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  1. Oh I agree with this completely I was thinking that it would probably be someone like ryan applin that he would bring in as his QB coach in my scenario.
  2. What is the chances that Gus doubles down and names himself as OC and then goes and finds someone as a QB coach?
  3. I've always been a fan of any Mike Leach team. Back in the NCAA day I would always either use Texas Tech or steal their playbook for whichever team I was using.
  4. I can see this line of thinking but it also makes me think that if 1 or 2 plays that went in our favor go differently then we lose to Washington, Texas A&M, and still lose the games that we have lost and we are looking at being 5-7 sitting at home for the bowl season. I think this is just an impossible way to look at because you have to consider the change in how the next play and every subsequent one after that is affected by the change. Way to much of a butterfly effect to try to think about the season in that perspective.
  5. @StatTiger in terms of the result of a play, is there a statistically significant difference between the results for pass plays that happen within 5 yards of the line of scrimmage where the receiver is moving forward as in a quick hitting slant off a RPO vs when the receiver is moving laterally in the screen game?
  6. Is the plan for Jason still QB first and then WR if QB doesn't work? Or has that plan changed since he is in a different recruiting class now?
  7. Person embodies being an Auburn man. I'm glad to have him back on campus.
  8. Just saw this on twitter and thought I would see if some of you that are more in the know, knew anything about this?
  9. If muschamp was to be let go, how much would that affect things with 2015 LB Jeffey Holland?
  10. I'm not seeing any "whining". People are just expressing their concerns. I, for one, love Gus but hate that we are losing our best recruiters. I do not want to go back to the days of Tuberville. So would you rather have our great recruiters and the same results from last year? Call me crazy but I'd rather have the days of Tubberville where we actually played sound fundamental football and won a lot of games and was competitive in the ones they lost.
  11. He has more of a prayer than the other guys... Nice! I would be very surprised if Brother Chette is let go. I would lose a lot of respect for Gus if Brother Chette is let go. The summer before I started at Auburn I met Brother Chette at my church and he gave me his office number and phone number and told me I could stop in and talk to him anytime I wanted to. I have had the utmost respect for him ever since.
  12. I also thought about him. I seem to remember him laying the wood on some special teams plays.
  13. I just wanted to see who you all think may be a good fit for the "spur" or whatever it will be called for us would be. I'll go ahead and give my thoughts. I would like to see Kris Frost in this position. If I remember correctly, coming out of high school a lot of schools were looking at him as a possible WR. For this reason I think he would be able to have to speed for coverage and also the size to provide good run support.
  14. These are college kids and they can go astray being off at college. We have seen this under the chizik era I agree they go astray. I just think their peers, and up-bringing have more to do with it than the coach. I do not thik because my kid played for someone like petrino that he would suddenly become a degenerate. Well like I said, there's a good bit of this kids that for them an athletic scholarship is the only chance they have and some of them come from rough upbringing and being around the wrong crowd etc, and a great coach can totally change that man's life for the better. I was always raised to believe that if you can help somebody, and even if its not your "job" that if given opportunity that you help them find the right path. Being around the "great man" that is Gene Chizik really helped all of our players recently hasn't it? I mean 4 of them will spend the next 15-20 years of their life in prison. Two others have been shot and killed because a 3rd one started all of the crap. Apparently the great man and friend role hasn't worked out too well. Maybe we should give someone a chance who will be a SOB to these players and actually make them grow up and be men.
  15. Can we get Jake Holland to start training with Omac. He obviously needs some help racing someone to the sideline.