Buzz. Pregnant at 17 on LMN
  8. I thought that was Trump's daughter?
  9. There is a good bit of updated info on
  10. Agreed - I'm not taking anything for granted but the 02-03 team got in the NCAA tourney with a 19-10 regular season record I believe. If AU keeps winning two out of every three games, they should have a shot at the big dance. There are some tough SEC teams, but it's not a brutal conference schedule. Our performance in the SEC tourney might have a big impact on the postseason.
  11. I have been really impressed with Anfernee McLemore in the limited minutes that he has played. He is an inch shorter than Spencer but seems to be a little more aggressive on the boards and has a good nose for the ball. I wouldn't be surprised if he works his way into the starting rotation next year. Also apparently he got accepted to MIT so the kid is bright.
  12. Did he ever explain why he didn't play for a JUCO this year?
  13. Oh. Well Southwestern Baptist Louisiana Women's College calls timeout then
  14. (Clemson calls timeout)
  15. So true about the play action on third-and-forever. Drives me nuts. That RB should either be protecting or going out for a pass.