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  1. A Quick Look at Stidham's Numbers

    Spot on! No one has a better resume than Clemson right now. I think bama is probably better than Clemson atm, but you can’t argue with Clemson’s resume.
  2. AU vs. LSU - Weekly Presser

    Yep. This was my point as well. I thought maybe we should put Tega in there some of the time. But mostly AG at LT for that reason. Which would mean Bell or Harrell at LG. I’m not crazy about those options either, but I’d rather have a liability at LG than LT. I want Tega to try and block Key some of the time. (He is the likely starter next year and he needs some experience against elite DEs). But too much could get in his head AND cause us major problems on offense on Saturday. Also, I’m not sure if shuffling AG around a few times during the game would have a negative effect on him. It may just be better to put him in one place and go with it. Idk. It depends on how well he can handle that (if experience tells me anything, he should be able to handle that well)
  3. Score Prediction- LSU (merged threads)

    I can see this one going one of two ways: AU jumps on whoville early, gets the crowd and whoville’s pride out of the game early and we run away with it 41-10 AU (whoville is not good this year and the earlier we remind them of this the better. Our DL vs their OL is the biggest mismatch in the game) Or what I think is more likely: LSU begins with a lot of confidence (they can use the FL win and our history at the Red Stick as ammo) Plus, I think this game may be their “season maker”. They have enough athletes in enough places to make this game close. When it comes to in-game adjustments, I haven’t seen anything on AU’s offensive side to give me any confidence. In this scenario, DC wins in a game similar to last year AU 15 whoville 10
  4. AU vs. LSU - Weekly Presser

    As always, thanks for the info PTB!!! Great to hear about Davis and Dean. Not good news on Tre at all. 😰 Horton being out concerns me, because I’m not sure what Gus and Herb are gonna do. It sounds like moving AG around and putting Tega back in at LT is what they’re thinking. I would rather leave AG at LT and just plug in Bell or Harrell. Any other thoughts? Im guessing it’ll be a game time decision on KP? Personally, I think he should sit unless he’s near 100%. I just don’t want KJ to get 30+ carries. (More KMart, MM, and DBarrett please)
  5. Things I Think I Saw (AU vs Ole Miss).....

    Just basing this off what I’ve seen in limited action and spring game, but IF Horton isn’t ready to go this week, I would put Harrell in at LG and keep AG at LT. LSU has a lot of speed on the ends and the noise will be a factor when we have the ball. It’s not the type of game you wanna throw Prince out there and say “good luck”. For the OL, in some ways, this is Clemson part 2 (meaning good DL with speed rushers on the road). I hope we perform much better this time. And I believe we will.
  6. Ole Miss Game Report Card

    That makes sense. Thank you for the clarification!
  7. 2nd and 3rd team

    The youngins on D seem to be gaining valuable experience. It has also been good to see DBarrett, Noah, and others getting good snaps. Overall, it has been good to see. Probably the most important back up/youngster is Malik Willis and I’ve been a little disappointed with the amount of “good” experience he’s been getting. I would have never thought we would have the kind of leads we’ve had on our SEC competition that we’ve had, so I’m grateful. But when we’re up by 30, I would like to see more Willis AND let him run the offense!
  8. This season has been fun so far

    LSU, although they are a long way from it so far, has the potential to be a pretty good team. Lots of talent there! Plus it’s been forever since we beat them at BR, so I will be happy with even an ugly win there. Without major injuries, I really don’t see much of a possibility of losing to arky. Then we get 2 weeks to rest up and prepare for a&m. I’ve been waiting for their descent into dumpster fire for the last few weeks. It hasn’t happened yet. Either way, I like our chances. Assuming we handle the road trip well and go 3-0, then things start to get real!
  9. What happened yesterday? Sunday persepctive.

    Someone posted this, which I thought was a good way of looking at this: In the ole miss game, we saw our ceiling and our floor as a football team. Here’s to hoping we see a lot more of the upper part of the room. If we combine the wonderful info and analysis we get from @StatTiger and Coach @JMR, we have every opportunity to be “well-educated” fans. I really appreciate what you guys bring to the table!!! Edit: not to discredit others who give some great insight, I was specifically referring to the weekly “report card”, “upon further review”, and “what I think I saw” posts.
  10. Things I Think I Saw (AU vs Ole Miss).....

    Thanks @JMR!!! ”I think I saw” a lot of the same things. The confusion, missed tackles, and sluggishness of the D was a little troubling. I also specifically noticed Dinson’s play not up to his usual standard. I loved to see the combo blocking make a comeback!!! The OL has improved each of the last few weeks! That and KJ getting healthier is HUGE!!! One other big thing: I Also was thinking, “I hope Chip steals this play” a few times with the OM passing game. One example, That “fake block TE seam route” was a thing of beauty, SP just overthrew him.
  11. Buddy Davidson-700th consecutive game

    That is an unbelievable streak of consistency!!!! 60 years without missing a single game!!!
  12. No Excuse Game #2, LSU

    As for the game, I think we will win. I can see it unfolding a few different ways. Hopefully, the one where we dominate start to finish in all 3 phases is the one that becomes reality. 🤷‍♂️ As far as AU fans complaining, I’ll take the over! 😁
  13. What happened yesterday? Sunday persepctive.

    Great stats and analysis as always Stat!!!
  14. What are the corndogs saying?

    Lol! Speaking of over exaggerating.... lsu stinks, no doubt. But they do have talent. And they will be up for AU in their house (where we haven’t won in a really long time). We should win, but not 45+ to single digits!!! If it turns out that way, I will be more than happy to eat crow. I’ll gladly take any win in Baton Rogue. Regardless of what happened a few weeks ago.
  15. Injuries?

    Bump for injury status updates. Thanks in advance!