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  1. I agree effort is not a problem at all....but it just seems like he plays as if his job won't get snatched from him. And it won't. Hell theres no one else to play, but still.
  2. Everyone else is hurt and Gus let Harold Joiner leave.
  3. Wait...are you serious?! Bro, throw it out of bounds, lol....
  4. Do we know why MAR doesn't play? Worm isn't cutting it. Tank is hurt. DJ is hurt...
  5. Why do teams always get some type of record against us?
  6. That's all fine. But no one is allowed to put blame on Nix apparently....annnd, clearly he just threw a INT so... And Marshall was our last good QB. People can put blame on anyone but the golden child...
  7. And you clearly are his biggest apologist. The proof is in the puddin'. He just ain't the next Great AU QB you all and Gus wanted him so desperately to be.
  8. I'm glad we have a QB who's been watching and going to Iron Bowl games his whole life!
  9. Wow that was a good tackle on Tank. If hes healthy I think he breaks that one.
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