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  1. Possibly the year. As sad as that may be.
  2. Plenty have quit in various sectors including medical, transportation, first responders, etc. Do you feel this is helpful to our populace? Talked to ER personnel lately regarding this impact? Curious why stores can't get goods in a timely manner? Imagine a 15/20 minute delay responding to a heart attack victim? You good with $5 a gallon gas? I'm vaccinated and encourage the vaccine, but let's not pretend there are no consequences with mandates.
  3. Might want to research current affairs. Foreign policy/Afghanistan/border, economy/inflation, crime, human infrastructure/moral responsibility , and craters on the moon .
  4. Whatever makes you sleep well at night. Trump was found not guilty in a partisan impeachment.
  5. So you memorized the CNN talking points. As if I didn't call that initially. LMAO Sleezy deals made in DC every day by lifelong politicians. Trump was an outsider and not part of the daily gig. When news broke of Hunter/Joe/Ukraine mega deal Trump said to Zelensky you should check it out. Zelensky stated there was no pressure and he got his aid. That is in your opinion impeachable? Obviously history tells us congress did the right thing. Not guilty. The testimony was absolutely disputed and ultimately Trump was not guilty. With regards to your lifelong civil servant statement, any pe
  6. CNN, WAPO or bust. Just your typical partisan BS. Know that and you'll be fine.
  7. First things first, he was impeached for political points. Pelosi antics, just because Trump called her an idiot. BTW, she was and is and don't mind taking your money while convincing you she's legit. Sad anyone buys her political bull sh**. This so called crime is a common occurrence yet you hear little of it much less have political rivals try to exploit it. Just stop listening to partisan opinion and move on. It happens, more often than you think. Hillary says hello BTW. Putin tries to leverage all US politicians. Period. You should get those known facts straight. All the purporte
  8. Not to pile on, but what the heck? It's Thursday. https://taibbi.substack.com/p/the-news-is-americas-new-religion
  9. Love how Brand, a liberal, calls out the democrat lies and how their faithful will believe anything from the media. Never seeking truth, but relying on their media masters. LOL And then you read this thread and it's so freaking apparent. Not that it wasn't already just more truth confirmation of what many have known for at least 4 years. Can't make this stuff up. It's sad. https://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2021/09/30/russell_brand_shocked_to_learn_trump_was_right_about_hillary_and_russia.html
  10. Agree but we should add dline to that as well. Win up front and you almost always have a good shot. Lose and odds are slim.
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