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  1. Should have been called a damn foul if anything.
  2. This one is over. That dude hasn't missed all damn game.
  3. Just not a smart player man. I'm sick of it.
  4. Flanigan never ceases to amaze me with inability to play smart.
  5. Tre has to take that damn layup himself.
  6. If its obvious to us, you'd think its obvious to him. We'll see what happens.
  7. The boys can win this game. Just need more offense and some stops.
  8. I don't care what else Bruce Pearl does in the off season but some of it needs to be getting bigger guards in here that can shoot. You can't tell me there isn't a big guard in the country who wouldn't want to play in Auburn. Make it happen or we will continue to have the same problems at the guard position. 2019 was an anomaly because they could shoot the lights out of the arena, but these guards can't hit the broadside of a barn.
  9. Why the hell did Flanigan foul the guy that has put damn near 30 on us tonight?
  10. He has zero dog in him. Dude should be playing like he's the best player on the court and doesn't. There was a reason Jabari started over him last year and it was two-fold. He was a generational talent, but he also could take over games because he knew he could. Jaylin could but doesn't.
  11. Bruce continues to be out coached. There isn't a single person who can guard their guards right now and you're playing 1 on 1 defense. Make it make sense.
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