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  1. Don't forget he's coming off an injury & surgery for that injury. I wouldn't expect much from him for a while.
  2. @HAPvsOALook up three posts from your post. That article has already been discussed and at least partially debunked as the writer is a soon to be Bama student.
  3. @KansasTiger@CT TigerUnless the writer knows someone on roster leaving or not enrolling he is not talking about then it's simple writer error. We have 8 on scholly & have 4 schollied players coming in. The max scholly roster size is 13. Also there are a few other errors in his article. Enough to know I'm not reading his stuff again. His twitter bio says UA '24 so he's likely an outsider that don't know ish about AU Bball or AU sports in general.
  4. Not necessarily. We are still going to look to add a transfer wing.
  5. @Cardin DrakeStaff is Likely waiting to see who withdraws from the draft process.
  6. Not sure there is any recruiting class scenario where we would have gone $2 mil or more for JP. 1. He's not expected to be a Jalen Green type freak that deserves it. 2. We just didn't need him enough to get in a bidding war. Also if we had been willing to get in a bidding war it's been reported in multiple places the Vols were always to bid much higher no matter how high it got.
  7. @HAPvsOANo likely about it. It would be his Covid year.
  8. @HAPvsOAThere is. You have to create a new topic & may have to have made 50 posts also. As you can see I made your post a topic & created a pol for you. Also Mosley is supposedly a heavy Kansas lean.
  9. Umm @Rednilla did you see my post about him playing with & through injuries last season? He is a sharpshooter.
  10. @HAPvsOA The metrics I was told about grades on individual D & not system. Just saw a graphic a user named crococile posted on On3. Never asked for the site. I think you have to have 50 posts minimum. You are at 32.
  11. KD & Williams are expected to start at 2G & PF respectively. At least early in the season.
  12. Kinda hard to improve on #11 & #4 in the nation on D at his position the past 2 years.
  13. @thaitopherHas to be an NCAA approved agent to retain eligibility. A good number of agents aren't.
  14. One site's recent update has him 15th overall in the 1st round. Can't remember the site. Maybe @AUreodoes.
  15. @War to the EagleNo it hasn't. 38 & 39% his Soph & Jr years. It was down last years because he was playing with & through injuries. 32% is not good but not terrible either, especially considering the injuries he was playing through.
  16. @CameronCrazyNobody has said we haven't been as far as I know. He's apparently a heavy Kansas lean though. Not to pull out of the draft but yes to entering the portal. Doesn't matter anyway since he signed with an agent so he is done with college ball.
  17. @AUwentYes. Just a matter if we use it. JP was worth $2 mil for the Vols but not to us. The Vols desparately needed him. We didn't. The Vols were so desparate to get him they would have kept ourbidding us by a landslide to get him.
  18. @KansasTigerYes. Graded 4th best in the nation at his position last year per advanced metrics.
  19. Per Jamie Shaw of On3... Kid is a baller when healthy and the Jungle would love him. Had some injury issues last year. @Rednilla@HAPvsOA
  20. Don't know. My guess would be a good wing & one that preferably shoot the 3 ball.
  21. No hearing/reading anything yet. Probably going to wait to see who withdraws from the draft next month. There will be quality options available.
  22. Looks like he's more of a 2G. That's where On3 lists him.
  23. Respectfully disagree here. Let's say Flan comes back to 2020 form which is a big question mark. He would still need someone to give him a breather at times. We still have C-Mo but he's coming of an injury. Westry has played much more G than SF so he may not be ready to handle the physicality of the SF position. At the very least we need to add a guy for quality depth at the SF. Also if Flan doesn't bounce back & Westry isn't ready to play SF in the SEC we need to straight up upgrade the SF position. Also to be a championship contender in the SEC Tourney & NCAA T guard play has got to be very good at minimum. Our Gs can develop to where the team is a championship contender but not knowing their development or how Flan bounces back we are not a championship com=ntender as the roster is today.
  24. Guru's posts & posts from others quoting his posts from today have been removed. Let's not give him any more attention or satisfaction by discussing him further.
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