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  1. I agree PTB. Instilling character in these kids is a huge piece of the puzzle! However, if you are good at instilling character, but not coaching you should become a preacher! 🙊😇
  2. I have watched/attended every minute of every game through some pretty bad seasons. The only 2 seasons I can think of that I did not were 2008 and 2012. In those 2 cases the team quit. They lost their heart. And if I know ahead of time that I am gonna waste 3+ hrs of my Saturday doing something that I know is gonna make me mad and ruin the rest of my day. I would much rather play in the yard with my kids or do some charity work with my family.
  3. Question: Given the desire to become more balanced on offense, and our likelihood of giving a few backs carries (primarily KP and KJ, but also mixing in others), Will this be the first year Malzahn doesn't have a 1,000 yard back? FWIW, my answer is contingent on KP's health. If he stays healthy the streak stays intact. If he goes down for multiple games, I think we'll divide carries between KJ, MM, KMart, and even DB (as well as Eli or JF3 on some speed sweeps/end-around/reverses) too much for any one back to get 1,000.
  4. Well, that stinks!
  5. That's a good list. And I can think of just as many more who could have breakout seasons as well: PJ3, Cowart, Coe, More Receivers (KD, DS), one of the Princes on the OL (I'm thinking Tega has the best chance of the 2), and then some newcomers like Ashley, DBarrett, TDM, MB, and anyone who can contribute in the defensive backfield such as Askew or Peters. That's about 20 players with potential for a breakout season. If half of those actually do (and depending on the position) that will bode extremely well for us!!!
  6. I think it's just that he's not the hot topic anymore. We've moved on to speculating about new comers (MB, TDM, and of course JS) Also if I remember correctly he sat out the Spring game because of a minor injury, so he wasn't able to wow us like PJ3 did. One other question/caveat, I think Coe was moved to SDE behind Davidson. Did that actually happen or did I just make that up?
  7. Thanks 23!!! That sounds about as good as we could expect at this point.
  8. Me too! Of course it's way too early for end of the year awards talk!! And yes, many times the prognosticators are way off. And yes we've been affected by their misfires in the past. But hey, I would rather them look at our team and players "somewhat objectively" and say "This guy has the tools, and this guy has a lot of talent, etc. Auburn has a legit chance to dethrone bama this year" than "These guys suck and Auburn will suck this year." C'mon guys! Be glad we have kids in the conversation! Be glad AU is in the conversation! It's better than the alternative.
  9. I agree. Although this statement could fall under the category of "Statements that are true every year"
  10. #2 in QB hurries #91 in sacks!!!! Wow!!! Either we played the most elusive QBs in the country, or we really need to work on finishing those sack opportunities! (probably a little bit of both)
  11. I'm hoping JP3 becomes that guy at buck. We pretty much know what we have with Holland, and if JP3 is better, I like that position a lot. I am most interested in seeing what we get from Coe and Cowart. I think these 2 have the potential to breakout and be stars this year, but it's just potential at this point. We've been waiting on Cowart for a while now. This position change should be a big difference for him. And it's probably a little too soon to expect Coe to be a star IMHO, our DL will be pretty good (worst case) to elite (best case). And as usual, we should expect somewhere in between.
  12. Maybe if we started practice 3 weeks earlier CGM would have the team ready by week 1. I kid, I kid.
  13. Great article! Chizik is a fantastic role model in a lot of ways. I have a ton of respect for him!!!
  14. FWIW, for those who don't know, Shmalz was "the other receiver" on the team with Beasley and Sullivan. And yes, the boy named "Sue" ain't got nothing on that poor guy.
  15. Come Monday! It'll be alright. Come Monday! We'll be holding you tight! ........we just want you here by our side.