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  1. Loved how she talked about the auburn community and how it was a part of who she was. And yes she represented auburn very well. The shock to me is how many people are shocked that a young lady could be a virgin and not sleep with the bachelor. She gets crucified for having morals and faith. But thats a topic for another day and another place.
  2. Her in home visit to auburn about to air
  3. No Im not saying Kirby’s is wrong just that he is obviously intent on winning at any cost. And the negative recruiting of UGA should have Gus on the attack mode but probably not.
  4. I would reslly hate to lose this kid to UGA of all places. Kirby goes after 5*s and copies what works for other programs. He was copying Saban’s recruiting strategy and now he is copying LSU bringing in an nfl coordinator. And sadly adding to his penchant for negative recruiting, it works, Hopefully our passing and QB play improves next yr and we get Brock. No excuse for losing this guy.
  5. Agree on Cristobal. I think he keeps d staff. He has PAC 10 coaches at Oregon so I dont think he would bring them. The question is would joe brady accept an OC job?
  6. Cristobal. Saban coaching tree, knows SEC, strong recruiter, and look at the resumes of staff he has put together at Oregon. SEC is different and he understands.
  7. This yr GM will be responsible and judged as the head coach and OC. I’m not a gus fan but we have to see how the season goes. I have seen him try to be more personable this yr but I don’t think he has much personality. But his players love him so thats more important. I think he can be a good head coach but only if he brings in a great O coach and lets him hire and run their system. This is where Gus’s arrogance is the problem that will get him fired.
  8. I definitely think he should be the choice for wildcat and a good choice for short yardage
  9. We all know the #1 problem is the oline. And this is nothing new. Bad recruiting, bad coaching. GM has been unable or unwilling to properly address the issue and has made bad coaching hires. He should have made a change last year but with his head on the chopping block and no relationships at the college level, he was stuck w Grimes. You cant fire Grimes at mid season. Is Brahmes worse than King? Are the frosh not strong enough to compete? I dont know but this is going to cost us several games and possibly Gus’s job.
  10. Where are AU fans on game day? Surprised at low turnout unless hurricane has kept fans from getting there.
  11. The thread may be fun for us to play AU fantesy football but let’s face it; Gus isnt going to make any changes. He doesn't seem to see the problems the rest of us do.
  12. Grimes and Horton are the two I think need to be replaced. Kodi apparently has done better in recruiting but I dont see development in our receivers. Albeit I am no expert. I also question our S&C. Interested to know what WDW thinks.
  13. I didnt watch but did UGA work on Tua’s leg like they did to Kerryin?
  14. Jalen may have to come in
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