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  1. New softball assistant coach

    Don't rule that out just yet. aTm was 3rd in walks in the SEC last year even with all the homers & extra base hits they got. Sounds like he teaches the girls to be aggressive as you said, specifically aggressive to pitches in their wheelhouse. Not passing on good ones like our girls did quite a bit last year. However not wildly aggressive as stereotyped for power hitters either.
  2. And the #2 & 3 ranked recruiting classes in the nation coming in the next 2 years also.
  3. Agree with most except the facilities part. Even though many other stadiums are smaller there are a good number of teams that have better facilities overall than AU. If the renovation plans & indoor practice facility go though then that will change for the better.
  4. Or Richard Shea, Courtney's dad. He pretty much got the Myers to AU thing done.
  5. We need a qualified full time woman on staff IMO.
  6. You've never heard that saying with someone flipping the "r" & "ca" sounds in right & coach? Man that's a old school saying.
  7. You're kite about that roach!
  8. I can't believe you or anyone would have thought AU would get a big time already established HC like Dean. A top flight assistant sure but a national top 5-10 HC? no way. And it's not even the issues AU is dealing with that had me thinking no for a big time HC. It's the fact the new calendar season has already started even though the playing season hasn't yet. Just didn't see a big time HC leaving his or her team this late.
  9. KJ injury update?

    He's playing. You'd be surprised to know how many players walk around in boots for precautionary reasons throughout the season that play the immediate game.
  10. KJ injury update?

    Some on QB, not most. James was flat out beat a number of times.
  11. KJ injury update?

    You trust James at RT after last week? I don't. If he starts slow he may be pulled for Braden & Bell come in at RG.
  12. KJ injury update?

    Can our OL on a full play action pass play versus Clemson's 1st string D Line though? I think it's going to have to be more of RPO pass plays which are quicker and can disguise the pass even by blocking scheme.
  13. KJ injury update?

    I think where we are going to miss KJ is as a receiver in space out of the backfield. I think Chip can do some serious damage with KJ as a receiver. Bubba can do damage do but it would be a different type of damage as a receiver and I don't think it would be as explosive. JMO.
  14. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    Can't find Justin's season stats but both have played great so far.