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  1. I know one thing...John Samuel has completely whiffed on at least 1 block in each game. Like he got O'le-d by a Matador...as well as he has played otherwise, and as much as I appreciate his valiant efforts this year, those things stick out like a sore thumb. Blocking by WR and TE on perimeter has been pretty atrocious.
  2. The cat's name is Walter...you can see him on the new Chevrolet Silverado commercials...one amazing kitty
  3. My thoughts exactly. JaMarcus was a little more mobile, but I really feel like TJ is most like him as compared to other former SEC QBs.
  4. Give TJ first team reps and figure out your receiver rotation. I think the kid just has more poise than anyone of us expected, after what our Defense did to him last year. Before he came in, I literally questioned whether or not his signing with AU was a good thin. I was of the belief that Demetrius Davis is the future of the team, and having TJ available, would keep the coaches from being forced to playing DD because of Bo's shortcomings. Now, I am pretty excited about what we have in both TJ and DD.
  5. I thought the same thing. However, I also wondered if Shed's route was a fade, and he broke it off to run with TJ to get open.
  6. This kid is exactly the kind of player we need going forward. Kudos to Harsin and staff for getting his commitment. Hope we can hold onto him. I think we can...just can't s*** the bed this year going forward.
  7. Nice to see Anders get that kick up. He had been awfully low on his first 3 kicks
  8. Man, did we use Andy Fuller like a champ! That guy could open up the middle!
  9. That dude is a beast! Take him!
  10. I love, love! It is awesome! Great story buddy!
  11. The AL.com reporter said it all when he said the Greg Sankey is pushing hard for AU to get to their arbitrary number of 85%. That the SEC won't let their bottom line be affected the way it was last year. To the business of college football, this vaccine means more money for its cauffers. I couldn't believe they said the quiet part out loud.
  12. You sir, could work for CNN with hot takes like that! Lol!
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