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  1. You're joking right? Being compared to Kyle Kuzma isn't a BAD thing at all..
  2. Obviously the movie is 8 Mile and he's from Eight Mile, AL.
  3. Lol, come on up! It's sad because my office is literally around the corner and I haven't gone to a single game this year, smh.
  4. I'd definitely make some Bucks games next season if that happens... Didn't get a chance to go this year.
  5. I like McCormick but he ain't this kid.
  6. I thought this same thing while watching him on A-Day. Just doesn't make sense to be handing the ball to him anywhere outside of the 5 yard line or a short yardage situation when you want a big body RB.
  7. Nix looks good, but Hmmm, I'm sure Gatewood will trot out as the QB on August 31st.
  8. I don't see anything that Nix has done that Gatewood hasn't for people to have him at #1...
  9. So....he enters the transfer pool but is out there at A-Day playing?