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  1. Yeah, I've seen DKW come out very strongly against Trump. Just wanted to give him my (admittedly still biased) views on why people still occasionally call him a Trumpster. Also I'd guess I'll be called a communist/socialist before being called a Trump supporter lol.
  2. So...from my view, you seem to have a very weird conglomerate of views, and you believe very strongly in them. For example, it's super rare for someone to really hate Trump as a person and to completely deny any form of Russian interference (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong there). I'm not passing any judgement on you or anyone for their beliefs. It's just a little confusing. I think those who call you a Trumpster either only see your anti dem establishment posts, or think you're trolling and aren't being truthful in all of your views. Also I'm kind of confused at where this post came from because I am pretty much with the party line on this issue (maybe 80-20 that it happened?). I'm fine with adjusting my views later on it if more information comes out, but, so far, it only seems like Trump, Russia, and the Taliban are denying it. Trump is doing his usual Deny Everything -> Deny Some -> Blame the Whistleblowers routine. I'd rather have concrete information, but it's a high security issue so we may not get anything (maybe the bank transactions can be verified?).
  3. Nah, while I try to be an independent thinker, my views tend to be left-leaning, so I don't get the normal emoji's thrown at me 🙃.
  4. No idea why my original link is pointing at a different story now, but I found a new one. I'm just saying it's not just progressive media that's putting this out.
  5. From It's not just increased testing. Even if it is, reopening criteria is based on the number of active cases. Finding a suprisingly higher number of people with the virus after more tests means that you reopened with incorrect information. Closing high risk places like bars just makes sense.
  6. I'm not sure why @Auburn85 picked a purely left-wing source on this, but it was verified by the AP:
  7. His platform is pro coronavirus and don't be like John Bolton. Also I'm still worried about liberals being complacent and Biden stumbling over himself in the debates. He's not going to get away with just meeting minimum expectations like Trump did in '16.
  8. I'm not the most knowledgeable about politics in the broad sense, but Mayor Pete felt like the same old thing but with a new coat of paint. What on the policy level that differentiated him from the old guard earned your support?
  9. Playing devil's advocate, at what point is it enough? Actual equality of relative wealth is obviously not the answer there. We need to know that putting in x amount of work (measured by outcome and not just effort) should yield x amount of gains for everyone involved. How would we judge that sort of thing?
  10. One of the few times I'd agree with you AND blame the incorrect public perception on the MSM. If you stretch that graph out farther back the trend more or less continues. We still have a ways to go as a society ( but we're much better off than we were before.
  11. I'm not going to be offended for being called out for faulty logic (or I try not to be). I've been wrong enough in the past to know I'm not infallible. But again, the placeholder isn't to create a new result. I haven't read the two links fully, but skimmed them. The NPR article says that Trump's rhetoric hasn't changed, but whether or not those words are patriotic is up to debate. For example, something like "America first" is fine and all, but a lot of those actions simply create a zero sum game out of global politics. Why did Trump have to offer to buy a German company for exclusive access when they were making strides at a coronavirus vaccine? Why couldn't we work with the German government in getting it to the US? Oh yeah, our political captical with Germany is completely shot. From a "power" perspective, there's power in being the guy at a table of friends who can pay more than their fair share of the bill and will do it just for the good of the group. You also can't pay the bill completely every time. You have to find the right balance in the middle. The second link...I think we're going to have to agree to disagree there. There's nothing good to say about it. Every other sentence gives off Dear Leader vibes...
  12. Biden isn't a solution to those issues. He's a resigned stopgap to an actual solution, because the alternative is Trump. Maybe neither one is going to step up and address money in politics, but at least in the mean time we'll have someone who can either handle a crisis, or wouldn't actively work against experts assigned to deal with a crisis. And while the DC establishment is currently a broken mess, I feel like the public has a bigger chance at influencing it than it has at changing Trump. The rest of my post was mostly trying to give you a view a liberal point of view just as a frame of reference. It acknowledges an emotional reaction, which isn't always going to be completely logical, but it's a belief that's been reinforced over the last 4 years by Trump's actions. I didn't bring it up to try to convince you of anything because that seems unlikely. Feel free to poke all you want at it though.
  13. Agreed that Trump didn't create a lot of the major issues plaguing us, but he's not a solution. I think a big difference in how Trump supporters see him vs. those who don't is how we view his goals and motivations. I see him as an extremely selfish person who will put his personal gains over the country. So maybe he'll do something that helps in a way (the executive order on police reforms was a small step in the right direction), but I always wonder how that action benefits him, and when he'll next do something that hurts the country to his own benefit (asking China to keep him in office as a non verified example). Once you believe something like that about a person, they're pretty close to unredeemable. Especially if I hate every other part of his personality... And yes, I also believe the 400k salary is very little compared to other ways he's benefitting from the presidency.