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  1. @bigbird knows his stuff. Press Man coverage doesn’t give DBs many opportunities for picks. As for the question about pass rush, I can’t help but think it will be at least a little better. The only DL we lost were big gap fillers on the inside. Coe, Davidson, Brown, TD, Big Kat are all back. Maybe even RJ will decide to stay? I haven’t heard that he has transferred anywhere yet.
  2. Luke "The Real" Deal looks like he can be a real mismatch. I really do hope we start using the TE more in the passing game. (fingers crossed)
  3. Yep, and JJ. I see a bunch of protein shakes and PB&J sandwiches in their near future.
  4. Yeah, our FR DL are smaller than I expected. But our LB are bigger than I expected. Wooden and KB are big LBs! Brothers is a good size too! (Oh, I see Wooden is Buck. I forgot that)
  5. Yep! One of my all time favorite RB moments!!! He is our sideline reporter. He has Q's old job.
  6. *imagine the “drop the mic” gif that I tried to post right here.
  7. I LOVE hearing that about his attitude and work ethic!!!! I expect him to be a starter soon, and a major team leader in year 3 (maybe even year 2).
  8. Thanks for keeping us updated 72! Your attitude is great, that makes a huge difference! I know that you know you are loved and lifted up in prayer by your AU family!🙏❤️
  9. We’re not cursed and we don’t have bad luck. We have had more amazing finishes than any other school could possibly imagine. We’ve been on the winning side of many, and we’ve lost our share. I would suggest that all these crazy finishes are a testament to our character as Auburn family. Because we live by the Auburn Creed, we never give up, we fight until the end. We put ourselves in position to have a chance to win when the final whistle blows. It’s who we are. We test the will of our opponents. Some answer the call and we tip our cap to them (except bama), other times they are not able to respond and we reap the reward of our determination.
  10. Congrats A Mac and Ashley!!! War Eagle!!!
  11. Wow! This could be an unimaginably AUsome signing class!!!! (Trying to contain my enthusiasm is not easy)