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  1. does anyone know the workout program they put these guys on to gain weight like they do? any help would be greatly appreciated. War Eagle!
  2. thegoodshepard777


    its in
  3. thegoodshepard777

    POLL: Where will Auburn's Recruiting Class Finish?

    voted 3rd. don't think no one will pass florida and rivals will rank bama ahead of us anyways. but as far as i am concerned looks like to me we got a #1 class coming in.
  4. thegoodshepard777

    If Malzahn Leaves Someday

    i don't post to often but i say he stays for awhile but i would rather focus on what he does while he is here. hopefully in next couple years his resume will have a NC on it.
  5. thegoodshepard777

    Jealous Alabama fans

    i hope all the SEC teams win the bowl games. not doing so hot so far. we all get tired of the bama fans running their mouth but don't stoop down to their level. all we hear about is bear and i imagine many of them are still waiting on him to rise from the dead or those "12" national championships they have. and i have seen more bama shirts last 2 years than previous 6 put together but like always it will come back to haunt them...just give it a little time.
  6. thegoodshepard777

    Newton Update **Good News**

    the mayor said it was official newton to auburn. it is under ST or Mayor board
  7. thegoodshepard777

    Newton Update **Good News**

    someone on another post said this was auburn's official twitter account
  8. thegoodshepard777

    Newton Update **Good News**

    your right...but i hope it is true
  9. thegoodshepard777

    Newton Update **Good News**

    we got him!!!!!!!!!
  10. thegoodshepard777

    Newton Update **Good News**

    glad i found this site...the suspense is killing me...