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  1. 3 to 2 I'm hoping for a 3 to 2 Tiger win. Contrary thought is our defense has more potential to score a safety while our offense has greatest potential to give up a safety. I have faith in Carlson to make field goal.
  2. Everybody but the referees saw the jersey pull down.
  3. I do if you are developing a QB. QB confidence and leadership! I think play choices could have been better. Obvious that it is hard to see where Gus calls plays for player development. First half showed no signs our Oline could slow down or move Florida’s front seven. Other than trying something different, what showed any sign of anything working for ground game. They were not loading box and just whipping us. Our power runs lost yards because Florida did not take eye candy and attacked. I like Joey but this kind of situation on road would nor-faired well for him. It would have been different, but Florida front seven was whipping Auburn Oline so bad in first half.
  4. Agree. Was thinking Brown needs to work on handing off! Could be part of a defensive sweep play. Glad to hear you are doing well.
  5. In the first half the Florida Front seven wanted it more. They whipped the offense. We had three guys giving ground to two guys on a lot of our run plays. We got stuffed when we had numbers!
  6. Hey brother, hope all is well. I still think it is up to our defense. Need Brown to run hundred yards. We need the defensive scores!
  7. I’m disappointed. I kinda think Gus planned based on Bo improvement. I think Bo performed more like a Freshman. Maybe it was too big a Stage. All the hype. Hell he is a Freshman! Yes, Gus is slow to change his plans! I’ve got to note that the plays were there mid fourth quarter. Unrealistic to expect for a freshman quarterback? I think Gus kept looking for the poise that showed late Oregon Game. I guess I would have also! I called nearly every AUoffensive play during first half before snap. It was like last year! I get frustrated by Gus. I had hope he was setting up second half. Gus was out schemed by Todd Grantham. It hurts but we had chances second half. i don’t think we had any chance going to power or speed run. The Gator front-seven wanted it more thanAU O-line side in the first half. Hats off to Gator defense (players only). They had speed and a chip on their shoulder. Pants down and kiss my *** to the gator coaches!
  8. They are a year older from last year but they looked similar as redshirt juniors.
  9. AURocketman


    Praise the Lord. Keep up the good fight. Glad to hear the great report.
  10. Have not seen any mention, but on the timeouts late in second half and at end of the game Gus called all the team in. The guys on the back bench were called up to circle. It looked to me Gus was bringing the entire team in on the decision to take a knee at the end of the game. I was back about 15 rows, but it looked like the coaches and assistants were trying to settle down emotions after the unsportsmanlike calls rather than save time for another score.
  11. I don’t think Willis was free to read. Gus was upset at him for not handing off the ball in previous appearances. I think they were predetermined. Shivers was being hit at same time or before handoff on one play. let me say the replays at the stadium were horrible. If play was reviewed they did not show the replay. Bad angles also. Tried to follow ball and zoomed in closer than TV coverage. They stadium announcers often got the runner name wrong and would reannounce. “ Hand-off to Shivers. Whitlow gets 6 yards on the carry.” I think they were watching the big screen. Jordan Hare does a much better job.
  12. Gus used his predictable tendency to set up couple big plays. That’s just like his OC days from 2010. The difference this game was in speed of our receivers versus Purdue secondary. I don’t think Willis was allowed to read and the hand-offs were predetermined by Gus. Willis had open field if he kept on a couple of them. Easy to read the guy hitting the running back as you go to hand off. The play calling and formation predictability while Gatewood was in during second half was deja vu. Can count the plays on one hand. Could see Purdue anticipating play.
  13. Wow did we get it up to the that high. We were O’fer well into 2nd half.