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  1. SECCountry Interview Link also includes AU offers over the weekend.
  2. Guys read the article WT posted. The extension was given last June after Coach Flo had made progress with the team getting them in the NCAA tourney & getting a NCAA Tourney win. The timing of the extension was not bad. It's JJ's constant habit of keeping coach contract extension news tight lipped looking for the perfect timing to put the news out, expecting more success to come first, that continues to put egg on his face.
  3. Virginia Beach, VA (Bishop Sullivan Catholic) Ht 6-2 Wt 232 247 Profile Literally a 1 spot bump from any site to being a 5*. Offers include AU, FSU, Bama, LSU, tOSU, Clemson, UGA, Florida, Michigan, ND, OU, Penn St., Stanford, Vols, & USC Visited AU Sunday 2/26/17 & had glowing remarks for AU & T-Will in a VIP article on AU 247.
  4. Nope. There are over a thousand 3*s come NSD. A good number of them won't commit til near NSD.
  5. You may be right. I am just relaying from people with connections to BN that say he likes Clemson and they are a threat if they want to be.
  6. If you don't make the NIT you go to the CBI because you have a young team that needs the extra practice. It's not for excitement or a recruiting tool. It's about furthering development. Yes but the SEC, especially from 4-11 is quiet a bit tougher than it was last year even though it's not where the conference needs to be yet. Last year 7 SEC teams were in post season play. This year it will be 10-11. I never used nor implied success in any way. I just conveyed it's a net positive from previous years, and that to this point is statistical fact.
  7. FWIW Charlie Creme who does bracketology for ESPN moved us up from a 10 seed to a 9 seed in the NCAA Tourney after beating LSU last night. Link
  8. I was not being optimistic. I was just providing info because someone was going to ask anyway. I don't think we have much of a shot simply due to I don't see a way of us beating Miss St or Carolina. If we get to them by beating Arky & LSU and somehow won then we would be in the NCAA Tourney given an RPI in the high 30s & s SOS in the top 10. As for quality wins we have 4 vs the RPI top 50: Indiana, Drake, Vols, & LSU. I know how the NIT is run. I have worked events for AU for 7 years. And it's not so much how much revenue a home school guarantees. It's the highest bids to the NCAA that get to host in the NIT.
  9. With respect how is Gus new at this point?
  10. Not trying to convince you of anything but I will point out 2 of those players were not playing at their best OL position. They played other positions due to need.
  11. He wasn't being optimistic. He just said what they needed to do. If we were to somehow win 4 straight including a massive upset over Miss St or Carolina then we would have an RPI in the high 30s with the 8th toughest schedule in the nation this season & would make the tourney. No SEC women's team has ever had a RPI that high & not made the NCAA Tourney.
  12. FWIW I talked to Andy Burcham at the game last night & he says to get to the NCAA Tourney now we likely have to win the last 2 regular season games (LSU done) & 2 in the SEC Tourney. The 2 in SEC Tourney part would likely be beat LSU again and Miss St. or South Carolina which will be very tough..
  13. If so it's still questionable management of the 2017 new enrollee/scholarship 25 limit.
  14. Again for what? The program made clear & distinct progress this year.