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  1. Both had perfect games going into the 7th inning. Should have been co winners of the award.
  2. FWIW JGT said he won't play rest of the season, but he's back shooting and lifting weights. & not having migraines daily. Said Bruce said if AU was going to play deeper into March Powell could have returned. He's doing much better.
  3. @AU9377FWIW Gus's buyout wasn't paid by AD funds. It was paid by a small group of donors. And his firing wasn't AG's call. He wanted for another year. He just quickly took control after Gus was fired & thus mitriculously got us Harsin. I expect the next WBB coach to be made with economics in mind as that has been his forte so far in his career.
  4. FWIW Bruce said on WJOX this morning around 8 AM that Coop is still doubtful for the Bama game. Looks like one statement from the above article was taken in a way to create false hope & clicks.
  5. @Dunndone414Things could obviously change but indication right now are Sharife will be back. That said I think the odds are pretty good we get a transfer PG or Scoot reclassifies to 2021.
  6. @tigerbrotha12It can. There have been a number of oddities in the noncon season. Indiana St split a 4 game series at utk & was 2 runs away from sweeping them. Mizzou lost 3 of 4 at Grand Canyon & split at home with Omaha. Bama lost to UT-Martin. aTm lost 2 to Xavier as you had mentioned & 1 to Abilene Christian. Ole Miss lost 2 at home to UCF.
  7. Unlikely to happen with the rain we are expecting.
  8. Schmedding & the entire D staff putting in work here...
  9. Yeah. From what I gather from informed people this seems to be some kind of petiness from his dad.
  10. Yeah but it became a Roast E which is all good. With all that I have put into this community positively & negatively we should probably have a Roast E thread. lol
  11. @W.E.D Just remember most offers aren't committable. Most are a way to get the foot in the door for staffs to get to know better & get a closer look. To get a committable offer from most of the schools he's going to have to respond well this season coming off the shoulder injury.
  12. @Tiger1992No clue. Just pointing out that's what we appear to be doing. Dabo was doing it there before Clemson became what they are FTR. No clue but it falls in line with BDH's personality.
  13. Looks like we might be doing the Clemson thing going forward. Commenting on Stinson's situation Keith said he doesn't think this staff will let him waffle. Keeps hearing with CBH, you're either in all the way or you're not.
  14. @Sani-Freeze I have some bad misses but overall I'm not that horrific.
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