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  1. Yes but unfortunately as of now even if he commits next weekend he doesn't plan to sign until April.
  2. Interesting the only team reporter he mentioned in his tweet is Keith. He knows reporters covering other schools too.
  3. Word has gotten out about Chris Moore likely picking AU. 15 straight reporter picks since last night have been for AU from 247 & Rivals combined.
  4. @tigerman1186 Powell signed. Sharife is expected today if he hasn't yet. 3* PF commits today & AU is in the thick of it. He would sign during this early period also.
  5. Bump. This one is looking real interesting. Chris will commit tomorrow between 2:30 & 4 CT. 8 of the last 9 reporter picks the last 3 days are for Arky. However AU sources believe it's actually an AU-Memphis battle right now & are confident we land him. Interesting note, Chris messaged Keith asking if he was making the trip for the announcement. Obviously Keith isn't because of the UGA game but it's interesting Chris asked him nonetheless.
  6. They have. He just planned on not signing until today or tomorrow.
  7. Given Bruce’s reputation with point guards & developing them I bet if he wanted to add a grad transfer many grad transfers would want to come and play for Auburn even with Sherife coming in. Especially since he’ll be a true freshman. Not sure Bruce wants to give a true freshman all the point guard minutes. Bruce could easily decide to move Turbo back to the two if he is not developing as a PG and go for a transfer.
  8. Things may change but I’m just passing on info from someone as well as connected as Hooks minus the sunshine pumping Hooks has. Although not related As of a bit before Kessler committed to UNC we were not planning to take a 2nd PG in the class.
  9. partial visitor list pulled from the Rant. More names are expected to pop up as the day progresses tomorrow. Commits in bold... 2021 5* CB GaQuincy McKinstry 2021 5* DE Dylan Brooks 2021 5* DT Lee Hunter 4* TE Jeremiah Pegues (OV) 4* Buck Phillip Webb 4* DE Princely Umanmielen 4* RB Tank Bigsby 4* WR Zevian Capers 4* DE Jay Hardy 4* CB Joel Williams 4* LB Wesley Steiner 3* OG Avery Jernigan 4* OT Javion Cohen 4* LB Cameron Riley 2021 4* WR Julian Nixon 2021 4 RB Armoni Goodwin 2021 4* QB Aaron McLaughlin 2021 4* WR Daejon Reynolds 2022 4* QB MJ Morris 3* OG Avery Jernigan 3* DE Daniel Foster-Allen 3* C Tate Johnson 3* LB/ATH Eric Shaw 2021 3* TE Trinity Bell 2021 3* OT Caleb Johnson 2021 3* DT Anquin Barnes 2021 3* DE Victoine Brown 2021 3* DT Isaac Washington 2022 RB Emmanuel Henderson 2022 JQ Hardaway
  10. To me an offer being withdrawn means you don't have a scholly set aside for you at all at any point. That's different than waiting 1 semester to go on scholly, which is is what a grayshirt is. It's not the next year academicaly. It's the next damn semester Mr. Hardhead. And in grayshirting it's only a lie if you told the recruit in their recruiting process they would definitely be on scholly before the January after they finish high school. While it's true most recruits look elsewhere when they are a grayshirt candidate, it's because they want to be on scholly right away & not have to wait a semester. There can be deceit in wanting to grayshirt a commit as in the example I posted above but it's nowhere near a necessity. Coaches can communicate to commits they may be a grayshirt candidate honestly & openly. It can be but doesn't have to be deceitful.
  11. It’s a big game of chicken on both sides unfortunately. But in most cases that has nothing to do with gray shirting.
  12. That’s straight up wrong and as closely as you follow recruiting you should know it TBH. The offer does not get pulled in a gray shirt. It gets delayed one semester to the next January so the commit can count to the next class of 25 enrollees. There is one way only to gray shirt and it was just outlined above. Pulling an offer for a commit to bring in a higher target is definitely lying to the commit but it is not a form of gray shirting.
  13. We haven’t been in a position to land a big fish surprise late to where we have to ask one of our commits to gray shirt.