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  1. It all just sucks. Most of us liked what we were seeing and hearing from our players, coaches and folks who cover Auburn football. We had hope that the "hard nosed, lunchpail" kind of mentality that we seemed to lose after Tommy Tubberville's tenure, was back. It may be, however, the schemes being run, at least on offense, don't seem to be working for more than 30 min. The defense is pretty darn good, but, linebacker play, which we expected to be much better, isn't. I appreciate Owen's leadership and passion, but his play, compared to his ability, has left much to be desired. Steiner was so disciplined on covering his man that he let the QB run by him multiple times when he could have made a play on the ball. Puckett did the same thing on their last TD run. Our guys just don't seem to have the "feel" for the game like the really good ones do. I can't seem to understand. They are intelligent young men who seem clueless way too often. The offense is just disheartening. I hope the next staff can work magic. Years more of mediocrity or worse will be hard to take.
  2. Yeah, UAB may be needing a coach also.
  3. We know that Harsin has now lost the Pearl family endorsement. Game over.
  4. Maybe we shouldn't adjust at Halftime. Our 1st half stuff works...lol...smdh
  5. We apparently hired Lane Kiffin's analytics dude.
  6. If we took a timeout to bring in McPherson, I'll allow it.
  7. Robby has to get more touch. Almost everything is a fastball.
  8. Can we please try to run some more slants?!? They are not illegal!
  9. Yes, yes it is. Time to let some more young guys get their chance.
  10. Good thing we didn't kick that field goal...we may have had to lose in OT...
  11. Is Luther Burden wearing crisco...4 dudes slid off of him like he was lubricated!
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