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  1. War Eagle Kameron! Welcome to the family. We love our Kamerons here, regardless of spelling.
  2. I'm surprised at how low Carl and Monty were graded. In the 3rd round these guys are gonna be steals IMHOBGO (in my humble, orange and blue glasses opinion)
  3. I think the answer is obvious. We are loaded at OG and don't have much talent + experience at OT. Which makes our questions "Who is our best 5?" And "Where do we put them?" Honestly, our best 5 right now are probably all better at OG than anywhere else.
  4. Scheme and QB situation are gonna make our WRs and Kodi look much better this year! Lots of talent. I like your 2 deep @corchjay and yours and @McLoofus breakdown of each group's particular gifts. I was already thinking NCM would be our breakout star at WR going into Spring. Obviously his A-Day performance did nothing to sway me from that prediction.
  5. I love me some corny Bible jokes. Lol.
  6. Absolutely! Are Stutts and Irvin HS players? It takes me a while to get used to the names of our targets. Edit: Oops Irvin is our committed guy If Kim or Brahms aren't "SEC ready" we are going to have to find a transfer to play C. Those guys are really hard to find! Considering we "found" a GT C this year, I can't think the potential there is great. So let's hope and pray that one of those 2 guys get SEC ready SOON!
  7. I don't know a lot about his style, expertise, etc. but my limited understanding is that he is a very good teacher of run blocking technique. That may or may not imply that coaching pass blocking is a weakness. If so, that could become a cause for concern this season. At this point, my biggest concern for CHH is him overthinking his "best 5 approach" (see my previous post)
  8. We have plenty of OL talent. Our problem is we don't really have a true C (our coaches really wanna put Golson somewhere else, but he is our best C by far, so leave him there!), and our OTs are either too green (2 Princes and CA who isn't even on campus yet!) or better OGs (James and Smith). Therefore, finding the right group of 5 is challenging. My fear is CHH overthinking the situation and making it worse (see early 2016). At some point, you have to stop experimenting and give your 1OL time to gel. You gotta pick James-Harrell/Bell-Golson-Horton-Smith and be done with it. Get the Princes and Ashley ready because they are the next men up. And get Kim, Brahms, or SOMEBODY ready to play C next year!
  9. Good for you A2E! I look forward to one day making my way back to AL and to see AU live again as well.
  10. He is a Gambler! 😀
  11. Great discussion @corchjay I think Cox is definitely the most versatile of the group. I don't recall any HB runs called on A Day, which may be his biggest strength. But as others pointed out, he has improved a good bit blocking and he is also a good route runner with good hands. I am also looking forward to what Shenker can do. The word is he is a perfect fit for this offense. I like the idea of playing more versatile guys to keep defenses guessing and to minimize subbing. So, as of right now, I am leaning heavily towards Cox being our workhorse at the HB/TE position.
  12. Yes. Lol. I was actually thinking about that as I was typing. HUGE difference!
  13. I don't know about anybody else, but I'm just glad we are having this conversation. I really didn't see this team being this good at the start of the season.
  14. Many many factors to consider. I do like our LBs. I think with another year of experience and improvement, this group could be good to very good. We have a lot of potential on the DL. I think this group will be the strength of the D again this year. At Corner I think we are pretty good. At Safety, our starters are pretty good, but we have 0 proven depth. This group could be good (a strong pass rush can make them look very good) but an injury or 2 could cause them to look like a Chizik-era Secondary. Another big factor, as Corch alluded to, is our offense. If we have a top 25 offense that scores quickly and often, our D will most likely not be top 25. If we have a Tubs-era TOP, this D could be top 10. In a nutshell, 3 biggest factors IMHO: 1. Offensive production/TOP 2. Injuries (especially the Secondary) 3. How will the pass rush develop?
  15. I like the direction of his recruitment. In the end it will be AU.