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  1. AUFAN78

    Trump even more unhinged after midterms

    Per Titan, you are not entitled to your opinion. Provide facts and we can discuss.
  2. AUFAN78

    **Georgia Game thread***

    He's way too smart for that.
  3. AUFAN78

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Sad but true.
  4. AUFAN78

    **Georgia Game thread***

    I certainly respect your opinion, but I am not going man in that spot. Never.
  5. AUFAN78

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Steele put them in the wrong protection. It was bad. Real bad.
  6. AUFAN78

    **Georgia Game thread***

    Steele looked like a high school coach there. Pathetic.
  7. AUFAN78


    When you're simple and you know it. Clap your hands Alex!
  8. AUFAN78


    Oddball? I think it was called a midterm election for my elementary students. So, just scanned the front page of CNN, MSNBC and Fox. Guess who mentions caravan? Sheeple. So sad.
  9. AUFAN78


  10. AUFAN78

    White House revokes Jim Acosta's press pass

    Nope. Rather obvious I would enjoy civility. But it is what it is right?