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  1. At one time yes. Not sure if they still are.
  2. Exactly what the bunker’s most reliable basketball insider said about a few days ago. But he still thinks Brown choosesTexas.
  3. The article is free. I’ll paste it when I can.
  4. There’s no reason to make a move now. There’s a $1.8 million buyout which is already been alluded to plus we have the coronavirus going around which has stopped nearly everything sports wise besides the NFL. College athletic economies are going to hurt. We need to get through this pandemic and see where our finances are before making a move on Flo and then trying to get a quality coach.
  5. I know but the guy asked a question and I saw an answer to it so I posted it for him. Sorry to be anal but it was two years ago class (2018) and last year’s class (2019) respectively. This year’s class is the 2020 class and if we sign anybody there hasn’t been any public notification of it.
  6. So I just read the last 3 weeks of Hook's posts. Damn does he have to turn every recruiting thread into a massive Covid-19 debate not even related to the recruit? I get the seriousness of the situation but I wish somebody would tell him to keep his deep Covid-19 posts to Covid-19 threads.
  7. @fishepa basketball recruits don't flip often barring coaching changes.
  8. A couple weeks old but one of the more reliable insiders autigers07 said we looked damn good for Green & as of then our staff didn't think he was leaning going pro. Obviously Covid-19 may have changed that but wanted to share FWIW.
  9. Not according to people who watched him play AAU ball this past Summer & this past high school season.
  10. Don’t know. Basketball recruiting is much harder to predict than football.
  11. Plan as of now is to sign one and Brock will not be It.
  12. It’s all on their timelines on their recording pages on 247. Slayton was committed to Georgia for two months before flipping to Auburn the day before signing day. Russell was committed to Georgia for eight months before flipping to Auburn in late December.
  13. Likely depends how well the schools are adept to having the resources to make it work. Some schools have the resources. Others don't.
  14. We would take all three if that’s what you’re trying to slyly ask. Even if that means some kind of roster movement necessary.