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  1. AUFAN78

    Trump Has Learned Nothing

    Homes knows damn well what I am saying. There is a big difference in understanding vs. not acknowledging the obvious. It is a choice. Homes chooses manufactured outrage. He and the sheep know this all to well.
  5. AUFAN78

    Trump Has Learned Nothing

    At some point, the left has to move past the noise of these weak effeminate males. I see this as a great time to start. Why not? What do you have in common?
  6. Tune out the noise bro. The world will not end today.
  7. I don't desire to defend either candidate. I do however care to offer opinion that contradicts the noise of a partisan crowd. Take note and learn something.
  8. Well I got news for you bro, it is playing out as precisely that.
  9. I assume "they" is the administration and I think goal is not to consider them an enemy. Shouldn't all Americans hope for as much?
  10. I have no problem keeping friends close, enemies closer. I can appreciate the attempt.
  11. I did not vote for the clown nor his opponent. Somehow, i doubt you can say this. Amiright?
  12. What words are you describing? Not all defend. Some interpret without bias.
  13. Responses becoming far too predictable. Think about it. That is a problem.
  14. AUFAN78

    Alabama Run-Off Election July 17

    Alabama should do better. These candidates are sad. Reminds of a previous election.