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  1. Erik Wemple? LOL. Doesn't his wife work for Mother Jones one of the most partisan voices in politics?
  2. Ha! It will take a dozen, unused. BTW, how is your sons swing coming along?
  4. Don't discount Deval Patrick just yet. If Obama and say Oprah publicly endorse him look out.
  5. Knock on my door and bring Chrome Soft X and you might garner my vote.
  6. This guy is not the first to state this, but an interesting take regardless.
  7. This is where I'm at as well. Regardless of the play calls, with an above average oline we are undefeated. That is on Gus. Whether recruiting or oline coaching its on him. He's the boss. Time for a change.
  8. I blame golf. He sent a case of PBR, you drank carelessly then posted this crap. Dammit man.
  9. Good for you! I think the post was intended for humor. Regardless, time for a change.
  10. I just sent the cultist back to his basement where mommy can watch him.
  11. Thanks, but you missed the point. This wasn't about my expectations.
  12. Yeah, they blamed the game on the oline, running game and Bo. Particularly their post game analysis.