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  1. Agreed. With Christopher Nee's CB to AU, it's strange that his profile shows Trigg as an unrated SG. Perhaps he wants to play basketball also...
  2. I used to pass Denton on my way to lake Texoma as a kid living in Irving. My childhood buddy owns Gholke Pool Supply there in Denton. Great place!
  3. Let's hope he's been working on it in the time off!
  4. I hope he can shoot free throws at a decent percentage. That became a real plus down the stretch for Austin in his senior year.
  5. Well, well, well, that's awesome!
  6. Is he Thomas or Karsten's child? Those were my Baileys while in school at AU.
  7. Yes please...need to keep AU family coming home!
  8. Glad we are gonna get Stretch some meaningful minutes
  9. Their #5 literally put his hand in DPxs chest and pushed him back into the lane right in front of Adam's sorry ass amd nothing. He's a butt nugget!
  10. At least these announcers see some of the same garbage calls and have called them out.