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  1. Not around much and not going to be either. Got a busy life. Also not following recruiting near as much as I used to. Not going to really post unless someone tags me like you did.
  2. @Tigerpro2a Nope! It was always reported from the time he transferred that he would be a walk on.
  3. A heads up for @aubiefifty. Just wanted to let you know I deleted your thread because the article you posted is already in this Kessler thread right here…
  4. I’d rather be on a recruiting roller coaster than the dark ages that was Tony Barbie Auburn basketball.
  5. @AURex He is committed to AU & plans to enroll this Summer. Also as others have pointed out there are rarely flips in college basketball barring coaching changes at the committed school. You can relax on this one.
  6. FWIW there is growing confidence again from AU insiders that Scoot will choose AU & soon & reclassify. One said the new Ignite team couldn't take him this year either. Not age but some other kind of issue with Ignite.
  7. @Rednilla Yes. He was unrated out of high school.
  8. @tigerbrotha12 I'm adding them to our 2021 numbers which unofficially make us 2nd in 2021.
  9. @Maverick.AU Per JLee He's tried to commit twice & AU wouldn't take it. We are waiting the long game with Scoot & TyTy.
  10. @blakem With where this program has fallen to we couldn't have gotten a proven P5 HC. We arguably got the best hire on paper we could given our situation.
  11. @chizhead The one I saw from Hooks was over a week old. There’s newer info from insiders on the bunker that expect him to come back. The post from Hooks you’re talking about was made in the last day or two or is it the one I saw from a week or so ago?
  12. As long as you know it's a friendly rib. lol
  13. It's completely fair. As others have said he could have told daddy no when his dad pulled him from AU & put him in the portal. I am not saying I'm going to feel that way vut others are justified to do so.
  14. Yes they are attracted to AU because of Bruce but we still have to "pay" just like everyone else to actually land them.
  15. Yup! No way we get the great talent we have gotten the past few years without coloring outside the NCAA's stupid archaic lines. I suggest people watch the movie Blue Chips & realize that most P5 programs do it.
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