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  1. Took him as a defensive athlete & will just see how he grows & let that determine his position.
  2. ellitor

    Clemson Grad Transfer QB Kelly Bryant

    Doesn't look like it with him continuing to play.
  3. No. Feel the same but we won't see the Zags unless we beat Xavier & Duke. What I was saying in my earlier post is the loser of the AU Duke game should we get to that point will finish third. If we lose to Duke we may be 3rd in the tourney final standings but could be no worse than the 2nd best team in the Maui Tourney.
  4. 1. Go to the HUDL video page 2. Click the arrow pointing right at the bottom right of the video 3. click "embed" 4. Come back to AUF & click "source" at the top left of your dialogue box 5. Hit enter on your keyboard a couple times to go down a couple rows 6. Right click, then paste 7. Click "Source" again to make sure the video embedded 8. If you see the video frame them click "Submit Reply" & Presto...
  5. Not what I say. It's what Keith says & yes that's what it means. Any recruit with a number by his name is their overall rank and all of them are 4*s or better. The emoji was a weird accident. Disregard it.
  6. I will post more names as I come across them & other notes. RB Kenny McIntosh dropped from a 4* to a 3*. Still a 4* on the Composite RB Noah Cain #251 on 247 only. Not sure of movement. #101 on the composite TE Tyler from dropped just below the composite 4* level again. OT Isiah Hookfin stays a 3* on the composite. WR Ja'Varrius Jones remains a 3* on the composite. Will need a big bump by Rivals or ESPN to become a composite 4*.
  7. Damn it @Auburn Kev! You did it again. At least I'm posting the article & not the tweet.
  8. Honestly I'd be happy going 2-1 finishing 3rd in the tourney but giving Duke hell should we play them.
  9. ellitor

    2020 Recruit Thread

    We aren't going to recruit nationally as long as Gus is HC. He's going to stick to Ala, Fl, Ga, & Miss for recruiting. As for the 2nd question I say if Gus stays through next season then yes we will have a down year come 2020 early NSD unless the new OC somehow turns around the O giving us a big win season & Gus some security.. JMO
  10. ellitor

    All Things NFL Thread

    Gotcha. Sorry for not reading the article or looking into his sitch.
  11. The man we all love to hate James Crepea gave AU its highest rank this week of #5...
  12. ellitor

    All Things NFL Thread

    I'm perfectly fine if Bell holds out til the week after the Saints-Steelers game.
  13. Pitino is a jack wagon. He can take his opinions, even if they are pro AU, & shove em.
  14. Guys 1 game at a time please.