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  1. @RednillaDepends who we get in the portal. Of the names rumored 1 is & the others could be. If Flan is truly getting back to form we would definitely miss him. Broome wasn't NBA ready after last season & hasn't improved his stock that much this season. Would be a big surprise if he left.
  2. OP updated. We are recruiting Lane to play the Nickel position per On3.
  3. OP updated. We are recruiting JL to play Safety per On3.
  4. Per on3 we are recruiting JP to be the Jack LB. A guy that can put his hand in the dirt as a DE or be a stand up pass coverage LB.
  5. Offers from AU, UGa, Florida, Bama, Penn St., Arky, A&M, GT, & Ole Miss. Cole Pinkston from On3 just picked him to AU with 60% condidence & says it could be soon.
  6. Pardon my geekdom but it just hit me Walker White backwards is White Walker. They lived in the frozen North beyond the wall in Game of Thrones. So Walker White was destined to play for Freeze. lol
  7. Fair. And at least beat the biggest teams some times. Beat Saban twice. If he's as good at AU as he was at Ole Miss it could be on like Donkey Kong given the more resources available to him here than he had at Ole Miss.
  8. @DAG Sorry. It just hit me that I'm being too analytical. Most of time I can't just turn it off so if you notice it please let me know I'm being to analytical so I don't go down a long pointless slope like I just did. TIA.
  9. @aubaseball Aaron Murray still hasn't scored the TD that supposedly gave UGa the lead that required the hail mary.
  10. @Rednilla Hate to burst your bubble but all 4 who could return for a covid year are expected to move on after the season. TBBH at least a couple need to so we can upgrade the talent on roster. There could be 2-3 others leaving as well. Noted insider autiger07 recently put an over/under on new players on roster next season at 7.5 & he took the over.
  11. No but the point is they have a strong track record with QBs so they aren't some Joe Schmo newbies. Just because they are at new jobs doesn't mean their long history of QB success fades to dust. It carries a lot of initial weight with QB recruits as we saw today. Now they have to keep it going by developing QBs her as they have elsewhere.
  12. Hate to ask but do we know if AU wants them? Haven't looked at the 2024 class much yet.
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