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  1. I fully agree with this comment. It was a wonderful season, a joy to watch. Who can honestly say, that even 3 years ago, you would have thought they would be playing in the Championship series this year. They are by far the most improved team in the country.
  2. I did not think about it but in Major League baseball and College Softball ( I don't understand mixing the two) only one other time in a Championship game, was it won with a walk-off bases loaded home run. I would have said it was the first walkoff home run in a WCWS Championship game. That makes it a really amazing home run.
  3. I am guessing, he will be a voluntary assistant, like his other son was until he took another job coaching pro baseball.
  4. I know this is not the right place to post this, but I am too old to care. I also know several AU students contribute to this form, so I am ask you to use your social media to get more AU students to come to Jane B Moore Field and watch the game tonight. I have been to both games and there were students in attendance, I know this is summer, but I still think more would come it they knew of the atmosphere and fun watch of watching the game with a large group. It is free and the staff has done a good job of leading the group in cheers.
  5. Everyone who can, should come to the Jane B Moore field and watch the game on the field's screen. My guess about a 1,000 fan were there for the last two game. It would be awesome to have more, it is one heck of an atmosphere. Oh, this was one unbelievable game with several unbelievable play.
  6. We plan to be there with our grandkids. War Eagle and we believe the ladies will bring home the Championship.
  7. This ought to be a good test of Mikey's theory that softball pitchers have no limit in the number of pitches and games they can throw without some time off. Paige Parker has started 31 games and appeared in 42 games for OK this season....could not find another pitcher with meaningful stats....looks like Parker is the one. Oh...BTW...why is it that on rosters for women's teams, they never list the weight? only the height? It's not my theory, it's what some of the coaches say. It's obvious that they can throw many times more than a baseball pitcher. Now, quoting the Oklahoma coach: "Yes, she's thrown over 600 pitches and if she needs to she'll throw 600 more. She won't get tired." I simply don't believe that. There is a difference between tired and fatigued. She may still be somewhat effective, but she's hasn't been nearly as sharp these last two outings as she was previously. Fatigue has to be setting in. I have been think/wondering the samething. I may be proven wrong, but I just can't see/believe a softball pitcher can pitch everyday without losing some of their performance. I also, thought it is interesting that she is going back to OU Softball facilities and getting treatment for her arm. Other schools don't have that options. She may whip us twice, we'll see, but I simply do not believe that that much pitching isn't wearing on her, mentally and physically. If she does, then we will know 1 ACE is better than have a committee of very good pitcher, at least in Softball.
  8. Thanks it just seemed strange the way they switch teams between the two brackets.
  9. I have looked at the bracket and can't figure out, just who play an elimination game tomorrow for us to play the winner and then we need to win one of two games to go to the Championship series?
  10. No. Marcy has developed the illegal pitch yips. Her multiple IPs in 1 inning is a major reason we lost to Miss St in a game 2 weeks ago. Does anyone know (on this forum) what is she doing that is illegal?
  11. I was reading on the basketball forum a discussion about whether a BS should be required to coach basketball at the college level, I am not sure about that, but after reading all this about the softball game yesterday, you darn sure need a PHD to coach softball. I was wondering what the delay was about, thanks for the information. If there is additional information regarding the game yesterday please post. It is both interesting and confusing.
  12. A big congratulation to all of them.
  13. This is new for our SB team, but in the past you could easily get ticket to non SEC games, I think it will be that way this year. On cold games, there were very few of us at those games. I could be wrong but I bet you can get tickets to those and maybe even some of the weaker SEC games. I could be wrong, because this is new for us to have a very good SB team. I have season tickets, but attend most of them and other family members use them when we are out of town. Good luck in getting to see them play. It is fun to watch.
  14. cause he is really really really good at a position that we really really really need.
  15. Crowd seemed kinda small on tv for Iron Bowl weekend. Was that the case? I've gotta make it down for a game this year. This team is impressing me thus far. It was a very good crowd. Most of seats were filled, exception was in scholarship section and a few scattered around. Most upper deck seats were filled. Student section as full, but not packeted. Much larger than normal for a non SEC game. We have had good attendance for every game this season. Yes, there are empty seats, but still a good crowd.
  16. Auburn Baseball Season Ticket Holders, Please help us in welcoming new Auburn Head Baseball Coach Butch Thompson to the Auburn Family. You are invited to a reception in the courtside lounge of Auburn Arena this evening from 6:00 - 7:00 pm CST. Widely regarded as one of the premier pitching coaches in the country, Coach Thompson was named the 2014 Baseball America and American Baseball Coaches Association National Assistant Coach of the Year while at Mississippi State. “We are thrilled to introduce Coach Butch Thompson as our next head baseball coach,” Auburn Athletic Director Jay Jacobs said. “Throughout the interview process with Coach Thompson, it became clear he was the right man to lead Auburn’s student-athletes now and into the future. “Coach Thompson is widely known and respected as one of the best men in college baseball. He has an outstanding track record as an elite recruiter, and he has been recognized as the best pitching coach in the country. His track record of developing players who have gone on to highly successful careers in baseball is second to none.” Please help us in welcoming Coach Thompson back to the Plains. Auburn Baseball Press Release War Eagle, Auburn Athletic Department
  17. Thanks Ellitor for all your work that kept us informed regarding Auburn recruiting. Good luck and much success with your life and hopefully all you goals will be met. Sometime we all forget the time many on here put into finding/obtaining informations then taking the time to post it on the site that we all love and enjoy reading and making comments. Thanks to all our true information posters for you hard and dedicated work.
  18. I am not sure I would agree with you, if I had know Ashley Madison subscriber were going to be publicised I might have subscribed. When my kids and grandkids saw I was a member, they would have stopped calling me old man.
  19. I guess that means the pool hall, the three barber shops, the movie theater and the SaniFreeze are gone from College St. ....what a loss. I agree, they are all gone, but not forgotten by some of us. Sanifreeze was where us newlyweds, walked to on Sunday to get a good banana split to share as well as a few hugs and kisses on the way there and back home. It has grown so much it's just hard to believe it's the same town. But you know we have really enjoyed retire here and after so many moves, this will be our final home town we hope many years from now.
  20. I live in Auburn, and Auburn is now a bedroom town. When I was in school here early 70s it was an Auburn University town. The growth is amazingly rapid, that is why the new High School is being built. My grandson is in the 7th grade at the Junior High, he got his computer today, because there were more new kids than the system had plan for, so some of the 7th graders did not get their computer when school started. We have a good school system and many people living here wanting their kids to get a good education without having to put them in private school. Those of us who remember the old Auburn need to understand it is gone, due to population growth. I don't see how you stop it. New people don't know about nor want the old Auburn and it is/will change even more in the future.
  21. It would be nice to have the first game (Louisville) as a warm up on the new video board. I would pay a reasonable fee to watch the game and they could make sure the bugs are out. I bet my wife, two daughter, their husbands and grandkids would join me as well along with many other Auburn fans. I just can't wait to see this thing in live action.
  22. If they get behind, they can hire this guy for a day and he will finished in one day.
  23. The finials have started and everyone needs to vote for the kick six. We are ahead but I don't trust the corndogs. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000503912/article/greatest-cfb-plays-final-matchup-kick-six-vs-bluegrass-miracle
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