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  1. It's not great. I'd read through it with the knowledge that it's a coming from a biased perspective. https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/huffington-post/ It's still a lot better than the blog you found on the other thread ;).
  2. If you can't understand why someone would ask you not to use blog summaries instead of the direct source, then I don't know what to tell you. Apparently someone wasn't paying attention in their high school science class.
  3. So your original post was to 1) point out that Biden said some wrong things and 2) make some assertion that fact checkers are biased on what they report. The first point is obviously true, he said those things. The second one is obviously false from all the links in this thread. What else is there to talk about?
  4. What a childish response. 2 bullet points is a lecture eh? It's a blog post on a far right site that's a tldr summary of a much longer fact check. It's barely a step up from a Facebook post, and bringing it up to support your side in a debate reflects poorly on you.
  5. 1. A blog entry based on an article is probably not the best source. Just link to the original: https://abcnews.go.com/Politics/joe-biden-town-hall-fact-checking-democratic-nominees/story?id=73062846 2. Maybe think about where you get your information in the future: https://mediabiasfactcheck.com/cns-news/
  6. Hard disagree with the second part. Morally, we shouldn't be interfering with the elections of foreign countries. As a democratic republic, though, we have to take action against those who try to interfere with our elections. The election is what defines us and the direction that we go, and allowing a foreign entity to have a say in that process contaminates it. We may disagree on the policies, but our motivations come from what we believe is the best for our country. Russia (and China, and Iran) do not have such notions.
  7. There's been several reports that China is working against Trump's reelection: https://www.npr.org/2020/08/07/900245813/u-s-intelligence-warns-china-opposes-trump-reelection-russia-works-against-biden The OP doesn't suggest any evidence that Russia has stepped beyond social media/disinformation campaigns (vs. the cyberattacks in 2016), so I guess the question is what steps should be taken against what we're seeing now?
  8. Rogan very rarely challenges his guests in any way. The one time I watched him bring people on with opposing viewpoints, the louder guy won. He might be a decent moderator, but nothing I've seen from his podcast would suggest it.
  9. No problem man. I apologize for going straight into condenscending mode when it was likely a misunderstanding. No need for that, even in smack talk. Cheers!
  10. I was calling out the Trump campaign including Russian jets in their ad as trolling or incompetent (not sure how one would actually describe a post as incompetent). If other people read my post as calling you out also, then my bad that I wasn't clear. Otherwise, maybe don't be as defensive about what you're reading here.
  11. What? Chill buddy. If you're looking to have a 1 on 1 thing with Dk, then just send him a PM. If you make a post, then other people might put in their 2 cents.
  12. The Trump ad was about supporting our troops though. Not support our troops along with the Russians. I don't see it as any sort of evidence for the Trump + Russia thing though. It's either trolling or incompetence.
  13. I think @SLAG-91 got the jist of it. Not everyone views athletes who embrace the BLM movement as a bad thing, but most people simply lost their viewing habits during the pandemic. People in general found other things to occupy their time, which means there's going to be some inertia to overcome to go back to old habits. I myself cancelled my YoutubeTV because live sports was one of the biggest reasons to have it in the first place (also they've raised the price by like 60% since I started using it). Depending on how no audience Auburn football looks I might jump in on some sort of ESPN+ bundle
  14. Apparently, like Trump, you need pictures over words: We're looking at the same data. You just didn't bother to read the note highlighted in the red box. Or understand the original point. Anyway, as usual, this discussion hasn't been worth it.
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