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  1. The NFL folks will realize it when Auburn starts developing their players in college the way bama does. Our undrafted free agents who make NFL rosters have the ability, but they have not been developed. It takes the NFL coaches to maximize it. Auburn is on the right track at the moment with our current staff.
  2. Earlier this morning (Friday, 6/9) al.com had posted he committed to bama. It has now been taken down. Not sure what is going on.
  3. Do the AU coaches feel an early commitment is going to happen or will Justin wait to a later date since he just de-committed from PSU?
  4. I guess that's where the phrase by Larry Blakeney "keep in down home cuz" came from!
  5. Thanks to all for your input. But it seems to me that a hot bed of talent area like Mobile is not a place for on the job training, which it appears Gus made a poor decision to put Kodi there with his lack of experience. Hope it all works out for Kodi and AU.
  6. Can you elaborate on why Kodi was kicked out of Mobile? Thanks!
  7. Can you shed more light on this? AU people negatively recruiting AU?
  8. No play...No stay. Simple as that.
  9. Hell, they can do this at every position.
  10. Did not know this. Thanks.
  11. And Kodi replaced Craig in the Mobile area where Craig grew up, went to school and formed great relationships with the area coaches. I imagine many of the coaches in the Mobile area were not happy with the way Craig was treated (or not treated) by Gus, so they are probably slow to warm to Kodi. Hopefully Kodi turn things around.
  12. Percy Harvin was good too.
  13. The Shark is going to be hard to replace. Greg Norman is a hell of an offensive coordinator.
  14. Terry's problems wasn't his coaching. Dye said he had one of the greatest offensive minds he had ever seen. His problems were off the field and his work ethic.
  15. Devin Aromashudu? I seems to remember him being a surprise last minute.