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  1. To us older fans It's not a true rivalry. At least not like Bama & UGA is. Almost every power in the conference would have to give up their 3rd biggest rivals to playing them in 2 of 4 years for the sake of competitive balance in this format.
  2. Florida & LSU aren't true rivals plus LSU & Texas A&M will want to protect their rivalry. Give A&M & LSU to each other. Remove Florida from LSU. Remove OU from A&M (Not really rivals). Create a new yearly big match up in OU-UF.
  3. @ValleyTiger I'm definitely a no division 3-6 guy but How so? Put a major rivalry in each of the 4 pods & the pods should be fairly balanced AU, Bama, Vols, Vandy UF, UGA, UK, SC Texas, OU, Mizzou, Arky A&M, LSU, Rebs, & MSU. I don't see a super easy pod in there. He didn't propose it. That idea has been on the interwebs for at least 5 years. Was a 3-5 model before we added Texas & OU. SIAS but couldn't rotate the 6/6 every year because of home & road imbalances a 9 game con sched causes you have to play the same 6 2 years in a row & the
  4. Agreed. Just passing on what some connected to the program have said.
  5. We should be spending more anyway. We have similar revenues as a number of top teams in our conference but spend about half as much as they do.
  6. @jAUSon Nope! As I said earlier in the thread their meaning just changes to the Super Elite Conference.
  7. @AuCivilEng1 Likely won't be divisions & if it is divisions there will be no permanent cross division rivals going forward. Just can't do it & rotate playing as many teams from the other division as much as possible. We are likely going to a type of pod format which has been discussed extensively in this thread.
  8. I honestly don't care about the politics as long as the football is good.
  9. Yes they are in panic. The C & D was sent because ESPN got this all started with UTx & OU. ESPN told the 2 schools they were not extending the Grant of Rights they have with the Big 12 beyond 2025 & advised them to shop around. That's when UTx & OU contacted the SEC about joining.
  10. There is no playing DA here all the ducks were lined up in a row on both sides before the news ever became public.
  11. @bootskii If they do then both schools already have the money lined up from boosters if need be. Bih 12 could still implode too making a payment unnecessary.
  12. This one will from the Texas /A&M rivalry coming back & all the interesting matchups between Texas & OU with traditional SEC powers.
  13. @ScotsAU Brad, TexasHorn, & myself have already explained the process & how this stuff works. Sankey already knows how every team is going to vote so the actual vote will be a formality. Also once they are in the SEC the TV deal will be renegotiated at a much higher value for all SEC teams. Also Texas & OU being 2 of the top 8 athletic revenues means a lot more money for the SEC.
  14. Possibly but from all accounts I've seen reported the past week they will have to do it from the comforts of the ACC or Big Ten.
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