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  1. Or maybe just maybe an HBCU offers a once in a life-time college experience he won't get at a PWI even for a year... Since you know, he's only probably going to be in college for a year anyways.
  2. I won't delete what I said but I have no problem with you helping me understand where you were coming from. No harm done. Civil conversation is needed no matter the topic. I think this topic has been rather positive so far. I did not see the other post so I can't speak on it.
  3. What is political about this? I think its right where it needs to be. Let's be honest, D1 schools thrive off of the talent of black players. I makes sense for a coach to stand up against racism in all forms. Fans need that reminder too. They won't get that in the political forum. This topic should stay and be pinned for all to see.
  4. I would have told him to go outside. Won't be on my wood floors with them gym shoes on!! Lol.
  5. He gives me Lamar Odom and Chris Bosh vibes. More so Lamar... but neither were slouches when it came to getting to the rim.
  6. Speaking of boneheads.... Flannigan just doesn't seem to have a high basketball IQ... Like, at all.
  7. Agreed on that one. Love me some spotted cow! Didn't know another Milwaukee person was on here!
  8. Exactly what me and my Dad call them, Lol.
  9. I'm absolutely shocked. Have zero words. God protect his family.
  10. Nah, that's why I became a lawyer.
  11. That's all it takes huh? A couple 7-8 win seasons and always losing bowl games and maybe beating Saban two times.
  12. I mean it's not like the kid wasn't the best HS player in Arkansas in his class... I'd see if he wasn't in terms of "throwing his dad a bone."