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  1. He carries 260lbs well. I like his motor. Would we take another DT in this class?
  2. He looked like a talented, hard nosed RB, to me. I'm typically one who *does* look at stars and other offers as a rough indicator of potential, but I would be happy with this kid as a four star or a three star. I like the way he runs.
  3. Damari runs hard. I could see him showing up and making an impact.
  4. I typically don't like a lot of skill position comparisons between new (potential) players and previous players because I think that they tend to be wrong. I also tend not to put a lot of stock in the "we found the three star that is really a five star" assertions because I've been around long enough to recognize that stars matter when we are getting them, and they don't matter when we are not getting them. All of that said... this kid reminds me a lot of Tank in the way he runs. He is adamant about no being tackled, moves like a water beetle picking his way through traffic and has great body
  5. I’m 51 years old and this is so typical as to be banal. The old joke used to be “Every time Alabama gets caught cheating, Auburn goes on probation “. Hopefully in an age if ubiquitous information this tactic will become obvious.
  6. So we should change the way we announce these types of offers to "Auburn has contacted the parents of Joe Prospect and requested permissions to begin a formal courtship"? ;-)
  7. Yeah, I tried to imply that I knew no one (outside of AU's staff) *really* knows any of this, but maybe that message didn't come through. I was just interested in thoughts around the subject. We've had a few vigorous conversations about recruits and recruiting over the last month or two and as someone who has been lurking/occasionally posting on AU recruiting boards since the late 90's, I thought it would be more fun to try and build a better lens than five-star vs hidden-gem. I can't create an lens that is *actually* more informed (I'm not being informed), but I can have fun trying to figure
  8. This is honestly a post just for discussion (not a lot going on right now). As an outsider looking in I see that Harsin has a plan that he is clearly and meticulously executing on, but I don't yet see what the recruiting philosophy part of that plan is. I know we've had some debate around various recruits on this board, so that tells me I'm not alone. I'm guessing he is looking at some combination of skill, character, system fit and work ethic, but that all sounds pretty generic. I'm really just looking for thoughts beyond "pick the five star!" vs "trust the coach!". Some of the things th
  9. I’ll take the blame for this rabbit hole.
  10. Holy cow, he’s going to play ILB. Someone buy that kid a couple of Five Guys burgers, stat! I love his engine and IQ, but he’s gonna need a bit more sand in the britches at ILB, IMHO.
  11. TCU vs Texas 2020, offensive plays only, is available on YouTube. Myers plays LT in that game. He has some good plays, but he has several whiffs, too, and he seems to jog a lot. Maybe he is missing the attitude we want on the OL?
  12. I've seen a couple of offers that I wondered about, but it's creating more curiosity in me than concern. I want a crystal ball so I can spy on the strategy meetings and hear what they are thinking. This guy looks too skinny for SEC LB, but who knows what the coaches are evaluating on, or what the long term strategy is? The next 12 months are going to be interesting. In the meantime, I think it's fair to raise questions around NR recruits when we aren't seeing much talk (or at least I'm not) around higher ranked recruits at the same position. It at least makes for interesting discussion.
  13. I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall during the recruiting strategy meetings.
  14. "We"? Not me. I don't understand this sort of attitude. Bo may not currently be the best QB in the nation, but he busts his ass on every play. He's a gifted athlete and a tough competitor who is, according to common wisdom, about to be receiving instruction from two QB whisperers. Why would AU want a gifted athlete like that to leave? What value does that contribute to AU? I wish we had not run off Joey, and I can't understand wanting Bo to leave. At absolute minimum Bo pushes the next guy to be better, but maybe he blossoms under Bobo/Harsin and becomes the five star he was billed as?
  15. In fairness to Ben Davis, UA typically has fifteen to twenty LBs on the roster, most of whom were top 8 at their position coming out of high school. I think UA has the option of going not just with the most talented kid, but the most talented kid who also has the best pre-exisiting disposition towards hard work. Maybe a change of scenery would help.
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