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  1. Who do you see as the most likely break out players of 2021? With all of the losses of star players, we will need a big leap from a number of players. Who do you think they will be?
  2. https://purdue.rivals.com/news/call-from-los-angeles-rams-was-too-much-for-lovett-to-resist Purdue's head strength coach got hired by the L.A. Rams to be their head strength coach in early 2020. Apparently he was very effective with Purdue. He voices his confidence in Dennis Love.
  3. https://www.stateoftheu.com/2018/12/13/18139305/miami-hurricanes-football-3-defensive-coordinators-mark-richt-should-consider-for-2019 Seemed like a hot name in coaching a few years ago. Definitely a coach who has been moving up quickly through the ranks.
  4. Awesome! Love his energy and approach.
  5. Great article on Will Friend and his results as a coach and recruiter: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/college/tennessee/.amp/football/friend-coachs-corner
  6. Spencer Danielson, the co-defensive coordinator and defensive line coach at Boise, will be part of Harsin’s staff at Auburn and is expected to arrive into town at some point in the coming days, sources told AL.com.
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDRYxCrdJsY&feature=emb_logo Real Accountability. This is exactly the type of coach I want at Auburn.
  8. I don't know much about why Will Hastings hasn't been more involved in our offense. It sure seemed like when the pressure was on and we had to move the ball Jarrett singled him out as the go to receiver. It doesn't make sense to me why this wasn't a huge year for Will. Some of you mentioned stamina issues...I'm not tuned in enough to the program to know that but it seems like a lame excuse for a guy who has been with us as long as he has.
  9. I'm off as well. If you were to look back at my posts I've always been a supporter of Gus. Looking at things in a positive light is my natural disposition and especially when it comes to rooting for Auburn. Unfortunately I don't see any sign of improvement over the previous few years. Continual top recruiting classes and we have a hard time competing with teams who have half the talent. We should have the best Oline in the SEC with the talent recruited over the past four years, same goes with running backs and wide receivers. I don't want Petrino at Auburn but I can't help but be impress
  10. Auburn's gonna walk right over Clemson. This is my prediction, not....even....close. I think Auburn's offense struggled against Ga Southern and scored 41 points without it's best RB. I feel like I'm listening to a bunch of Auburn fans who've already given up on the season after a 41-7 win. Come on! Our defense looked like it was playing against a middle school team. I haven't seen that kind of domination by our defense in a decade, regardless of the opponent! Clemson's rookie QB is going to be luck to make it out of the game with enough confidence to still play college ball. I'm grateful Aub
  11. You think Sean will be held out of all of spring practice? I'm hopeful he's not. From all reports, it was a mild fracture. He didn't even know he broke is forearm until he had played in a few more series after the injury. Last year spring practice started on March 1st. If we followed that same schedule sean would have about eight weeks after the injury to recover. From what I have ready online, forearm fractures generally take 4-6 weeks to heal before removing the cast or brace. It's possible that he will be throwing again by the start of spring practice and they could just keep him
  12. Auburn National Signing Day Prediction: http://www.al.com/auburnfootball/index.ssf/2017/01/national_signing_day_predictio.html#0
  13. 7 early enrollees and 13 hard commits. This means that we have a number of open spots to fill, although we may not fill them all. What is your best guess on who we add today and tomorrow to close out this class?
  14. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Helfrich_(American_football) Listed as Auburn OC on Wikipedia?
  15. Like most of you I want to see us bring someone in who has had success outside of Gus's offensive system. Being a top recruiter would be the next priority.
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