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  1. I haven't agreed with most of the posts from that twitter handle, but that one was so free. I thought the pass was catchable, but difficult. Taking the 50% (or worse) option when there was an 100% one is something we have to correct to hang with the better teams.
  2. I've never seen a facemask call on the ball carrier. What's supposed to happen when the ball carrier pulls someone else down by the facemask?
  3. $70k in the gofundme for the guy who actively tried to put people in his position...
  4. Alberta, CA, has over 10% of its power coming from wind and they're looking to expand on it heavily in the next 4 years. The fact that Texas failed to winterize their wind farms doesn't mean it's not possible. It's a failure of execution and planning like many have said before in this thread, not the technology. If Texas expands usage of wind but fails to continues to account for freezing conditions, then yeah, expect things to be worse. But hopefully, whoever's making that decision actually has a brain.
  5. If you were trying to claim that this impeachment trial is the thing that's going to destroy America, then you should also be able to tell me what accomplishment Trump actually had which caused the Democrats to pursue impeachment. You posted a conclusion, and I'm asking how you got there.
  6. What are the Democrats doing that will destroy the country in order to defeat Trump? What was the accomplishment they were trying to undo?
  7. Ten investigations were launched for the Benghazi attack, yielding nothing. You're not going to win an argument that one side blows things out of proportion more than the other. On this particular topic, it's been brought up on this board before, but if Biden 1)lost the election 2)spent the month after it calling the election a fraud, 3)holds an ANTIFA rally on Jan. 6, and 4)sends the crowd to the Capitol, any violence that happens there would be a result of his actions, and he should be held responsible.
  8. Nice post. Well thought out and adds much to the discussion.
  9. I feel like it's pretty obvious that the people who stormed the Capitol building heard something also.
  10. I think it's a mistake to solely focus on the speech from that morning. Trump's diehard fans have just spent the last month being told that their election was stolen from them. To those people, evil was about to retake the entire government. The answer of the question of "why can't they just protest peacefully?" works for both BLM and Trump's people on Wednesday. Both groups felt that the normal peaceful mechanisms set up in our country have let them down, so the only logical next step is to take matters into their own hands. I can't argue legality to the issue since I'm pretty ignorant
  11. I think social media amplifies the negative effects of cancel culture. People might shrug off some sort of drama in the past, but it's much less likely to happen when their entire circle is talking about it. Personally, though, it's really hard to take it seriously when I only hear people complain about it when someone does something bad. Say awful things in speeches, get removed from future bookings. Masturbate in front of women when there's a clear power dynamic issue, lose your shows. Wear black face 10 years ago, lose a job opportunity today. Actions have consequences, and the people
  12. He's also saying that, even if a criminal offense occurred, we shouldn't pursue it because we don't want Trump to be "in our heads".
  13. For once, Homer's asking an honest question about your views. If this sort of response is all you have to offer, then don't be offended if people assume you're one of the sheep.
  14. Somebody's sad they missed out on the field trip to the Capitol building today.
  15. Nah, he points to whichever direction the wind blows. Trump's time is done. Graham's just faster than a few others at redirecting his loyalties.
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