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  1. So disappointed in our states politicians, but quite honestly not surprised. #votethemout
  2. Actually, I see hypocritical double standards both left and right. Don't you?
  3. Homes, getting used to losing must be difficult. PM me and I'll write you a prescription for Xanax. As an AUFamily, we actually love you and pray for your well being. I actually hope you win soon.
  4. No offense bro, but that acknowledgement speaks volumes. Your response, or any here for that matter, was predictable. One simply hopes you or any other forthcoming understands the implication.
  5. Wake up homes. Ride the middle momentarily and comprehend what is happening here. Your partisanship is overriding your brain. Despite your senior status, some of us still believe you have it in you. And don't talk to me about people of color. You don't work in that space. It is obvious and anyone paying attention sees that.
  6. Mostly BS homes. Some of us like neither Trump nor individuals like yourself who condone a corrupt media that is continuously pitting Americans against each other. Know that.
  7. Agree 100 percent. But that wasn't my argument.
  8. But did it end there? Of course not and had it we would not have this thread. Doubt you considered the obvious.