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  1. tinman

    2020 4* RB Tank Bigsby

    And if Les Miles doesn't totally mismanage the clock in the closing seconds in 2016 we lose that one too.
  2. tinman

    2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb

    I thought Saban tried to hire him as an off the field analyst & the SEC office said no.
  3. tinman

    2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb

    It's going to come down to a UA/AU decision. The other two schools are just in it for show. They are not serious contenders.
  4. tinman

    CorchJay's Top 8 RB (available/possible)

    Been there, done that in February. Standing outside the Quest Center waiting for cab. Thought I would never get warm after that. Cold and wind were terrible. Do not miss it at all.
  5. +1. I live in Hoover and there has never been 1 word mentioned about George being any trouble at all. Academically he has work to do, but personally no. Is he full of confidence bordering on cocky? Absolutely. And I'll just mention this. Saban is on him big time so it is going to be a battle until the end to keep him. If Tua lights it up like bama is expecting him to do and we don't have a better intermediate passing game than we have had, that may be a game changer for George.
  6. tinman

    JB Grimes- Thoughts?

    Yes. But he is also good friends with the Tyson QB from Trussville who is a bama commit.
  7. tinman

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    It is relatively new, but it escalated after Marcus Latimore's injury. A sure fire top 10 draft pick, his stock plummeted after his injury. And Marcus shared carries that season with another back (can't recall his name). It seems now it's about getting just enough carries to impress the NFL but not too many to risk injury. And no one sales it better than Saban & Kirby. And now we can add Pruitt to the list.
  8. tinman

    The Opening (June 30-July 3)

    I was there too....on the bama sidelines. A family friend and ex bama player was a student coach at bama & he got us on the sideline. Got a chance to talk with Pat after the game and he was sky high over the victory. Even though just a freshman game the intensity was extreme on both sides.
  9. tinman

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    My prediction is Booth.
  10. Was told today by a connected source at bama that Saban has put himself in charge of Picken's recruitment this year. Saban thinks Pickens is a game changer. Hope like hell we hold on to him.
  11. tinman

    2019 5* WR Jadon Haselwood (UGA)

    All this thread needs now is the video of Andre Smith at the combine running the 40 yard dash.😀
  12. tinman

    2019 4* SDE Justin Eboigbe (UAt)

    Not trying to argue the point because you are mostly correct. But I can't think of another bama fan who came to AU if they had a "legitimate actual " bama offer.
  13. tinman

    2019 4* SDE Justin Eboigbe (UAt)

    Except at bama.
  14. tinman

    The Texas Talent Debate

    One of the best QB's to ever play the high school game......Kheil Frazier.
  15. This is nothing new. Been going on for over 60 years.