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  1. WarEagle231

    Will Hastings

    I don't know much about why Will Hastings hasn't been more involved in our offense. It sure seemed like when the pressure was on and we had to move the ball Jarrett singled him out as the go to receiver. It doesn't make sense to me why this wasn't a huge year for Will. Some of you mentioned stamina issues...I'm not tuned in enough to the program to know that but it seems like a lame excuse for a guy who has been with us as long as he has.
  2. WarEagle231

    I got off the Gus Bus after Mercer.

    I'm off as well. If you were to look back at my posts I've always been a supporter of Gus. Looking at things in a positive light is my natural disposition and especially when it comes to rooting for Auburn. Unfortunately I don't see any sign of improvement over the previous few years. Continual top recruiting classes and we have a hard time competing with teams who have half the talent. We should have the best Oline in the SEC with the talent recruited over the past four years, same goes with running backs and wide receivers. I don't want Petrino at Auburn but I can't help but be impress by what he is doing with two and three star players and the occasional four star. Gus had a new and inventive offensive scheme when he first came to Auburn as an offensive coordinator. He has put out the reputation of a guy who spends 23 hrs a day thinking and working on new offensive strategies. Yet, it seems like he picked up a lost playbook from the 70's and that's all the plays he can ever run. It's like he is the living representation of Coach Red Beaulieu from the Water Boy movie. 90% of us fans can tell you what play is coming next. Opposing coaches don't even need to watch tape! Georgia Southern told the announcers before the game what Auburn was going to do! What kind of coaching is that on Gus's part? I would be so humiliated. Gus's approach worked with Cam and Nick at QB because we had great running games and even though everyone knew what play we were running we could plow over them. It's just a terrible strategy though and everyone else can see it but Gus. I feel like a dope for believe that Chip Lindsey was going to run his offense, maybe Chip does too at this point. I'm very open to being proved wrong and who knows maybe Gus will get so scared of being fired that he'll let Chip run the offense...I'd love nothing more than for Gus to turn over a new leaf but this off season would have been the time to do that. I hate to see Gus go because I love having stability at the HC position. He just can't get out of his own way. P.S. It makes me sad to write this...
  3. WarEagle231

    Auburn vs. Clemson score prediction

    Auburn's gonna walk right over Clemson. This is my prediction, not....even....close. I think Auburn's offense struggled against Ga Southern and scored 41 points without it's best RB. I feel like I'm listening to a bunch of Auburn fans who've already given up on the season after a 41-7 win. Come on! Our defense looked like it was playing against a middle school team. I haven't seen that kind of domination by our defense in a decade, regardless of the opponent! Clemson's rookie QB is going to be luck to make it out of the game with enough confidence to still play college ball. I'm grateful Auburn didn't come out and beat Ga. Southern 70-0 because I know the whole team has a chip on their shoulder now to show that they have what it takes to win today. Clemson's gonna get their head knocked off just for being there. Auburn 42 Clemson 17 --------------------> BOOOM!
  4. WarEagle231

    Chip Lindsey new OC

    You think Sean will be held out of all of spring practice? I'm hopeful he's not. From all reports, it was a mild fracture. He didn't even know he broke is forearm until he had played in a few more series after the injury. Last year spring practice started on March 1st. If we followed that same schedule sean would have about eight weeks after the injury to recover. From what I have ready online, forearm fractures generally take 4-6 weeks to heal before removing the cast or brace. It's possible that he will be throwing again by the start of spring practice and they could just keep him away from any contact for a few more weeks. A-day was on April 9th last year so it's also conceivable that he would be ready for live action at that point 13 weeks after the injury. I know the coaches will be extra cautious with him though so who knows.
  5. WarEagle231

    Who Do You Think We'll Close With?

    Auburn National Signing Day Prediction: http://www.al.com/auburnfootball/index.ssf/2017/01/national_signing_day_predictio.html#0
  6. 7 early enrollees and 13 hard commits. This means that we have a number of open spots to fill, although we may not fill them all. What is your best guess on who we add today and tomorrow to close out this class?
  7. WarEagle231

    Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark_Helfrich_(American_football) Listed as Auburn OC on Wikipedia?
  8. WarEagle231

    Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    Like most of you I want to see us bring someone in who has had success outside of Gus's offensive system. Being a top recruiter would be the next priority.
  9. WarEagle231

    Sean White: All the throws (and a couple of runs)

    If you take away Sean's 73% completion ratio, the calm under pressure that showed and his confidence in the pocket to still keep his eyes downfield under duress and escape effectively for positive yards when needed...if you take those away Sean's performance was just average and we need better than average to win in the SEC.
  10. WarEagle231

    Offense Adapting to QB

    I am not suggesting that JFIII is the answer. This is not a bench Sean thread. I'm saying that using a running scheme package like Georgia Southern may be the answer this season. The package could be lead by JFIII, Jeremy, Woody, or possibly even Sean.
  11. WarEagle231

    Offense Adapting to QB

    Those of you who are knowledgeable when it comes to offensive strategy, please help. My question is, could Auburn transition to an offense like the triple option for this season. I am not suggesting that we permanently switch to that system, maybe just add a package of plays. When you look at teams like Georgia Sothern and Georgia tech who have had a lot of success with much, much less talent, it makes you curious. Even if we just added a play package of 10 or so plays with JFIII it could be lethal. However, it may require a completely different style of blocking for the OL and therefore not be plausible. Imagine what Georgia Southern or Georgia Tech could do with the talent we have on offense. They would be unstoppable. Georgia Southern took Georgia to overtime last year with a roster of players who would most likely be backups at Auburn. Surely, JKIII could learn a triple option play package over the next few weeks. Disclosure: I have not lost faith in Sean White or Gus Malzahn. However, I have seen a few years in which we just couldn't seem to get things going in the passing game. If Gus Malzahn's offensive approach in 2011,2015, and 2016 (so far) has a weakness it's that other teams are comfortable loading the box and not worrying about the passing game as much. Running the triple option at least admits that we are not that effective in the passing game and sets us up to have better success running the ball. We saw this with the zone read plays that JFIII ran on Saturday. My concern is that we stick to the 2015 offensive approach. Then teams continue to ignore the threat of a passing game and bury our offense with blitzes that our OL and QBs can't seem to handle. It's frustrating to watch and we saw Saturday how everything changed when the zone read was used. My thought is that without the passing threat of guys like Cam or Nick, the zone read becomes less effective. However, the triple option adds another layer of confusion that challenges defenses. Is it possible to effectively add at this point?
  12. WarEagle231

    2016 Starting Lineup Projection

    Lawson not hard to replace? Our defense was only twice as effective when he was on the field compared to when he was out. He missed most of the year and I still think he was the defensive map for 2015. His biggest holdback has been injuries.
  13. WarEagle231

    Offensive Comparison

    I thought Grimes was a very good OL coach but Hand gives AU an added dimension because of his experience of coordinating offenses and organizing more than just an OL. He should help revamp the run-offense and worked very well with Gus at Tulsa. Like Grimes, he is a player's coach and a very good recruiter. So you think Herb will have a hand in the offense next year? No doubt I cant put my finger on it but something has me believing that next year we'll be gripping the ball better, our offensive line will have a great palm strikes, and everyone will have a better grasp of what it takes to have a championship level running game. It's going to be a white knuckle thrill ride on offense.
  14. WarEagle231

    **Official** New Auburn OL coach Herb Hand

    Interesting reads about Herb Hand: Overview of his offensive approach when he was Offensive Coordinator at Tulsa without Gus http://brophyfootball.blogspot.com/2009/07/herb-hand-will-eat-your-babies.html Quote from Gus: On the Tulsa football staff think tank -- Arizona State head coach Todd Graham, Malzahn, Penn State OL coach Herb Hand, Tulsa head coach Bill Blankenship, Arizona State OC Mike Norvell and Texas A&M OC Jake Spavital were GAs). "That was my first experience. Todd Graham is a brilliant mind. Herb Hand deserves a lot of credit for what we did at Tulsa. He brought some of that West Virginia element to what we were doing. That was a good staff. I was still trying to establish myself as a college coach. A lot of questions with would this offense work? 2007 and 2008 kind of answered that question." http://www.cbssports.com/collegefootball/writer/jeremy-fowler/24530719/Raiderman69 Interesting find - Not sure but this seems to say that the play calling sheet Gus uses was created by Herb Hand http://hogxando.blogspot.com/2014/07/malzahn-play-calling.html As others have mentioned Herb Hand is an expert at the Zone Read “When I was a head coach my second year that I ever coached in high school, I bought the Delaware Wing-T book,” Malzahn said. “I was kind of a gap-oriented coach early on. We added the zone. Then I got with Herb Hand when we went to Tulsa. He was very versed on the zone read, all that. We kind of blended some things together, each year just kind of tried to tweak it and really tried to build our offense around our quarterback each year.” http://www.stltoday.com/sports/college/mizzou/auburn-coach-has-deep-roots-in-high-school-football/article_4ea512e4-7571-5de4-afe1-14677065d715.html
  15. WarEagle231

    **Official** New Auburn OL coach Herb Hand

    I'm excited about the hire because it brings in someone else with the experience of putting together offensive schemes and game plans. Herb Hand is a master of scheming the running game. He's been a running game coordinator for 6+ years and gotten some really impressive results over that time frame. I see this as a huge asset because I don't think that there is anyone on staff currently who brings that experience and insight. I believe Gus really values HH's expertise and advice when it comes to offensive play calling and strategy. The two years they were together they created offensive magic.