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  1. Cardwell is absolutely getting better!!! And this is one of the reasons I won't be as upset when Kessler goes pro after this season. But I'm not so sure if Kessler did come back that Cardwell wouldn't stay as well. That may be the one dude on the team that loves being at Auburn more than Kessler does!
  2. All great points about Kessler in this thread! I am a firm believer that Kessler has done what he needs to do to be a high draft pick (mid to late first round at the very least), and he is gone after this year. But I like this measuring stick... #1 from what I understand, yes. #2 I think probably so (for the reasons others have stated). #3 from all indications this dude absolutely LOVES Auburn and his college experience!!! So, its possible he may decide to stay, especially because of reasons 2 and 3, but I would say its doubtful at this point, and if he shows out in the postseason and AU goes to the final four again, that will probably end any futile hopes we may have had of him staying. I can live with this scenario. 😁
  3. So sorry. Not meant to be derogatory at all. I will delete. I don’t want to offend anyone else.
  4. Yes! It’s exciting that we are this good and still have a lot to work on! Jabari in the discussion for #1 overall pick and he is nowhere near his ceiling yet. Flan being out again is keeping us from getting him gelled with the guys on the floor (although based on the LSU game, I don’t think that will take as long as I thought). Green was a stud last night!!!
  5. I expect Moore and Berman to be the losers here. Not enough minutes to go around.
  6. Thanks @JwgreDeux!!! I totally agree with your assessment. I would like to see Jabari shoot more and be more aggressive. He seems to be playing like he doesn’t realize how good he is. I also really want to see Cardwell step up! He needs to be more dependable when we give Kessler a breather. He can’t come in, play 2 minutes with 3 fouls and 2 turnovers! I think BP has really emphasized the rebounding problem, and I think it’s improving. AF being in there will help with this too. Basketball season is so much fun at AU!!!
  7. Just chatter from this thread. Some pretty well connected people saying we're offering a nice sum of NIL $ to Caleb. From what I understand, the referenced NIL is specifically for Caleb. Also, AU is working on a NIL platform across the board for all of our athletes, so that every AU athlete will be able to get some NIL $.
  8. Ok, so I did not even entertain the possibility until now. If this list is legit (not sure how reliable), then we might actually have a decent shot. Lots of uncertainty at UCLA right now. Miami and LSU both have brand new coaches. At least our guy has a year under his belt, and with RW’s QB coach on the plains and our alleged “hefty NIL offer”, we could possibly be in the running here. AU football has an impressive ability to get my hopes up and disappoint me over and over again, even though I keep saying I’m not going to get my hopes up. 🤦‍♂️😢
  9. I think we get a 5* CB. Our D should be very good this year and we’ll turn some heads of some recruits. I think there will also likely be a 5* that seems like it’s out of the blue. 23 is going to be a very good cycle for us!
  10. Bruce has also been valuable to the football team and other sports. He is hands down, no doubt about it, the most valuable person in the AU AD!!!! Ask him what he wants and then add 10% to that just to let him know how much he is loved and appreciated on the plains!
  11. I agree as well. College Football has been ruined. There’s no doubt about it. It’s just a matter of when I finally decide to give up and quit watching all together.
  12. Like others, I think CWilliams is a pipe dream, but if that did happen, it would be amazing! Gabriel would certainly be an improvement. I would welcome that option. Whoever loses the uga job would still probably win the job at AU, but if it’s one of the two with no experience we would still have to overcome that issue. Same issue with Ward. It’s a pretty steep incline from UIW to the SECW! Oh, I forgot. As for Calzada, I would say pass. Not sure who would win between him and TJ.
  13. What Bruce is doing with these top level athletes will get the attention of a bunch of recruits!!!! Every kid in the country will be “intrigued” by AU. We have 3 players in the “first round discussion” right now!!!!
  14. FTR, Caleb Williams would be “jaw dropping” 🤣🤣🤣
  15. Great news!!! It’s great to see some of these crucial pieces coming back! Good foundation for 22!!!
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