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  1. If "The Creed" doesn't specify that it's a no-no then it's ok to do it in my book!😀
  2. It's got to be intentional on his part, right? Can't be that bad at reading comprehension.
  3. Cause democrats hate the University of Auburn!😁
  4. In a situation like Brooks is going through, is there a way the SEC office can get involved and settle it? This is greater than a kid changing his mind about a school choice. TN lost it's coaches who recruiter Brooks, and is apparently facing some stiff penalties for their recruiting violations.
  5. Last week on WJOX, one of the hosts that is on with Cole Cubelic said he had personally talked to the coach I mentioned and this is what he was told by the coach. This was in the same segment where they interviewed the Oxford coach about Roc Taylor's situation. Just passing on the information.
  6. It's been reported by a high school coach that knows Brooks well that Brooks cannot get anyone from TN to take his calls. He has tried numerous times but no one answers.
  7. Not Harbert totally. He "borrowed" $1 mil from his inheritance and then started his own company in finance which is worth billions today. He is not associated with the construction side of the family business. But he and Rane have screwed the athletics at Auburn with their involvement over the past few years. But we'll take their $$ donations anyway.
  8. I wished I sucked at "anything" the way Jimmy Rane and Raymond Harbert do in their business ventures.😀
  9. First off. Screw the rankings. We've been ranked high over the past years and look what it has gotten us. Second. Recruit positions of need. The new staff appears they will do that better than Gus and Co. Finally. Develop the talent they sign. I have a good feeling they will.
  10. How many from the states of ALABAMA & GEORGIA is what matters most!😀
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