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  1. sorry man i hate how the threads are combined. i am not going to go through 19089 pages to find material. we need to stop combining them and let them ride...
  2. Found this on another AU site Re: I played for Petrino in 2002... Played offense. All you need to know about Petrino is at one spring practice the offense and defense got into what resembled an old school wwf royal rumble. While this is completely normal when guys are competing for starting spots, what is not normal is for coaches to get involved. Petrino and Joe Whitt, Sr had to be separated by players bc they were inches from one anothers face using language and threats that ive never heard. After that we knew Petrino was legit bc Whitt might be the only coach ive ever been physically afraid of. Aside from the passion, it is very obvious that Petrino knows his stuff when it comes to offense. We would run plays over and over in practice until it was absolutely perfect. Ive never felt more ready for a game than when he was our coach- complete and total preparation. On top of that he is a real hardazz that will make you a better player if you have talent. He will not accept anything less. This could be a real asset to our current roster bc i do think there is talent there. As for Petrino personally, i was shocked and disappojnted to hear of his transgressions. Tuberville had a very family friendly environment around the complex and Petrinos family was right there with the rest of the staffs every day. He really seemed to be a good family man so that was disappointing to see. As i have said, the risk is worth the reward in this situation bc Petrino is an intelligent guy and knows this could very well be his last chance.
  3. we will have a head coach by monday or tuesday though
  4. AU waiting for right time to announce. Bobby is the only coach getting an official interview. he has already been interviewed though tifwiw
  5. get ready boys! it's almost set in stone. very very very close.
  6. phillip marshall is getting wind of this very late.
  7. he's not trolling though. this has been set in motion by the most powerful. the search committee is more of a PR move to sign off on a controversial hire and control the backlash that will set in next week.
  8. then you aren't going to like auburn's next head coach...
  9. murray state only returns 2 starters. canaan being one of them
  10. and its on lee county sherriff offices website
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