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  1. We are all dumber for reading to this point.
  2. Did you know my cousin Henry Starnes? Think they beat everybody but Oklahoma.
  3. Do you also sell Dr Pepper?
  4. Bump. Workung on post count. Sarcasm font.
  5. If they could think, they would not be Georgia Fans!
  6. You have to go to bottom of deepest ocean and turn over piles of whale poop. Bammer is just lower than Georgia.
  7. I remember when we could not make the catch. Talk about back breaking. Good job making the catch deserves more praise. After that it is icing on the cake.
  8. Yes, yes, yes. He can be a feature back and has been.
  9. Wish I could fit in my old Sans a belt pants.
  10. They stole that play from Gus.
  11. I appreciate Steele. Right guy Right Place Right Time so far. Lots of intangibles. Appreciate what we have. He has pulled together the right assistants. Have not seen DB go for ball through receivers in ages. Knock Hell out of em after catch was AU standard in good old days. Bad days when they caught and just arm tackled. Love improved linebacker play. It's much, much improved. But DB play where nut hooking with backside arm and going through receivers attackint the football. It's best I have seen since I can remember. Hate to say Bill (Benedict Arnold) Oliver. Still hate him since he stole playbook and took it to Bear in 1972.
  12. Yes. Everybody is a unique individual. In my best Bill Engvall voice. Here is your sign. He is Sean White and doing a good job for Auburn. War Eagle.
  13. Up by 40 in 3rd quarter for mop up duty. Preferred.
  14. Silly Golf. Carlson don't half a field goal, he splits uprights. That's 10 field goals and a safety. Defense will do their part.
  15. Sorry to here Les was fired. I like Cam. Was visiting him before he was fired from Indiana. Both Les and Cam are good people. I was only joking. I only joke with people I like. I am sad to see both fired. God bless both. Dont post much. Been around long time. This is only a game and it has grown into an out of control business. Has anyone heard how Cam is doing with his cancer?