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  1. Committed to Texas AU offered 12/14/17 26 P5 conference offers including AU, Texas, FSU, UGA, LSU, Michigan, ND, tOSU, Oklahoma, aTm, & USC
  2. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill (UGa)

    I tend to look less at average points / stars or class rankings, which can be misleading, and more at how often we bring in a game changing talent (say, 0.96+ on 247 or top 6 at their position). We need that average star power to provide the basis and depth for a great team, but we also really need some of those top six to eight at their position guys to compete with the best, and to make our own guys better. When you look at recruiting that way, at who is landing the elite positional talent on a regular basis, you see that we still have some ground to make up. It's unfortunate that our two biggest rivals are UGA and UA, *and* that they recuit a lot of the same guys we do. That's an uphill slog, for sure.
  3. Congrats on the Championship and a game well played by Shaun!!!
  4. Near the end of the game, when bama is throwing every down trying to catch up, that jack-leg Gary Danielson says that our DL is just gassed and can’t rush anymore. The next few plays after that comment, in order: we quickly wrap Hurts up in the backfield, but he manages to shovel to an RB for no gain a bama OL jumps offsides b/c he is terrified of getting beat by Holland we sack Hurts for about an eleventy billion yard loss. Felt like the entire DL telling Gary and UA to bite it.
  5. Alabama Game Report Card

    ua only had 19 first downs, and one of them was a 65 yard pass on the last play of the game that should not have counted. They had some success on 1st down, but I don’t think that number gives an accurate picture. I prefer the “didn’t covert on 3rd down until the fourth quarter” number :-)
  6. Gus just out coached Saban.

    Yeah, it's hard to convey exactly what I mean when I say that they have more talent. I like our guys. They are great players and they lay it all out there, and I wouldn't trade a single one of them for anyone. I'm just saying that when you look at how kids were ranked coming out of high school, bama is just top ten guys all over the field. I think someone said they had nine under armor all americans on the field on defense during one game. Watching someone like KJ is amazing. He has *created* himself (with help from coaches), and become such a game changer. He was good coming out of high school, but I didn't expect this level of good from him. You look at someone like that, in a question of "who has more talent", and you have to decide how you score that against a team that has, at RB, two high school #1 ranked RBs, one high school #2 ranked RB and one high school #2 ranked Athlete. It's odd, I know that they beat us, hands down, in quantity of top ten players, but I also feel VERY strongly that if we play them healthy three times this year, we beat them three times. We are the better *team*.
  7. Gus just out coached Saban.

    alexava is correct. ua has more talent than us (so does UGA, for that matter). I've been following recruiting for probably 20 years or more. Alabama has top ten players (high school rankings) at every position. The have LBs the size of DEs, that can run like DBs. Their RB stable is made up entirely of top 3 running backs (of which we have none). I think that *more than half* of their signing class last year was top ten at their position. The have size, speed, talent and depth. We, apparently, have more heart and better coaches.
  8. It’s 20-14 and officiating...

    Yeah, that was bad. We had DL that couldn't even turn away from their OL when the QB/RB went by. Against that, what we did on the front seven is phenomenal.
  9. FINAL: Auburn 26 Alabama 14

    Can we just ban Gary Danielson from Auburn? Good lord. He got in Gus to Arkansas, UGA wants AU b/c of Gus' comments, and uat beat themselves.... Ok, enough about him, let me go see which bourbon goes best with victory!
  10. FINAL: Auburn 26 Alabama 14

    Yeah, that jackass Gary Danielson just said that, and mentioned the *two* bad snaps which is extra stupid since the net result of the second bad snap was a 5 yard penalty on AU, and uat STILL couldn't pick up the first.
  11. FINAL: Auburn 26 Alabama 14

    Was it just me, or did we just put a serious beating on ua? If KJ doesn't go down, I'll bet we put another score on them. That felt on the verge of dominating.
  12. FINAL: Auburn 26 Alabama 14

    Nah. He was past the line of scrimmage again. It would have come back.
  13. ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Game Thread***

    Seriously, what is wrong here. Football is a tough sport but how do we have every RB on the team going down?
  14. ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Game Thread***

    Bad angles and bad effort on tackling.
  15. 2018 NR P Arryn Siposs Commits to AU!!!

    So pretty much every put with this guy would be a real threat as a fake.