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  1. As the great philosopher, Granny Clampett, says, "Pie r round, Cornbread r square."
  2. Welcome to the Family Davion! From a Bradwell Institute alumnus (from when there was only one high school in the county.
  3. My daughter actually planed her wedding for the bye weekend. Bama fans are not so happy. Not that we have many.
  4. Assistant Coaches speak ......... with forked tongue. FIFY
  5. Something is causing it that "they" don't want people finding out As the late great medical mind of George Carlin stated, "In medical news tonight, a new study has shown that saliva has been found to cause cancer. But only when swallowed in small amounts, over extended periods of time." BTW, I feel that I have the right to make a joke because I have just been treated for Melanoma in my left eye. God bless everyone facing the battle with cancer and their families as well.
  6. So for those of us who don't know, where is this guy from?
  7. In a lot of respects the return was almost exactly like ours against Alabama!
  8. For someone in the know, isn't the steel framework going to covered with some sort of panels?
  9. I know the structural engineers VERY well (out of B'ham). They will not only stand behind their work, they'll stand under it.
  10. I heard that the old video/score board is so out of date that they can't get parts for it. That might have something to do with the sound and the clock.
  11. Anyone notice a certain resemblance to another pretty good Auburn running back in the photo that is in the article? Can you say Bo Jackson?
  12. You have been in school a very long time, haven't you?
  13. He could be out on the road and trying to keep it quiet for another 2 weeks.
  14. As Lewis Grizzard noted when Clemson won their only NC, "Clemson winning the National Championship is like the country of Luxemborg winning a nuclear war."
  15. You might want to fix the errors before sending it to your friends. They might think that someone has hijacked your account.