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  1. Definitely one of the best defenses in the country!
  2. Thank you @bigbird!!! I love these threads. 🤣🤣🤣 Of course I knew when I saw the title and your name attached. The “Foster Flips” thread is my all-time favorite. More people lost their minds over that one than any I’ve ever seen. 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Dye - I was born in 77, but the 82 season is the first AU memories I have. My dad was a PhD student at AU when I was born. I never had a chance to be anything but an AU fan. The 2004 season is my all-time favorite for SO MANY reasons! I was a Seminary student in NO and my wife surprised me with tickets to the Sugar Bowl that year. Watching from the Superdome as the 2004 Tigers (still the best AU team ever, IMHO) completed their perfect season is my favorite AU memory!
  4. I don't like saban at all. Not even close. But there is no legitimate reason to criticize him for not sitting his starting QB in the 2nd quarter. A little 2 minute offense practice was a good idea. You cannot expect or plan for freak accidents like that one. You can't blame saban for that. On the other hand, you can most certainly blame the AU offensive game plan and playcalling on Gustav. Of course, anyone who expected anything different at this point needs a psych evaluation, cuz they are delusional!
  5. His agent should strongly recommend that he doesn't move anywhere on his own accord. Let him get fired and receive his ridiculously HUGE buyout. Then he should easily get a mid-major job somewhere. Maybe even Arky is still interested? But he would be a fool to leave on his own.
  6. I truly believe this team could have (and maybe even would've/should've) be undefeated right now with even a mediocre OC/Playcaller! It really is a crying shame!!!
  7. Bruce is absolutely AUmazing!!! and AUsome!!! War Eagle!!!
  8. Bottom left corner! It’s awesome to see Baker Mayfield and Fire Marshall Bill excited about AU Basketball!!!!
  9. Do you suggest locking him in his office and not letting him out until his contract is up? Thats the only way we’re getting a real offense while he is HC.
  10. According to the ESPN match up predictor, AU has a 52.6% chance of winning this game. Is anyone else surprised by this?
  11. This ^^^ Gus checks a lot of the boxes. He’s a good dude and a good ambassador for AU. But he is no longer able to accomplish the reason for which he was hired. It’s time.
  12. Cristobal is one of the guys on my list. There are several that I think we should interview.
  13. We have 2 good chances to beat uga.... Jan. 11 at Auburn arena, and February 19 in Athens. Seriously, Gus can’t beat a team with a mediocre or better defense. uga’s defense is pretty good. I think the butt-sniffers will beat us by 2 TDs.