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  1. AURocketman


    Praise the Lord. Keep up the good fight. Glad to hear the great report.
  2. Have not seen any mention, but on the timeouts late in second half and at end of the game Gus called all the team in. The guys on the back bench were called up to circle. It looked to me Gus was bringing the entire team in on the decision to take a knee at the end of the game. I was back about 15 rows, but it looked like the coaches and assistants were trying to settle down emotions after the unsportsmanlike calls rather than save time for another score.
  3. I don’t think Willis was free to read. Gus was upset at him for not handing off the ball in previous appearances. I think they were predetermined. Shivers was being hit at same time or before handoff on one play. let me say the replays at the stadium were horrible. If play was reviewed they did not show the replay. Bad angles also. Tried to follow ball and zoomed in closer than TV coverage. They stadium announcers often got the runner name wrong and would reannounce. “ Hand-off to Shivers. Whitlow gets 6 yards on the carry.” I think they were watching the big screen. Jordan Hare does a much better job.
  4. Gus used his predictable tendency to set up couple big plays. That’s just like his OC days from 2010. The difference this game was in speed of our receivers versus Purdue secondary. I don’t think Willis was allowed to read and the hand-offs were predetermined by Gus. Willis had open field if he kept on a couple of them. Easy to read the guy hitting the running back as you go to hand off. The play calling and formation predictability while Gatewood was in during second half was deja vu. Can count the plays on one hand. Could see Purdue anticipating play.
  5. Wow did we get it up to the that high. We were O’fer well into 2nd half.
  6. And people seriously thought Sexton would just roll over for less money. Or more correctly allow Gus to roll over. Keep in mind he is representing all the “splash hires” that would replace Gus. Remember the Cam slander when Chizik was not represented by Sexton. It’s really bad not to be coached by one of the Sexton “family” members.
  7. Well he is chewing bubble gum at the same time!
  8. So maybe let players make it up in the huddle. Might help with this years recruiting. Heck most of them know high school playbooks.
  9. Why do you think Harbert needs financial backing? It’s Leath and Auburn that need financial backing. Assume you have heard of Harbert Center in Birmingham and other philanthropic activities of John Harbert and family.
  10. Thanks I enjoyed this. Please post more.
  11. AURocketman


    You have a date. Pick the game. I look forward to it.
  12. AURocketman


    God Bless and keep up the fight.
  13. How does this play with the New Moon release?
  14. They scored 52 on us. Below are our peers with similar defensive performance against Alabama. Mercer, Louisville, Arkansas St , Mississipi (only 51), La Lafeytte, Arkansas, Tennessee and Citidel (50). These are our peers on defense. I’m most disappointed by poor defense. Penalties and lack of poise. I know Excuse 1 through 15 apply due to fault of offense. But a good defense steps up:? This is year of settling for excuses. I really thought we could hold them like Miss State, LSU, or Missouri. Is this a transition year to a doormat defense?