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  1. And if we hadn’t blown a 20 point lead against LSU earlier that season we still would’ve made the playoffs even losing the SECCG.
  2. Me & my dad are good I think. We are going to get tested this afternoon. He has a cough but hope it's not part of Rona. My mom feels better. She's still coughing some but her fever broke yesterday. 1st day in almost 2 weeks she didn't have some type of fever. Her Blood oxygen has been better the last day+. I believe it's been in the 90s in that time. Her normal nonsick is 92/93. She's been on oxygen at home since Thursday or Friday.She talked to her doctor this morning & he thinks the worst of this round is behind her. Thank you all for praying & asking.
  3. She's not in the hospital & while that's a sweet thought, my mom doesn't really want anyone to know besides immediate family & her doctors. I tell y'all because y'all are my online family & we don't know our IRL identities.
  4. But...but...but...if an insider says something it needs to be right 100% or they need to stop sharing. For those who aren't sure...
  5. Nope. Still pushing with Byrd even though SMU is trending.
  6. He gives plenty of info on the JBoy show every other week.
  7. Yeah because 90% of recruiting is relationships
  8. Removed 4* WR :Latrell Neveille & 4* Buck Keanu Koht from the OP. They committed to Nebraska & LSU respectively.
  9. Well Deshaun Watson blew it up for him, making Clemson an elite program, subsequently allowing them to recruit better. Been saying this for years & this includes talent evaluation & retention, particularly on offense the past few years.
  10. Only because they had already established their legacies. If they had to come in, not already being considered elite, & have to create their legacies at AU it would be a good bit more difficult for them. AU doesn't have as much natural recruiting advantages Bama, UF, & Ohio St. We have to start winning big consistently to start bringing in consistent top 5 classes.
  11. Very possible. Houston beat a lot of P5 teams a few years ago for then big time prospect Ed Oliver.
  12. Thanks but not going through an entire thread to look for an answer to 1 question. Was this person ever tested negative after testing positive through that span? My mom did.
  13. 2025. They paid us 80 million plus gave us 10 million in stock which as I just said above is worth less than 2 million now And it was a 10 year deal.