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  1. Make free throws and then prepare for a stormed court!
  2. Wheeler should try rolling trees, not running thru them...
  3. Wheeler looked like Red asking for his bike back...
  4. I have always loved Jimmy B. We had class together at AU. He was a stand up guy. He was nice to people off the field, but was not while on it. I have always wanted him to come home to coach. I am hopeful that my nostalgic wanting for the past and present to meet together and do great things. I was also hopeful that Bo Nix would be better than his dad, since Pat brought me/us so much joy as a student at Auburn. I admit that I am disappointed with how that all turned out. I am still hopeful though, for Jimmy. Welcome home brother. Its time to show the heart and passion you had as a player at AU, to these kids. That is a kind of infectiousness that can really only come from a homegrown dude. Maybe he will turn out to be a stud coach all around. We will now get a chance to see. WAR EAGLE!
  5. I just can't see why he would leave Auburn for Okie State...
  6. Flan is gonna have to learn to avoid the charge
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