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  1. Just tuned in. Praying for you and your mom, E!
  2. A dude named Thor?!?!?! Yes, please!
  3. I am trying not to imagine us rolling onto the court with Coop, Green, Brown, and JWilliams next year. But I’m struggling! Heck, I may as well add Okoro to my delusional imaginary scenario to round out our starting 5. 🤣🤣🤣
  4. I’m rooting for all our Tigers, but MAN, BroHamm has been through SO MUCH!!!!! And his nickname is AUsome!!!!! He’s my favorite OL and definitely one of my favorite players on this team!!!! If he makes All-SEC or something like that, that would be a miraculous story!!!!
  5. Other than offense, I would say we need improvement in defense, special teams, and coaching!😁
  6. I agree! The LB room has loads of talent, experience, and depth! That is a rare and wonderful combination! We’ve come a REALLLLYYY long way at that position!!!!!!!!!
  7. The best part of this game was Samir balling like Bryce Brown!!!! A consistent sniper has been missing this year. Man, did that make a difference!!!
  8. Thanks Stat! Good video! Love your music choices as well! Starting with POD and ending with the song from the Rocky v Apollo fight!!! Solid!
  9. Yeah, we’re desperate! We’ll take whatever we can get. It sounds like BC is a better OG than OT, though. But, there’s at least a chance he can play OT, so it’s definitely worth a shot.
  10. Sounds like he doesn’t have the quick feet to be an SEC OT. I would like to hear about a solid G5 OT that wants to finish his career playing SEC ball!
  11. I like this bracket a lot!!! 1st game revenge vs Mizzou or tamu. If we take care of business there, the second game will be against a team I feel confident we can beat. If that goes well, we’re in the championship game!
  12. There is a lot of potential on that list!!! IMHO, DJ was already better than Boobee by the end of the year last year. Worm’s speed is a game changer! (Not to mention his surprising power) HJ has a lot of skills that should fit very nicely in CCM’s system And the 2 FR are highly rated and expect to be difference makers! I think it will be DJ as RB1 and Worm RB2, with some HJ mixed in to start the season. As the year goes on, I expect to see more of Tank and MAR. Many believe by mid season at least one of them will move into RB1 or RB2.
  13. On our chances of landing SC, JG, and GB, I put the over/under at 1.5. How are you betting?
  14. Let’s take a moment to soak that in. Then thank the dear Lord in heaven for Bruce Pearl!!!!🙌🙌🙌
  15. Yep! Very impressive! Now you know that every time Bruce fires up his grill, there will be spies from the NCAA and our rivals watching in the bushes!
  16. Yeah, considering where AU basketball was for several years before Bruce, to now having the 2 best years in program history, and this year taking a depleted roster and significantly overachieving with them, I would already say he’s the best BB coach in AU history! A couple of years from now he should settle that discussion beyond any doubt. As for all sports, I think it’s too much of an apples to oranges comparison to say with any certainty.
  17. I couldn’t agree more!!!! This team lacks shooters and playmakers, among other things. But what they do have is grit! They have taken on Bruce’s personality. Lots of energy, lots of faith, and lots of grit!!!! I love this team and I hope these qualities continue to characterize AU basketball (coupled with much more talent moving forward😁)
  18. Thanks for posting that! AMac is one of my favorites!!!
  19. I started watching right as we started that run, so I’ll share the credit with you. 🤣
  20. What he has done is incredible!!!! The last 2 years we were very talented. 2 of the very best years of AU basketball ever! This year’s team is not nearly as talented or experienced. But the culture has changed to the extent that we go into every game expecting to win! That is tremendous leadership!!! Bruce also gets the most out of his players, putting them in the best place to succeed!
  21. My guess is 6-2 the rest of the way. (14-4 in league play will put us at or near first place) I think/hope we take care of business at home, and we come away with wins at Mizzou and at uga. 2 losses at UT and UK.
  22. MAN!!!!!! This team is giving me a heart condition!!!! They are scrappy and just outlast teams! Impressive group of young men with an incredible coach!!!
  23. CRG is THE MAN!!!!!!!! And he has been for a long time!!!!