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  1. Praying for Gus and family. Glad to hear the news is better than it was.
  2. You’re right. AU has the talent everywhere except OL. Inexperienced in some places, learning new schemes, etc. but not a lack of talent. The only other possible exception is that we don’t have one of those freak athletes playing at a really high level on the DL. Our guys are good, but not elite.
  3. Very important win for our Tigers, and for CBH!!!!! Team is getting better. The next several games could go either way. They’re all winnable! We could be 9-2 hosting bama with the SECW title on the line. In those type contests we’ve done more than just hold our own! with that said…. We do have some major issues that I’m not sure we can overcome. It concerns me that we could not run on Arky, or stop their run. Our pass defense is still soft. A lot of that is the typical growing pains of learning a new scheme. (bama and uga went through the same thing, so we should expect
  4. Every game from here on out is huge!!!! We’ve got to have a playoff mentality moving forward!
  5. Very good game in the passing offense!!!! War Eagle!!!!
  6. That number is beyond insane!!!! Before the bama game there were probably some aggies starting a gofundme. 🤣🤣🤣
  7. My number one hope for this game is that everyone comes out healthy! @ Arky next week is a big game and much more winnable than this week. We need all hands on deck!
  8. I love the irony contained in this picture!
  9. I think that this rule may help us. Like others have said, some players will transfer out and we can make it known that we desperately need OL (anyone paying attention already knows), and hopefully get 3-4 or more good OL through the transfer portal. This would be HUGE for our potential in the 2022 season!!!!
  10. As several others have already stated, “Clutch”!!!
  11. Thank you Coach! Your insight is always appreciated!
  12. The last time AU beat LSU in BR I was not a Christian. I’ve been a minister of the gospel for 20 years now! I was single. My wife and I celebrated 20 years of marriage this past June. We have 16 and 11 year old girls. Yeah, it’s been a while!
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