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  1. Here's a thought...quick slant routes might produce huge dividends for us this fall. Finally, we have proven mismatch options galore with real size and speed now. Not to mention a couple QB's with a quick release and great touch and accuracy...Stidham can really spin it...I can't wait to watch!!
  2. ...back in 82...
  3. He will be a star. I can't remember the last guy we had at any guard position that has the skill set that this dude has. And we should expect him to only get better as he goes. War Eagle! Sunny days are ahead I do believe...
  4. ...Like at birth...😁
  5. This kid is a touchdown machine!! Even if the people he's playing against are smaller than him. Sign him up Please!! Got another crystal ball for him to AU!!
  6. and Jim Harbaugh says...I told you so...MILK ROCKS!!
  7. Kid is really fast and seems to have pretty good hands and good ball instincts.
  8. This kid could be special. Hope we sign him. Lots of upside with him.
  9. My fraternity brother still plays rugby in Texas. We are 41 now...tough guy for sure...
  10. Yes El Guapo...
  11. Would you say I have a plethora of sweaters...?
  12. I always wanted a friend named Willis so I could ask him what he was talking about...lol!
  13. Yeah...I just watched his hilights again after hearing that he had only played QB for a little more than a year...Dayummmm!! I think we have a real winner here. He has great instincts and looks to be about as fast as Nick Marshall and can flat out change direction quick as a hiccup. I also noticed how long his arms seem when he stiffarms a defender. They can't seem to be able to grab him. And he is only like 185 lbs. Imagine that at 210. I believe we are actually going to be spoiled at that position for years to come. Especially if we hold on to Joey G. and get ourselves young Mr. Nix...Look out! Better days are ahead brethen...
  14. Dang am I tired of kids growing up fans of AU and not wanting to come there to play ball. Even if we lose out to Stanford or any other "high academic institutions". No other way to look at this than with utter disappointment.
  15. We are always wanting kids who want to be here. Especially those who have wanted to come to AU since they were kids. Well...here you go...