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  1. AUpreacherman22

    2019 5* OG Clay Webb

    I read recently that some of our commits, specifically Nix, are making Webb a priority, but I agree with @lionheartkc, calling our chances a long shot is a huge understatement.
  2. AUpreacherman22

    RBU Auburn University

    I understand. ATM bama and uga are killing it in recruiting. I guess we should all define our criteria for “RBU”. For me, the stars beside a kid’s name in HS doesn’t mean much. I look at production in college. Colleges putting RBs in the league should be a factor as well. In the last 10 years, west vance u has put more in the league and they’ve had several productive backs, but I would argue we’ve been right there with them in terms of production with our string of 1,000 yard RBs. If you go back further to the mid/late 70’s til now I don’t think anyone has as strong of an argument for RBU as AU. The difference between us and teams like the academies is that they’ve been completely irrelevant for decades. We’ve had very productive RBs get drafted recently as well as historically. KJ, Tre, and CAP are evidence the “used to” tag doesn’t apply to us. Just my thoughts. I realize there is no objective standard for these kind of things and I have O&B glasses, but I do think our argument is as strong or stronger than anyone’s.
  3. AUpreacherman22

    RBU Auburn University

    Yep, and that time is referred to as “forever” or “always”. AU IS RBU!
  4. AUpreacherman22

    Auburn over the last 25 years, FWIW

    That is a pretty good summation IMHO. Auburn is an elite program that has not yet experienced consistent success. This is the reason I still cling to the ever so slight glimmer of hope that Gus can be the coach to get us there.
  5. AUpreacherman22

    2019 5* OT Devontae Dobbs

    I’m not so sure. He’ll have 2 good friends and teammates in his ear all year. If our OL significantly out-performs UT OL, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a WM flipparoo. Wouldn’t you Wanya see that happen? Lol! I really hope we get Dobbs or Wanya, or both! (Or another elite OT if one pops up on our radar) We really need an elite OT or 2 in this cycle. (The problem is, so does everyone else every cycle)
  6. AUpreacherman22

    2019 4* CB Tyrique Stevenson

    This could become our best CB class ever!!!
  7. AUpreacherman22

    2019 5* CB Andrew Booth

    This guy? Also, Booth is EASILY one of my favorite “not yet publicly committed” recruits this year. He has the potential to become our best CB since Carlos! (and we’ve had some good ones since then!
  8. AUpreacherman22

    2019 5* CB Andrew Booth

    That little kid in the helmet and gloves is adorable!!! We should hire him to be Recruiting Coordinator. No one could say no to him.
  9. AUpreacherman22

    2018-19 Bama GT C Brandon Kennedy

    I didn’t realize that Terry Daniel transferred from turdville. My all-time favorite punter!!!
  10. AUpreacherman22

    Prince Tega Wanogho a rising star

    That is great to hear from CJBG! I hope we see that potential realized vs UW week 1!
  11. AUpreacherman22

    2019 3* TE Tyler Fromm commits!

    War Eagle! Welcome to the family. Sounds like this weekend’s visits are going well!
  12. AUpreacherman22

    depth in secondary

    I agree with the concerns expressed here. I think the article would have made more sense if he said “I like the potential with this group”. Those freshmen are going to be good! But they’re still FR. Noah is a fantastic athlete, but brand new to the position. I’m hoping by mid season we’re all very pleased with our secondary. Until then, hoping the DL viciously prevents QBs from throwing the ball.
  13. AUpreacherman22

    Harold Joiner sets sights on Heisman

    Glad he has lofty goals. Even more glad he realizes there is A LOT of blood, sweat, and tears between now and then. That last statement was my favorite. “Whatever gets me the ball and whatever is best for my team”
  14. AUpreacherman22

    Dr. Randel Burns EdD 1979

    On Monday, my dad passed away suddenly, but peacefully. AU Alum lost a good man here on earth, but he has joined that great AU Alumni meeting in heaven. We made a ton of great memories on the loveliest village on the plains! Thank you AU family for your thoughts and prayers for my family.
  15. AUpreacherman22

    2019 4* DE Nathan Pickering

    I don’t know about NP, but with Bo, George, Owen, and the 2 Js working together to build this class, we’re gonna see a lot of good things happen for the good guys in the next several months!!! BCW this year is gonna be INSANE!!!