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  1. Lot of praise for the Lincoln Project. More on one of their founders:
  2. But criticism of this commutation immediately seemed to be decoupled from any foundation in history or in the Constitution. Indeed, Toobin also declared, “This is simply not done by American presidents. They do not pardon or commute sentences of people who are close to them or about to go to prison. It just does not happen until this president.” In reality, the commutation of Stone barely stands out in the old gallery of White House pardons, which are the most consistently and openly abused power in the Constitution. This authority under Article Two is stated in absolute terms, and some presidents have wielded it with absolute abandon. Bill Clinton committed some of the worst abuses of this power, including pardons for his brother Roger Clinton and his friend and business partner Susan McDougal. He also pardoned the fugitive financier Marc Rich, who evaded justice by fleeing abroad. Entirely unrepentant, Rich was a major Democratic donor, and Clinton had wiped away his convictions for fraud, tax evasion, racketeering, and illegal dealings with Iran. There is lots to criticize in this move without pretending it was a pristine power besmirched by a rogue president. Indeed, Trump should have left the decision to a successor or, at a minimum, to the attorney general. But compared to the other presidents, this commutation is not even a distant contender for “the most corrupt and cronyistic act” of clemency.
  3. Homey be like
  4. Sorry to hear about your cousin. Hope your uncle recovers soon.
  5. Only about 25,000 Americans are hardcore ideological activists for the white supremacist movement, a tiny fraction of the white population. If doing what you propose, he will surely lose.
  6. Literally hundreds of Dave Rubin types in the media. Left, right, liberal, conservative, whatever. Just another media guy with an opinion. This is news?
  7. Many working for equality Cole, but it takes great effort from both sides. Have to dispel myths and stereotypes. Not easy, but a worthy cause.
  8. Spent time with my nephew last week. He's a lobbyist in DC. Give the boy a Blanton's or two and he talks. Truly corrupt what happens there. They hate Trump. Don't mess with the gravy. Most Americans are clueless about DC.
  9. Another dish I was introduced to in Central America was ceviche. Had variations in the US but not quite the same. Even tried to replicate myself but not remotely successful. Still good. Had to be some secret ingredient. IDK. Great for a high protein, low fat diet. Great with beer. Trend?
  10. Goat is underrated. Try it in soup with habanero sauce and chase with a beer. You'll need the beer. Stuff's hot!