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  1. AUinfusion

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    This is bordering on willful incompetence. Part of the AD's and President's job is to give our football team the best chance it can to success within whatever parameters the university deems fit. I don't see a way in which this could have been less damaging than the way it has played out. If this is all true, we're going to lose some of our best recruits, and are going to be even more short handed compared to our major rivals while being led by a lame duck coach. I feel like Chevy Chase should be starring in this movie.
  2. AUinfusion

    Josh Moon has some Malzahn info

    I think this is why we look so bad in the first two to three games EVERY year, even the good ones. We just don't know who we are at the beginning of the season, which is... unfortunate.
  3. AUinfusion


  4. AUinfusion

    What it will take to Beat Bama

    First down. If we can minimize three and outs and keep our team feeling that they are in the game (and our defense somewhat rested), we can hang with them. If we string together a series of three and outs on offense, the team will probably not recover from that.
  5. AUinfusion

    RB Dominos

    I don't really think that is a fair claim. Maybe we didn't target the same players, and maybe we haven't developed them as well as we could, but uat has a very clear advantage in recruiting raw RB talent. They have three RBs who are legit 0.96+ guys. Two of those are 0.98+. Our highest ranked RB is Joiner, at 0.93 (which is a world of difference from a 0.98 guy) and he was never scheduled to be a marquee RB from everything that I read.
  6. AUinfusion

    Gus on CBS

    This is absolutely silly, I watched the Hewitt Trussville / Thompson game the other night, and it was basically a commercial for UAT. Auburn needs more exposure; it will help us recruit, and recruiting will help us win. Having our couch on national television in an "expert" or just positive role is good for Auburn, regardless of how the fan base is feeling about him right now.
  7. AUinfusion

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    Kinda wish we would have run the full offense and tried to score again, with Ole Miss pulling out all the stops in a game they can’t possibly come back in.
  8. AUinfusion

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    Gotta side with CGM. As much a our DL gets mugged, it kills me to see a holding penalty thrown on us on a big play.
  9. AUinfusion

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    Wow.... we just can’t find a hot hand anywhere. You have to make that catch if you want to win football games.
  10. AUinfusion

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    That was the right call, poor execution (the play action pass)
  11. AUinfusion

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    Those slants OM runs look pretty effective. We should try one of those.
  12. AUinfusion

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    From what I’ve see the last few weeks, everyone is just crashing upfield on the edges on us, whether DE or CB. That seems to be the recipe against our offense.
  13. AUinfusion

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    We now have dimestore announcers laughing about how predictable our play calling is.
  14. AUinfusion

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    Why do we RUN THAT!!! stupid
  15. AUinfusion

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    Wow... Moultry... did he not see the QB?