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  1. Wasted opportunity for us. I'm happy for him though!
  2. Overall, didn't look that good. But, excited nonetheless.
  3. No wonder Bo isn't getting any challenge....It isn't coming from Loy it seems.
  4. I'd like to see Demetrius Davis out there... Maybe in the second half?
  5. Cheerleaders are looking great!
  6. We're being vanilla so we don't tip off our opponents this Fall.
  7. I'm just happy UVA got sent home packing. I will forever root against them. Also, I could easily see UCLA beating Bama. Their road isn't THAT easy. But yes, compared to our run in 2018 its child's play.
  8. Thor = Lamar Odom reincarnated. If he puts on little weight/gains more strength he'll be going to the league next year.
  9. Cant wait to see how Thor improves next year.
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