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  1. Damn. I guess I need to go to get some cornbread Saturday. This is the 3rd broadcast talking about it.
  2. Much better performance by Broome tonight. Glad to see it.
  3. Every time I hear the annoucer say here's Lane...I expect to see Kiffin on the floor. Guess it's wishful thinking.
  4. He's no George Gervin, but I liked the Broome finger roll...lol
  5. We have a really promising young team. Tre and Chance are exactly what we needed at those 2 positions. Terrific signings. Next year is gonna be crazy. This year will probably have some lumps to be taken, but if we grow as a team, look out this March!
  6. Going to cost him professionally I figure.
  7. Wins are hard to come by some nights. These boys dug deep and won a game that they could have easily lost. I hope they grew up some. We have a lot of question marks still. Can't wait to see Chance Westry play. I loved him with the ball in his hands while they were in Israel. He is definitely a difference maker.
  8. I sure hope one of the 2 5 star centers who have visited in the last 2 weeks are interested...there will be definite playing time available.
  9. Cardwell certainly has played better that Broome tonight.
  10. I'm not sure how the direct slap to the face Broome took in the first half not being reviewed. That guy swiped across his face not down towards the ball.
  11. This was so good, I thought Green lost the handle on the ball...lol Wow!
  12. He may play overseas, but not in NBA
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