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  1. Here is what I don't get and seems fishy to me. I'm a glass half full fan, just as a reminder. He was fired from Syracuse and Tennessee (not sure why). He has a number of one year stops. ie Maryland and Colorado ( again, not sure why). It's hard to judge someone who moves around a bunch.
  2. Here are some videos of him coaching: https://ukathletics.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/jimmy-brumbaugh/225 Seem like a players coach.
  3. We are in a QB crisis of sorts right now and I thought this might give some perspective. Football teams tend to win or lose based on defense and QB play. The fact the Auburn has no proven answer at QB is getting a lot of us fans into a tailspin mentally. I'm sure George fans were in a similar spot with Stetson Bennett as their QB heading into 2021. Walk-on. The only thing he proved up to 2020 was that he wasn't the answer at QB if Georgia wanted to win a championship. Many Auburn fans are worried that TJ Finely isn't up to the task or even the new transfer Calzada. Nothing is guaranteed but can we give these guys a chance? STETSON BENNETT 2020 Stats 86 155 55.5 1,179 7.6 8 TD 6 INT TJ Finley 2021 Stats 70 128 827 54.7 6.5 51 6 TD 1 INT Zach Calzada 2021 Stats 184 328 56.1 2,185 6.7 17 TD 9 INT
  4. Why are so many down on the idea of Kenny Dillingham? Seems like a more than capable recruiter and an upgrade over Bobo in that department. Florida State doesn't have a QB like Bo Nix. Florida State opponents are gameplaning to stop the run and daring them to pass the ball. They are also a team that has a lot of holes despite decent recruiting rankings. Auburn of course is in the same situation. Also, Bo Nix may be endorsing Kenny. Mike Norvell and KD had plenty of top 10 offenses at Memphis. Mike trusts Kenny to call the plays. I wouldn't see this as a home run hire. However, it could end up being an upgrade of Zak Hill. Bringing someone in with a modern scheme and recruiting success in the SEC. KD and Mike Norvell have had tons of success over the years running the football. Auburn's best bet next year and this one is to have a run first approach. Zac Kittely with the Hilltoppers has a great air raid scheme but no experience in the SEC. Can he recruit? Can the Air Raid really beat George and Alabama?
  5. Here is what I don't understand. If we hired Chris Peterson would you want him to bring in an OC that wasn't aligned with his offensive philosophy? Harsin is Chris Peterson's most successful protege. He has been highly successful at running the Peterson offensive approach which is by nature versatile. Yet is seems like many will be highly disappointed/confused if we go with Zak Hill or Eric Kiesau.
  6. If the next OC doesn't pan out then Harsin is getting let go with them. FACT™ Mike Bobo did not run the offensive system that Harsin built his career on. FACT™ Harsin's back is against the wall with a disappointing first season. FACT™ Harsin is in a tough spot and has no other choice than to go back to what has worked for him in the past. I can see no other option. He can't bet his future on Grimes, Kittley or the ghost of Vince Lombardi. Zach Hill or the Eric Kiesau are most likely the only options. *Each Fact™ referred to in this post has been verified by the Auburn Fact™ Checking Council and certified to be a Fact™ by the Fact™ Verification Administration in adherence with the Fact™ Interpretation Act of 2021. Those disputing these as a Fact™ must be mistaken, uneducated, or mistakenly uneducated.
  7. Great win. However, I really feel bad for all the haters on here who love to hate on our team. You’ll have to wait till our next loss to complain again. War Eagle!
  8. So you’re saying you’re a fair weather fan?
  9. I haven't followed recruiting closely this year and just looked into it. It sure looks like we are way behind. There is still a lot of time left to complete the class but it sure doesn't look great from here. Gus had his issues of course and I'm excited about Harsin and the changes he is bringing. However, Gus was able to land consistently in/near the top ten recruiting classes most years. We may not be in the top 25 this year. Saban's key to success is recruiting not coaching IMHO. I don't think we can compete in the SEC on moxy and scheme. What do you think is going on with recruiting? By the way, I'm an extremely positive person who will root for Auburn regardless of outcome. Just concerned about the big dip. We have a great program with lots of holes to fill and it seems like we can't get a date to the dance. Am I jumping the gun here?
  10. Who do you see as the most likely break out players of 2021? With all of the losses of star players, we will need a big leap from a number of players. Who do you think they will be?
  11. https://purdue.rivals.com/news/call-from-los-angeles-rams-was-too-much-for-lovett-to-resist Purdue's head strength coach got hired by the L.A. Rams to be their head strength coach in early 2020. Apparently he was very effective with Purdue. He voices his confidence in Dennis Love.
  12. https://www.stateoftheu.com/2018/12/13/18139305/miami-hurricanes-football-3-defensive-coordinators-mark-richt-should-consider-for-2019 Seemed like a hot name in coaching a few years ago. Definitely a coach who has been moving up quickly through the ranks.
  13. Awesome! Love his energy and approach.
  14. Great article on Will Friend and his results as a coach and recruiter: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.si.com/college/tennessee/.amp/football/friend-coachs-corner
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