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  1. Me too! I almost said he was looking like his father thinking they were related, but further review showed they are of no relation. His character when starting TNA was actually created to mimick Rick. At least that's what the not always reliable Wiki says.
  2. I don't have a clue which way this is going to go, which is what makes Bray Wyatt so good. He's nuts. Haha.
  3. Yep, my dad lives in Frankfort and it was snowing today. They were expecting more storms today. Frankfort is less than an hour from Lexington.
  4. War Eagle!!!! Way to bring it home in the clutch! Love that we just completed the first undefeated season in the sport and against a gauntlet of top teams all year!
  5. This will probably give some players more reasoning to wait until summer instead of enrolling early, but in reality, how many coaches leave in the summer right before the season starts? The movement period for coaches is December through February
  6. Yes, not much better than than playoff hockey.
  7. I want more of this. These two episodes have been great. Gives me that Last Chance U with all the good and none of the chaos. Haha.
  8. This exactly! He showed that a lot in 2010.
  9. Yes I am with you. Smackdown is gonna roll. Clearly the thought was Smackdown will showcase the women. Being Becky has the belts, she can carry over to Smackdown as well. Looooove Paige being a manager. She needs to have air time. Hey I got half a flying pirate lol. That team is going to be great. Truly stacked and exciting. Raw is pushing the tag team more, adding Usos, War Raiders (oh yea, Viking Experience), Ricochet and Black being staples, to go with heavy machinery from a few months ago. Oh and Big O with New Day was awesome!
  10. I hope I am shocked, but probably not. The key words are in Smackdown's history. Think it is someone on roster already? Although the Rock was on SmackDown and that's pretty big as far as WWE standards. I bet tonight overall will have more action than last night. I saw where travel issues caused the script to change to Raw somewhat so wondering if they will make up for it tonight. Didn't do too bad with some picks. Other than CM Punk to Raw, I got a few of them. Andrade and Lacy were good ones. Side note, I really enjoyed Lacy debut. I think that's one I am going to like to watch. Not only for the obvious reasons