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  1. Ya think Lane Kiffin is licking his chops after last week's performance? Probably thinks they can throw for 600 yards.
  2. I have Charter/Spectrum service and the audio kept going in and out during the entire game. Also was happening in the Clemson/GT game earlier. All 3 of my TV's had same problem. Anyone else have the same? After the game local TV was fine. Thanks!
  3. That's the key. I'm closely watching TD Moultry the rest of the year. There was never any doubt he has the ability to be good/great, but for some reason he never performed to the level all expected. Perhaps Mason/Harsin can make him a complete player both physically and mentally.
  4. Never underestimate Mario Cristobal as a recruiter and Phil Knight as a potential NIL force.
  5. What does he mean by being "re-offered"? Did we offer and then pull it?
  6. She will probably earn more than any other college athlete of any sport! I can visualize all the big consumer product companies trying to sign her (under Armor since we are a UA school, Kelloggs, Hershey, and many others). Hell, I bet she could even sell some 2 X 4's for Yella Fella.😀
  7. I think you are correct about Hairsin, but how to you think Harsin will handle things?😁
  8. It's fun when you win. When you lose, not so much!
  9. Sure bama can afford to take a risk at any position, but based on our recruiting results to date, it looks like we're taking risk after risk at other positions where we are not in such dire needs as we are on the OLine. If there is any position where we need warm bodies it's the OLIne.
  10. And it's been that way for over 50 years. And not likely to change either (Unfortunately).
  11. In Saban's interview, his statement was "this shows how valuable the Alabama brand is". And I can't disagree with him. Just another bullet in his arsenal for recruiting.
  12. Saban announced today that Bryce Young, the projected starting QB, has already signed NIL deals in excess of $1 million. The kid has not started a game yet but the sponsors have lined up based on his expected season(s). Just another advantage bama has because of their REC, rabid fan base, and wealthy boosters who are willing to spend their $$$ to win at all cost.
  13. Not speaking for the mods. Just myself. It's frustrating as hell when each and every thread has the same person or persons in a pissing contest with someone. (Call it a debate if you will, but it's a pissing contest IMO). And it's not just one post and let it go, it goes on and on and on. Some (and probably most) come to the recruiting board to gather information on recruits, not to read personal opinions about whether Gus was good or great or deserved to be fired. That has nothing to do with recruiting. Take that stuff to the football board.
  14. Saban is not concerned with his opponents and the NIL they would offer. Bama has always operated on the "anything you can do we can do better" system. This is just another advantage bama will have with their network of Red Elephant Club boosters.
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