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  1. My thoughts from inside the stadium

    This was only my 2nd game in attendance this yr but it felt different from the get go. The players came out of the tunnel, ran to the far tunnel to greet fans and then got in a prayer huddle. Music played throughout the game and during any break in play and the players on the field could be seen moving to the rythem. The players on the sidelines were waving towels to get the crowd noise up from the start. Our players were relaxed, happy and confident. All business during play but otherwise having fun. Amazing atmosphere the entire game. I give the coaches and Gus all the credit. This game was different in every way and certainly showed a recipe for success. Hope they carry this into the Iron Bowl.
  2. Gus quote

    I don’t know thst there is anything personal against KS but UGA is killing it on recruiting. Are they negative recruiting and telling recruits AU is in disarray and GM is going to be gone after this yr? Im sure they get the download from recruits. That would be another to despise UGA.
  3. Chip Kelly breaks down big AUvUGA plays

    Maybe...or msybe Gus has grown into the HC position and is working with CL. Either way, the issues that had the fan base worked up were also concerns raised by football analysts. But 23 told us GM knew the coaches were to blame for the LSU meltdown. So if now we have better game planning, creative aggressive playcalling, and playing hard all 4 quarters we can calm down. I am very happy for the coaches and the players!
  4. Sorry needed break from board.. I am back

    Great to hear from you 23. It’s still unbelievable to us that Gus continues to have this stupid mentslity thst got us burned against FSU. That is not a winner’s mentality.
  5. Time to earn your pay Gus

    UGA was not a good team last yr. How they did they go from bad to #1? First, Fromm has been great. Has not played like a frosh and its not just who they played. Second, KS has coached them hard and instilled the confidence of a winner. They believe and they play hard and with a swagger. Third, they have great players on O and D who are playing very well. AU? Inconsistent on O; and many of our top recruits have not stepped up. Last few games the D has shown some weakness. They have to stop bruissing backs. Have to keep the pressure on qb and cover T Godwin. I believe because we play at home but I pray GM stops overthinking the offense.
  6. ***Auburn vs. Texas A&M -- Game Thread***

    Aggressive play calling using a great receiver.
  7. ***Auburn vs. Texas A&M -- Game Thread***

    Headset and play sheet again. What a liar
  8. Georgia vs Florida

    We may have somewhat equal talent but they are playing much more diciplined and confidence. I don't think we will beat them because of our poorly coached O but i hope I am wrong
  9. Need Tickets to UGA Game

    Looking for 2 tickets for AU - UGA game. I am in atl
  10. next Head Coach

    It's not about eloquence. Did you hear his press conference? His answers to legitimate questions were troubling and certainly made me wonder if GM had muzzled him or if he shared the same myopic view of the concerns on O.
  11. next Head Coach

    Based on yesterday's press conferences with the D and O coordinators, it was obvious to understand why the D is stout and well coached compared to the O. Steele spoke honestly, elegantly, and thoughtfully. CL had the same short puzzling responses to questions about the O. I thought GM was the anchor holding Chip down but now I'm thinking they are both knuckleheads. So unimpressive with his prickly responses on why we aren't targeting our 5* receivers more, why we don't have much intermediate pass routes or throw quick slants up the middle, and the sparse use of our stable of RBs. He was almost as unlikeable as GM. I stand by my previous post on this topic; we need to change the HC and the O staff. Bring in Brohm, Fuente, or Frost.
  12. next Head Coach

    I numbered the list is based on who I think we may have better chance to get, that's why I have Frost last. I do like that all three are offensive minded coaches.
  13. next Head Coach

    1). Brohm. Yes please. Offensive mind and bro Brian a former pro qb who coaches qbs. What is there not to like. Would he leave Purdue after one yr? I think he would to coach in SEC, with a team that is already stacked, and a school that will pay him and his assistants. 2). Fuente. Would very much like. Offensive mind; coached Paxton Lynch. Would bring O staff but could very likely keep Twill and RG. Would he leave VT after two yrs? Well he was HC at Memphis only 3 yrs. Young family may really like Auburn. 3) Frost - Nebraska has already said they are getting money together to make him an offer and increase pay for his assistants. Unless he wants to coach in the SEC, I doubt we are more attractive than his alma mater or UCF. He would be a great hire but I don't think he is an option. Please AU get going and bring one of these guys in!
  14. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    Serious wuestion; why has GM not already been relieved of duty? Appoint an interim HC and let the coaches coach. Let's see what this team can really do and hopefully start winning. Everyone now understands that Gus is the problem and there is no reason not to make the move NOW. This is ruining the program.
  15. Ok offensive guru, please tell us who failed miserably not making the adjustments we all saw were needed. Does this guy have any credibility!