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  1. AUpreacherman22

    The anti-bash Gus Thread

    Consider me in the 80%.
  2. AUpreacherman22

    LSU Visitor List & Thread

    Looks like a fantastic recruiting weekend! Hoping to hear some great news Sunday/Monday
  3. AUpreacherman22

    All Things Shaun "Worm" Shivers (merged threads)

    I have been thinking the same thing! Worm and Flash have impressed very early in their AU careers! I am looking forward to the next 4 years with those 2 scoring TDs!
  4. AUpreacherman22

    Scouting Report: The LSU Tigers Offense

    I have a lot of confidence in our D vs their O! IF, and that’s a big IF, our OL has developed enough to win the LOS vs their DL, this will be a blowout! If not, I think Stid makes enough plays for us to win a defensive struggle.
  5. AUpreacherman22

    Player Departures 2018-19

    It depends on how the rest of the season goes (success, health, etc.) But... Stid will go. (probably the only one on offense) Brown, MD, Coe, J Davis, and Dean will probably all test the waters. I would expect a minimum of 3 of those guys to go. Next man up! (as CKS says)
  6. AUpreacherman22

    Be safe, our Carolinas AUFamily members!

  7. AUpreacherman22

    2020 Recruit Thread

    That is an awesome name! Please tell me he is a lineman! Or a Jerome Bettis type RB!
  8. AUpreacherman22

    The Official Meltdown Thread

    Can we merge this thread with the “I know it’s only been 2 weeks thread”? Kinda the same theme. Btw, we’re 2-0 with the best win in CF so far, and favored by 10 against the #12 team in the country this week. I think I can find a silver lining in that.
  9. AUpreacherman22

    Dixie 1860 Passes Away

    Prayers for the family.
  10. AUpreacherman22

    SEC West rankings

    I think most of us can agree on 1 (bama), 6 (Ole Miss), and 7 (Arky). 2-5 are really interchangeable at this point. AU, LSU, and MS St all appear to have solid defenses, and A&M appears to have a good bit of fight in them. Ole Miss will outscore a few teams this year, but we have 5 legitimately strong teams in the West this year! And bless Arky’s heart. Chad has his work cut out for him. Oh, and there’s only one legit team in the East.....ONE!
  11. AUpreacherman22

    Aidan Marshall leaves the team-Merged thread

  12. AUpreacherman22

    State of college football after Week Two

    And yes! There is no one outside of the uga-ly leg humpers that have a pulse in the east. I really think Vandy and UK May duke it out for the 2nd best team in the least. 😔🤦‍♂️😰 Which means uga should be well rested for us, and the SECCG. Meanwhile, the Death Squads in the Wild West will be killing each other every week to see who survives until the end.
  13. AUpreacherman22

    State of college football after Week Two

    bama is obviously the top pick here. AU has the potential to be an elite team. (Got a little work to do with run blocking and secondary, but who doesn’t have issues) MS St. looks good! That D is stout and their run game is legit. Not much of a passing threat though. LSU is about the same as MS St. I think. We’ll find out more about them on Saturday. A&M looks good! Mond looks like the real deal. Say what you want, but giving Clemson all they wanted and then some is an impressive statement. Ole Miss is gonna score some points! Those WRs are scary! Their D looks pretty sad right now, but I like McGriff. I think they will have a serviceable D by season’s end. I think it will take a year or two for Morris to get Army turned around, but I think he will. He’s a good coach So yeah, that’s 5 teams that are good to very good, and one team that is a threat to outscore anybody on any given Saturday. The SECWest, which is always loaded, is as good as it has been in a good while. It should make for some very entertaining (and stressful) Saturdays this fall!
  14. AUpreacherman22

    I know it's only been two games but...

    UDubb is a very respectable defense. Our OL will continue to get better each week. Their ceiling isn’t as high as the elite lines, but they can be good. This week will be another major test. LSU’s front is at least as good as UDubb, plus Aranda calls an aggressive D. We’ll see how our boys hold up. I think Sandberg is our best backup already. We need to get him game ready as soon as possible! Cord and Bo will be in a good competition next year. I have confidence we’ll get past LSU (I think that’ll make us the only team in the country with 2 top 12 wins. Our trip to Starkvegas will be a fight! (I still think we win because Stid > Fitz!). That makes us undefeated when we play A&M. By that time we’ll see how much we’ve improved and where we are concerning injuries. But there is certainly no reason to press the panic button at this point!!!
  15. AUpreacherman22

    Chip/Steele Pressers

    That is exactly what it looked like! And I said something similar when it happened...followed by "Well, that's the last time we'll see him out there" (even though he did fair catch another punt later in that game)