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  1. We’ve seen this story play out way too many times already.... Step 1 - Top prospect is a UM lean/commit Step 2 - Top prospect falls in love with AU & The Bruce! Step 3 - AU becomes clear favorite up until signing time Step 4 - Top Prospect signs lucrative deal with NBA G league. 😰 Maybe this time it’s different. 🤷‍♂️
  2. SMU?!?! I would think TAMU, LSU, maybe bama or Clemson would be tough to beat. But surely we’re not going to get beat by SMU for a kid we really want to get. If it’s down to us and SMU, I have to feel good about our chances!
  3. Man, that’s a tough call! Its tempting to pick Bo and Freddy just because it’s Bo! BF and LT, SD and FS, CW and CT are all fantastic combos!!! In the end, I’m picking Caddy and CT! They were both great, both clutch, and were leaders on my favorite AU team of all-time. We could use their playmaking ability AND their leadership this year!
  4. I remember that game well. S. Davis was a beast at times!!!
  5. Praying for you and your family!
  6. I hope you’re right about CS. Having a solid backup QB is becoming more and more difficult AND more and more necessary in today’s game.
  7. I am cautiously optimistic that we’re gonna see some fun from the TE position! JSS is good and will likely be the starter. Frazier has the potential to become a legend!!! I watched JJP destroy my WC Vikings in the playoffs this past year. Dude is ridiculously huge and crazy athletic!! I wouldn’t be surprised if he changes positions, but wherever he lands, he has the potential to be a nightmare for opposing coaches!
  8. The QB article could easily be written in one sentence: ”Bo Nix returns with higher expectations, but if he goes down we’re screwed!”
  9. IMHO (which means next to nothing), the biggest issue is going to be fans. Managing the risks with the players (setting up and performing proper protocols) should be doable. We started practice this week (WC Vicksburg, MS) and it’s going well. (checking temps, sanitizing gear, practicing some social distancing, etc.)
  10. That run from around the 1:04 clip is ELITE!!!! He shows vision, burst, quickly getting N/S, and a really nice one cut and gone move! Very nice!!!