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  1. 2020 DE Andy Boykin COMMITS TO AU!!!

    JFD is not going to be happy with the monster I created when he sees this thread. lol
  2. 2018 5* QB Emory Jones (Ohio St.)

    I pretty much said no to this twice. lol Nothing about DAG's post came across like the sky is falling. He can argue with the best of 'em & is very passionate but he is not an eternal pessimest.
  3. 2020 DE Andy Boykin COMMITS TO AU!!!

    WWE has The Hype Bros. We have the Gif Bros with @GwillMac6 & @fredst
  4. 2018 5* QB Emory Jones (Ohio St.)

    This is good and all but @DAG has a point too. Joey has a lot of raw potential. While he has improved as a passer this year we don't know if he will progress enough to be a good SEC QB. I still don't want to take one for taking 1 but if they could have landed another they truly liked it would have been nice.
  5. @around4ever pulling the other a4e in not knowing we had a thread on the game already. Reminder for anyone who missed the game like I did the replay is embedded on the OP.
  6. 2018 5* QB Emory Jones (Ohio St.)

    Think about this too. if you aren't highly convinced on any QBs in the class to be the 2nd target no sense taking a 2nd guy you don't feel great about & have that more depth by taking 2 in the class be there to potentially hurt the recruitment of Bo Nix in the next class.
  7. 2018 5* QB Emory Jones (Ohio St.)

    It was EJ or bust. Nope. We don't have slots available just to take one for the sake of taking 1.
  8. 2018 4* OG Tank Jenkins

    Not necessarily. They like him at both G & C as they did w/ Trey Hill. He is definitely not a guard only to the staff though.
  9. 2018 4* OG Tank Jenkins

    If he decided to put that effort into more than just a few all star practices a year it would be nice. He was regularly beaten this year by kids that weren't good talents.
  10. 2018 4* OG Tank Jenkins

    Nope. Same school as Holland. Trinity. CC went to Apopka.
  11. 2018 4* OG Tank Jenkins

    Just so y'all know the personality fit talk isn't just fluff...
  12. 2018 4* TE Luke Ford

  13. 2018 5* QB Emory Jones (Ohio St.)

    Correct. He's on an OV there right now & plans to sign next Wednesday.
  14. 2018 4* DE Kayode Oladele

    The answer I know is in the post of mine you quoted Doc. lol