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  1. AUpreacherman22

    Place All Transfer Inquiries In This Thread

    So, it’s been a while since I checked this thread. How many potential All American Centers are interested in transferring to AU and have immediate eligibility? I assume the list is growing longer each day. 🦄🌈
  2. AUpreacherman22

    Prince Tega graded highest pass blocking

    Congrats to Prince! He is set to have a very good season! I hope he challenges the rest of the OL to reach his level as he increases his even more!
  3. AUpreacherman22

    2019 4* DE/DT Charles Moore

    She was definitely “crush-worthy” back in her day.
  4. AUpreacherman22

    Josh Marsh

    Yes. He is. He comes from a good family.
  5. AUpreacherman22

    Final 2019 Class Player Rankings

    WOW!!!! It is unreal that for that entire class we have 3 stud DL, 1 WR (who missed this entire season with injury), and a 2 star DB! Unreal!!!
  6. AUpreacherman22

    qb's - who will start in 2019?

    You may have been joking, and I do find your statement humorous. However, in all seriousness, if we could keep the QB discussion contained to this thread throughout the offseason.... 1. It would be a miracle of Biblical proportions! 2. It would be fantastic to not see 5,000 new threads on the QB discussion. With all of that said, this will be a very interesting QB battle that will likely last well into the fall camp. I would honestly like to see the coaches not name a starter until the first snap of the Oregon game. This particular QB battle has as much riding on it as any ever have. Gus knows he absolutely has to choose wisely here because his job is riding on it. A slow start and he won’t even make it to October! Also we have some very intriguing unknowns: Malik is a 2 year backup, but he hasn’t really had any meaningful time. He is a quick athlete. But can he be a successful QB at this level? We’re about to find out because it is “Go Time”! Joey seems to be the shiny new toy on the playground. People get excited because his size and athleticism remind folks of Cameron J. Newton. He seems to have a swagger about him that could help him be the leader we need to rally this team to the level of success we have been anticipating for a while now. (Also like Cam). But again, it’s nothing but unproven potential at this point. Cord is more interesting to me than others seem to indicate. He is a big athletic guy as well. But he has a few more years of life experience and maturity which can be huge at the QB position. He also spent that extra time around other professional athletes, so maybe he has learned a little savvy about what it takes to be a successful player. Finally, we have Bo. A legacy player who many of us believe is the future at QB for AU. The biggest question is when does “the future” start? A TF QB starter in the SECWest is an enormous task for the best of the best. Plus, this is quite literally a “do or die”, job-on-the-line season for Gustav. It would be a huge risk to put your future in the hands of a true freshman QB. I genuinely think it is a 4 man race at this point. Hopefully it will be mostly a 2 man race after the Spring. I am eagerly anticipating how this plays out, for several obvious reasons.
  7. AUpreacherman22

    Feeling better about next year

    IF Gatewood gets the nod, and then IF we have a successful season, especially on offense, the “Gus can only be successful with a legit running QB” crowd will make a roaring comeback unlike anything we have ever seen before! .....and tbh, the validity of their point will be stronger than ever as well.
  8. AUpreacherman22

    Prayers Needed

    So sorry to hear this news @AUMASTERS Praying for you and your family!
  9. AUpreacherman22

    One missing piece on defense

    Oooh, if we can pick people from other teams, I’m picking little nicky!
  10. AUpreacherman22

    One missing piece on defense

    With the luck I’ve had the last 2 years (NCM and Asa) I’m gonna stay far, far away from Jibunor, and others who should have big seasons!!!! I’m going to pick a 3rd string kicker or something. 🤷‍♂️
  11. AUpreacherman22

    Feeling better about next year

    DB, Prince and others coming back is huge! However, as I look at a schedule that includes all of the SECWest, uga, UF, and Oregon, I cannot “feel better about next season” until we have a QB that I (and more importantly Gus) have confidence in.
  12. AUpreacherman22

    One missing piece on defense

    Moultry was supposed to be Sensei Mud 2.0. Hopefully he can live up to that potential this year. My vote goes to Richard Jibunor. That dude appears to have IT!
  13. AUpreacherman22

    Fans try to make real field goals

    I’ll play. Cute reporter lady: So you have posted on AUfamily that Gus isn’t good at running a program, player development, or roster management. What would you do differently? Me: I would hire @augolf1716 and pay him with PBR!
  14. AUpreacherman22

    15 AU Players Benefit From New NCAA Redshirt Rule

    RB Asa Martin (5) Asa played in....Oops! He transferred.
  15. AUpreacherman22

    Bama GT QB Jalen Hurts Picks OU

    I would say you can go ahead and move this thread over to the rivals section. There is 0% chance this kid transfers to AU.