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  1. Why cant we throw a pass beyond the line to gain on 3rd down?!?! Slant maybe, throw to tight end maybe...please...
  2. Flash has some hands on him. Just have to get him the ball.
  3. I am so tired of hearing Stinch's mouth! He is reveling in anything that hurts Auburn...A-hole!
  4. So very disappointed, however, not surprised.
  5. Let us also not forget that Anymatime is Tigermatime!
  6. 93-98. My buddy and I used to love to do our Cliff Dwellin' at basketball games on Wednesday night and heading to Ryan's for wing night afterwards. We had a super Hot Blonde waitress that always took care of us. She would keep us a table after games. We would each get a plate and she would bring a pitcher of sweet tea, napkins and salt. BTW...salt is always the key to stopping your swollen, burning, wing sauce soaked lips form hurting...lol One night I ate 7 plates of those damn things! I dont know how my insides didn't completely rot out. However, I do have to take HB meds on the regular
  7. $0.99 Chicken Italians on Wednesday if I recall correctly. Miss that place and those sandwiches!
  8. Findleys Chicken Italians and Mommas love were weekly staples, and was Guthrie's, Ryan's wednesday night all you could eat wing night, Buffalo Connection, Touchdowns, Godfathers Pizza...damn I got fault in college...lol. just gained 5 pounds writing about it. 😀
  9. Agreed. With Christopher Nee's CB to AU, it's strange that his profile shows Trigg as an unrated SG. Perhaps he wants to play basketball also...
  10. I used to pass Denton on my way to lake Texoma as a kid living in Irving. My childhood buddy owns Gholke Pool Supply there in Denton. Great place!
  11. Let's hope he's been working on it in the time off!
  12. I hope he can shoot free throws at a decent percentage. That became a real plus down the stretch for Austin in his senior year.
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