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  1. AuburnArch13

    have quite the ceiling with Purifoy

    He was in towards the end of the game getting some work for a while before the walk-ons came on and he was out there for a little bit with them. Not sure how visible it was on TV, but he took a pretty hard ball to the family jewels when one of the UNF players was trying to get the ball in near the sidleline. Not a serious injury obviously, but he was down for a minute or so and then had to come out (to much friendly jeering from teammates as you might expect). At that point we were in full garbage time mode, so he didn’t get back in the game, but had that not happened I think he would have gotten more minutes than he did.
  2. AuburnArch13

    ***FINAL: AU 21 UW 16 — Postgame Thread***

    Yeah, that analysis was nonsense. Even their graphic was wrong, showing Stidham with 1 INT and Browning with 0. With that said, we probably will need more consistent play from Stidham if we want to make the playoff. He did seem to get rattled in the 3rd and it looked at times like he wasn’t seeing the whole field. But you can’t just ignore that he had large stretches of game where he was damn near perfect. His good is definitely championship caliber good. His ability to steady himself and the offense when things start to spiral (as they certainly will at times over the course of the year) will determine how far this team can go.
  3. AuburnArch13

    Big Kat Bryant

    Ah, very cool. Thanks
  4. AuburnArch13

    Big Kat Bryant

    Was looking through the box score this morning and noticed that he is actually listed as “Big Kat” Bryant rather than Markaviest and thought it was kinda curious. I’m assuming ESPN just runs with whatever the team sends them? It also led me to look at Worm’s and Boobie’s pages. They are called Shaun an JaTarbious respectively. But then “Smoke” Monday is referrred to as such. Not really sure where this rambling post is going exactly, but I thought listing the nicknames was kinda neat. Anyone know if this is a new thing or something I’m just noticing for the first time?
  5. AuburnArch13

    2020 5* C Walker Kessler

    UCLA has got to be on any list of historical “blue bloods”. With a win percentage just a hair under .700 and with 11 championships, the most all time and as many as Duke and UNC combined, they are arguably the most successful program of all time (though I think I’d give Kentucky that nod). As for Virginia, no they aren’t a blue blood in the historical, traditional sense. But with 3 of the last 5 ACC championships, and the #1 overall tournament seed last year, they are certainly one of college basketball’s current powerhouses. This was the sentiment that I was trying to get at in the original post where I referenced them. If you were making a list of Kessler’s current “top offers”, they’d probably be up there along with Xavier. But neither school appears to be at the top of his actual list. We don’t know for certain what happens if Kansans, Duke, UNC, or UCLA comes calling (I think if UK wants him they’ll get him). But the evidence we have so far seems to indicate, albeit weakly, that they wouldn’t automatically knock us out of the running.
  6. AuburnArch13

    2020 5* C Walker Kessler

    It’ll be an uphill battle for sure. I think it’s somewhat encouraging though that UVA doesn’t appear to have jumped up to the top of his list as soon as they offered, so maybe we can compete with at least some of the blue bloods. I know he’s spoken highly of Kentucky and said that they’d be very much in the picture if they offer. It seems for the moment like they’re more enamoured with N’valy Dante, so maybe we’ll get a little help there. Not sure what the Duke and UNC pictures look like, and granted it’s super early. But it sounds like we’ll have at least a puncher’s chance, which is pretty new territory for us.
  7. AuburnArch13

    2020 5* C Walker Kessler

    From Keith Niebuhr
  8. AuburnArch13

    2020 5* C Walker Kessler

    15 offers including: Auburn, Georgia, Vanderbilt, Creighton, Florida, Georgia Tech, Wake Forest, Xavier, Illinois, Memphis, Ole Miss, Saint Johns, Stanford, Texas A&M, and Virginia. Also being recruiting by Kentucky and Duke. Not sure how to properly do the 247 profile embed. Any help is appreciated.
  9. AuburnArch13

    2019 Men's Basketball Recruiting Thread

    Any indication that we (or anyone else) are close to Bama in terms of Kira Lewis’ recruitment?
  10. AuburnArch13

    2020 5* PG Sharife Cooper

    For sure. I didn’t mean to imply that that’s necessarilly the way we should pitch him. My hope would be that that’s something he’d kinda realize on his own. I’m sure our pitch would look something like what you described. My greater point was if there is a type of elite prospect we’ve got a chance of going toe-to-toe with the big guys for, Sharife seems to fit it. Hopefully we can land him.
  11. AuburnArch13

    2020 5* PG Sharife Cooper

    I agree with the bulk of your sentiment, but in the case of Sharife in particular, I think we might be in a better case to compete with the blue bloods because we have the ability to offer him a more reliable opportunity to start for multiple years at PG. While there is little doubt that he is a stud college prospect, at 6’-0” (or likely a little less than that) he isn’t a stud NBA prospect. He may have the chops to get to the NBA, but he doesn’t strike me as a one-and-done. If he can be convinced of that, then I think it will matter less that we aren’t having 3-4 freshman drafted every year, provided that we start getting some juniors and seniors drafted. The one thing Auburn could offer that a Kentucky wouldn’t is that we wouldn’t be realistically looking to his potential 5* PG replacement in the next signing class.
  12. They are, but they are also both old (Jan/Feb). The article posted above is from late June and has Auburn and Louisville as the teams to beat. I’d be more inclined to think that’s a better indication of where things currently sit.
  13. AuburnArch13

    Heron hasnt hired an agent

    My thoughts as well. At this point it’s far from a sure thing he gets eligible right away if he transfers. I’d also say I’m not even sure if it’s a sure thing that he does transfer. As far as I can tell, he hasn’t done anything that commits him to leaving, nor has he personally released anything that I’m aware of. If he’s really looking to play in the NBA as soon as possible, and he becomes unconvinced that he’ll get a NCAA waiver, then staying put might make the most sense. I’m not saying I’d bet on it, but if you gave me 3 to 1 odds, I might.
  14. AuburnArch13

    Purifoy eligibility

    There are only 2 rounds of the NBA draft. If Wiley goes in the second round, it will almost assuredly be a huge financial mistake for him, given his potential to be a lottery pick the next year if he returns and has a great season. He’d make more money in his rookie year as a top-10 pick then in his first two as a 2nd rounder or even late first rounder.
  15. AuburnArch13

    AU - Legitimate Final Four Contender?

    This seems overly pessimistic, or maybe I’m misreading what you’re saying. We’ll likely finish somewhere in the 2-4 seed range which would make us a favorite to reach the sweet 16. If that’s the case, we’d have to win two games we aren’t supposed to (assuming a 3 or 4 seed) to reach the Final Four. That’s certainly difficult, but far from impossible. If I had to handicap our odds of making the final four right now, I’d put us at around 5%. We’re a long shot, but also one of the dozen or so “contenders” imo.