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  1. Huh? We're built & have been for a good while.
  2. @BigBlueWDE Yes. He's done after this year.
  3. Houston seems like the bigger threat. JLee said today he will not have another opinion on JW til after his Houston OV.
  4. He's either a Super RS JR or if he got a medical waiver for his injury in 2019 essentially a Super RS Soph.
  5. Brooks was always pegged for the freshmen get yo ass ready for the SEC S&C program. Was never going to play year 1. Hunter may still play if we have a rash of DL injuries. Yep. Eric Wilson was the only transfer OL we would have taken. Had him committed at 1 point. Now starting for Penn St.
  6. Didn't find any besides Eric Wilson with the talent & fit the staff wanted.
  7. Added all their correct classes.
  8. @Tony4AU Juco years count against a player's 5 year eligibility & always have. Correct on the injury. I just read the years he was at WVU, not specifically what he did in 2019 which was RS. So he's a Super JR this year but still with him not getting the playbook & not being happy I think he moves on.
  9. Not really given he ain't happy & struggling with the playbook. Not in the last game or 2.
  10. Likely doesn't matter. He's not grasping the playbook well & is not happy here. He likely moves on regardless. He would have at most 1 more season should he choose to use it.
  11. Because we don't usually create threads on recruits more than a year out. So many twists & turns usually happen & we usually wait to see if AU is a real factor.
  12. @Dunndone414Per on3 early this week, that visit was cancelled.
  13. @AUreo Why not? He has family connections to Houston. And Houston is coming off a deep Tourney run. Why Bama? Not necessarily. 1. We offered & was on him before they were. 2. JW has always planned to commit close to ESD in November. Not sure anything has to be going on there more than any other team is doing in terms of playing the game. Arky has a rich basketball history & Muss is a great recruiter.
  14. Not like those matter given that PFF's grades are often garbage since they don't know half the time how a team designs assignments & schemes on doing things. OL was obviously bad. Just don't need to use PFF's poor work as evidence of the OL being bad.
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