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  1. Obvious some here have never played at altitude. HUGE factor. BTW, we will not have that to worry about that advantage vs Kansas. Unlike our previous opponent, they do not regularly play at altitude. But they are Kansas. We have to play better.
  2. It is pretty good for sure. I'll have another shortly and maybe a Hitchiker. Taking a first hand report with a grain of salt not wise. Don't know what else to tell ya. Well, I do, but feeling reserved at present for a good reason. You are right, we know what the night was about, but that was never disputed. As I've said every time, despicable. Did not happen and we disagree. People, for whatever reason, are attracted to spectacle. You know this or should.
  3. One down (SoPro Salad Days IPA), ribs and a pour of Buffalo Trace. We disagree. I simply cannot dismiss a first hand report.
  4. Okay, I'll admit that was the wrong approach. Apologies. I hope you are drinking. I damn sure am and enjoying this tournament. While you may see the article as a defense of Trump, I see it as a defense for false reporting.
  5. Not a defense of Trump. It is a defense of truth in reporting. Nobody is disputing a march occurred. It was despicable. Let's not move the goalpost. Call it what you will. I don't really care.
  6. Just stop with the nonsense Ben. You are fighting a losing battle. I have a direct source. You have media reports.
  7. I have a first hand account from an LEO in attendance. I would not be so definitive if I didn't. What Covington s***? Disregard. I recall.
  8. As I've reported previously, there were thousands in attendance and a hand full of idiots. To condemn the masses is ludicrous.
  9. Nor was that ridiculous crap you posted and you know it. I care only about the truth not some goofy Tracinski opinion. Post a fact and we can discuss.