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  1. Any new of Hill's visit & likely outcome come signing day?
  2. Army All-American Bowl

    E. If you don't mind me asking, exactly what work do you do at the basketball games?
  3. My co-workers daughter got accepted at bama but AU refused her due to her GPA in high school. This was 3 years ago. bama has put an emphasis on out of state versus in state. $$$$$
  4. The key to Auburn's future recruiting is getting a top player early (preferably a 5* QB) that gets our momentum going early, and this guy becomes to face of that year's recruiting. Hopefully Bo Nix will be that guy next year. AU very rarely out-recruits bama and GA as they have an advantage we don't by being the state school and each has an alumni base that is larger than ours. And in the case of bama this base is active in recruiting. One thing Kirby has taken with him to GA is the entire university ( players, coaches, faculty, president and alumni) are sold on the fact they can be a dominant national power. And the various factions within those groups are all on the same page. At AU, we have always had factions of our folks who fight with each other and can't seem to be on the same page. Too many of us want our way and if we don't get it we want to "take our ball and go home". It's been this way since the 60's and probably before. Hopefully soon we can change and get on the same page and be the consistent national power we have the ability to be.
  5. I don't remember which ESPN talking head said it but even with our 2 losses we would have gotten in ahead of bama because of the head to head situation. Now bama could have gotten in ahead of GA since GA would have had 2 losses (both to AU).
  6. Bo who? You guys don't know diddley!
  7. I watched the Ole Miss press conference and their AD said this many times. He also said that underclassmen were getting contacted by other schools and they were going to be reported. These are NCAA violations.
  8. 1. What day is signing day? 2. Is there a limit on the number of players that can sign? 3. How many and who of our commits are expected to sign?
  9. Florida has no QB, and you can't win without a decent QB. Their running backs are less than SEC material as well.
  10. I think most are waiting on Auburn's November upheaval.
  11. Steele deserves a lot of credit too with the overall defensive plans.
  12. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields

    If he was the least bit interested in Auburn he would visit this weekend versus MSU. We're 100% out of it.
  13. I started the thread because I saw him play Friday night and he put on a show. I'm sure he is 99.9% bama bound but I thought, with his obvious talent, it might be note worthy.
  14. No. Watched it on TV. Know some of the coaches at Thompson.
  15. Saw him play QB last night for Thompson. Threw for 402 yards and 4 TDs. Very impressive in all aspects of his game. I know his brother is at bama but this kid is goig to be special for some college team. I guess we have no chance but I hope we at least make an attempt to recruit him.