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  1. You really can't be serious. A young Nick Marshall? If that is what NM stands for then hmm...
  2. Same reason why he knows he can't rely on a primary passer at the QB position. But then you'll say, "But Nix can run." But then I'll say, most folks are acting like Joey can't hit the broadside of a barn. We'll see what happens in two weeks!
  3. GTNupe11


    God is good!!! Excellent news.
  4. We all know if that happens in the game it's going to be a quick pitch to the outside. I must have called that play 10 times from my couch last season.
  5. That is a fact. I've got an older frat brother from there. The things he told me about that place....
  6. Wow. Lol. Did they really just run on the court while the game was still in session? 🤣
  7. You're joking right? Being compared to Kyle Kuzma isn't a BAD thing at all..
  8. Obviously the movie is 8 Mile and he's from Eight Mile, AL.
  9. Lol, come on up! It's sad because my office is literally around the corner and I haven't gone to a single game this year, smh.
  10. I'd definitely make some Bucks games next season if that happens... Didn't get a chance to go this year.
  11. I like McCormick but he ain't this kid.
  12. I thought this same thing while watching him on A-Day. Just doesn't make sense to be handing the ball to him anywhere outside of the 5 yard line or a short yardage situation when you want a big body RB.