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  1. ellitor

    How solid are 2019 commits?

    Not sure how this post is relevant to this thread topic. No disrespect intended. ... tactics may be similar but in football it’s not driven by shoe companies or apparel companies as in basketball. Every major school Plays the recruiting game.
  2. ellitor

    How solid are 2019 commits?

    He's set in his thinking like a few others, which is fine. At least he always has a polite tone.
  3. ellitor

    One & Done In Effect Til 2022 At Minimum

    1. What do you expect or think the NCAA could even do? The rules for every sport on how long players have to be out of high school before going pro is determined by every sports' professional organizations as it should be. 2. How is it bad for college basketball? The NCAA makes & will continue to make their money on the the NCAA Tourney regardless. Further, some people don't watch pro ball. I'm one of them. I'd rather see the best 17-19 years olds in the world 1 year instead of not at all.
  4. ellitor

    How solid are 2019 commits?

    I don't have a list of names. Just know that most do.
  5. ellitor

    How solid are 2019 commits?

    It's a good thing 90% of commits,if not more, sign in December.
  6. ellitor

    How solid are 2019 commits?

    They are in his ear & GP is helping AU recruit still. He was expected at the LSU game last week but showed up at AU to help recruit Cain to AU. Another thing worth noting. GP has visited AU a few times this season. He has only visited some of his other major suitors 1 time apiece. If he starts visiting a school multiple times then we can crank up the worry meter a bit. As long as he keeps visiting AU more though AU will sit in a good spot.
  7. ellitor

    2019 - Top 5 Team?

    The person tweeting meant 2019 as in this season 2018-19 FWIW. Not next season.
  8. ellitor

    Auburn-Tennessee Visitor List & Thread

    He was there which is a positive. He said & was expected to go to the LSU-UGA game but came to the AU game as a surprise instead to help recruit Cain.
  9. ellitor

    How solid are 2019 commits?

    2 problems with that 1. Not many 5* jucos exist. 2. There's a high miss rate on the ones that do exist.
  10. ellitor

    How solid are 2019 commits?

    Added a similar article & updated thread title. @abw0004 When posting article please add links. Thanks!
  11. ellitor

    2019 Men's Basketball Recruiting Thread

    I wouldn't. He had to sit 2 years and played 1 year out of position at the 4. Not sure 20 games at the 3 spot will raise his stock enough to be drafted. Also it's not given he would graduate this year. He came into AU behind on his grades remember. Right now I'd say it's a toss up on him staying or going. The thought is they will try to get a GT big to replace Wiley as he is expected to go.
  12. From a 247 basketball recruiting analyst.
  13. ellitor

    2019 Men's Basketball Recruiting Thread

    He can play the 2 or 3 like Dinbar. Also there is a bit more of a need at the 3 than the 2 after this season. We should have 2 2s returning in Doughty & Johnson & only 1 3 with Danjel. If Danjel leaves that means a much bigger need at the 3.
  14. ellitor

    2019 Men's Basketball Recruiting Thread

    No. Earliest possible is December now.