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  1. Good to know. Last thing I'd seen had him at 6'-7". Not a huge difference on paper, but 6'-8"+ feels a lot bigger at that posisition.
  2. Hopefully he can put on an inch or two then, even if he does need to play taller than he is.
  3. Well, I'm sure Cole will be glad to hear this.
  4. Just finished it off. They're going to game 7.
  5. Only on watchESPN because of the time change.
  6. Well placed hit there. Good win.
  7. She wasn't laid out. Runners hands got up into her face mask. I wonder if Wallaces mouth is still bothering her and if that had anything to do with the reaction. Didn't seem dirty at all.
  8. Phew.... way to escape there.
  9. I think you're drawing a false equivalency here. Without supporting or condemning what Reid did during the Obama administration, I feel the need to point out some pretty big differences between what Reid did and what Mitch is doing now. Reid didn't enact the "nuclear option" until after Senate Republican had filibusters over 80 federal judicial appointees, effectively crippling the judicial branch of government for a substantial amount of time. It became clear that the filibusters were not about problems with any of the judges individually, but rather to stop the process entirely. If NG was the third or forth appointment that the Dems had filibustered, then maybe the comparison would be more apt, but right now it's apples and oranges. Why Republicans didn't just vote on Garland like they were constitutionally obligated to, I'll never understand. It's not like they couldn't have voted to just not confirm him. If they would have just done that they'd probably be seen it a lot better light right now.
  10. Correct me if I am mistaken somewhere in my logic, but I can't see any reason to leave the spot open completely if there are grad transfers available. Since they would be seniors, they would be off the books after a year anyway so taking two grad transfers shouldn't limit the number of 2018 spots we would have would it?
  11. I agree with this, but I also wouldn't be surprised to see DM getting more minutes at PG than JH by the end of next season. As much as I love JH and what he's done this season, DM may just have more tools at his his disposal at the end of the day. Either way, we should be looking at an embarrassment of riches at the position next season.
  12. Will that game be televised?
  13. SEC Freshman of the Week 12/19-12/25 Dec. 26, 2016
  14. Gutsy win tonight. It's not often you win a game where your opponent gets off 22 more shots than you do. Great game by Harper. He seemed to have a big shot up his sleeve whenever we needed one. And that 11-12 FT shooting from him should do wonders for his confidence going forward.