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  1. What Kirby Smart, Georgia players said after loss

    Kirby gained my respect. Very Classy. Not to offset negative recruiting lies which make him a scumbag. Media does not tape what he says in private to recruits nor his talking points by recruiters. Also Gus restored my support. I have been negative and supporting change Maybe with this results he will understand the necessity of offensive aggressiveness for 60 minutes based on game clock time and not actual time passage. Alabama will come in with eyes wide open. They are beatable. I felt the excitement in the air when I parked. I’ve been disappointed by tailgates in Scholarship parking. This game was like “Good Ole Days”. First game I heard loud “War Wagle” shouted in Arena parking lot 2 hours before game. Lots of Georgia fans mixing it up, but Auburn Fans showed excitement and hospitality. The team fed off it. i remember the first time BAMA came to Auburn. We beat the number 2 out of them. I really wish they wound come in #2 again. But if we turn out and create the electric environment we can beat the # 1 out of them. War Damn Eagle!
  2. One mitigating factor

    I think we have more than 4 plays in The script developed for the first couple drives. Think Chip has input through Friday. Once we get through the script plays, Gus has only two plays he calls and two more that can be suggested. I wonder If they practice more than four plays.
  3. Coordinators Silence

    He was a goofy coordinator. He needs some one to guide him. His wife used to walk him from the stadium as he would be mumbling about a 3rd down or some play that should have worked. I liked Gus and talked to him after several games in 2010 and 2011. I really think he can’t chew gum and coach at the same time. He is that single focused. I never saw any leadership traits in him. Nice guy but so focused on specific play details. Position Coach detail. Jay Jacobs and Yellowwood dumber than Houston Nutt. Houston fired Gus as OC in SEC. I’m not a Nutt fan but ......
  4. LSU Game Report Card

    Compares to Curley Halman debacle. We celebrated LSU coaching stupidity. Of course LSU fired the Head coach. We will also.
  5. This is why....

    Fire Malzahn for same reasons Houston Nutt did. what role did Malzahn play in undermining Chizic?
  6. Coordinators Silence

    Fire Gus for the same reasons Houston Nutt fired Gus. They apply! I’m not a Nutt fan and like many discounted his criticism. What was Malzahns role in undermining Chizic? Seems Jay (yellowwood) had his man before he fired Chizic. The three former player committee was just for show like we have returning players for pregame tailgate show. is team discipline any better now? Seems there are problems now with traditional illegal drugs. Fire Gus. Have a professional search committee. BTW- A lawyer like Alabama Hammer needs to represent Jeremy Johnson, John Franklin, ET al in a class action for Miarepresentation and loss of income. We need the Go fund to hire attorneys to represent. These SOBs like Gus have made millions taking advantage of poor underepresented Class. I’m in for $1000. That’s one tenth of my annual scholarship donation.
  7. Stan and Rod, Auburn Radio

    We need to fire Gus for the same reasonsHouston Nutt fired Gus. I still wonder what role Gus played in undermining Chizic. Not judging one over other, but Malzahn favorites and giving passes to starters feeds losing a team. Also felt Gus was key target before Chizic was fired. Wonder if Arky State got yellowwood sponsorship in 2012.
  8. Up 20-0, here's the play chart

    I am no fan of Houston Nutt, but I now understand why he canned him years ago. Was warned of this by Arkansas insiders back in 2013. He is high school coach that let’s stars cut class and above other student rules. i know Chizic lost the team but did Malzahn undermine and back stab? I always felt the decision to hire Gus was made before Chizic was fired.
  9. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    Defense should adjust and stop LSU. Hope offensive genius quits playing to lose slowly. We need to execute and practice against LSU talent to have a chance to make a run. Steele needs to challenge manhood of front 7. It’s not flag football. I think he will.
  10. ***AU vs. Missouri -- Game Thread***

    My favorite thing to do.
  11. ***Auburn vs. Georgia Southern -- Game Thread***

    Maybe we can improve to SEC play. Protection and QB play has lots to work on, lets see second half adjustments.
  12. Woody Barrett Transferring

    We are all dumber for reading to this point.
  13. A Great Auburn Man - Kenny Howard Dies

    Did you know my cousin Henry Starnes? Think they beat everybody but Oklahoma.
  14. Playoff selection

    Do you also sell Dr Pepper?
  15. The Gus Bus

    Bump. Workung on post count. Sarcasm font.