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  1. The point of my OP is how do we even know Chad has even had a chance to do those things? Gus has never given that opportunity to any other OC. Once a Gus always a Gus
  2. Seems like pretty much all of us except Mikey.
  3. Gus has directed the offense for most of his time at AU Regardless of who the offensive coordinator is. I doubt our problems have to do with Chad Morris. Our quarterback has to make plays when they’re there, Especially the simple ones and not act like a jitterbug in the pocket when he has time expecting him to not have time. Also Gus‘s philosophy on offensive line recruiting has where we are on talent on the offensive line and that has a major factor on why we are where we are. I don’t know who you guys consider to be the best offensive coordinator of all time but he couldn’t fix those problem
  4. No offense proud but the Info I posted came from literally every insider who was a part of the program back in those days. I’ll take their word over yours. No disrespect
  5. Just a big too sweet and flip the regime mentality. If you don’t know what the two sweet is here you go…
  6. Franklin wasn’t clueless. He just didn’t have any help from the other offensive coaches because they didn’t believe in his system. He had to coach all the positions by himself.
  7. @passthebiscuits you forgot E. Kevin Steele promoted to HC. Whether it turned out to be successful or not that would be about as Auburn as it gets.
  8. @AuburnNTexas Wouldn't call Caleb Johnson a solid 4*. His rating has been steadily dropping he's hanging on to 4* status by a thread. Any miniscule 2 spot drop from any site & he's a 3*.
  9. @AuburnFastHe actually has when you consider what is committed in this class as it compares to most of the OL classes in the last 8 years or so.
  10. I'd be happy for him to come in 2021 if he can. He can & likes the idea of playing the 3 as well as the 4 in our O. The thought is Jabari will stick to the 4.
  11. @TexasTigerYes. Still 1-2 departures are likely from now til the 2021s arrive next Summer or Fall.
  12. We can have him recruit our OL in that case. lol
  13. Updated the title because BHH told 247 all 5 of his finalists would take him in the 2021 or 2022 class.
  14. Not the only one. I posted about him in another thread a month or 2 ago saying we were likely in his top 2 with Ole Miss & thought I created a thread on him too. I guess not on the last part.
  15. @Win4AUHe's probably gone radio silent for the weekend by now. Ask him again Mon or Tues & tag him in your post.
  16. Were they Deregulated to the minor leagues or something? They’re already in the show. They need one more game to make it to the World Series.
  17. If Cole's happy about a recruit then E's happy too. lol
  18. Statements like this are really funny when the kids posts the commitment themselves on insta or twitter.
  19. Probably not. We are still in a pandemic that has put a lot of things on hold.
  20. Lol. He must have just gotten rated in the past 20 minutes since I had checked.
  21. @steeleagleNot sure about how it got started but per Mark Murphy's article in the OP Coach Flannigan had been on him for months. And not a surprise. Keith & JLee were hinting at it yesterday. Not sure but I don't think so. He's expected to be a 4*, not 5 when the sites rate him. Soto opted for the G League because he couldn't qualify for his top colleges this year.
  22. Had offers from Kansas & Cincy plus major interest from UK.
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