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  1. Man did our boys show a lot of fight down the stretch...Jerry World was awesome...so very proud to be an Auburn Tiger...War Eagle y'all!
  2. 180 lbs. Playing Defensive End...is this 1960? Kid looks pretty nice on film!
  3. This is all true. The only difference is that UGA probably wouldn't have hired an assistant coach to replace Richt, had it not been Kirby....he was a homegrown boy that the fans and alumni wanted desperately. His pedigree was greater than his accomplishments. Time will tell if the always will be.
  4. I didnt quite understand making the switch to Burns even after that double...I thought Butch should have stayed with the freshman...he was in pretty good command of his pitches. I think we outcoached ourselves as well as goofy times errors...
  5. I'm in Duluth...I'll pick you up on the way...lol
  6. Good luck with that buddy. One door closes, another opens kind of thing perhaps...stay positive.
  7. Let's go ahead and get that Chaminade to Auburn pipeline going...
  8. Yes please...kid is smooth...and pretty darn fast. Super quick off the line. I think he looks quite underrated. I expect he will have a big senior year and skyrocket up the rankings