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  1. In their defense, this isn’t AU football. Bruce plays the game as well as anyone! Gus is completely owned by all of our legit competition. Secondly, it’s recruiting. Kids with that many options and influences can change their minds a hundred times in a minute! So it may be 95% likely right now, and 0% tomorrow.
  2. Of all of my gripes against gus, player development is very near the top! We’ve been dreadful at developing players the last 8 years!
  3. Yeah, that’s really the only legitimate knock on him is that he doesn’t have any ties to the south. He coached at Tampa Bay with Schiano for a couple of years, but that’s it. I think the opportunity to turn Auburn into a top level power on the biggest stage in CF might be enough to get him to starting drinking sweet tea. 🤷‍♂️ Wouldn’t surprise me at all if he also has NFL aspirations.
  4. Just a couple of reasons: He has led WMU and UM to historic seasons, turning both programs around in very impressive fashion. He is a proven recruiter. He had a few of the highest recruiting classes in MAC history while at WMU. He worked hard to convince AD to improve facilities at both WMU and UM. Both programs have benefitted much from those efforts. In addition to his proven success at the college level, he also has playing and coaching experience in the NFL. He has a “Bruce Pearl type” personality that the media and recruits love, drawing very positive
  5. By looking at LSU’s offense and our defense so far this season, my guess is LSU is going to score a lot of points! LSU - 38 AU - 24
  6. FTR, I like Fleck. The only knock I've really seen on him is that he doesn't have ties to the South. His resume' is impressive! Mario checks most of the boxes. I think he would be a solid candidate and might be the most likely to go toe to toe with saban and bowl cut in recruiting. Brady is intriguing as well. Last year LSU offense speaks for its' self. What Carolina has done this year while they're supposed to be in tank mode and McCaffrey hurt has been impressive! (Rhule was my guy I wanted to replace Gus the last 2 years) Those 3 are probably my top 3 atm.
  7. Can we make a poll with the following names?: PJ Fleck, Mario Cristobal, Billy Napier, Lane Kiffin, Joe Brady, Josh Heupel, Chris Klieman, Jeff Scott, Brent Venables, Matt Campbell, Dave Aranda, Tony Elliot, Mike Yurcich, Neal Brown, Hugh Freeze. (maybe replace one or two of those with more popular possibilities) I'm curious to see how popular some of those names are with our fan base/forum members.
  8. Reason #3858462658 why we need to pony up the cash and distance ourselves from the gus bus. We’re only digging ourselves a deeper grave every week he continues to be our HC.
  9. If OM has the worst defense in the nation, AU is in the conversation for 2nd worst. And yes, our O looked much better because they were playing the worst D in the country. We do have one NFL stud RB, and another very good RB! And I love JJP!!! If our OL can become competitive and our passing game good enough to keep defenses honest, there is potential on that side of the ball. Granted, those are very big “IFs”! There is nothing on the defensive side I’ve seen that gives me any hope this year.
  10. The first one was pay back. They missed the UK TD. This one was unexplainable.
  11. That was a horse crap call. Like we need any help losing this game!🤦‍♂️
  12. OM made some adjustments on that last drive. I bet our O is going to look much worse in the 2nd half. OM by 2TDs!!!
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