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  1. Also we don't have as many WRs as I think some believe. After 2019 we will have 7-8. 8 is a solid number but not staggeringly high & 7 is a bit on the low end depth number stand point wise.
  2. That is a legit concern in general but does not apply to ZF. He's eligible as soon as he graduates from YSU & enrolls that AU. He will play this season. That means if he indeed is one & done he will be gone before any current high school WR recruits even get to AU. If he stays his full 2 years there is only 1 year overlap with him & any 2020 WR recruits. Recruits rarely make a decision based on a player having 1 year of eligibility left. No clue. I rarely watch film anymore. I just know Gus does not feel he has a WR on roster right now that can be a big physical outside WR in 2019. We knew something like this was coming when we went hard after La'Michael Pettway at some point.
  3. Seth Williams never made a true move outside. The staff tried him for a bit outside in the spring and liked him much better inside.
  4. This guy ain’t going to scare anyone off. He hopes to be one and done. If he does he won’t affect the current WR recruits at all. If he’s here two years he only affects them minimally.
  5. After Slayton went pro Gus made up his mind immediately to bring in someone that would handle the big physical receiver roll even if that wasn’t Slayton’s true role. Gus is bound and determined to have another Duke Williams in terms of what can be brought on the field. That’s why he’s been looking so hard at grad transfer wide receivers. He feels we don’t have anyone on roster who can do that role in the immediate season. As for the why so many schools question I don’t understand what you were asking.
  6. This one's not worth getting ruffled about. Other RBs moved higher on AU's board before Clemson decided they wanted him.
  7. Just a FTR. All AU recruiting reporters are still saying Grimes likes him as an OT all the way. Now since Gus makes the actual position calls on O it may mean nothing but still thought I'd share.
  8. Some AU reporters have said Steele coaches the Bucks. That was a couple years ago when they said that. Not sure if it's still the case.
  9. It's got to be from al those great blocking OLs he has had everywhere he has been. For those not sure...
  10. With due respect it's not a gamble. He was nowhere near getting in the rotation on the DL so might as well see if he can do something at OT. I agree though the move is important.
  11. He was already committed to us before his knees blew out on him the 1st time. Would be a really bad look to pull an offer from a committed kid due to injury.
  12. Yup! Going all the way back to his high school days.
  13. I get that but it still kinda stings I can't participate anymore.
  14. Not a dream job nor a time issue. I'm just not allowed to since my job is security for recruiting events & at recruiting areas during games.
  15. Not sure why I was tagged not just once but twice given my new job duties don't allow me to participate in recruiting discussions anymore. This thread should probably be flushed or something & a new one started by @Zeek or someone. Whoever does it though I would recommend copying as much as you can from TigerPaw on the rant and his 1st 2 posts on their recruiting thread which he keeps up to date fairly well.. He's the new Free AU recruiting guru... https://www.secrant.com/rant/display.aspx?sp=81881369&s=2&p=81881369#81881369 https://www.secrant.com/rant/display.aspx?sp=81881374&s=2&p=81881369#81881374
  16. Why the angry emoji @Dual-Threat Rigby? Getting both would be a good thing.
  17. One doesn't effect the other. Tucker is an off guard & wing. Cooper is a PG all the way & would push for major PT this year if not eventually start.
  18. Still gotta weather the storm of the NBA combine IMO.
  19. And other sources as connected as WDE is said at the same time when Joey was having his issues that they would be surprised if he didn’t transfer within a year of coming to Auburn. Thankfully for Joey he grew up & turned things around. When kids are having maturity issues that doesn’t often happen before a kid transfers to another school.
  20. It is. Also I can't post about recruiting anymore because I work recruiting events & at the recruit areas for games. Had to sign an agreement with AU to not discuss what I hear or see or talk about specific recruits..
  21. Most of us are not connected to the program so when info is posted from most of us then we have to post a link or give a bibliography from where the info came from. There are a few people connected to the program who get 1st hand info or 1 link in the chain away from 1st hand. They don't need to post links or give bibliographies much because 1. They don't come from links. & 2. They have already established their credibility. If they outed their sources then they, & subsequently us, don't get the info anymore. That means losing the info that is often times more to reality that what is posted in linked articles.