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  1. Samir needs to be smarter than that. You don't celebrate when you need to play defense. SMH...
  2. Wrong. That was the only move he could make. Otherwise that's a block.
  3. Pearl is beside himself and rightfully so. These refs have been atrocious.
  4. D. Brown tackled a man with one arm while another lineman was on him.
  5. Not a soul has left that stadium...
  6. Yep. Great role players but not sure how much we can rely on them when the game is on the line. Harper and Brown spoiled us from the guard positions. Even though Brown didn't dribble much we knew he could get us some points when we needed him to.
  7. Exactly what I said in his recruitment thread. We need him bad. I like Javon but he isn't going to cut it. And Samir is not a ball handler. He'll give you a euro step to the basket but that's about it.