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  1. Good call. It's 97.6% and Gus doesn't get them enrolled the kids do their work. What Gus has done on this is not take many kids who are high academic risks to not qualify. He's been more judicous about that than Tubbs was. That's not a knock on Tubbs. Signing rules were different then too.
  2. Carolina beats Mizzou 10-1 to keep Regional hopes alive. They play the loser of LSU-UK tomorrow afternoon. Win that one & their regional chances get very interesting. Mizzou is eliminated from the SEC Tourney & likely NCAA Regionals too.
  3. Others will have to do play by play as I have errands to get done. Just wanted to make sure & get the thread up.
  4. First pitch is set for 5:45 CT. Arkansas is starting Dominic Taccolini (4-1, 5.01 ERA)
  5. I just noticed something interesting. If we win today we could be in an advantageous position again tomorrow. The UF-Miss St. Looser will have to play 2 games tomorrow. Of course that may be offset by the likelihood we would probably start Johnny Wholestaff tomorrow.
  6. Gus made all the QB recruiting decisions when Rhett was OC. It was a bad move but had we taken Jerrod Evans I'm not sure either one would have developed him into a good QB either.
  7. I believe CDC can't recruit with his current job at FSU.
  8. Any negatives they may have about their program I doubt are as loud as some of the AU fans are pertaining to Gus.
  9. It was a snarky reply to Mikey's assertion that it happens and hurts. Because this is a huge public AU site with many members when groups of people rail on Gus speculating on his job security & want him gone it is a form of negative recruiting. I'm personally not sure how real the effect this next part is but Keith has reported a few times some recruits have told him the negativity from a section of our fan base has been a negative on the recruiting front.
  10. Can we haz an 8 run rule after 7 innings in the SEC Baseball Tourney? Cocky beating Mizzou 10-1 in the 6th. ETA: Damn! They made it a 10 run rule.
  11. Yes. Tweeked it again on Tuesday night.
  12. Van Horn is probably like Butch in not liking to pitch a start sooner than every 6 days.
  13. Why not? We have nearly every year since Chiz started BCW & never had a turn out issue.
  14. That's like saying Scarlett Johansson is somewhat attractive.