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  1. Somebody needs to feed that boy?
  2. robbykidd

    2019 4* RB John Emery Jr.

    These highly rates HS kids are treated like kings as the star of their programs. They all have a little primaddonna in them that has to be beat out of them their freshman year of college, though they don’t all blatantly express it as Emery did in that quote. Tell the kid what he wants to hear and get him signed up. Deal,with the de programming later.
  3. robbykidd

    2018 3* RB Kavosiey Smoke

    Maybe looking for more of an HB type player?
  4. robbykidd

    2018 4* DE/Buck Caleb Tannor

    Kipp Adams just CB'd Caleb Tannor to AU
  5. robbykidd

    2018 Recruiting thread (Updated 1/29/18)

    Looks like we will get William Barnes's final OV.
  6. robbykidd

    IF.... The good guys had won...

    I think we beat Clemson, but not OU. I believe they're the team to beat this year. Living in Oklahoma, I see them play a lot. They just seem to have the "it" factor this year.
  7. robbykidd

    Back to Back 10 win Seasons

    Everyone loses great players each year. That's part of what makes college football so interesting. We've recruited top 10 classes every year and haven't had trouble with OL recruiting in a long time. I believe we will have good line play on both sides of the ball next year. The back end of our defense is always our Achilles heel it seems like, but everyone struggles in that area. That's why premier corners get paid so well at the next level. We will have a team similar to this year with much better QB play from the start. I never worry about our running game. All that said, we will be a top 10 team with as good a chance as anyone to reach the playoffs. Especially if we can overcome that away game stigma. 10 wins should be expected.
  8. robbykidd

    More Versatility in Auburn's Gameplan Next Year?

    I think our offense evolved quite nicely as the season progressed. With a whole off-season to build around Stidham, I think we will continue to be more balanced. This is something I've been waiting on for years. I'm really excited about next years team. Note: I've never seen so many Auburn fans worried about how many carries a running back gets. We've always had a workhorse it because he's had a tendency to get hurt? KJ didn't get much playing time last year, so I feel like he needed as many reps as possible to become a complete back.
  9. robbykidd

    Did kj win sec player of the year?

    He was the heart of the defense when healthy. There was a big drop off when he wasn't on the field. He will be missed.
  10. robbykidd

    Draft Eligible Players/Depth Chart 2018

    Please elaborate...
  11. robbykidd

    Question about Stidham

    If we can put together a decent offensive line, could be really special on offense next season.
  12. robbykidd

    Backup QBs

    I agree with this. Gus is just adding wrinkles for the LSU D-coordinator to lose sleep over. I wouldn't read to much into it...
  13. Anyone else had problems with the page trying to redirect you to when loading AUFamily? I don't have a problem at home, but from my work computer, I automatically get redirected to that site as soon as I open the page. I've cleaned up the computer (cookies, history, etc), but I'm still having the issue. Any help would be appreciated...
  14. robbykidd

    2014 5* QB DeShaun Watson (Clemson signee)

    I respect everyone's opinion about the Clemson coaches, but my understanding is that Clemson shut down recruiting other qb's when this kid comitted. If that's true, he owes them the respect to open up his recruiting publicly if that's the way he feels and he wants to take his visits. That way Clemson can begin courting other QB's....sounds like this kid wanted to have his cake and eat it too by keeping the visit secret and wanting to maintain his status at Clemson simultaneously.
  15. robbykidd

    Signing Day Surprise

    I forgot the name but I saw a tweet earlier this morning about a possible replacement. I heard Brendan Langley name come up the past couple of days That was the one. Off the board...LOI in at Georgia