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  1. I have been pleased with Butch, and seeing improvement every year with depth, talent, recruiting, team morale, etc. At this point, this year seems to be the exception to the rule. I fully expected this year’s team to be really good, so obviously I’m extremely disappointed! Better luck next year.
  2. As fun as JJ could be to watch at TE/HB, I think this is the best move for him and for the team. Good Luck at DT JJ!!!
  3. What is the record for most 1 run SEC losses in a season? We’ve got to be really close already!!!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️😰😰😰
  4. Im glad someone beat me to it. Thanks @AUDevil $27+mil is still a boatload of money and many of the points are still valid. But to say the coaching change cost $73mil is just plain false. The higher education system is certainly flawed, but I don’t think it’s in as bad of shape as “journalism” is. Our media is a disaster of epic proportions!
  5. Brad Bedell just said he doesn’t want to pigeonhole any of his players because that gives away what they’re trying to do on offense. But he wants every player in the room to be able to do everything. This, mind you, is coming from our new TE/HB coach. I love him!!! Those words were so wonderful to hear!!!
  6. I agree! Basketball program is in the best shape it’s ever been! They just got dealt a really bad hand this year (super young, major injuries, Coop’s delay, postseason ban, etc.). I like the baseball program as well. Just a down year. Football just made a commitment to excellence, finally! WBB is making a change to get better. I could see all these programs competing at the highest level within a few years (WBB being the biggest question mark of those). Not sure what to think about softball. Man, we had a good thing going until the coach’s son had to go and ruin it!😡
  7. That’s the first thing that stuck out to me in those pics! Worm is swole, big time!!!
  8. I would throw LSU and PSU into that toss up category. And we have a fighting chance against TAMU as long as their coached by Jimbo. They will usually be overrated and underperform. So that would give us 6 high percentage wins, 4 in the neighborhood of 50/50, and 2 very likely losses. If we split the difference on those 4 “toss ups”, that’s an 8-4 season and I think a good start to the Harsin era. Im sticking to my belief (that goes against the AU trend) that we won’t see a high level of success until year 3 (2023 season), and probably not until a year or two after that. There are som
  9. I was thinking the same thing. We’ve had some really good ones over the years!
  10. 0-6 stinks!!! 4 one run games and 1 extra innings. Only one game that wasn’t a nail-biter. The silver lining is that we’re close. If things turn at the right time, this could still be a good team.
  11. I know it’s still early, and this team still has plenty of opportunities to turn things around, but I’ve been disappointed so far (injuries noted). I expected this year’s team to be very good! Hope they turn it around and get red hot at the perfect time!
  12. UUUUGH!!!!!🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Man, that stinks!!! Player on the rise in a very crucial position! He may have been the most “true NT” on the team. This one hurts big time!
  13. I admit, when I saw him single-handedly dismantle my WC Vikings in the playoffs 2 years ago, I was really excited to see him play DT at AU. At that time, I thought his size and skill set would project better at DL. After seeing him in an AU uniform and a 2nd coaching staff thinking he will help the team more on offense, I have changed my mind. He can be a very versatile and effective piece on offense and I am really looking forward to watching what he can do the next 2-3 years!!!!
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