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  1. I believe every word of this. Again, Gus out-thinks himself. Pathetic! I promise, not another of our offensive coaches would dare approve this plan. Only Gus!
  2. I couldn't agree more. As the saying goes.."1st impressions are lasting impressions". The 1st impression JF has of our new offense if pathetic, so I would bet my house he will not end up at AU. So far LSU has delivered as promised (albeit against lesser competition). New OC and looking like they have changed their offensive schemes. He probably ends up there.
  3. FWIW.

    Here is the problem as I see it. Gus is a NERD. Sleeps only 2 or 3 hours per night. He is then up for the remainder of the night and day with all kinds of thoughts going through his brain. It would not surprise me one bit that he changes things at the last minute. He outsmarts himself. We've all seen it with some of his trickery. Looks good on paper but falls flat on it's face in game situations.
  4. If he gets his info from Gus he probably will. Clueless Gus probably thinks all is well with Fields if we put some big numbers up against Mercer.
  5. From what I've seen about Francois Fields might be able to beat him out anyway.
  6. 2018 4* WR Kearis Jackson

    She is now selling real estate in Los Angeles and doing quite well. I've a friend from SC who knows her family and they are really proud of their daughter. The spotlight caused brain-freeze during the contest and fortunately, after a few weeks, she could begin laughing at herself.
  7. Gus needs to personally call this dope (Lee) and cuss him out. Also needs to ban him for a while from contact with Auburn coaches/players. How frickin stupid can you be to post this a day before the kid announces. Think Saban would put up with this crap?
  8. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix

    He is by far the best recruiter in college football. And when he came to bama he made damn sure the entire organization, from the president down to the water boys, were all on the same page. And this included the boosters who were told to get the hell out. Sure he breaks some rules and he pushes the envelope, but he can communicate with the kids and parents better than anyone else.
  9. Kid reminds me of Jack Ganus from Birmingham. Attended UAB and when they disbanded football he needed a place to land. Auburn fans and unfortunately Auburn coaches didn't want him because he wasn't big enough and didn't carry enough stars. He ended up starting for GA and being their on the field defensive coach. I think we just landed a diamond in the rough.
  10. It has been the same for the over 55 years I've seen it. Some things never change but we can hope!
  11. 2018 4* WR Justyn Ross

    Not a lock for anyone, but at one time it seemed to be a 2 team race between bama and Auburn, but it now appears to be a 3 team race. And we're going up against the 2 of best recruiters in the nation. I don't like our chances at the moment.
  12. 2018 4* WR Justyn Ross

    Talked to a friend who is well connected to Clemson (wife works in their athletic dept.) and he says Dabo is feeling VERY good about Ross. The QB (can't recall his name) they have committed is really putting the squeeze on Ross and thinks they have a good chance with him.
  13. My brother was recruited by FSU back in the day and they had quite the "entertainment" provided for the recruits. His campus "host" was nicknamed squirrel. I guess she liked nuts or something.
  14. And the ladies in the sweaters.
  15. Junior College and Auburn

    I was rather fond of Jimmy Sidle. We've had some really good QB's over the years, but recently (in the last 10 or so) we have struggled unless the QB was a juco. But our troubles are about to be over I think.