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  1. I like McCormick but he ain't this kid.
  2. I thought this same thing while watching him on A-Day. Just doesn't make sense to be handing the ball to him anywhere outside of the 5 yard line or a short yardage situation when you want a big body RB.
  3. Nix looks good, but Hmmm, I'm sure Gatewood will trot out as the QB on August 31st.
  4. I don't see anything that Nix has done that Gatewood hasn't for people to have him at #1...
  5. So....he enters the transfer pool but is out there at A-Day playing?
  6. Gatewood to Williams! Hope to see a lot of that.
  7. Dj Williams reminds me of Mike Dyer a little. Except he doesn't really lower his head.
  8. Danjel plays so lazy on defense I feel like...and he also needs to be more aggressive. Despite that, I believe he'll get into a groove since he won't be coming back into the fold during the middle of a the season.
  9. It hurts...STILL. But...this too shall pass. Although I can't even watch highlights from the 2013 FSU game. I'm sad for the kids but I also get excited about whats to come with the new blood coming in.
  10. Jerome needs to hang that story up. "The ref was going to let anything go after that point" Yeah, as if he had picked the ball up and ran with it without dribbling the ref wasn't going to call travel. He has zero class to even fix his lips to say something so ridiculous.