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  1. My thoughts exactly. I wonder if they are about to start the testing of the video board and they don't want us to see the testing. This would allow for a wow effect when you first see it in use. I don't want to wait, so, we can we get a student to be on top of Haley Center and make a video of the testing for us when testing starts. I just can wait until the first game to see the video board in action.
  2. I would go online and check to see if your tag has already been taken. I think this link https://pros.mvtrip.alabama.gov/Public/Create will allow you to search and reserve a tag for a few days, then when you go to buy the tag, you will know it has not been taken by someone else. There are a lots of specialty personalized tags that has been taken and it is hard to find one that has a unique message. Good luck U4AU2 and G82BT has been taken.
  3. Add us to the list of disappointed, we ride the bus into the drop off and we enjoyed setting until it was game time. We will NOT be walking over to the Alumni Center. I hope they keep the Arena open, we will just have to go there and rest until game time. Very disappointed as well.
  4. I just drove by the new scoreboard and was looking at the backside. Will there be pictures of players on the backside like there were behind old scoreboard? I can't remember the other two players, but one was Bo Jackson. It looks like there are a large spaces for something, but was not sure if it was just more claden or something else.
  5. Its the 89 IB for me, at the time we lived (now AUBURN) in north Alabama in the heart of redneck bama country, all I heard all year was, we'll never play there again, (will get the State legislator to pass a law that forces the game to be played in Birmingham) we are going to whip you 100 to 0, will we have to ware boots and step over the cow s----, and own and own. The worst person was our Sunday School teacher. I went to the game as well as taped it on my VCR. Watched it when I got home, went to bed, couldn't sleep, watched it again, went to early Church. Boss (wife) would not let to talk or say a word to any of them. After 10 minutes a lady ask if the SS teacher was going to teach the lesson. He said not until Ray says something. I thought of all the couch time I would be spending if I say the wrong thing. So I just said, Ed, there is nothing I can say to make you feel worse than you already feel, so there is no need to for me to say anything. He read a few line from the SS book and ended the class. To me church is no place for rivalry football discussion, but I want to say a lots to the whole class and almost everyone I knew and reminding they of all the BS I had to hear for a year. At the time, it really chapped the bama fans to be forced to play the game in Auburn and then for us to win the game, is priceless.
  6. The sidewalks are open, I have walked downtown a few times to look over the fence and inspect the progress. As you know the intersection is closed, but you can still walk around the intersection and get to all the stores. In fact we went yesterday and walk around the campus to look at the projects. They still have lots of work to do to finish all the landscaping areas by the first game. Our assessment was it going to look very good when they finish.
  7. Heard from a family member who was there that their fans were absolute trash. Rude, obnoxious...you name it. They were at all the games last weekend as well and said none of the other fanbases came close to the level of trash that ULL is. Glad we could send them packing in 2. Your family member did not lie to you. I was just being polite. Some of the older fans were ok, but the younger ones and middle age--I will just say your family member was correct in their description of the majority of the ULL fans.
  8. We were at the game and our seats are behind our dugout, problem was this was the ULL home game, which meant we were next to their fans. Our fans as a group were loud, but not like they were. Not that many in attendance, but they beat something on the medal bench seats and made lots of noise. I have too many gray hairs to start now, but our fans need to learn how to annoy the opposing teams players and fans by constantly making noise. We won so it is ok, but wow, they got on my nerves. I like we are use to cheers, but just beating on seats non stop--my head is still roaring.
  9. I am new to Softball, but we have gotten season tickets for the past two years, and we were surprised at the difference in how SB players act vs BB. It is fun to watch, after you get use to it, each team has their own antic before and during the game.
  10. We plan to be there and bring our granddaughter.
  11. This is so true. I have been to most home games for the last ten years. Last year was painful to watch- this year was different. We played hard to the end of the games, but lost by a few points in several games. Last year's team gave up by the 10 minute mark of the 2nd half, this year's team did not quit. The future looks bright.
  12. I have laugh at your comment on my mudman until I almost cried. I guess I need to come clean. My family that lives in Auburn have family that lived in North Alabama. They were posting pictures of their snowman and bragging about the amount of snow they received. My youngest daughter had all she could take of it and found ole mudman online and said she was not going to be left out and that she made her a mudman. So, dad stole her pictures and posted it here. I agree it does not look like mud but looks like the stuff your find in cow pastures especially in Tuscaloosa.
  13. 3.25 inches of rain in Auburn, no snowman, but I'm not going to be left out of the fun completely so I made a mudman.
  14. Yep I actually hope she keeps this up because she will bite off more than she can chew before long and I would like to see Auburn put her in her place in a very public manner. Maybe but just remember what an old man told me when I was a young man and now I am a old man passing it alone, "You can't out stink a skunk"
  15. Maybe I should just keep my mouth shut. I am not a veteran nor have I been harassed at work nor do I have PTSD nor in need of a service dog but I am view by many as not average-different looking I am 5'20" tall. I learned many years ago that I could get mad or just laugh and say something funny when I was ask how tall are you? are you a giant? did you or I bet you played basketball and as I got older did you play football? Hows the weather up there? Is it snowing up there? You short people will never believe how many time I have answered those and other similar questions. I just developed answers to these questions that were in my opinion funny and I enjoyed saying them and as a result I have met more people that most average folks. You sure are tall- "No I am not, I was just born in a world full of short people, or shrimps"; hows weather up there-- "I have a phone in my a?? call up there and see"; Did you play basketball, "not much some in high school" you are tall enough "I am example of a white man that can't jump" My point if you are different in any way-- just understand you are different--don't get mad when people see your difference--look or stare at you, nudge their friends to look and ask questions. Just how something funny to say when they ask the same questions you have answered all you life and remember it's their first time to meet you or someone like you and they are thinking they are saying something you have never heard. She need to understand that most people don't know you should not talk or tough her service dog and she should use it as an opportunity to educate the rest of us-- I never thought about it being a big no no. To end would you believe my name is Ray Rice--will the other Ray Rice didn't do me any favors-so I just quickly say it is not me because if it was I would be dead--because my wife would kill me for doing much less. This one get my wife to quickly agree. Oh yes were are Mutt and Jeff. It took years for her to get accustomed to people staring at us. Oh yes, if you see me at a Auburn game I would expect you to say how tall are you tall gray cat? Then I will know you read this rant.
  16. Bryan Matthews ‏@BMattAU 4m4 minutes ago Still 17 days to go but right now I think Auburn lands Byron Cowart, CeCe Jefferson and Jeffery Holland on Signing Day
  17. Bryan Matthews ‏@BMattAU 5m5 minutes ago 'BIG BOOM' BLOG | 5-star Byron Cowart insists he'll be playing with CeCe Jefferson and Jeffery Holland in college http://rvls.co/1sQLRXw 0 replies1 retweet2 favorites Reply Retweet1 Favorite2 More
  18. Correct, but we are still way behind. We are in the mix though, and that's good enough right now. Good to see you posting again and hope you will provide more recruiting information.
  19. Robinson joins the Auburn football team 23 minutes ago Jovon Robinson officially joined the Auburn football team on Sunday. The 5-star running back from Georgia Military College graduated from junior college last month. Robinson is eligible to begin practicing with Auburn on Monday as the Tigers prepare for an Outback Bowl appearance against Wisconsin, before he begins classes on Jan. 14. Robinson became eligible to join Auburn's football team following fall semester graduation on Saturday. Robinson is meeting with Auburn football coaches on Sunday, beginning to learn the Tigers' offense. Robinson will have two years of eligibility remaining. Robinson committed to Auburn in May and took no other official visits outside of Auburn before arriving on campus. Robinson originally committed and signed with Auburn in 2012, before arriving on campus and then being declared ineligible only one week into fall practice. Robinson landed at GMC, where he rushed for over 3,000 yards and 40 touchdowns in two seasons. Robinson will join forces with former 5-star running back Roc Thomas and Peyton Barber for spring practice, and newcomer Kerryon Johnson will join Auburn's backfield in the summer. Robinson is currently 6-foot, 238 pounds. http://auburn.247sports.com/Bolt/Robinson-joins-the-Auburn-football-team-33862796
  20. Aubie the Tiger retweeted Justin Hokanson ‏@JHokanson 3m3 minutes ago Jovon Robinson has officially joined the Auburn football team http://auburn.247sports.com/Bolt/Robinson-joins-the-Auburn-football-team-33862796 … @Auburn247
  21. Cole Cubelic ‏@colecubelic 9m9 minutes ago Don't expect news on interim UF coach D.J. Durkin until after the @BirminghamBowl January 3rd. Valuable recruiting time for Jim McElwain.
  22. Cole Cubelic ‏@colecubelic 16m16 minutes ago QT @SECbooger: Muschamp put full court press on TROB over night in the end he simply said he had to go HOME TROB headed w/Muschamp to Auburn
  23. I wish you would post more often, like you did in the past.
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