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  1. Oh, so you are acknowledging I wasn't banging bedwetters? Good. I don't have to disclose confidential information. But are you saying there are no bedwetters in the party?
  2. Looks like Georgia didn't handle this too well. And to boot, the Republican's knew the potential was there for these things to occur, raised money to prevent it and did nothing but take the cash! Laughable at best. Like I've stated numerous times, they got outworked. Shady maybe, but in the end Joe Biden is president.
  3. So to your credit, Greenwald was moved to center bias by AllSides after articles/stances calling out left wing media, left wing elites and woke ideology. Personally, I don't agree that calling out bedwetters in ones party deserves that rating and instead should be applauded, but I digress.
  4. So how many do you personally know? Lets bring them on here and chat. I'm down, you?
  5. Nope. I call out your meaningless BS and will continue to do so. You obviously gave this article little thought. A shocking trend (said no one.)
  6. WTF? You are talking about a washed up guitar player. A totally irrelevant person. Who freaking cares? What's he got like 10K followers? 100K? Now lets focus on reality and compare and contrast. When a mayor of a major city, such as Chicago, invokes a call to arms, people need to pay attention. Fortunately, news networks do just that and suddenly millions of people read the story. Now it is unfortunate that only half of the country notices, like yourself. Again, I should not have to educate you on "call to arms" as a former serviceman. I would hope anyone with a conscious would call out the real culprit here and not some has been. Look, this is simple. Please focus on real threats and not those imagined.
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