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  1. Please pray

  2. Deshaun: "We've got to finish"

  3. What makes Smoke Monday different

    In this pic he looks a lot like Sterling K Brown
  4. spring practice #1 depth chart

    That 2 deep DL is stank nasty!! I like the 1st teamers (expecting Smoke and/or Sherwood to pass Thomas). I think the 5 listed at OL as they are is our best chance for success. (1 possible exception = Brahms > Kim, maybe) I am looking forward to good reports that some of those 2nd teamers are really starting to become very solid contributors. I think RB is the biggest toss up right now. I wouldn’t put any stock in where they are on the depth chart for most of the spring.
  5. Men vs. South Carolina

    WAR EAGLE!!!!! SEC Champs, baby!!!!!!!
  6. replacing 4 starters on offensive line

    I approve this message. 👍
  7. 2018 4* RB/KR/ATH Shaun "Worm" Shivers (AU 10/26/16)

    Too late! I already am a big fan of Worm!!!
  8. Men vs. uat

    I always love your enthusiasm, my brother!!! This team had every reason in the world to lose tonight, but they brought more passion than a @GwillMac6 post after an Iron Bowl win! This team is really special! (Only the 2nd time in my life I’ve said that about an AU basketball team, which makes it even more special!) Waaaaaaaaarrrrrr Eagle!!!!!!
  9. 2018 3* SDE/DT Caleb Johnson

    I just read from that Caleb just signed with AU. If so, War Eagle and welcome to the family Caleb!
  10. ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    Sweet! Thanks @AUDevil
  11. 2018 3* DB Cam Taylor

    His signing ceremony was 10am eastern, right? Any word on who he signed with?
  12. ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    The OP says that Siposs is from Australia, Alabama (that's funny right there) Any word on Miller and Schwartz? The OP says they haven't signed yet.
  13. Looking Ahead: Washington

    If we beat UDubb week one I will be pleasantly surprised. I’ve seen this whole “high profile OOC game early in the season” situation play out too many times to be optimistic going into this one. Win or lose I hope to see us establish clear roles for our RBs, the OL gel, more volume and diversity in the passing attack, and some new guys stepping up in the secondary. If we answer those questions Week one, we’ll have a very successful season!!!
  14. Can Bryce Brown win SEC POTY?

    100% what I was thinking!
  15. Looking ahead (next 8 games)

    These next 4 games will test our concentration and focus. They are all winnable and we should win all 4. At OM and uga with home games against Vandy and A&M sandwiched in between. Coming out of that stretch we could be 11-1 in SEC, I think 10-2 at worst. BUT THEN, we have the toughest 4 game stretch we’ve had..... UK and bama at home and @ UF and USCe UK is finally starting to play to their potential and bama is so inconsistent, but I assume they’ll bring their A-game to Auburn. These 2 games will really test our insane home winning streak and our “6th man” home court advantage. @UF will also be a really tough game. @USCe (a tough game any way) is much tougher because it’s sandwiched in there with these other 3 games. You gotta hope to split those 4 games. If we come out of that stretch at 13-3 in SEC play, that would be AUsome!!!!!