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  1. It’s not a rule per se to post both the link and the article but it’s something we ask of so readers don’t have to go to other sites they may not want to go to read an article. At the very least post a link though to support any statement in making a post so readers can go read the article if you do not want to post the body of the article.
  2. @Swamp Eagleat minimum post a link so a mod doesn’t have to spend their time looking for it. It's much quicker for all involved if you at least post a link. Link was not necessary this time though as the announcers on Fox for today's game said Gonzaga had 2 positives after yesterdays game.
  3. Still better than I would’ve thought
  4. @fredst You’re not. He was recruited to play the two. He’s playing out of position By necessity.
  5. @AuburnNTexasit’s not being reported whether he’s an EE or not.
  6. @Maverick.AU Why do you hate Gonzaga? They’re like the ultimate underdog that has made it big.
  7. It’s almost like we self-imposed the ban for this post season for a reason.
  8. @Swamp Eagle it’s considered a rumor until there’s actually a report of some kind and Posting rumors is against this forums rules, especially ones that originated from behind a pay wall as this one did. Hence why I was waiting for a report before posting the thread.
  9. @AlaskanFANThey just won the Natty. That has brought their staff a lot of security & a muligan for a down season.
  10. @BeakerHe's a 2022 guy. Most of them aren't giving updates often yet.
  11. FWIW Auburn actually offered George back in October but Keith thinks he didn’t announce it until after he Decommitted from South Carolina out of respect to his commitment to South Carolina.
  12. Mark Murphy had an article earlier today saying he is practicing at the one along with Turbo and Powell.
  13. Back to the game the girls are up 40 to 10. Jala Jordan is a leading scorer with 11 at halftime.
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