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  1. Please, please, PLEASE give Joey a couple more pass attempts this drive
  2. Agree. It feels like every coach we play is more creative than Gus at creating space to work in. Gus just keeps going back to the same well, over and over, with one or two trick plays thrown in so to create the illusion of genius.
  3. What do you base that on? Has Joey had a full quarter to display what he can do? At least Gatewood is considered a run threat. Currently, Nix is not much of a passing threat, and while he is fast and athletic, he runs like a passing QB. If I’m a DC, I’m dedicating as few men as possible to the pass and telling everyone else to crash on the one, maybe two running threats. Nix will be lethal when he dials it in, but he is pretty off right now. I think Nix can be great, but I’m worried we’re actually going to mess his psyche up putting too much on him too early. I wish Gus would just try Gatewood for one entire meaningful quarter. I think it might be good for Nix to share the responsibility. All that said, Gus isn’t helping either. It feels like he is constantly unaware of his own team team’s strengths and weaknesses.
  4. I love Nix, but at this exact moment in their careers, what is it that he does better than Gatewood, again? Maybe it’s decision making? I dunno, but we need more at the QB position right now.
  5. Anyone posting from the game? Are we not getting open, or is Nix looking for a wide open WR on some of these plays? TV is not showing the routes.
  6. I think I ready for Gatewood, Shivers and Schwartz just running and re-running the option, now.
  7. I don’t understand how we are not getting to Trask
  8. Wow... just going to kill ourselves forcing something that is not working.
  9. Dang, maybe we should try holding on offense, too. Seems to be working for uf.
  10. So has Bo been told to avoid the hit? He has missed a couple of first downs by cutting outside instead of in.
  11. Can we please just open up the offense and play to win? Please?
  12. In the history of named football games, the one will come to be known as the “Hold my Beer” game.
  13. So it looks like Gimmick Gus is back... i wish we would just win or lose playing our game.
  14. I'm not recommending one way or the other. I linked into it from a recruiting analyst's post, and am just reporting what I saw. Creepy is probably the right word, but what Trenton is seeing in his feed is a whole bunch of UNC folks responding to (I forget what the accolades were for).