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  1. Spuat or Thuga

    The frustration, and irony, is that these problems and concerns are for the most part on the O side. We have freshman playing on the D. It’s Gus micromanaging the O and not letting CL have a strong say in staff, personnel, schemes, etc. Do we really believe CL has the same control on O that Steele has on D? Bama/UGA are cleaning up. We are falling behind in recruiting and my biggest concern is RB and Oline. Yes we are doing better than most but we are fooling ourselves if we don’t see that Bama/UGA will be the big jaugernuts in the SEC.
  2. 2018 Team Goal

    Keep in mind that in UGA game last yr GM played a qb with one arm dangling. This yr in the SECCG he played a RB most if the game with one arm dangling. What coach does that and doesn’t have personnel ready to go. Or makes decisions to do what is needed to WIN. It’s just inexplicable and again, consider the player use and development we saw last night. My point is that last night we saw champoinship caliber play. OK also played lights out. I hope our coaches don’t just set goals but coach to to instill a champion mindset; losing is not an option mentality. We have enough talent to be in contention again but the bipolar play has got to end.
  3. 2018 Team Goal

    Ok I'm going to be negative Nancy. This team was expected to be a top ten this year based on the amount of talent and having JS as QB. Their team goal was to be SEC champ. They failed at meeting that goal and had 4 ugly losses especially the two really bad losses at the end. We finished the year at #10. Conclusion: this was a disappointing year and there is no sugar coating unless all you want as a fan is to beat Bama. Last night I saw two teams that played at a high level. They had freshman all over the field including the QBs. Yes Jalen played poorly but remember he started as a freshman. The teams were focused and played with intensity. Either could have won. For me, it was a reminder of all the concerns I've had as well as others about our coaches and team. QB play; strong leader with an intense desire to win and skills to make tough plays. (JS actually laughed after an interception) RBs who have strength to mow down the field and speed to make them miss. And a stable of backs to rotate without missing a beat or physically wearing any one. Receivers that make the tough catches and continued to run for big plays. (AU inconsistent and rarely get yds beyond catch) Front lines that played tough on BOTH sides (no comment) DBs playing man to man and safeties coming across to make interceptions or break the play (We have more work to do) Most importantly, two coaches that had their teams ready to play and one in particular that made great adjustments at the half and was determined not to lose. Saban screamed on the sidelines and demanded excellence. Ours throw their hands up and say "we didn't execute". No way Bama losses to UCF. Nick wouldn't allow it. And now we are complaining because we open with Washington. If you are a perennial power you don't fear competition. I have newfound respect for Saban as well as KS and it's time we have that expectation of our own HC and staff.
  4. Bama vs Georgia

    Two freshman QBs showing up.
  5. Bama vs Georgia

    Fromm plays w confidence. JS has had splashes but has played scared. Honestly, UGA has everything and reliading.
  6. Malik Willis back at work

    I really hope he keeps developing and gets more playing time next season. I think he’s going to be very good and give opponents a different look.
  7. 2018 Team Goal

    This season, the football team's goal was to win the SEC. They fell short. The season had big highs and lows and I think it is safe to say that as much as we support our team, we fans have lots of questions regarding the coaching staff and their ability to get the team to the top. I read posts where people think we will be 9-3 next year and they add that they are fine with that. Ok, but as a business person, I think you set goals that are realistic but set the bar higher. Beyond talent, the team has to play as a unit so that the sum of the parts is greater than the sum of the individual pieces. Do we have enough talent to compete fot the SEC title? If so, and if that is the goal of the 2019 team then that's where our mindset needs to be. Losing is not an option. Let's not settle as a fan base and accept losing to Bama and UGA every year. I sure hope our coaches don't think this way.
  8. Looking ahead to 2018 RBs

    First of all, we have who we have. We have missed on top RB recruits year after year. Remember that we missed on Chubb and Sony M; this has been going on for years. This year we missed on our top RBs including the stars that signed with UGA. We played 1 back all year even when that back could hardly walk. The coaches spent all year lying to the fans saying that all our talented backs would play; they hardly saw the field even when Kerryon was hurt. Why recruit small backs if you only play the every down back? So with all due to GM and TH, you haven't been great at recruiting the RB position. But hopefully Asa Martin bucks the trend. Secondly, if the backs aren't good at pass protection, that is on coaching too. You couldn't develop ONE back not named KJ? Thirdly, because of GM's mindset that you only play one back, instead of distributing the ball, we have nearly dead and often injured backs by end of year. I guess our tandem of Cadillac/Ronnie would never had played if Gus had been the coach. No doubt (as Gus loves to say) that our lack of ball distribution has been noticed by recruits and seen as a negative. It's certainly not the competition..
  9. Chip: We really didn't make adjustments

    And Chip this is why you and Gus continue to piss us off. Arrogance and stupidity. By the way, you knuckleheads might take a few lessons from the best coach in college football:
  10. Official Postgame thread

    Because he doesnt think halftime adjustments are needed. Yes we played poorly but he didn’t think that anything with regard to game plan, blocking schemes, play calling, etc needed adjustment?
  11. Official Postgame thread

    Whatever respect I had for CL just went out the window. The offensive side of the coaching staff is pathetic but the mindset is from the HC. But them why would they make adjustments; they never do.
  12. Hand's contract expires today

    Crazy thought but if we really have an OC wouldn't he have a say in who he wants to coach the Oline? My concern is that GM and CL comes from high school. Neither comes from Div 1 pedigreed college coaching tree. Who would they even think to bring in?
  13. Season in review

    This was a very frustrating and painful season. Invonsistent play, inconsistent coaching, two great games but four really bad games. We are now stuck with a coach most of us are think cannot get it done and our rivsls mock. Our rivals are soaring high. SEC teams got better coaching and the competition will be stronger. I don’t think we will be competing for a natty anytime soon.
  14. Georgia vs. Oklahoma

    Something else AU doesn’t have; RB with sbility to break ling runs. KJ good but not that kind of runner. And UGA loaded agsin at RB next yr
  15. Georgia vs. Oklahoma

    Two strong RBs in 2-back offenses....both teams. We have 1 who we wore out and lost his burst