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  1. I already know this. My left arm does 95% of everything for me.
  2. They have not told me what my meds are yet. I guess I find out after surgery?
  3. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers for those inclined to do so .Pray for no blood clots or other things that could create complications. Also that I have the patience and understanding during recovery and that I’m easy to deal with for my family who will have to help take care of me until I have reasonable use of my good left arm. I have cerebral palsy and very little use in my right arm/hand so recovery will definitely be a unique experience.
  4. @RednillaWhat's a plausible reason for the PTB to want to end the arrangement with a highly valued & respected basketball conference?
  5. @RednillaY'all covered that already. I was just addressing the other side in case anyone was hoping Kansas would come to AU. Both AU & Kansas are expected to be on the road for the challenge.
  6. I imagine they will keep it going. Big 12 will still be a highly competitive & regarded basketball conference.
  7. @KansasTigerLikely WVU and on the road. There are other more attractive match ups but they like to keep the alternating home and away teams the same. AU was at home last season as was Kansas Texas, Texas Tech so we likely won't play any of them as all 4 of us are expected to be on the road. Baylor could be an option but we played them a couple years ago so I doubt we get them again.
  8. Still needs to lessen the TOs he had even in his breakout soph season.
  9. Nope. The optics on that would look really bad.
  10. He's still actively looking to fill the spot FWIW.
  11. The scholly could end up going to someone who makes an impact but graduate or move on to the NBA after 1 year so there is no need to "take a small step back".
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