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  1. Did too!!!!!! And by the way....."You stink"!
  2. 14 pages is impressive. Particularly since it reminds me of my good friend and me arguing when we were in the 3rd grade. A lot of "did not" followed up by a lot of "did too's".
  3. Understand what you're saying, but he has not visited AU a single time when his cousin has been here numerous times. I just don't get a good vibe. Hope I'm wrong! And it is still very early in the recruiting process.
  4. Just listened to his cousin's (Lee Hunter)interview (who is the 5 star lineman from Mobile who has committed to Auburn already) who said Woodyard has not visited Auburn because "he has people in his head telling him not to". Not a good sign for us at this time.
  5. Home of Jason Campbell if my memory is correct.
  6. Don't let it get you down. People that post on message boards (myself included) in most instances have no idea what they're talking about. I just know this...the running back I saw in the Iron Bowl that absolutely destroyed a VERY good bama defensive back deserves to play more than 1 play at a time. And the same running back can take it to the house on any 1 play also (as he did versus bama last year on a penalty play.). Hopefully under Chad he'll get the opportunity.
  7. Just outside of Los Angeles. Terrible!!!
  8. Better take some fire resistant clothing when you go.😁
  9. You heard wrong. The talent is not remotely close between the two, I've seen little Tua play many times in person. The only thing he does better than Tua is run. He's faster but doesn't come close in his passing ability.
  10. No. Summon a decent OLine coach! Looks like GA got a good one in Luke (and a good recruiter too).
  11. If we've gone from really not being a factor to 50/50, he is going to AU.
  12. That's what "some" LSU fans thought too.😉
  13. Great minds think alike anyway. But Rodney has been in his prime for a while & I see no stop in him. He can still relate to the players (unlike some older coaches).
  14. No he can't! Because I read on this board he needed to go because he was past his prime.😀
  15. Been rumored he would, one day, try to get back to the west coast since Seattle is home for him & his family. He will not leave unless there is a golden opportunity that awaits him (like USC , Oregon, or Washington).
  16. Along with Bruce Evans and Jim McKinney from B'ham's Ensley High School. A darn good group.
  17. He'll be back in Florida playing for Lane Kiffin.