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  1. Need to drop a hundred again...for esthetic purposes...
  2. I am so glad we convinced Broome to come. He and Cardwell are a formidable duo. Sadly, Stretch just hasn't developed like we hoped he would.
  3. Honestly, the first time I heard it I was afraid for what it might be...shot clock violations are serious business!
  4. Their choice of buzzer sounds is strange...lol
  5. Looks like we still need to work on free throws some more...again...again
  6. Glad Tre Donaldson decided to play basketball instead of football.
  7. We might end up being a better team this year. These newcomers absolutely attack the basket. Chance Westry is exactly the type of guard I have been waiting for at Auburn for years. I just hate that he will probably be a 1 and done. Dude has skills!
  8. I'm glad we all have the same feeling about this Tennesse team. Attitude reflects leadership...
  9. Yep, pretty sure his momma gets a "house sitting" job, sitting in the house she would live in, the entirety of Trent's Bama career
  10. Having 2 nephews that graduated from HT, and from living there for 8 years myself, I'm really excited to see more Ex-Huskies becoming Auburn Tigers. Now we need a stud DL from them next...
  11. Too bad trolls just get to amp people up with no consequences. Throat punches to those that do. Its what they deserve. Ahh, the anonymity of the interwebs...lol Bag-o-Douche...
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