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  1. So you were there before they hid the cannon lathe from the Yanks?
  2. Here are a couple of Underrated joys: 1987 vs. Florida. On Halloween night. We clobbered them 29-6. 1986 @ Mississippi St. I went with a good friend who was an State fan. State was undefeated and a top 10 team and we absolutely waxed them 35-6. 1985 vs. FSU. We poured it on in the 2nd half 59-27. Gosh it’s fun to beat that them
  3. How many times are they going to show that Pedigree commercial. Ok, I get it. It's a wounded vet and a wounded dog. Touching, but crimey, this is the 6th time it's run this game.
  4. So many competent shooters tonight. Oh Lord, what a dunk!
  5. Looks like the Twins had to double the slot money ($550,000) to get his signature. Congratulations young man!!!
  6. I'm guessing he was kept off the floor this year so he could keep his red-shirt exemption. Its a shame we didn't have the luxury of offering it to him last year. It would allow him to be eligible to transfer to a D-1 school one semester sooner. Again, I am ignorant of the facts, just a hypothesis.
  7. Is Tyler Queen a candidate to move to another position...maybe H-back? Might his size fit the role.
  8. Let me channel my inner A4E... that Brandon Martin is an incredible player! Come on down to AU and play for our team!!!
  9. Looks like an A4E posting is needed to get this thread on track.
  10. Maybe Coach is eyeing some of the talent for '18. Right now, they have 1-2 slots left and amazing talent available
  11. I went to the AU-Moo St. game back in 1986. I remember that it was packed at Scott Field and the cowbells were deafening! Anyway, State got their hides handed to them that evening 35-6. I remember Fullwood ran for an 88 yd TD that night and we had put them away by the middle of the 2nd qtr. I seem to remember it was homecoming for MSU that night. The students had seen enough by halftime and headed to the parties early. Very bizarre feel in the 2nd half with half the stadium emptied. I sense similar karma this Saturday.
  12. You can listen to the voices al you want, Golf. It's when you start talking back to the voices... Then you got a problem.
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