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  1. This may not be the right board but Im gonna post it here anyway. I havent been to a game in about 5 years but am planning to take my son to Penn St game. I always used to buy tickets at the stadium when they were paper tickets. How hard is it to find tickets at the stadium now that everything is electronic. Thanks
  2. should we read more into the "superman", like maybe another well known AU qb
  3. I live in gardendale, it was fine. Fultondale, especially the Walkers Chappel road area, new castle road, and carson road area are pretty bad
  4. If I was Mike Norvell, I would let Marvin Wilson know that it is not a requirement that he play football, its a privilege
  5. Do we cancel christmas because of the flu? This is the biggest overreaction in history, pure paranoia caused by the media. Greg Sankey should be ashamed
  6. I spend alot of money on season tickets, the product on the field is not acceptable, I can leave early and boo if i like. Sometimes the booing, whether it be at coaches or players is justified. If they want fans to cheer put a better product on the field.
  7. Mike Leach as long as we can hold on to Kevin steel and twill
  8. How reliable us rivalswoody, since he just changed his CB. is it time to panic or do you think he is just building drama.
  9. They are still open to Auburn so this one is far from over. ellitor are you talking about bush,ward or both?thanks
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