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  2. nope
  3. I understand your discontent, but I recommend you exercise caution when defending ignorance. That's all. But since you mention mean.............. "Give the Mean Girls in the movie credit for at least being capable of growth."
  4. "It wasn’t just that Trump disgusted me; I was disgusted with myself for being so stupid. I no longer trusted my own powers of observation and analysis." Uh, I hate to break it to you there sport, but after that piece it appears you are still stupid. You learned nothing.
  5. I think you nailed it. Of course there is always the Russians.
  6. Breaking News! Russia has infiltrated the Democrats mind causing them to call for the ousting of Nancy Pelosi.
  7. Such hooey from Salon. To be expected from this partisan non-think tank. They at least got it partially right, there is indeed a war on facts. Unfortunately, Salon doesn't seem interested in the whole truth. Had they truly cared, they would have called out CNN for their ignorance. So obviously, there is a war on facts and it is being promulgated by the media via a constant barrage of hate speech and yes, as Salon exhibits, fake news.
  8. “The US war machine has revived the tried-and-true Red Scare…. This massive anti-Russian propaganda campaign is one of the biggest fake news operations in U.S. history….
  9. I disagree.
  10. Mr. Durden with his daily dose.