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  1. Not sure we needed to know your line of work.
  2. It's more than double the likes than I ever had in a single post also.
  3. Lol. Nope. Security at a frat party.
  4. LOL. No. For football games I’ll probably be in the press box like I was before which means I’m required to keep riffraff out. For basketball and gymnastics I’ll probably guard The cheerleader and gymnastics locker rooms to keep People like @augolf1716 out.
  5. After not working so long I’m just anxious to work again.
  6. Yes. They are needing people pretty badly I think.
  7. This isn't football related per say but I wanted to post here because this is the forum checked the most... I am joyfully overwhelmed right now! I've been hired by the Security/Event company who handles the events for Auburn University & Athletics. It had broken my heart to not have worked most of this season representing AU athletics. I had been working events with the previous company from 2010 til before this past football season. A new company came in & wouldn't hire me due to a worthless check conviction from 2012. The time has passed where that egregous mistake is no longer a factor. This may not mean much to some but working in a supporting role representing AU means the world to me! Just wanted to share with the family.
  8. @TitanTiger You were close enough to get me on the right track. It wasn't my add ons. I have my ad ons disabled for this site because it prevents seeing tweets embedded on our site. I had to clear my cookies & cache which you probably assumed I already did. lol
  9. @RunInRed @TitanTiger I can't make any posts on Firefox right now. There is no dialogue box or "quote" link to even be able to click on. I had to download chrome just to make this post. Can you fix this at your earliest convenience?
  10. Very, very highly unlikely. They still have the road/neutral resume advantage & a massive Quad 1 record advantage.
  11. No it's not. Have you looked at the resumes of the teams AU is battling against for a potential 4 seed? Even if we win tomorrow all their resumes are still better except Purdue & maybe Va. Tech. To get higher than K State & Wisky we need the committee to put an extra value on winning a conference tournament, something they don't usually do. The best we can do is be hopeful for a 4 seed if we win tomorrow. Otherwise we are likely locked in as a 5 seed. For the 3rd time @Gene Loblaw no it's not. There is absolutely no scenario left that gets our resume close to the teams battling for the 3 seed. It appears you don't understand the emphasis the committee places on Quad records (especially Quad 1 records) & records away from home. While our road & neutral record has become good, most of the rest of the teams we are battling are simply better. There's a big resume gap between the projected 3s and the projected 4s & 5s overall.
  12. @War to the Eagle Look up 1 post from your post that was answered when you asked 12 days ago. No change & not expected. Other than possibly La'Michael Pettway who we have a thread on, check back after A-Day at the earliest.