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  1. Good luck in the future Tyler.
  2. That's a great start! War Eagle!
  3. Who? sorry, I couldn't resist.
  4. In this league, we'll take any win we can. Good game ladies!
  5. Thanks for continuing to post all these articles @aubiefifty I enjoy having new content almost every day and hearing what the media says about our team during the spring.
  6. Well, how about that. War Eagle!!! Welcome to the family Jalil!
  7. During the Saban dynasty, everyone has a losing record against bama that plays them even semi-regularly. For that, I give us a pass. (Who else is 3-7 against them in the last 10 years?) Hopefully soon their empire will crumble and we can whip them like Tubs on Shula. Outside of the Chizik years, I agree LSU is an even rivalry where the home team usually wins. I hope that trend is bucked in BR this year. Uga is the one in that group that is most frustrating. There were years when we should have destroyed them and came up empty. Even the 2 years we did beat them required a "Miracle at Jordan-Hare" and a Cam-back win (2010 was ugly in the 1st Quarter). This year we reverse the curse and remind those little puppies who their Daddy is.
  8. I hope that we are able to utilize the flexibility of our players and use different formations with the same personnel group. For example, with KJ, Cox, and Sal we could realistically go from 2 back, TE, 2WR set to 1 back 4 WR set without substitution and HUNH. That could really confuse the D and create a mismatch or 2. KJ can play RB or WR KP can play RB or HB Cox can play RB, HB, TE or Q....I kid Sal can play HB, TE, or WR
  9. I think 2018 is shaping up to be a very good year on the recruiting trail. We have some momentum on D. The new and improved O is having an impact. And we have the centerpiece QB of the class out there working hard recruiting for us. Hopefully it all comes together very nicely.
  10. Exactly! In some cases, I think we could utilize the WC with the same personnel as the previous play. But if not, don't stop play to sub and let the defense catch their breath.
  11. My favorite first play of the game in IB history.
  12. I don't follow the Big 10 much, but PSU #3 seems a little high and OSU #7 seems a little low based on what I've heard.
  13. I totally agree. I think AU and LSU are very similar talentwise with the one exception being we have at least 2 QBs that are better than anyone they have. Also, they have an all new coaching staff. At this point I have to rank AU ahead of LSU.
  14. It's good to hear JS is getting along with the guys and developing as a leader. We never questioned his arm talent. It looks like he is going to be a really good fit! As for JF3 at WR. If he can learn to catch a JS deep ball, he could become a real weapon. We've got to find a way to utilize his speed!
  15. I came here for the jokes. Sadly, I was disappointed.