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  1. Again not saying he's a great recruiter. Just could have sworn Bigbird said he was but I was wrong. One could say he's great at recruiting the RB position. To add the RBs mentioned remember he had Armoni Goodwin on lock til Gus was fired.
  2. Now that I've had some sleep I can think of 1 massive example. He beat Dell McGee for Tank & with much less time than Dell had to build a relationship with him. Jarquez Hunter was also a nice find.
  3. I’m not saying he is a great recruiter. I was just making sure bird meant how the post came across because I could’ve sworn him saying he was a great recruiter before. Plus bird always posts coaches’ best recruits whenever he says that someone is a great recruiter so I’m just giving him that opportunity now. So it’s a question for him not me.
  4. @CameronCrazy there’s no way we would get him as a TE/ST coach. It’s likely the only way we would get him is if he was at least a co offensive coordinator. Same thing for T will. He will not take a demotion from his DC job to be a LB coach again unless he was somehow let go from his other job.
  5. @bigbird so you’re saying Cadillac is not a great recruiter? That’s how your post comes across.
  6. @AUBwinsLane broke The Rebel Shield! LMAO!!!
  7. @bigbird As he realizes he's agreeing with Mikey on something...
  8. That's an insult to the word suboptimal.
  9. Could be wrong but I don’t think this part works out that way. What I think they’ll do to try to get some kind of schedule balance is I think they will have each of the big nine schools play two of the other big nine schools every year as permanent. And then of the six remaining big nine schools they would probably have each of the big nine rotating three of the other big nine schools every year. For example, with Auburn we would play Bama and Georgia every year and year one we play Florida, LSU, and Oklahoma. Year 2 we play Tennessee, Texas, and Texas A&M.
  10. You'll have it every other year.
  11. @miscram6It makes sense to a lot of coaches & players in the SEC who sees winning the conferebce title in the best conference in college football as big or near as big as winning a natty.
  12. I haven't heard about pods in a while.
  13. @KansasTigerlikely a 3 6 6 model where ever team has 3 permanents every year and rotating the other 12 teams every other year 6 at a time. All of the soon to be big 9 in the conference will have to play 2 of their 3 top Rivals every year so it wouldn't be about them forcing us to do anything.
  14. Didn't we know this was coming?
  15. @tightendoverthemiddleUnlikely. Would be hard to fnd more than that who would be SEC caliber. Especially since from the HS level we are expected to land on about 15-18.
  16. That's why we should make an announcement before the IB if we have made a hire by then.
  17. Most likely to go AWOL @ellitor
  18. Eagle Nesters have the scoop. What of it can be said anyway.
  19. @RunInRedwhatever this is comes up as unavailable to me.
  20. @Mikey has a great point. I looked at the 2023 classes of the 2 teams that have had the biggest turn arounds in the SEC in the Vols and LSU as well as the "Protal King" Kiffin's Rebels. They all respectively took 31, 30, & 35 players in their classes. So a 45 SEC quality class for us may be a near imposibility.
  21. Started tanking before either event. Gus was doing his own OL evals & didn't want any input from any of the OL coaches we had. And he never really had any plan Bs or Cs thus why we were always short on OLs on roster.
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