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  1. No announcement yet. It's expected sometime around the 1st week of August.
  2. Schools don't always dictate silent commits & parameters. Sometimes the recruits do it for their own reasons.
  3. Actually. That would be changing some. We haven't gone fast since Muschamp scared it out of Gus when he was here.
  4. He basically went there straight from AU to be close to his family because there was a family issue & he wanted to be close to home.
  5. School can't officially contact the player until the kid's name is in the portal. Back channeling can still be done though through contacts. It's possible that contacts for KM reached out to UNC before his name was in the portal. A couple things. 1. A lot of times AU doesn't go back after the kid the 2nd time around. 2. It's not just an AU thing. I've noticed in most transfer cases the new school who lands the recruit was not a finalist or not involved much, it at all, in the recruitment the first time in the vast majority of the cases. Would require us going after them the 2nd time around much more than we do. A thing to remember here is a kid's rating in HS does not mean the kid will pan out to expectations in college. In most cases there is college film on the kids allowing the staff's to reassess the kids college film to see if they liked them as much as they did the 1st time.
  6. Especially since the guy leading the race right now was never QB1 in high school.
  7. Only if AEW & NJPW agree to a talent share a la NJPW & ROH. He says he likes NJPW because it allows him to be closer to home. I'm guessing he means less appearrances scheduled with NJPW allowing him to be home more because most flights from England to Japan is longer than most flights from England to most of the US. Interesting note, his GF is Bea Priestley who is an AEW wrestler.
  8. Agreed on your assessment of him but as of now the staff likes him as an LB & we are done at LB for now unless we can get Webb or the kid who just reclassified to 2020 from 2021. Now if Pegues grows into a DL which is very possible , we could take him as a TE eventually.