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  1. Along with Bruce Evans and Jim McKinney from B'ham's Ensley High School. A darn good group.
  2. Figures lie and liars figure.
  3. He'll be back in Florida playing for Lane Kiffin.
  4. Gosh, I hate to ask. But what do you/would you classify as a good season? It's a hell of a class and I'd hate to see Gus fired because I truly think he is building something special (as long as he keeps his staff together).
  5. You think bama fans felt like little brother when we were beating them 6 in a row under Tubs? Not hardly.
  6. I meant where a4e is committed to (as in Bryce Hospital)?😀
  7. Where a4e commits to or is committed.
  8. Never have been and never will be on a consistent basis. And we've had some real head football coaches. We've had our highs but they were followed by lows.
  9. He's good, but far from elite.
  10. From people I know who know who are extremely close to Dabo, he is at Clemson for life. He has no desire to return to bama as head coach and his wife is even more emphatic it never happens. They have as good a family life in Clemson as one could ask for and to both of them that is everything.
  11. As the original JJ Evans said in "Good Times"......DYN-O-MITE pickup.
  12. Hope you're right, but after reading Slayton's comments today about why he left AU early Gus has got to turn his offense around if we are to get and keep "elite" receivers.
  13. But does he stick with us? If he is as impressive as it looks we may have another Pickens on our hands.
  14. I don't recall any player from Pleasant Grove ever being highly recruited by and SEC school in football. And yes, the town was hit hard by the tornados in 2011. The same tornado that hit Tuscaloosa.
  15. Sounds like he may be the Mayhem guy in the TV Allstate commercials.
  16. Caddy will prove to be just as (if not more than ) TWill on the recruiting trail. He is a legend in North Alabama, the Tampa area because of his days with the Bucs, and soon to be a proven recruiter in the Atlanta area. A home run hire by Gus.
  17. And his mother played the game right along with George. He got zero guidance from a supposed adult about how to handle the publicity & recruiting. Same can be said for his coach.
  18. Running back recruiting has changed over the past few years. It used to be the sales pitch was "you're our main guy and we're gonna run you 25 - 30 times per game." This is how we got Cadillac to come to AU under Tubs. He was going to be THE guy. But over the past few years Saban and now Kirby have been able to sell guys and their parents that the fewer carries you get the better your chances of staying healthy and still be able to impress the scouts enough to get drafter and drafter higher. They're telling these guys you're gonna get 10 - 15 carries per game which is enough. Gus is still recruiting the old fashion way it appears and it's not working. Just reading the tea leaves we're though at RB for this year. One recruit is GA bound and the other is GTech bound.
  19. He got his meanness from his dad. Tom Banks Sr. was someone you didn't want to mess with either. And he was a good football player also.