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  1. I really enjoyed Gary talking about not seeing a hold while watching at a video of Derrick getting his eye gouged.
  2. 22nd while he's the only one with a 2000 birthday is impressive.
  3. The US is in a pretty divided state. I think it's just as likely that if the situation was reversed (Democratic president, democratic nominee) that Republicans would feel the same way. Is there really any evidence that one side or the other is "more" partisan than the other? Would it be a huge waste of time to try to debate that? Probably :P.
  4. I see where you're coming from, but it seems more reasonable that Democrats would disagree with a nomination based on a difference in beliefs than Republicans supporting a nominee even if there is proof of sexual assault...
  5. Against my usual instincts I clicked on the link, and even the article mentions that the original estimate of the contract was $3B, Trump claimed at some point it had reached $4B, and then after the "deal" (article calls it "informal") they now say it's worth $5B. It's all too handwavy for me, and I wouldn't mind learning some details about the deal. If they took out some unnecessary additions to the planes, then that's a good thing. If something else was promised to Boeing, then we judge based on what was promised.
  6. Cool, so next time instead of assuming no one else knows anything either, you'll actually try to learn about the issue at hand so you can prove them wrong. Glad I could help :).
  7. It's sad that your only argument is to try to drag everyone else down to your level of ignorance.
  8. Um... Peter Strzok was fired for this, so that's not true. I'll also welcome any scrutiny into the evidence brought forth by him. Even without any evidence of bias the evidence that comes out of this investigation should be viewed carefully.
  9. Are you saying disliking Trump carries the same amount of bias and possibility of having it affect the person's job performance as being a Klan member? Would you doubt the entire police department if the sheriff was removed immediately after they found out he was a Klan member?
  10. How can you say he hasn't done enough? Trump even dedicated his golf trophy to Puerto Rico!
  11. There's too much in this thread to address all of it, but the Obama quote refers to vote tampering in particular. There's more to influencing an election than changing the votes themselves. The most widely referenced form is social media which Facebook has admitted happened: (which has a link to the FB white paper on the issue which I admit I have not read because who actually has the time for that?). Now if you actually listened or watched the Comey or Sessions testimony, you'll see that they all reference Russian interference into the 2016 elections as a fact. Not one person denied it. You'd think that if some one says something untrue in these hearings that the other side would point it out. Whether collusion occurred is a much different matter and Senator Cotton was not challenged when he said that they (the Senate committee) have not seen any evidence of it. Oh, and the Senate just voted 97-2 to raise sanctions with Russia in response to the interference to our 2016 elections. EDIT: going to try to refrain from that stuff even in the smack talk forum.
  12. I mean, if the Russians are accused of pushing our election in favor of the Democrats, then maybe it would matter just as much that those meetings happened. I do agree that our greatest issue is how divided we are right now. The US is both divided within and increasingly more isolated from our allies around the world. Someone is winning through all this maneuvering, and it's definitely not us.
  13. Did some research into the video. This is heavily edited footage from a college debate competition. These students come from the University of West Georgia, and the event happened at Harvard. The topic of the debate was on renewable energy, and instead of sticking to the topic, the students decided on taking a strategy called Kritik, which basically allows them to take any position that may or may not pertain to the topic at hand and leave it up to the other team to actually defeat their proposition. If the other team fails to do that, they the lose debate. Do they believe in what they're saying and are they a part of the BLM movement? Who knows. You could argue that they decided to use this as a winning strategy in the debate (which probably largely depends on flustering the other team with the topic). I'm sure you guys will be happy to believe whatever you want on this. Just trying to inject some facts in probably the wrong place to do it :P.
  14. So Conway just plugged Ivanka's stuff on Fox and Friends. That's just indefensibly unethical, right? Not that it's the first time something like this happened in this administration, but I think everyone has accepted that Trump's twitter account is basically allowed to run wild.
  15. How do you feel he's done so far? What are the highlights or lowlights for you?