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  1. AUpreacherman22

    Chip Lindsey

    There’s no way Chip will be here next year. He’s the fall guy for gus to stay one more year.
  2. AUpreacherman22

    Evaluate the Progress of the Offensive Line

    I’m confused by that one word in the title of your thread. What does “progress” mean? I don’t understand.
  3. AUpreacherman22

    The future is bright!!

    Ok, I think I understand now. Gus: “The future is bright” translation: “We will be worse next year than this year” or “I can do less with more than any living coach” In all seriousness, the future with Gus at the helm looks very bleak and sad. Our OL is terrible and there is no help in sight. We don’t have a QB for next year. We have young playmakers, but no one to get them the ball or block for them. Even our best lead blocker Cox will be gone. Front 7 on D will be decimated by graduation and early NFL draftees. So it looks like we’ll be much worse on both sides of the ball. On the bright side, I expect Siposs and Baby Carlson to have good seasons next year. Siposs might even be on some awards lists. 🤷‍♂️
  4. AUpreacherman22

    Liberty Score Prediction

    AU 31 Liberty 10
  5. AUpreacherman22

    "They're probably gonna fire me"

    I think he said, “Looks like no Waffle House tonight.”
  6. AUpreacherman22

    Monday or Tuesday after the IB

    You’re absolutely right @aujeff11! Another ridiculously insane idea is to hire a coach (or keep a coach) based on the whims of a couple of teenagers!!!! Do what’s best for the school and recruiting will work itself out!
  7. AUpreacherman22

    Monday or Tuesday after the IB

    One of the biggest problems I have with most fanbases, especially ours, is that so many of them change their minds about their coach on a week-to-week basis. The reason I didn’t jump off the gus bus after the A&M game in 2014 was because it was one game. I said then, if he gets a good DC he’ll be able to overcome some of these mistakes when they happen. And he went out and got Muschamp, and then Steele! In 2015, I started developing suspicions but bought the line about JJ inexplicably melting down, and after a while the team adjusted reasonably well. By 2017, I was pretty confident Gus was not going to be a good coach, and I wasn’t a big fan of the contract extension. After some of the offseason chatter, I hoped that somehow gus decided to finally turn the corner and become redeemable. He proved otherwise and I finally went completely off the Gus bus. There is no set of circumstances for the remainder of this year that will change my mind. I cannot envision any set of circumstances next year that would change my mind. It took me 6 years to give up on him, it would take a long time to get me back on the gus bus. If I were left in charge (and thank the Lord I’m not), I would go ahead and fire gus, have Leath dig ditches during all his off-time until he has paid back the 32 million we owe gus, and have Bruce Pearl conduct our interviews for our new head football coach. AD Greene could sit in with Bruce on the interviews and hopefully learn a few things.
  8. AUpreacherman22

    Georgia game Score Prediction

    As if I didn’t already hate That was low-class. Perfect example of kirbific behavior.
  9. AUpreacherman22

    Would hiring Freeze as oc be a cure

    He could be. There is a possibility there, but lots and lots of "IFs"
  10. AUpreacherman22

    2019 3* S/CB Nehemiah Pritchett Commit to AU!

    Whoa! For some reason I thought he was already committed. War Eagle! Good pick up!
  11. AUpreacherman22

    Malzahn Presser Georgia Week

    Beat me to it. It worked last week. Who knows?
  12. AUpreacherman22

    Tell me how we can beat Uga

    Patience. We wait until Jan 12 at Auburn Arena.
  13. AUpreacherman22

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain

    I found this thread on page 3?!?! Any updates considering the RB shuffle at the top? I read a scenario where we could be right in the thick of it with Noah since the uga commit from LA seems to be leaning LSU. I think Keith even predicted Noah to AU. Thoughts?
  14. AUpreacherman22

    2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe commits to AU!!!

    This X 87,000!!!!!!!
  15. AUpreacherman22

    Georgia game Score Prediction

    The script has already been written for this one.... Defense keeps us in it for a while (maybe even an early lead from the 2 scripted drives). AU D forces FGs early. Playcalling becomes painfully predictable. Defense tires out and gives up some big plays on the ground. We are forced into obvious passing situations, playing from behind, where JS drops back and holds the ball too long because no one is open and gets sacked about 8 times. AU 10 uga 30 Hopefully the Liberty game will be more entertaining.