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  1. Yep, pretty sure his momma gets a "house sitting" job, sitting in the house she would live in, the entirety of Trent's Bama career
  2. Having 2 nephews that graduated from HT, and from living there for 8 years myself, I'm really excited to see more Ex-Huskies becoming Auburn Tigers. Now we need a stud DL from them next...
  3. Too bad trolls just get to amp people up with no consequences. Throat punches to those that do. Its what they deserve. Ahh, the anonymity of the interwebs...lol Bag-o-Douche...
  4. When I was a kid, we had a lake house at Gainesville Boat Club on Lake Texoma. My best buddy up there had an older brother with a brand spanking new 1984 Toyota pickup. It was black with the roll bar the KC lights. That thing was so badass!!! Your post took me back to the days when we would ride around in the bed of that truck and scare ourselves with monsters in the woods. I was 9. Now I'm 47 and wishing I had bought one myself. Enjoy that thing brother!
  5. Why didn't we get the info about Justin Powell's situation along with this new Vols insider info...? Knowing about that would have given credence to the other info...otherwise...sorry, not buying it.
  6. Yeah, that kid can ball. He plays like a grown man.
  7. Kessler, in my opinion, needs to get stronger and develop more offensively. If he could develop more low post skills and increase his 3 pt shooting, he would be a lottery pick next year.
  8. The 3 guard set we ran late in the year, might just be the key to reaching the Sweet 16.
  9. Glad these guys also started making some 3's and jump shots. We really needed to see that ball go through the hoop from outside of the lane today. They looked comfortable shooting in this arena. That's got to be a confidence builder.
  10. Damn I hate these late games...now I'm jacked up and have to try to go to sleep...goodnight Champions!
  11. Hope we can carry that over into Saturday. I don't want to share any type of championship...
  12. There is the drive we've been looking for
  13. I cannot, for the life of me, understand how we can't get a good shot off to end a game! ****!
  14. How much does it cost to buy a rebound?
  15. Glad DC made that one. Jabari damn near willed him to make it.
  16. Where is the hustle gone on this team...
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