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  1. I have been on the Gus bus since the beginning and now I am thinking if jumping off! So disappointed at what we are witnessing, I'm even more worried about what will happen when he gets fired. The logical part of me is saying, cut him loose and take your lumps. Even though it is gonna hurt for a while with recruiting, considering there really isn't a much better coaching option that I can see. It's great to be an Auburn Tiger, but it can be hard at times like this.
  2. I am glad noone had these kind of expectations of me when I was 18.
  3. Wow! Great throw and even better catch!
  4. We still can't cover the middle of the field...
  5. Thanks for the correction. I like his upside either way.
  6. He seems to have all of the tools to be exactly our type of QB. Anyone who wonders if he has a strong enough arm...check out the first play...he threw it 50 yards on a dime, on the run, and off balance. He has great size and is kind of shifty. Not to mention, he showed a DB that he will gladly run you over if he gets the chance. He will only get stronger and faster as he grows. He's like 16 for goodness sake! I am sure that this kid will skyrocket up the recruiting rankings over the next 2 years barring injury. War Eagle!
  7. Mine too! That first fall ingrained a love in me for Auburn that has only grown immensely deeper since...War Eagle Loof!
  8. Agreed. I've spent several evenings with Chase. I am friend with his now ex-girlfriend's parents...glad for them he is her ex...he has some serious demons buddy...dont know why he decided to like me so much and open up to me for life advice...crazy stuff!
  9. Man did our boys show a lot of fight down the stretch...Jerry World was awesome...so very proud to be an Auburn Tiger...War Eagle y'all!
  10. 180 lbs. Playing Defensive End...is this 1960? Kid looks pretty nice on film!