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  1. KD Johnson put this team on his back tonight.
  2. Oh good lord....what in the flop was that...
  3. Nothing to be concerned about. Our depth will take over and it'll be like there was never a concern in the world...
  4. The most impressive thing to me about Jabari is his willingness to play defense as hard as he does. Got a lot of respect for that kid. I swear he plays harder on defense than he does on the offensive side of the ball. I know it comes easy to him there but you have to respect his all around effort on both sides of the ball.
  5. Flan is reverting back to his Freshman play. I literally thought he was a disaster he was the most improved player in the SEC last year. But he just hasn't had it as of late. I'm rooting for him but he's got to play like he's a late first rounder.
  6. Flame me all you want, but, Flanigan is doing more harm than good. Needs to sit on the bench the rest of the half.
  7. I'm in Milwaukee so, if we are in Midwest bracket then I'm heading to Chicago since its only an hour away. I cannot wait!
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