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  1. Chizik is not a great recruiter of needs. We have no linebackers and no QB's. The most need positions
  2. Don't ever go to tiger walk so that wouldn't happen
  3. Should have never been close going into 4th quarter IMO. Chizik is one horrible coach
  4. I don't care for the yank myself. He seemed way over confident/cocky myself. He knows nothing about southern football and it shows
  5. Changing a scheme? What are you smoking? It all comes down to the fundamentals that we are horrible yet. You really think we switched schemes?
  6. Lets go O , win this game and still fire everyone lol
  7. Can't answer for Cassanova but you were 11 games premature on Tre. Dyer was better. Your right about Dyer, in my head I was thinking Omac vs Mason
  8. Why did it take me 2 games into LAST SEASON to realize Tre Mason is our best back and yet it took Gene Chizik and Company all of last season and 5 games into this season to figure it out? And why did in take 6 games for them to figure out Cass is better?
  9. 3rd & 8 and we throw a two yard out route but its not CSL fault...right Raven?
  10. Dude Wallace has what we need... Some SWAG!!! Himself or JJ are our future at QB!! KF needs to transfer to Arky State
  11. are you serious? Player development...better play callin to your strengths.... It's ALL on him during practice!
  12. we have had the worst strength program in the sec for years. Hence why our players go to golds gym and do their own workouts to get stronger
  13. Players energy needs to be fed by coaches energy. Chizik is energy deprived
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