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  1. Yep. I had a senior moment. 🤦‍♂️
  2. So, basically what I'm hearing is that UNC plays a lot like Auburn, they are just bigger and do it with 5* talent. This is what happens when you show up for big boy ball! We're up against the best of the best now! If we somehow make it past UNC, Duke will most likely be there waiting on us, then UVA/TN, then probably the Zags. I don't like our chances, but I love that we're in the conversation!!!
  3. True. Hopefully, we have better luck against UNC this time.....🙏🤞
  4. Is there a way that we can clone Bruce and have one of him coach football? Just curious
  5. "he's protected the football. He hasn't put the ball on the ground once this first week." Congrats to our new starting RB, DJ Williams!😂
  6. I see a range from 5-7 to 7-5 IF we somehow manage to come out strong and do to Oregon what we did to Washington last year, we could reach 7-5! I see the Oregon game as a loss, then if we lose one we shouldn’t (one of the MS schools or @ Arky) that’s 5-7. Anywhere in this range, and Gus is gone. I just can’t see this team doing any better than 7-5 with this schedule. I would love to be wrong!
  7. Didn’t Worm earn some bling at the first outdoor track event this week?
  8. We don’t have a “wow face” emoji or I would’ve used that. Weve been playing good ball lately, and when we get our 2 starting pitchers back from injury, watch out for the Auburn Tigers!!!!!
  9. Thank you @JwgreDeux!!! That is encouraging! If we create turnovers and make 3’s, we beat whoever we play! It sounds like there is a good chance we can do this against UK. So now, if we lose, I am blaming you for getting my hopes up. JK😁
  10. I agree! He outplayed the 2 time SEC player of the year twice this year!
  11. First of all, we just won an NCAA tourney game, so REJOICE AU family!!!!!!!!!!!!! Secondly, there are a ton of potential factors as to why our boys didn’t play up to their potential: the style of play of the opponent was a big factor, as well as physical and mental fatigue, travel, arena atmosphere, and so on and so on. Pinning it on one thing is ridiculous! Thirdly, who cares what happened in round 1. We won! We need our A Game to beat Kansas! War Eagle!
  12. Very true! Comparing him to Cam (or really anyone) is unfair. Just let him be the best Joey Ballgame he can be! On the other hand, it’s what we as fans and the media do, so the comparisons won’t stop. With that said, if we got Dak level production from Joey, I’d take it in a heartbeat! I would also be tickled with a more consistent Fitzy-level production. Anything beyond that would be gravy!
  13. Haven’t you heard? We have 17 options. 😂