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  1. My uncle had a rusty old orange Datsun pickup, and he parked it near the oak on the Magnolia side (you could park anywhere in 1989). After the game, I stood in the pickup bed and threw rolls into the tree. If anyone has any pics of the mayhem at Toomers afterward, I would love to see if you can spot his truck.
  2. With the win over St. Louis 11/27, Bruce has pulled even with Sonny Smith for third all time.
  3. I don't know what the strength of schedule was like for Eaves and Sonny, but I don't think Cliff Ellis was actively scheduling competitive out-of-conference matchups like we are now. So you could make the case that Bruce has gotten this many wins faster but also against a tougher field. Of course, Eaves wasn't coaching as many games per season so you have to look more at win % rather than total Ws for comparison. Regardless, it's an incredible feat for Bruce to get to this point so quickly.
  4. Bruce has quickly climbed up Auburn's all-time career coaching win list, with a higher win percentage than any other AU coach except Joel Eaves at .681 (aside from a guy named Papke who went 38-18 in the 1920s). Eaves, Pearl and Shug Jordan are the only three AU coaches with winning records against SEC opponents. Here are the career win totals: 1. Joel Eaves: 213-100 in 14 seasons (1949–1963); .681 2. Cliff Ellis: 186-125 in 10 seasons (1994-2004); .598 3. Bruce Pearl: 174-98 wins in 8/9 seasons (2014-present); .640 4. Sonny Smith: 173-154 in 11 seasons (1978-1989); .529
  5. Y'all come on and join me in Athens Jan. 4. Tickets are $20 - https://georgiadogs.com/sports/2019/12/20/georgia-bulldogs-tickets
  6. I was told he cussed out Harsin in front of some players. Even if Harsin deserved it, that would get most people fired.
  7. I forgot we had one more loss to go before the off week. Someone please tell me he's gone by next Sunday? Can you imagine being one of the players right now - especially an NFL prospect who is risking injury by continuing to practice and play for this staff?
  8. I feel a little queasy wondering if these really will end up being our options. I just don't think Kiffin is the right guy to come in and galvanize support from the athletic department and boosters the way we will have to do to rebuild. The SEC isn't letting Freeze back in. Grimes has no HC experience. Anyone else have a good write-in?
  9. I'll always appreciate the way he stood up for Pearl during the NCAA investigation mess. I don't know all the particulars about the job or how well he did it, but that was reason enough for me to have a favorable opinion of Greene.
  10. True, and part of that is just lack of experience/name recognition. But I have to believe the main issue here is just that Raine is sitting on his hands and letting them struggle because he is mad they hired someone outside his control.
  11. Well, how'd you get that big motor sickle up there on the high dive, Coy? Now Coy, dad blame it, that ain't no way to act
  12. Maybe Traore signed? Saw some rumblings about that but nothing firm
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