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  1. He also is a multi sport guy. He has never focused solely on football. He has a very very high ceiling imo...
  2. We can certainly hope that is the case! Seeing a QB read a defense in our system seems rare nowadays...plays to the idea that perhaps we can develop young QB talent after all.
  3. I really can't wait till Dallas! Got my plane tickets last week! I grew up in Irving and havent been back since 1991. Greatly looking forward to seeing Jerry World, Auburn beat Oregon and eating Braums ice cream!
  4. Is it ok to get excited about what we are seeing on offense?
  5. Definitely worth the price of admission
  6. Nuts and bolts, nuts and bolts y'all...
  7. I thought I might feel better this morning. I don't...this really sucks...gonna take a while to get over last night. War Eagle.