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  1. tallgraycat

    2018 fall softball practice starts

    The quartet of Lexie Handley, Chardonnay Harris, Makayla Martin and Ashlee Swindle each pitched two innings and combined for 10 strikeouts to lead the Tigers in the circle."I felt good about how our pitchers threw tonight," head coach Mickey Dean said. "Makayla's movement was ridiculous. Ashlee's dropball was really working for her tonight. I thought Chardonnay and Lexie pitched well, too."The Tigers, however, were unable to get it going offensively and fell to the Governors in eight innings, 1-0."We spun and rotated all night at the plate," Dean stated. "We didn't see half the balls we hit. What we work on in practice, we've got to be able to do that when the lights come on, there's people in the stands and you have an opponent. You have to perform and we didn't."Auburn was limited to three hits in the exhibition at Jane B. Moore Field - all singles from Morgan Podany, Alyssa Rivera and Kendall Veach. The team combined for eight stolen bases on the night, as well."This is what fall ball is for," Dean said. "Everybody got to play tonight. I need to see some things offensively and see if we're willing to make adjustments." https://auburntigers.com/news/2018/9/21/softball-tigers-drop-fall-opener.aspx?path=softball We went to the game, several players played a few endings at different position. WWCC pitcher was throwing in the upper 50, before last year we would hit several home runs and almost everyone would get a hit. Three hits against WWCC will not win any SEC games. If our hitting does no improve drastically, it will be a disappointing season.
  2. tallgraycat

    bruce's contract extended through 22-23 season

    For a lot of us as well. Looking forward to seeing our basketball teams being competitive for several years.
  3. Helmet Guy or some call him Cap is from Clanton. I set behind him is softball and he is a great guy who like Auburn Sports and started leading cheers in Baseball years ago and now does the same at softball and some other Auburn sport events. http://www.theplainsman.com/article/2015/04/meet-the-helmet-guy-alum-adds-spirit-to-softball-baseball
  4. tallgraycat

    Softball in California

    http://www.auburntigers.com/collegesportslive/?media=570002 Try this
  5. tallgraycat

    Vote for Coach Pearl in Infiniti Coaches Charity

    Voted today for CBP and saw this voting site to vote for rolling Toomers Corner as best Sport Tradition. http://www.10best.com/awards/travel/best-sports-tradition/rolling-toomers-corner-auburn-tigers/share/
  6. tallgraycat

    Men vs. uat

    I was wishing someone else would say they heard or if I miss understood, but I think I am correct, but so much cheers etc. I could not hear clearly.
  7. tallgraycat

    Men vs. uat

    I was there (I could not hear good) but I think the booing started when she started talked about bama championship.
  8. tallgraycat

    Men vs. uat

  9. tallgraycat

    Vote for Coach Pearl in Infiniti Coaches Charity

    Has everyone voted today?
  10. tallgraycat

    I have a Ticket

    I was glad to meet you and that you got to see our tigers win. It was a fun game to watch and the atmosphere was over the top. Remember what I said, I'm not tall, I was just born into a world full of short people.
  11. tallgraycat

    Vote for Coach Pearl in Infiniti Coaches Charity

    Everyone needs to vote everyday and get others to vote as well.
  12. tallgraycat

    Vote for Coach Pearl in Infiniti Coaches Charity

    CBP made it to the next round and it is now open for voting. Go vote for him today.
  13. tallgraycat

    Demographic Curiosity

    68 Male Auburn, AL 71 Auburn graduate and I am tall, all gray hair, love AU tigers = Tallgraycat
  14. tallgraycat

    I have a Ticket

    CleCoTiger just text message he cannot go tonight, so if anyone wants to go let me know.
  15. tallgraycat

    I have a Ticket

    CleCoTiger got the ticket.