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  1. The minimum salary for an NBA player this season was just under 900k. Next year that goes up to around 925k. If Scoot were eligible to be drafted, he almost definitely would be, and would be making that or more. The only reason talented kids don’t make that right out of high school is because of the NBA’s collusive age restrictions. If Scoota makes 500k next year, it will be because his labor is worth that (or more) to his employer. The NBA isn’t in the business of giving out handouts.
  2. Not asking anyone not to feel bummed. Hell, I’m bummed. But the strange self-serving arguments for why the kid doesn’t deserve what he has coming to him are not the most attractive shade on our auburn fan base.
  3. Or maybe they deserve what the market is willing to pay them for their services and not a penny less? Lotta weird takes and sour grapes popping up in this thread.
  4. Committed to Kentucky https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.azdesertswarm.com/platform/amp/basketball/2021/5/12/22433394/tyty-washington-commits-kentucky-basketball-recruiting-2021-arizona-wildcats-target-point-guard
  5. Like you, I haven’t seen a Bruce quote stating that he’d want Flannigan at the 3 rather than the 2 that I can recall. But when I’ve seen the claim that he has on this board, I’ve always taken it to be more of a reflection of the lineup that Bruce wants around Flannigan at any given time than a reflection of Flannigan’s individual skill set. I.e. Bruce would ideally rather have two guards and two bigs on the court at the same time as Flannigan rather than have 1 guard and three bigs. But I have to imagine that regardless of that possible preference, Bruce is gonna start the most talented folks
  6. Super excited for this one. I’m pretty sure this is the only thread I’ve ever created for recruit, and it finally payed off. And it only took two and half years!
  7. I don’t believe we are. NCAA moves pretty slow more often than not.
  8. Appears we shoot a much better percentage when Cooper takes nearly half the FT himself.
  9. Sure, be until we hear for certain, it can’t be ruled out. And the Coopers of all people may have reason to be cynical about assuming what the NCAA will or won’t do. So I don’t think @dunndone414 is crazy to throw that out there as a potential factor.
  10. There will certainly be attrition between now and then. He’s two classes away and chances are good that we’ll have a couple guys leave for the NBA, and a couple more transfer looking for playing time.
  11. Yeah, 247 has updated their article now as well. Looks like he’s out.
  12. I don’t know that we know for certain what will happen here yet, but from the NCAA’s website it appears that their solution, at least for next year, is to allow ‘super-seniors’ who would have otherwise used up their eligibility to be effectively excluded from the total scholarship count, by increasing the scholarships available to that school by the number of those players that it has on roster. It’s unclear whether this will continue for more seasons until the the extra class matriculates. But in any event, this particular fix would not help us for next season as we currently have no seniors
  13. With Turbo leaving and our incoming class we are at 13 which is I believe the allowable limit. But we could still be looking at reductions. Juniors 1) Jamal Johnson 2) Javon Franklin Sophomores 3) Allen Flannigan 4) Devan Cambridge 5) Jaylin Williams 6) Babatunde Akingbola Freshman 7) Sharife Cooper 8 )Justin Powell 9) Chris Moore 10) JT Thor 11) Dylan Cardwell Signees 12) Jabari Smith 13) Trey Alexander
  14. Still don’t really see JP as a 1-and-done type of guy, but it’s pretty crazy what he’s done for us through his first 8 games -leading the team in points, assists, and rebounds, all while playing out of position. Will be exciting to see what he can do at the two if and when we get Cooper back in the fold.
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