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  1. Kyle Davis (update)

    I was surprised to know just how many 30-50 somethings I am aquainted and friends with who talk to the white lady quite often...and I mean a lot of them. They are all very professional, wide ranging occupations from doctors to restaurant owners to contractors, of course lawyers, real estate agents and the likes. All are very successful as well and most are married with children. Men and women...I try not to judge folks for vices...most of us have them in some capacity. It is crazy to think how cocaine can really wreck some lives and enhance others. If the rumors are true it's just sad that Kyle decided to try it, and liked it. He has so much to lose from doing so. Gus can't stop a player from sticking anything, anywhere, when he's not with that player.
  2. Fire him now. Start the search.

  3. Heath Evans for HC

    Alright...Bigbird's name has officially been tossed into the mix!! You can do it Bird!!
  4. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Perhaps even Dana Holgersen...
  5. Fire him now. Start the search.

    How about Mike Bobo? I'm pretty sure he would walk to Auburn for the job. And he might be salty enough about the consistent lack of respect given to him by the fan base as UGA's OC...even though he kept breaking school records year after year.
  6. ESPN OTL Report on Auburn football, AD

  7. injury updates

    Dripping with
  8. This dude now has 77 tackles in 4 games. He missed one game. I'm pretty pumped about any kid who averages nearly 20 tackles per game...just sayin...War Eagle Josh Marsh!
  9. FINAL: Auburn 49 Mississippi State 10

    It was Andy Fuller. My sophomore year at AU...and I hope you are correct that we are saving him for something...looks like a matchup nightmare for linebackers and safeties.
  10. FINAL: Auburn 49 Mississippi State 10

    I believe he has dropped more passes than he has caught.
  11. Chuck Person

    Very interesting point...
  12. Player Development

    According to one of his relatives, whom I work very closely with, he was more interested in trying to become a model for a career than a football player. He received a lot of flack from his family for basically quitting football. Especially from his parents. Tough love. They felt he disrespected and disappointed his family, teammates, fans and especially coaches. Was not allowed much of a social life once he got back home I'm told. My friend was so excited that a family member of his was going to play at Auburn. I am the only Auburn fan he knows. He was embarassed himself for what transpired. TIFWIW...
  13. FWIW.

    And it is exactly why coach Saban discussed how he was going to be doing a lot more inside blitzing this season. Seems to be the best way to disrupt an RPO type offense.
  14. 2018 4* QB Joey Gatewood (Auburn 12/5/15)

    You can have as many favorites as you like...We won't stop you...😉