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  1. tinman

    2020 3* WR JJ Evans

    Agree. Have friends kids that played for him back in the day and he was a heck of a coach. Not so much today. Kinda stuck in the 80's & 90's.
  2. tinman

    2020 3* WR JJ Evans

    Vestavia? If they're recruiting, Buddy Anderson ain't much of a recruiter.
  3. Do u know if he informed our staff he was going to TN? If not, just damn!
  4. tinman

    Texas A&M Visitor List & Thread

    Do you know if he notified the AU coaches he was not coming and going to UT instead? If not shades of his teammate Clark.
  5. tinman

    Texas A&M Visitor List & Thread

    Agree. He did tell Auburn coaches he would be in Auburn for the game (at least he was on the unofficial visitor list). Hopefully he hold true to his commit. But Jeremy Pruitt is one hell of a recruiter.
  6. tinman

    Texas A&M Visitor List & Thread

    If the recruits hung around for the entire game they had to be impressed with the comeback, but also the chance to come in and contribute EARLY.
  7. tinman

    2019 3* OT Isaiah Hookfin

    WDE. How do you feel about Freeze coming as OC? And what about the powers that be?
  8. tinman

    Saban Riff Raff

    His (and Miss Terry's) ego will not allow him to retire anytime soon. He'll be there at least another 5 years. The only way he leaves sooner is if his health comes into play, but he appears to be in excellent health at this time.
  9. tinman

    Auburn-Tennessee Visitor List & Thread

    Good to hear. All is not lost (yet)!
  10. After I typed my message I thought about Julio being left out. Then I forgot to go back & edit. Senior moments suck!
  11. Bo appears to be the main thing keeping it in our favor at this time. Little Tua (Thompson QB) and Tyson (Trussville) are putting up some big numbers too. Bama (Saban) is telling George they have never had a receiver with his skill set and he can be a #1 NFL draft choice like Ridley, Cooper, etc. Unfortunately AU can't list a single receiver that was drafted high, much less a #1 choice. If Shed Jackson were to get some playing time it might help our cause.
  12. I'm hearing from some Hoover folks it's down to 60 - 40. AU. But it is dropping each game our passing game flounders and bama's game escalates.
  13. Neither helps nor hurts. Pickens is convinced he can come in and play immediately (and I agree). Our passing game has got to pick up if we are going to keep him. The passing game across the state has caught his attention.
  14. tinman

    2020 4* RB Tank Bigsby

    And if Les Miles doesn't totally mismanage the clock in the closing seconds in 2016 we lose that one too.