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  1. Hell, they can do this at every position.
  2. Did not know this. Thanks.
  3. And Kodi replaced Craig in the Mobile area where Craig grew up, went to school and formed great relationships with the area coaches. I imagine many of the coaches in the Mobile area were not happy with the way Craig was treated (or not treated) by Gus, so they are probably slow to warm to Kodi. Hopefully Kodi turn things around.
  4. Percy Harvin was good too.
  5. The Shark is going to be hard to replace. Greg Norman is a hell of an offensive coordinator.
  6. Terry's problems wasn't his coaching. Dye said he had one of the greatest offensive minds he had ever seen. His problems were off the field and his work ethic.
  7. Devin Aromashudu? I seems to remember him being a surprise last minute.
  8. Coached by Rush Propst. Hope we get him at AU. Shenker that is. Not Rush.
  9. If you really want to judge who is an "elite" player, just look who Saban is recruiting. And I'm not talking about who Saban has sent a letter to, but someone who he is really hard after. Not a single QB we have recruited over the past 8 years was targeted by him, including JJ. Saban is the best judge of talent I think I've ever seen,
  10. It's getting more interesting because LSU has just entered the picture. They (Orgeron & LSU) are putting a full court press on Kiffen with big $$$ to back it up, making him the highest paid OC in the country. A Kiffen. Stidham combination to go with LSU's other offensive talent will be NASTY.
  11. Has the girl friend visited AU before?
  12. Not sure about the powers that be, but 8 & 4 ain't gonna cut it much longer. ESPECIALLY losing to GA & UA EVERY year. Gus will get cut some slack this year, but next year he MUST beat one of the two rivals. If he doesn't, he's gone. And I don't care of he's 10 & 2.
  13. I don't blame Barnett at all. It is a BUSINESS at bama, and he would do himself no good by staying this year and riding the bench. He has to look out for himself because for sure Saban is not thinking about Barnett's best interest.
  14. My bad then. I mis-read you post. I read it as "we're Auburn and we don't need no 5 star running backs". Sorry.
  15. To not go after 5 star running backs is the most idiotic thing I've ever read. Just because Gus has success with 3 and 4 stars????? Auburn has plenty of $$$ to recruit everyone the coaches think will help keep us in the top of college football. And they have the time to do it as well. That's what they get paid millions and hundreds of thousands to do.