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  1. Agreed. With the recent trade it looks like it’ll be Delon Wright as the backup PG with Coop and Mays battling for that third spot, as Kris Dunn is now gone and I imagine it’s less likely we re-sign Lemon Pepper Lou at this point.
  2. Yeah, it’s a shame he dropped as far as he did but I think that the landing spot could make it a blessing in disguise as you point out. Not only would he potentially be learning behind Trae, but would also be in a system that is de-facto tailored to his game by virtue of the roster being built around Traes similar skill set. Will be interesting to see how he competes in the summer league relative to Skylar Mays.
  3. I’ll venture an uninformed guess Coop ends with Houston at 23 or 24 and Thor ends up in OKC at 34 or 36. We’ll see though. Excited for both guys to make it to the show.
  4. Yeah, Peach Jam is July 20-25 I think. So it sounds like we’ve got a good chance of knowing this month.
  5. I mean maybe.. but I just can’t think of a case in either basketball or football where recruiting fell off quickly and precipitously after the coach retired - particularly when they were replaced by essentially a HC-in-waiting. UNC just landed a commitment from 5-star C Jalen Washington on Friday. I think we still have a good shot at Cruz, and I’m sure that our staff will be making all of the same arguments about UNC to him that your making now. But I just don’t see any reason to assume that Hubert won’t recruit just as well if not better than Roy.
  6. I think that’s fair. It’s hard to replace a legend. But at the same time if there is a drop off, I’d expect a drop in recruiting prowess to lag behind any drop in on court performance if it happens. Even the UCLAs and Indianas were able to continue to recruit well until it was clear that the on-court product was not the same. I also think that the continuity that Hubert provides there as an internal promotion helps the recruiting cause. He’s likely to have already been personally recruiting many of these kids to UNC for a few years. So he’s not having to cobble something together out of whole
  7. Anything could happen, but it’s probably safest to assume that UNC is still UNC until proven otherwise, especially from a recruiting standpoint. Wouldn’t surprise me at all if they ended up being a threat for Cruz.
  8. Lol. He made Book uncomfortable by literally breaking his nose. I’m not sure how much credit you should get for that. I won’t take anything away from Bev’s work ethic, he absolutely leaves 100% on the court. But a large part how he makes opposing players ‘uncomfortable’ is by how willing he is to take cheap shots and make dangerous plays. It’s not a coincidence that players he’s guarding wind up hurt at a disproportionate rate. Being willing to put other peoples’ careers at risk under the guise of being an ‘intimidator’ is not something we should glorify in the sport. It’s like pitchers that t
  9. So start undercutting jumpshooters’ legs, throwing haymakers, head-butting faces, and otherwise acting a fool? /s
  10. Guess we should probably modify the thread title.
  11. He planning to commit today?
  12. Speaking specifically to the G-League Ignite team, I believe the salaries there range from $125,000-$500,000 per year. Do one year of that and your college is paid for if things don’t work out. With the G-League at this point only taking a few kids, and kids they deem likely to be drafted, it doesn’t seem like a huge risk for these kids.
  13. Ha, fair enough. But no, the Rockets had the worst record in Basketball this year, but do have some late picks as well via trades.
  14. I know the article says 6’-3” but his rivals profile has him at 6’-4” and his 247 at 6’-5” so who knows? He may actually be 6’-3”, but that 6’-3” might also be a true 6’-3” and be taller than most other peoples’ “6’-3””.
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