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  1. Sick play from Sharife. Check it out @GwillMac6
  2. Don't know but doesn't matter. Appears the UT staff is too dumb to check the NLI database. I think they get posted the day they come in to the university. Again LMAO at UT. The only thing UT fans can be upset about is their staff not checking the database or not knowing to. None. Recruits can't communicate at all with other schools when their NLI is submitted to the school they signed with.
  3. Even more so because of the way he retweeted with a response To Auburn’s Twitter account announcing Hardy’s signing.
  4. Fixed it without even seeing your post Numnuts
  5. OP updated. Added Hardy to the signed list.
  6. Per autiger07 on the bunker who is about as well connected as it gets on AU, UT staff told their beat writers something was off after he ignored them at his basketball game last night. He hasn’t spoken to them in weeks which has made the bama and UTk noise quite entertaining.
  7. We all are sometimes. It doesn't change what Sizzle was saying & he wasn't inferring anything from your post as you had originally thought.
  8. Still doesn't change the point or the thesis of what is being discussed so the accuracy is irrelevant. WTH?!?! Did I just type this?!?!?! Am I actually growing & evolving?!?!?!
  9. Hardy should not be in the same sentence with the other 2. Height flipped on his commitment in a very poor way. And everything I've seen om Evans leads to me thinking he needs some counseling. So far on Hardy all we have gathered is he signed privately & wanted to go public with his teammates in February. In principle that's no different than a silent commit which happens all the time. If you think about it it's pretty unselfish to forego his moment alone to share it with his teammates. On the surface it looks like a TEAM type of move.
  10. He's not. We need a well playing OL but that discussion is for the football forum.
  11. Yeah. The UT writer had to steal the kid's moment. He wanted to go public in February with his teammates. Nothing wrong with that. It's not even remotely the same thing. You must not have paid attention in December when the Height info came out. Many on every AU board said they didn't like the way he handled it. You are way overreacting. You can get off your high horse anytime now.
  12. Not if the kid wants to go ahead & get his spot in December but yet have a formal ceremony with his teammates in February. Just because a kid's NLI was signed in December but not announced it doesn't mean they are playing games. This opinion has merit but it's water under the bridge now.
  13. Barring something new & tangible coming out it looks like he wanted to go ahead & get his spot in December but yet have a formal ceremony with his teammates in February. Nothing wrong with that at all.