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  1. Tigerfinz

    2019 4* DB Cam'Ron Kelly

    I sure would like to have this kid in the class along with Puckett. Speed and size...they are cornerbacks, built like safeties, that run like receivers...can ne hard to come by. We are looking like kids think we are DBU...here's to hoping!
  2. Tigerfinz

    2020 3* DT Damarjhe Lewis commits to AU

    Man, can you imagine what winning a national title this year would do for us...Auburn has so much to offer kids these days. It always has, but, when you have the monster up the road in T-town, running what most of us perceive as an NFL football factory, kids these days like hard coaching, but they want to know they are loved. Truly loved. Auburn has always made people feel that way. We are doing it the Auburn way. I believe that way is becoming much more appealing than what's up in turdville.
  3. I think we are all born as pure, sinless Auburn fans...people just make bad choices in life that lead them astray...😁
  4. Tigerfinz

    2019 4* SF Allen Flanigan Commits to AU!!!

    Loved watching his dad play while I was in school. Can't wait to see him ball out!!
  5. One of my QB's as an Auburn student...loved to watch him play baseball at Plainsman Park as well. I miss walking home to CDV extension in the spring and catching a ballgame on the way...Damn I'm getting old...😁
  6. Tigerfinz

    2020 5* PG Sharife Cooper

    If we can make a deep run in the tournament next season, it will start to get much easier. We all know how great Auburn is as far as a whole. Now with Bruce at the helm, we could become a basketball destination school as well. There is no reason, with all of the TV exposure the SEC gets, not to mention the addition of great coaches and the league schools commitment to becoming a strong basketball conference, that a prospect would have any drastic reason to play at one of those schools over Auburn. The future of all Auburn sports is so exciting.
  7. Tigerfinz

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    Mix in some pussywillows and you might get kumquats...😁
  8. Tigerfinz

    2019 5* CB Andrew Booth (Clemson)

    Oh...Billy Billy Billy boy...
  9. Tigerfinz

    2019 4* WR John Dunmore (Penn St)

    Wer're not drinking merlot!!
  10. Tigerfinz

    2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    Without a doubt bro! 1993 National Radio Champions!
  11. Tigerfinz

    2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    Had a big impact on me...my first year at Auburn was in 93... been in love with the place ever since...love me some Pat Nix!
  12. Exactly the same order as mine...kudos to your impeccable taste...😉
  13. Had Milos 2 weekends ago...and took a bunch of Milos salt packets home with me...😁 Mega Meal baby! Only get it a few times a year now...it is amazing...
  14. Now he just has to bring his running back along with him to block for...