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  1. Figures lie and liars figure.
  2. He'll be back in Florida playing for Lane Kiffin.
  3. Gosh, I hate to ask. But what do you/would you classify as a good season? It's a hell of a class and I'd hate to see Gus fired because I truly think he is building something special (as long as he keeps his staff together).
  4. You think bama fans felt like little brother when we were beating them 6 in a row under Tubs? Not hardly.
  5. I meant where a4e is committed to (as in Bryce Hospital)?😀
  6. Where a4e commits to or is committed.
  7. Never have been and never will be on a consistent basis. And we've had some real head football coaches. We've had our highs but they were followed by lows.
  8. He's good, but far from elite.
  9. From people I know who know who are extremely close to Dabo, he is at Clemson for life. He has no desire to return to bama as head coach and his wife is even more emphatic it never happens. They have as good a family life in Clemson as one could ask for and to both of them that is everything.
  10. As the original JJ Evans said in "Good Times"......DYN-O-MITE pickup.
  11. Hope you're right, but after reading Slayton's comments today about why he left AU early Gus has got to turn his offense around if we are to get and keep "elite" receivers.