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  1. I forgot to mention Ross has a nagging hamstring injury right now. That will affect his performance on a number of skill tests.
  2. Man I just don't know. It's not like they were killing teams. They would win some shoot outs for sure. I just don't think it would have been as many if today's defensive rules were used.
  3. Point is those UT teams would likely be less successful playing with today's defensive rules.
  4. They actually weren't that good of defensive teams other than their presses. The new NCAA freedom of movement rules has limited the effects of those style presses.
  5. I wonder if they were related to...
  6. Especially from the AU yearly speed day. I'm just waiting for the day somebody pops a 3.9 at that event.
  7. To be brutally honest though Bruce has not instilled the toughness in his team the way FM has & he is not the player developer FM is either.
  8. Personally agree with you 100%.
  9. I added another tidbit to my last post FWIW.
  10. Lol. Didn't say you did. Was just clarifying for those on the board who may not have known that. And if we don't make the tourney you might want to start worrying about recruiting. The affect of his Tennessee legacy will wears off more each year we don't substantially win.
  11. Dollar was brought into recruit. Coach Person was supposed to be the tactician, especially defensively.
  12. Not sure about those but I am sure about softball. 2016 from NCAA.com...
  13. There are 2 champs for softball just like there is for every SEC sport not named football, a regular season champ & Tourney champ. It's been that way for a very long time. Both count although tournament champs are the only ones to get NCAA tourney auto bids. See above. On the other end of you example spectrum the AU 1999 men's basketball regular season SEC champs had SEC Champion shirts made and I believe there is a banner in the arena. Not sure about rings though. Both do. It's correct. aTm should win the regular season title based on their schedule. If they don't win the tourney they are still regular season champs. Nothing can take that away besides obvious major rule infractions.
  14. Especially on a slow field.