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  1. Keep trying imo. It's might be difficult finding issues where you see eye to eye, but it's very unlikely that your core values differ. Just be patient about it, and don't try to convince them to change right away. That's what I'm hoping for anyway.
  2. 1) Please paste as plain text. Having random blobs of white in your post makes it annoying to read. 2) "The difference in FL after initial machine recounts was 327": https://old.post-gazette.com/election/20001217pztimeline.asp. The 527 number was reached later. The 327 number matters as that was the reality before much of the fight in court happened. Pay attention to the details before calling BS. 3) I talked about the recount counties pick already, either address what I wrote or stop harping about it. Democrats picked counties they wanted recounted, Republicans picked theirs and ac
  3. The difference in FL after initial machine recounts was 327. The article you linked (and quoted) stated that had they done a recount of the entire state, Gore may have won. He obviously had a chance of winning. "Never had the lead" is a meaningless statement. If Pennsylvania allowed counting of mail in ballots before election day, Trump would have never had a lead there either. The "lead" can be manipulated just by changing the ordering that ballots are counted. A manual recount of specific counties was allowed by Florida law at the time and makes sense (the minimum number of counties you
  4. I don't think your links really support what you're saying. The Republicans rejected any notion of a recount, while the Democrats were asking for a recount of counties that went to them. I don't see anything that refers to challenging the votes of military members. Most importantly, I don't see anything that indicates Gore called the election a fraud.
  5. Was Gore yelling that the Republicans were attempting to steal the election the entire time?
  6. He's trying, and has the backing of a lot of voters. I think the Republican leadership don't see any downsides for them, so they're happy to just let it play out in the courts. Lasting damage to public trust in our elections wouldn't hurt them if Trump doesn't pull it off, and they keep the presidency if he does.
  7. He's been supporting Biden for a while, and Biden's position that he'll tax the top bracket hasn't changed. Pretty sure he knows that his taxes might go up with his decision cause he isn't an idiot, and he decided to support Biden anyway. Imagine picking a president not totally based on selfish reasoning.
  8. If Reuters is a liberal site, what do you consider centrist?
  9. As much as I want the rest of the nation to wake up, it's hard to deny that Trump is very good at saying awful things that make perfect sense to his supporters. Even if he calls for a military coup, I wouldn't be surprised if more than half of his supporters still stick with him.
  10. Going off of: https://www.ajc.com/politics/about-200000-absentee-ballots-still-need-to-be-counted-in-georgia/BYGJAXV5FRBGBAMA6JPIC7ZL34/ and https://abcnews.go.com/Elections/2020-us-presidential-election-results-live-map There are 163,000 votes left to be counted, and Trump has a 60k lead. So at least 110k need to go to Biden? Seems very difficult, though I'm too lazy to do the math to see how much Biden needs to overperform based on current averages (which could happen since it's all mail in ballots). EDIT: results are expected before 9pm EST.
  11. Yes. Please. Gimme that computer rankings component.
  12. Yeah, they didn't listen carefully enough. The full message was "stop the count as long as I'm ahead".
  13. Looks like Trump's base got the message:
  14. Agreed, but, like I said, the pessimistic part of my brain isn't happy with the questions floating around in AZ.
  15. There's also a large number of ballots that have not been scanned as delivered. USPS contend that they weren't doing the scan to increase delivery speeds so it's unclear whether or not those ballots were just lost: https://www.vice.com/en/article/5dppad/why-the-post-offices-last-minute-ballot-crisis-isnt-as-dire-as-it-seems
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