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  1. Why would you think that he has not already got a big gleague contract for committing to bama?
  2. I would like to hear how Harper and Brown are doing and any information you can post. Thanks
  3. I no longer have any tickets for the MSU game.
  4. Yes I have two MSU section 2 row 34 seat 15 and 16 with chairs. I have two in section 5 row 35 but I will use on but I would sell the other one to an Auburn fan. I will NOT set by a Ole Miss fan. None of the 4 is available for the Ole Miss game
  5. Thanks, I droved by and saw them being removed temporary seats and laying sod. It just seemed strange to me, but saving rent makes sense to economic guy, but why not do in past year?
  6. Does anyone know why they removed the temporary seats at the Softball field? I thought they had sold all or most of those seats. So, there will be fewer seat for sale next year? It seem strange to me, to remove temps seats before building permanent seating, because they were being sold. My guess there will be lots of disappointed softball fans next season.
  7. Auburn University Athletic is auctioning two sets of five Aubie Bobbleheads that were given away at the Baseball and Softball games. https://auburntigers.com/auctions/
  8. The thing I wonder and maybe someone on here can enlighten me, when someone fall asleep while driving, dose your foot-leg stiffen to depress the gas pedal or just go limp and the car slow down. I think I have to apply pressure to the pedal to accelerate? If I was convinced he fell asleep due to being tired, then I would see it as just and accident, without more information it is impossible for me to decide what is appropriate.
  9. The problem as I see it with driving faster than the speed limit is the other drivers on the road. Yes I can safely drive 90 miles per hour on many roads but when others are driving I don't know what they will do and they are not considering nor know that I am driving 90. We have all seen people make sudden lane changes or slow down considerably for some reason. Then add in all the distraction inside and outside of my car, I choose to drive close to the speed limit.
  10. WOW I am surprised, proud for him and hope he has a long career and lastly for our basketball program--CBP
  11. I don't think paying college player or letting them make money in open market will change player/recruits being pay by fans/boosters.
  12. KC Retweeted #DoItForChuma‏ @aubawn 5h5 hours ago More Walker Kessler (#15 ESPN) will visit Auburn this weekend. Greg Brown (#4 ESPN) will visit Auburn next week. Sharife Cooper, #1 in USA Today’s Chosen 25, is an Auburn lean. Auburn is heavily involved with Brandon Boston (ESPN #6). This could be a special class for Auburn.
  13. Is it possible she wants him to be declared ineligible so he will have to play professional ball even if it is oversea?
  14. I was walking by the softball field this morning and they were taking down the (temporary) bleacher seats on the first base side. Are they starting on the renovations that were discussed a couple of years ago? Anyone have any information on the plans this year?
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