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  1. leontiger

    Heron Transferring to St. John's

    Good luck at St. Johns I'll be a fan for one year( the school colors are a little off, but I'll survive)best wishes to your mom WAR EAGLE
  2. leontiger

    2018 3* JuCo CB Benjie Franklin

    Can he enroll early and go through spring practice.
  3. leontiger

    Askew, Troxell, Whitlow, & Jackson

    Thanks for your help and everything else you do.
  4. leontiger

    Askew, Troxell, Whitlow, & Jackson

    Wasn't sure about Askews position thanks for the clarification. I know Peters got beat on a couple of man coverage plays because of very good execution wasn't sure what position he was playing. Looks like he's doing pretty well even against top competition, I also wonder about Jason Smith really thought he would contribute somehow.
  5. leontiger

    Askew, Troxell, Whitlow, & Jackson

    Yes I remember the talk about Whitlow, hope your right about his future at running back always need depth. Does it look like Askew will make progress that Peters has made this year( if he's still at DB), he looked quick and fast on highlights. Does anyone know if Jackson is as athletic as Coe and Davidson that would be great news. Hope Troxell is doing well with his rehab. Thanks for any response. Time to put up a few more lights WAR EAGLE
  6. Four Players that I would like to hear about from last year are Alec Jackson, Malcom Askew, Austin Troxell and JaTarvious Whitlow .Since I havn't heard any thing about them I'm assuming that they are on scout team. How are they doing I thought all four showed SEC Potential.
  7. leontiger

    Fall Camp - Saturday Practice Update (8/20/16)

    I have noticed the same it looks like everyone is focused and positive.
  8. leontiger

    Parkey's got skills!

    agree 100%
  9. leontiger

    Best Defensive Performance

    Held Tenn. to negative yardage in 57 is that true. Set the table for a season of complete dominance is what I've always heard.
  10. 1-1972 2-2010 3-2004 4-1993 5-1983 sorry couldn't leave these out 1970 and 1982
  11. leontiger

    Top 5 least favorite programs.

    Bama worst fans. ND always overrated, refs in back pocket.FSU Fl. tied for third Bowdens and Spurrior who is the biggest hypocrite, too tough to call. Michigan and Texas who is the biggest loser with the most money?????
  12. leontiger

    What was the first year

    Miss.St. Sullivan only played first half at Legion Field.Auburn tried to hold the score down,Shug always the took the high road.
  13. leontiger

    Keep In Mind.

    Football is a game of inches if you win every play by one inch you win the game by 30 points ,I think Auburn can improve enough to win them all. WAR EAGLE