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  1. Uhhh. Gus had no charm and made tons of stupid faces. Harsin is sharp in every way and full of charisma. He comes off like a strong coach and leader focused on football. And he has a pleasant manner when he speaks. I for one am so proud how he represents AU. Elephant ears is a jerk. Saban has n charm. Give me a break.
  2. Have you made one positive comment since the BH hire?
  3. And Seems like every yr people post about getting DM back to AU. He has never come or interviewed that I know. AU is not making him an OC so he is not interested. Knowing that Kirby and staff are big negative recruiters and most of us think they brought UAT’s dirty recruiting methods, DM I don’t believe, has any soft spot for AU. Like Mikey said, the girl has said no multiple times. Stop asking her out and looking pitiful.
  4. What a breath of fresh air to have a coach who is methodically building a recruiting dept, and bringing in experienced highly regarded coordinators and coaches. We have ourselves a real college football coach.
  5. Well Dell should be able to educate him on UGA’s dirty recruiting
  6. Yes but either way they will have to deal with new HC and coaches.
  7. I wish our players could see that with BH they now have a real college HC who knows how to run effective offenses and develop players. He may be demanding but his players seem to really like and respect him. Our guys should give him their support and realize the will be better with him at the helm. Deciding to leave before seeing who BH hires and seeing the type of person or coach he is does not seem like a good decision.
  8. Im very confident with the list of potential O coordinator that BH will make an impressive hire. I believe he intends to clean house and bring his brand of football to AU and that includes the D coordinator. He will hire someone he knows and trusts and he should. He will rely on ADAG to support his decisions. He along with the coordinators will decide on coaches. RG did not support Gus and dared him to fire him knowing he had Steele and Rane behind him. That insubordination can’t be tolerated. Twill has some other issues that some if the insiders have aluded to. I really hope he keeps
  9. No way he keeps Steele and RG may bery well be out as well. We have hired an actual progessional college football coach and part of the “coaching fraternity”. Something we fidnt have with the last coach. He will hire top notch people who share his approach and Im thrilled with his hire.
  10. I like that he’s an offensive minded coach with great reputation of evaluating and develping QBs. I like his swagger and intensity. I like the way he talks to the media (no more goofy faces and controlled coach speak). And I like the way he looks and acts (yes he’s very good looking and masculine). I look forward to see who he hires but very excited to see where he takes the program.
  11. This committee better realize that no coach worth anything is going to accept their terms. They are destroying AU football.
  12. AD and Gogue need to step in and kick out whomever is dictating this condition on new hire. We want a great coach who is given full control to bring winning championship caliber football to AU. And Steele and RG need to go!
  13. Please stop with the Bill Clark push!
  14. Probably means our PTB tried to force him to keep certain coaches. No coach would accept that.
  15. I didn't intend to say Urban Meyer was secret candidate; just pointing out the absurdity to tell a coach interviewing that he has to keep part of our disfunctional coaching staff. If they tried that with MC, no wonder he stayed at Oregon. Our BOT is made up of goobers. If its Lincoln Riley, give him everything he wants and get out of the way
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