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  1. Who is the darkhorse recruit? Trey Hill?
  2. He wants to go somewhere where he is RB1 & maybe the only RB in the class.
  3. Because for the most part the natty game next year class bump is a myth. The real bump, if the team stays consistent, comes 4 classes after the natty or natty game appearance. 2014 would have been our bump class but the 2012 season & coach turnover nullified that. Even still we have had 5 or 6 top 10 classes in a row under Malzahn which is the best run for AU in the recruiting site era.
  4. No clue. There's been very little on him since the article in the OP. Only offer remain Illinios & Tulane.
  5. I don't care if the guy is skinny if he can cover & pick the ball off.
  6. Heavy Clemson lean per Keith's free 192 AU offer article.
  7. I would add OT to the list also.
  8. Disagree on DE, & WR unless we miss on our HS targets. Disagree on RB & CB. Agree on S if there are any quality ones available.
  9. We know you have D.O.M.
  10. Unless you stopped by Tempe, Arizona.
  11. Damn! Now I wish I used this...
  12. @GwillMac6 I know what Keith said. What I am telling you is every single other credible AU source said AU would have landed Lamar if he had a committable AU offer which he never had. Keith is great and the best at what he does but he is not perfect & he was point blank wrong here.
  13. If he had a committable offer from AU Lamar would have taken it regardless of what Keith has said. Also DeShaun should have won the Heisman. It should be awarded after the entire season is over.