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  1. The way he runs reminds me of Dyer for some reason..
  2. Not at all. I couldn't stomach some of it. I did try to laugh it off though. Found humor in the despair.
  3. Dude is coming back from an ACL injury if I'm not mistaken.
  4. The 2014 season went downhill after that home loss to A&M. Demoralizing loss.
  5. Topics like this irk me. Because all it does is turn into a "What did x player do?" thread. I'm sure he's fine and in good company with the coaches.
  6. Glad someone else said it. Kerryon isn't even better than Pettway IMO and that isn't a knock against the kid, just my opinion..
  7. Is he running HIS offense, or is he going to run GUS's offense.
  8. You thought that speech was great? It was beyond elementary. Had some good one liners but that's it.
  9. Don't have to be coach material to know something isn't working.
  10. Except he's yet to do much of any of which you described in the middle since becoming our HC.
  11. Hilarious, Lol.
  12. Hopefully we can stop calling high school plays now. Gus is still the problem though.
  13. I'm wondering more and more why a top WR would sniff Auburn. Same thing for TE. It baffles me how little passing we do. Hopefully that changes this upcoming year.