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  1. AUFAN78

    One Real Concern with the Shutdown

    Disgusting. Go to the damn gym Bob and take that woman with you.
  2. AUFAN78

    A Stupid Shutdown

    Read the full piece at: Asked about the seeming contradiction by Politico, the union leader explained that the old language reflected the position of bygone leadership, adding that the page was kept up for years because the union didn’t want to hide from its earlier stance. “But because it continually gets brought up,” he said, “we made the decision to take it down.” So basically what we have here is an opinion piece, that is not factual. Not at all surprising. Do better homes.
  3. AUFAN78

    Take That Pelosi

    The three amigo's need to loosen the man bun.
  4. AUFAN78

    Prayers Needed

    Prayers sent.
  5. AUFAN78

    A Stupid Shutdown

  6. AUFAN78

    A Stupid Shutdown

    Border agents overwhelmingly support the wall because it works. MSM tries to paint a narrative and it appears you sort of bought it, but then admit this is really about Trump. These statements speak volumes.
  7. AUFAN78

    A Stupid Shutdown

    Mostly true. It was and is obstruction. IMO, if the media would simply be honest and admit the wall works, but this isn't really about a wall. It is about Trump and preventing him a victory. At least then we could have a real and honest conversation.
  8. AUFAN78

    One Real Concern with the Shutdown

    Whatever............ Why the executive thought they turned down the story is NOT the story. The wall working is the story. Geez you people. Why be so simple? Of course they did not want the story. It does not fit the sheeple narrative. Why sell facts that would diminish said narrative? Didn't fit your narrative either? Well, how convenient.
  9. AUFAN78

    A Stupid Shutdown

    True. In key places it will be effective. And I'm sure you know this already, but the plan also includes funding for ports of entry, advanced technology, medical facilities, etc. It is not simply a wall as portrayed by many with an agenda.
  10. AUFAN78

    A Stupid Shutdown

    Well....... Border Patrol agents say they can’t be much clearer: They want more walls along the U.S.-Mexico border. In a survey conducted by the National Border Patrol Council, the agents’ union, they overwhelmingly supported adding a “wall system” in strategic locations, embracing President Trump’s argument that it will boost their ability to nab or deter would-be illegal immigrants. Agents also said they need the government to change the “catch and release” policy. They often have to immediately release illegal border crossers they arrest, giving them the chance to disappear into the shadows with the 11 million other illegal immigrants in the U.S. The findings, shared with The Washington Times, appear to undercut the argument of congressional Democrats, who released a report last month concluding that line agents didn’t support Mr. Trump’s plans for a wall. The report was based on an internal tool used by Homeland Security to evaluate security gaps. The NBPC’s survey, of more than 600 agents in two of the Border Patrol’s busiest sectors, found just the opposite: A stunning 89 percent of line agents say a “wall system in strategic locations is necessary to securing the border.” Just 7 percent disagreed.
  11. AUFAN78

    One Real Concern with the Shutdown

    So I choose to listen to those actually aware of what is happening at the border, not political pundits.
  12. I already knew that. Simply rhetoric on your part. Read it on your fav rag didn't you? You can tell. It won't hurt, but if it does, I'll find you a safe space.
  13. So, you don't know what the current Republican proposal entails? Honest question.
  14. Like I said, butthurt commentary. Sheeple indeed. WTFU man.