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  1. Best burger I ever bought was at University Chevron in Columbus Mississippi. I used to love it when my sales route took me through there. The owner was an immigrant who was more patriotic than mostly natural born Americans. I was always so impressed by how greatful he was to have become a citizen of this country and to have his opportunity at a successful life for him and his family.
  2. Whataburger is still pretty fantastic. I grew up eating that in Dallas. I miss living near the one in Trussville. It was always there when I needed a Taquito at 5 am!
  3. Stopped by the Pell City location on way back to ATL...had to procure some season salt for my fries at home! I also couldn't help but to have a perfect lemon pie after my meal...😁
  4. I really miss Buffalo Connection...that was always worth the wait...😁
  5. Really looking forward to seeing Steiner play this year. He seems like a great kid and was a beast in high school.
  6. I just told my wife that I was afraid that it was the same Hugh Nall from Tubs time.
  7. War Eagle Y'all!!! Let's finish on a good note. Sad to see the season over, but I'm glad to have seen one at all. Get out today with a win and no more injuries, please. And then let's watch Bama fall on their faces in the tourney...lol
  8. 1996 vs UF in Gainesville...the Gators dominated us after the 1st quarter. We lost 55-10 and as we left the stadium some students/fans decided to pour urine from the top of the seating onto Auburn students/fans leaving the stadium. It was early evening and we just went to the house we were staying at and kind of moped around. It was so deflating. My first Auburn away game as a student. That was a crappy drive home to Auburn the next morning. From what I can remember, Gainesville is a S**thole of a town anyway...no need to go back.
  9. I was a snotty, puffy eyed, blubbering pile of goo while listening to that pulling into my garage after work yesterday. My wife thought something was really wrong. I had to compose myself to just tell her about what I was listening to. Most of us try to be tough when it comes to these things, but when 2 men can't carry on because of the sheer emotion of the moment, I can't help joining them in that emotion. Empathy is lacking in so many parts of society. Losing your father is never easy. Glad we got to experience some of Coach Dye from people who truly loved him.
  10. Johnson is a huge liability on the defensive end. I also hate when he decides to not take a 3 to then drive sideways into a worse shot. It has to be infuriating for Bruce...it is for me...lol
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