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  1. Could be telling that after evaling him they may like him better. The staff see Herbert as a Guard, Moore as a tackle. I think they prefer another tackle at this point, especially one that may be able to win the starting job in 2017.
  2. You are right. He did correct it. Although I still don't think he understands the composite rankings. It's not a hard 32 or 33 number. As the formula works any player whose national rank average from the 4 sites is 42.5 or better is a composite 5*.
  3. I corrected Wolk on this & he still got it wrong. LMAO! The drop from 23 to 25 on 247 only cost him 2 spots on the composite so far, not 8.
  4. Umm. Yes we do. It's a recruiting arms race & we can't keep affording to fall behind. Heck the Mississippis have caught up to us in facilities. And we are not talking about expanding. We are talking about a major face lift of what we have...and a dedicated nice football only facility.
  5. 50/50 as @bigbird would say.
  6. I know. See the above tweet I embedded.
  7. 247 is the only site that's possible IMO. Rivals is done. He has too far to go on ESPN, Scout, & the composite to be a 5*.
  8. That was only the case when we were beating Bama 6 in a row & I didn't agree with the mindset even then.
  9. Strange thread choice for this rant so I'm moving it to the 2017 recruiting thread.
  10. I consider the hail mary thing a big fluke. I know Joe Buck slobbers all over about it but it's still straight up just plain ol lucky as hell to me & nothing is going to change my opinion on that.
  11. Not Bird but really good.
  12. Calvin's Sr highlights should be titled "Pancake City"...
  13. FIFY. The Pack can easily win this game. They've played in the Dome already this year. The Pack had the Falcons on the ropes til the end. I do hope the Flying Falcons win though.
  14. He is an excellent QB no doubt. I just need to see him elevate his team more for or have more clutch drives for my taste. I think that's fair to say even if people disagree.