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  1. Still don't know how he got back on the bus home losing in red stick with the infamous 19 straight run plays.
  2. Sorry I have not kept this going this year, especially when Tora took a break. I know a lot of people enjoy this thread. This thread belongs to all of us, so if anyone feels compelled to start it after the game ends Saturday, go ahead 😁. I don't have reliable internet in the dead zone I am living in right now, so I will do it at work instead of working lol. Anyways, I think I'm at the point of just having fun with the season, which is what we are supposed to do anyways, right? So couldn't pass up an opportunity against the corn dogs. https://lsusports.net/sports/football/roster
  3. Stoops announced Gatewood will start against Georgia this weekend. Excited for this. I hope he lights it up! Not only that, with NCAA allowing everyone to keep a year of eligibility, Joey still can play 3 years at UK including this year. If he needs it of course.
  4. Thanks for the updates. We seem a bit tougher this year than last. Just need to score more.
  5. The body of work this year seems to point to LSU winning by 1 to 2 scores. However, I'm going with the theory that I may have been the curse while living in Louisiana as payment for protection from hurricanes. Now that I am gone, I feel we will start to win more of these LSU games. I mean the hurricanes have come back with a vengeance in Louisiana. PS I apologize to all my Louisiana Brethren that are suffering this season because of me. Stay safe. Auburn 37-28 over LSU
  6. At least through his junior year lol. He was absolutely dreadful as a senior.
  7. Awesome!!! With only 10 on the pitch. Woohoo.
  8. Yes we should, but will we? Maybe Morris thinks another 40+passing outing is the answer 😉
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