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  1. I’m a little surprised it took him this long. Wish him the best.
  2. Typically, offenses need a little time to get rolling early in the season, and I expect our DL to be unlike anything OR has seen. We should be able to disrupt what they plan to do. I also have confidence we will win the punting battle. It really could make a difference in field position which could lead to points. Other than DL and punter, I'm in wait and see mode. We have a lot of talent at RB and WR, but with a questionable OL and a FR QB making his first career start, I'm not sure how much production we'll get from that talent.
  3. 1982 was a HUGE statement game!!! 1989 was also a major statement game, and it was the first Iron Bowl I ever attended, so doubly special!
  4. I was just being silly. It seems like the media will promote their 3rd stringers as potential AAs. After all, they were 5* HS guys. 🤷‍♂️
  5. Bless his heart! Man, this kid just can’t get a break! Praying for him!🙏🙏🙏
  6. I’m assuming this is the “non-bama” OT list, since everyone knows they have the best of everything at every position. 🤮
  7. Just like every other sport, 6th as a TF is VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!!
  8. When we almost fire our coach and have low expectations from the media, we do well! This gives me hope.
  9. Thanks Stat! Where does Ryan Davis fall into your all-time favorite AU WRs in your lifetime? For me he’s top 5 along with Frank Sanders, Lawyer Tillman, Courtney Taylor, and Ronney Daniels. (Terry Beasley was before my time)
  10. Boobie certainly has a lot of tools to be a successful RB in this league! His continued development, plus a better OL (and our young WRs are more experienced and should be better at the downfield blocking) should yield positive results in the fall One thing I noticed that I hope he improves is he seems to take contact too high too often. (That TD vs UW is one example of how he has the balance and strength to overcome it at times) but it does cost him yards at other times.
  11. Not quite yet, but it is approaching quickly!😱
  12. I grew up during the Burger and Slack days! Those 2 will always have a special place in my heart!
  13. Ideally, I would like to see all our talented RBs utilized this year. If that actually happens, i’ll Say Boobee leads the team just barely cracking 1,000. However, KMart and Worm both get a bunch of yards. The QB, HJ, Flash, and DJW pick up some decent numbers as well. Boobee total yardage leader Worm leads in YPC and TDs
  14. I’ve been shouting this for years Loof! It is one of the most basic concepts in the HUNH. Drives me crazy when we hurry up to the line on first down for a dumb dive play and then sub on 2nd down. I almost had to go on blood pressure meds the last 2 years.