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  1. I am not a big fan of the changes in the way fouls are called, but if this is the way ref are going to call fouls, then hitting free throw is more important now than in the past. A team's ability to shut free throw will win or lose several games this year. Let me add, it slows the game down and changes the tempo of the game. Players will have to make adjustments in the way they have played all of their careers. With several calls, you could tell the players were like what did I do or I didn't touch the guy. In my opinion, toward the end of the game, when the outcome had been decided, the ref did not make so many questionable calls.
  2. We regret to inform you that due to a family emergency, the @CubeShow will not be airing today. We will return LIVE Tuesday at 6a. Thank you
  3. Posted: Sunday, September 11, 2016 11:37 am | Updated: 11:51 am, Sun Sep 11, 2016. Dana Sulonen | Sports Editor dsulonen@oanow.comFollow on Twitter The Myers trio will be back again at Jane B. Moore Field this year. Casey Myers, who left the Auburn program last winter to pursue a position with the San Diego Padres, has returned to the Tigers dugout, Auburn head coach Clint Myers confirmed with the Opelika-Auburn News on Sunday. “He’s here now,” Clint Myers said. “We’re glad to have him back.” Myers, who was a volunteer assistant with the Tigers before leaving for San Diego to become the Padres staff coordinator, will return to Auburn in the same capacity as he left earlier this year. He also worked closely with the hitters, and will resume that responsibility. According to Clint Myers, the Padres let Casey Myers return to Auburn after the finish of the minor league season. “He got an early release from the Padres and he’s back,” Clint Myers said. “He gave pro ball a shot, and it kind of didn’t work out the way he wanted and he’s happy to be back. “He enjoyed the people he was with, but he missed the teaching, the coaching.” Though the Tigers were a win away from its first national championship in school history when it lost to Oklahoma in the Women’s College World Series in June, the offensive stats did take a slight down turn with Casey Myers away from the team. In 2016, the Tigers had a cumulative .317 average with Kasey Cooper being the only hitter over .400 (.422). In 2015, the team’s average was .339 with two players — Emily Carosone and Tiffany Howard — both with plus-.400 averages. Also in 2015 with Casey Myers on staff, the Tigers were fourth in the country in on-base percentage (.460). In 2016, the Tigers were fifth in the country in that category with a .436 mark. Hunter Veach, who stepped in as volunteer coach after Casey Myers’ departure last season, is still on the staff and will serve as manager. Corey Myers was promoted to associate head coach in August and Scott Woodard remains assistant coach. The team officially reports on Sept. 16 with Casey Myers being back in full capacity when camp opens. “They (the players) were very excited,” Clint Myers said. “We told them when we went to the Atlanta Braves game (against the Padres on Sept. 1). The new ones haven’t had a chance to work with him yet, but the other girls, they were so excited.” Myers, who was recently named to the Arizona State Athletics Hall of Fame, was drafted out of ASU in the 30th round of the 2000 MLB June Amateur Draft but elected to return to school. He was then drafted in the ninth round by the Oakland Athletics in the 2001 Amateur Draft. After his minor league career, which lasted five seasons playing within the Oakland farm system reaching as high as AA, Casey Myers was a hitting coach with the Vancouver Canadians, which at the time was a Class A affiliate of the Oakland Athletics. He also was on the coaching staff of the A’s affiliate teams the Vermont Lake Monsters (short season A) and the Beloit Snappers (A) before coming to Auburn when his father was hired in 2013. http://www.oanow.com/sports/college/auburn/softball/casey-myers-returning-to-auburn-softball-program/article_fb3a3646-783d-11e6-a815-c3863052dae6.html
  4. Another interesting statement, someone ask about buying season SB tickets. He was told that last year's season ticket holders will get to buy them first and then they are open for the general public. But then coach Myers stated that addition seats would be added in the future, and his goal was to have enough seats so anyone wanting to come to any game could pay $7 get a ticket. I don't know what that mean, but for some games that would take a lots of seats. Also, as been stated before, he brought up the fact that over 2,000 fans were watching the third game of the championship with NO team on the field. That made a big impression on him and the team.
  5. The statement he made that looks optimistic about the future of AU softball, was in softball you start recruiting players in the 8 grade and we are projected to have the number 1 recruiting class for the next 3 YEARS. The future in softball looks bright. Coach Myers son, will graduate soon and will be named co-head coach (i think). Also, he is very family orientated and understands and likes Auburn University being a family. He main approach to coaching is for the team to be a family with the coaching staff being part of the team family.
  6. Voting over Kasey Cooper 6050 to 5803 Young people may be the ones who develops the system, but Tallgraycats can vote multi time following their instructions.
  7. It works and is very easy to do, no wonder these votes honors almost mean nothing. 10-20 individuals and votes and change the outcome of an election.
  8. oh I understand now, I voted this morning and thought the young folks must have figured out how to vote multiply times. Kasey is down 1300+ votes now.
  9. Kasey is now down by 40 vote after being up by 300+ a few hours ago.
  10. New round of voting started today. Kasey is in 4 place. We need to get the work out.
  11. I am not sure where to post this, so anyone feel free to more or start a new thread. Let vote for Kasey Cooper for honoring achievement on and off the field. http://www.ncaa.org/about/resources/media-center/honoring-achievement-and-field She deserve our support and to get this honor. You can vote each day. Thanks
  12. isn't corey myers the HC in waiting? Yes, but I think we need to keep Ol' Pops in the mix for as long as possible. It also appears that dad is providing Corey with lots of training, opportunities to speak to the media, make decisions and then gives his son credit for making the decision. It is a good example for all parents to follow with son and daughter. I am betting that Corey will be an excellent head coach. Parenting does not end as some age, like when the children finishes their education. It is hard sometime, because they have to learn to fly on their own, but need they parents on into adult live. Oh, I know some children resist advice and it is sometime hard to provide them help they need to be successful. For me, the hardest thing about being a parent with learn how to deal with and respect adult children, while still being supportive. I will add that I believe the proverb, give a man (woman) a fish, feed them for a day, teach them how to fish, feed them for a lifetime.
  13. I have not read all the post, so my apologies if this has already been stated. Proud of the Auburn fans that did not go to the game. The softball arena was about full, not good at estimating crowd numbers, but it the capacity is 2300, there were over 2,000 in attendance to watch the game. The stadium announcer was present and he great job with leading cheers, and information that was provided during the game. The crowd was excited and it was a great place to watch the game. I plan to go back this evening and welcome this outstanding team back home and give them the respect they earned and deserve, all heads should be held high.
  14. I fully agree with this comment. It was a wonderful season, a joy to watch. Who can honestly say, that even 3 years ago, you would have thought they would be playing in the Championship series this year. They are by far the most improved team in the country.