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  1. mom2kid

    Post-LSU -- Coordinators Speak

    The Oline is our #1 weakness. Kim and Horton have played bad and we all thought Brahms was going to replace Kim for the LSU game now that he is healthy. Didn't happen even though Brahms was on the sidelines ready to go. WTH Gus/Chip/Grimes? It was obvious to us observers that Boobie was our best option at RB and he showed that against Washington. Shivers was clearly #2. Yet the coaches refuse to acknowledge the obvious. Why do we never have our starting Oline and RBs set every year? Chip - you are re-evaluating now after the loss? It wasn't painfully obvious aft the Washington game which we could have easily lost?
  2. mom2kid

    Media crickets

    To be fair, it was a close game that could have easily gone the other way. Both teams had issues. If we had beaten them solidly or annihilate them the way Ole Miss and LSU are scorching their opponents, it would have made a statement. Let's just be happy with the win. I hope we get our Oline and RB issue corrected before LSU.
  3. mom2kid

    RBU Auburn University

    UGA has had much more success recruiting the top rated running backs. Why? They play 2-3 backs while GM plays 1. AU used to have 2-back O (Ronnie and Cadi), but we have been a one back offense with Gus. Imo that is why we aren’t rbu snymore and what has hurt us in recruiting.
  4. mom2kid

    Stidham about to be "turned loose"

    Maybe CL will be turned loose to run more of his offense.
  5. mom2kid

    Gus is an average coach

    And don’t think Pruitt hasn’t taking the artform to UT. I tire of people who say all teams do it including us. If so, we’re bad at it because we come in 2nd on so many recruits. We will see this next week where we land on some of these recruiting battles. We can then revisit some of our opinion of Gus and staff. We need to start leveling the talent level with this class or we will be perennial #2/3 in SEC
  6. mom2kid

    Gus is an average coach

    Coach i’m not at all offended by your reply to my post. I hope we have a great yr w none of those unexplicable hiccups. And come May 1 we may have some good recruiting news to get momentum. Let’s see how our RBs and Oline perform this yr. They should be at min satisfactory. I just point out that it seems every yr we have the most concerns on the O side and that shoyldn’t be with an O HC.
  7. mom2kid

    Gus is an average coach

    It’s very hard to understand how yr after yr we have questions on the O side. The jekle and hyde of the offensive performance is hard to understand. While we have improved coaches, recruiting, and play on the defensive side, we continually have issues on the O. And we have an offensive guru as a HC. Baffling. Yes some of you will throw out the O numbers from last yr and yet many of us are unsure what kind of team we will have this fall because of the O. RBs? Asa should be a good get but how does UGA get the caliber of RBs they get yr after yr? We are a run first offense but can’t get the tops backs to come. Why? I want to get the top recruits on the oline like RG is able to bring in on the D side. I really hope we get a top 5 class this yr and get quality where we need. But we seem to have much more success recruiting D then O and that’s on Gus. Is Kirby a better coach? I don’t know but he is making sure we don’t out recruit them in Ga.
  8. Folks I really don’t mean to be negative and I would love nothing better than to become a dominant winning team. So many here brushed off UGA last yr and continue to think KS will fail. I see a program that has the same confidence and swagger as Bama, very good coaching, and yes I will say it, underhanded recruiting practices learned from NS. I’m around uga fans and they brag and laugh about Kirby bringing Nick’s knowledge of how to cheat and not get caught. No way they dominate the way they did without something under the table. Do I think they paid Fields $300k? Yes something was paid. I think we have very good D coaches and Gus leaves them alone. I don’t have as much belief in the O caches and Gus meddles too much. They obviously had no confidence in our backs last yr; let’s see who emerges. But UGA just reloaded with 2 not one 5 stars. And they have that impressive freshman back. I don’t know why we don’t dominate in RB recruiting every yr. Not saying our recruiting is bad just saying we are slightly under UGA. Then of course the oline recruiting was a major disappointment. You guys know how important it is to dominate st the line and create the holes for the running gsme. So yes we did better than other schools. (But keep in mind the coaching carousel) To just say we did “fine” for me means we did OK. Compared to our major rivals, we fell behind. Let’s see how the season goes and hope we can be more dominant in next yr’s recruiting.
  9. We fell out of top 10 so not sure what all the poditive spin is about. Apparently coming in a fistant 3rd behind UGA and Bama is ok with everyone. And the dominating class by UGA is ok because we are going to beat them regardless. I think people have the head in the sand syndrome. Bama lost too many assistants and it showed in recruiting but UGAs dominance is scary. And the majority of AU fans don’t think it matters. Our oline is not going to be good next yr. Unless we score big in ‘19 with recruits that can have immediate impact, we are going to be hurting. RB is tbd. None of our backs were good enough to play much this yr. so not sure who plays next yr. We lost the last two games becuz we had to play a hurt KJ. Sorry but the “we are going to be fine” attitude and “state schools are going to do better” defeatest attitude bugs the c__p out of me. The class is good not great and we fell behind our two major rivals— fact.
  10. mom2kid

    Al Borges... Gone again

    So do we bring in Hugh Freeze to fill that rile before UAT does? He’s not getting a coaching job anytime soon but he could really help with scheming.
  11. mom2kid

    Spuat or Thuga

    The frustration, and irony, is that these problems and concerns are for the most part on the O side. We have freshman playing on the D. It’s Gus micromanaging the O and not letting CL have a strong say in staff, personnel, schemes, etc. Do we really believe CL has the same control on O that Steele has on D? Bama/UGA are cleaning up. We are falling behind in recruiting and my biggest concern is RB and Oline. Yes we are doing better than most but we are fooling ourselves if we don’t see that Bama/UGA will be the big jaugernuts in the SEC.
  12. mom2kid

    2018 Team Goal

    Keep in mind that in UGA game last yr GM played a qb with one arm dangling. This yr in the SECCG he played a RB most if the game with one arm dangling. What coach does that and doesn’t have personnel ready to go. Or makes decisions to do what is needed to WIN. It’s just inexplicable and again, consider the player use and development we saw last night. My point is that last night we saw champoinship caliber play. OK also played lights out. I hope our coaches don’t just set goals but coach to to instill a champion mindset; losing is not an option mentality. We have enough talent to be in contention again but the bipolar play has got to end.
  13. mom2kid

    2018 Team Goal

    Ok I'm going to be negative Nancy. This team was expected to be a top ten this year based on the amount of talent and having JS as QB. Their team goal was to be SEC champ. They failed at meeting that goal and had 4 ugly losses especially the two really bad losses at the end. We finished the year at #10. Conclusion: this was a disappointing year and there is no sugar coating unless all you want as a fan is to beat Bama. Last night I saw two teams that played at a high level. They had freshman all over the field including the QBs. Yes Jalen played poorly but remember he started as a freshman. The teams were focused and played with intensity. Either could have won. For me, it was a reminder of all the concerns I've had as well as others about our coaches and team. QB play; strong leader with an intense desire to win and skills to make tough plays. (JS actually laughed after an interception) RBs who have strength to mow down the field and speed to make them miss. And a stable of backs to rotate without missing a beat or physically wearing any one. Receivers that make the tough catches and continued to run for big plays. (AU inconsistent and rarely get yds beyond catch) Front lines that played tough on BOTH sides (no comment) DBs playing man to man and safeties coming across to make interceptions or break the play (We have more work to do) Most importantly, two coaches that had their teams ready to play and one in particular that made great adjustments at the half and was determined not to lose. Saban screamed on the sidelines and demanded excellence. Ours throw their hands up and say "we didn't execute". No way Bama losses to UCF. Nick wouldn't allow it. And now we are complaining because we open with Washington. If you are a perennial power you don't fear competition. I have newfound respect for Saban as well as KS and it's time we have that expectation of our own HC and staff.
  14. mom2kid

    Bama vs Georgia

    Two freshman QBs showing up.
  15. mom2kid

    Bama vs Georgia

    Fromm plays w confidence. JS has had splashes but has played scared. Honestly, UGA has everything and reliading.