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  2. Mothball the Confederate Monuments
  3. Except for the Pence reference, this captures the thoughts of many.
  4. You trying to put words in my mouth is a losing proposition. Pay closer attention please.
  5. There you go again. Tying to deflect when your theory was shown to be false. It gets old dude. If you can live with the lies so be it. At this point it is expected from you and a handful of others and that is simply sad.
  6. Once huh? This is precisely the disingenuous talk the media is engaging in and you and a few others here want to double down on? This political biased rhetoric benefits no one.
  7. Moore & Strange in a runoff...

    Strange was predictable and so typical of the political process in our country. Moore is absolutely Alabama.
  8. LOL. Not paying attention? No prob, you are not alone. I've likely called the man more names than most here, but whatever.
  9. Sad truly sad video. No place in our country for that kind of hate. And regardless of how many times this president has called them out, he must continue to do so and in a direct way for maximum impact.
  10. A Few of my 'takeaways" from Charlottesville

    That's pretty good there Homes. One of your best. Props.
  11. This was probably the most puzzling of his statements. I have no clue what he is alluding to here.
  12. Again, I completely disagree. And again, this comes down to political talking points, biases and whether one likes or dislikes Trump.
  13. Love me some self described critical thinkers. Usually espousing some talking point from their favorite political rag. Well they read it, so I guess you win. It was right in front of them in print.
  14. I agree. But I don't attempt to interpret what he thinks. It would only be an opinion if I did.