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  1. No question. Also losing the previous year DT signee Moore hurt. We have under-recruited at DT in recent years and also poached Manning and Jackson from DT to cover for abysmal OL recruiting. It's a mess right now and I think is the root of the defensive struggles.
  2. I'm just watching the game now. On the second OM touchdown, our entire D-line just lays down. Genuinely one of the worst plays I've ever seen by a defense. The DTs may be playing *slightly* better than other position groups but it's all bad right now.
  3. I disagree even on that possible motive- Gus's seat was very hot after 2018 and he did not have the luxury of playing favorites. He needed someone to win games immediately (hence courting Jalen Hurts and other transfers for 19) and he picked the one he thought was better.
  4. Indictment is exactly the word I used when the Pats drafted Stidham, despite the dismal 2018 season. They basically said we think this could be a good player, if he had some good coaching.
  5. Huh? Malik Willis makes my point along with every other QB we've signed. No one gets better after setting foot on AU's campus.
  6. I think you are overthinking this one. After Marshall, just look at the development of every single QB we have signed. Every one. It wouldn't have mattered too much whether it was Gatewood or Nix.
  7. We just got blown out by a walk-on QB. Gus is 0-11 combined in Athens, Tuscaloosa and Baton Rouge. He is 35-25 vs all SEC opponents and 15-16 on the road. 2-5 in bowl games. Six straight seasons with 4+ losses and quickly headed for #7. At some point, we have to stop worrying about someone doing worse.
  8. That's the first I had heard about Hardy and Butler being injured. Anyone know their status this week?
  9. Tell them to grab Ryan Pugh while they're at it
  10. Ask Xavier McKinney how he feels about it. One common criticism of Gus in recent years has been that he sticks with one RB until he runs him into the ground. It has been used against us in RB recruiting. Every other major team uses a committee now - the days of giving Cadillac 42 carries in a game are long gone. So it appears we are finally moving that direction, and the RB stable looks to be deeper and more talented than we have had in quite some time. This is a positive development.
  11. Even if the coaches are good with the FR Hardy playing significant minutes at DT, I'd still love to see some more live bodies on the depth chart in a year where you have to prepare for injuries and quarantines. Sounds like Wooden may be able to slide to DT on some plays, and I also wonder about Handy although I think he just slimmed down to play outside. If Pegues is really running 5th at TE, I also wonder if there is any discussion of moving him over to have another 300 pounder.
  12. There is no between - this is an either/or prospect for AU...
  13. Their HS coach probably played for the Bear.
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