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  1. https://americarenewing.com/issues/policy-brief-yes-americas-institutions-are-grooming-your-children/
  2. When the democratic party puts out talking points they expect reporting from their party's media outlets and that is precisely why the "F" word appeared en masse. It was never an accurate depiction, but rather a strategic decision. The expectation is the cult base won't know the difference. Well look no further than this forum to confirm the effectiveness.
  3. No one said the antagonists were of high IQ.
  4. No lol needed. Definitely smack.
  5. If we are to be honest, they all ran and for good reason. An armed radical mob was taking control. But I can't believe this is in the so called "serious forum" and not smack. Tex, you on vacay?
  6. Nobody is racist? Who actually stated as much?
  7. Some people have critical thinking skills. I'm guessing you asked your Jesus.
  8. I cannot speak for you, nor will I try, but facts are indeed facts and should be considered. We need to heed the warning signs, not least in the scientific literature which increasingly shows that cannabis triggers psychosis, and in the emergency rooms where mentally ill kids are the living proof of its harms? The higher the potency of THC, the worse it is, especially for the developing adolescent brain. But virulent attacks always greet any hint of opposition to wholesale drug legalization. Youth mental illness is a crisis in this country. Something has gone wrong with America’s youth. US Surgeon General Vivek Murthy issued an urgent warning in December about the “devastating” youth mental-health crisis, which has been exacerbated by COVID lockdowns. We can’t address the crisis without considering the effect of teens’ cannabis use and the increased potency of the products they consume. The New York Times last month warned of the high potency of cannabis products in the newly deregulated legal market and the potentially harmful effects to young brains: “Psychosis, Addiction, Chronic Vomiting: As Weed Becomes More Potent, Teens Are Getting Sick”. THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, 20 years ago was at about 4% potency, but today’s Big Weed products are close to 100%. We have known for at least 15 years that cannabis use can increase the risk of psychosis in susceptible people by about 40%, according to the medical journal Lancet. A study last year of 204,000 people aged 10-24 in the Journal of the American Medical Association’s pediatrics publication found that cannabis use and abuse is associated with depression, bipolar disorder and increased risk of ­suicide.
  9. Yes you did. The rest of your bloviation is meritless and unworthy of comment.
  10. Maybe the title threw me off, but are you disputing the findings in the article?
  11. I get the feeling people don't watch congressional hearings anymore. Plenty of batshi# crazy people to go around and on full display. This one deserves her place at that table.
  12. Right wing? I look forward to your evidence.
  13. Our politicians are giving them a run for the money. Sadly.
  14. You damn right. You are relatively new right? Get to know character in short order or pay attention to those of us who already know it. This isn't a first for this poster nor will it be his last. "It isn't the ability of Thomas to construct his paragraphs that I question. There is a reason that he has been on the court as long as he has been without having authored any major opinions" But I am not calling out the black man or his mental capability. Horse sh##. That is precisely what you are doing.
  15. Clearly huh? Go ahead and quote me singling out Justice Sotomayor. I won't hold my breath. And yes, your original post was clearly as ridiculous as your subsequent response.
  16. Of course you call out a black man. And before you even think about it, I don't want to hear about your black friend.
  17. Caught me off guard. I was guessing Whoopi.
  18. Little doubt he's driving the majority of Americans crazy with his oil nonsense. Does it have broader reach? Well of course. Anyway, a great view:
  19. Max Boot, we fix it by sending anti-Americans like you and homey to Canada. I be like, bye bitches! God Bless America!
  20. This thing where you don't read the thread is tiring.
  21. True. You and itch confirmed you don't want the issue covered. I'd call that bias for sure. Well done!
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