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  1. Nope. The optics on that would look really bad.
  2. The scholly could end up going to someone who makes an impact but graduate or move on to the NBA after 1 year so there is no need to "take a small step back".
  3. I know. Both of those are gambles though & not worth the risk. Especially C-Mo for depth with him coming off injuries, surgery, & playing relatively low minutes last year. If you find a quality wing you take him & not worry right now about the scholly we have to eat in 1 of the next 3 years. Especially given the fact we have been at less than 13 schollied players on a yearly basis than have been at the max of 13. More than likely we eat that scholly naturally 1 of the then coming 2 years if we take another player this year. Yes there is. Guys graduate, transfer, move on, go pro all the time. Attrition happens a lot more on a yearly basis than not. Also we have 4 guys on the team right now that can play point. Thus when Zep leaves after next year you don't have to replace him. Also when Stretch graduates you don't have to replace him either. Yes but it's not something we have to or need to worry about right now given we haven't had 13 schollied players often in a year. The thought right now should be to maximize the roster. If you can't land a guy you think can play, especially this season, then you eat the scholly naturally. Actually there are a good number of guys in the portal that could help make our team better, even more so once guys withdraw from the draft process.
  4. We still need to for depth purposes, especially if Westry plays more at Guard.
  5. Don't forget he's coming off an injury & surgery for that injury. I wouldn't expect much from him for a while.
  6. @HAPvsOALook up three posts from your post. That article has already been discussed and at least partially debunked as the writer is a soon to be Bama student.
  7. @KansasTiger@CT TigerUnless the writer knows someone on roster leaving or not enrolling he is not talking about then it's simple writer error. We have 8 on scholly & have 4 schollied players coming in. The max scholly roster size is 13. Also there are a few other errors in his article. Enough to know I'm not reading his stuff again. His twitter bio says UA '24 so he's likely an outsider that don't know ish about AU Bball or AU sports in general.
  8. Not necessarily. We are still going to look to add a transfer wing.
  9. @Cardin DrakeStaff is Likely waiting to see who withdraws from the draft process.
  10. Not sure there is any recruiting class scenario where we would have gone $2 mil or more for JP. 1. He's not expected to be a Jalen Green type freak that deserves it. 2. We just didn't need him enough to get in a bidding war. Also if we had been willing to get in a bidding war it's been reported in multiple places the Vols were always to bid much higher no matter how high it got.
  11. @HAPvsOANo likely about it. It would be his Covid year.
  12. @HAPvsOAThere is. You have to create a new topic & may have to have made 50 posts also. As you can see I made your post a topic & created a pol for you. Also Mosley is supposedly a heavy Kansas lean.
  13. Umm @Rednilla did you see my post about him playing with & through injuries last season? He is a sharpshooter.
  14. @HAPvsOA The metrics I was told about grades on individual D & not system. Just saw a graphic a user named crococile posted on On3. Never asked for the site. I think you have to have 50 posts minimum. You are at 32.
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