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  1. Auburn Alabama Georgia Texas A&M LSU Florida Missouri Arizona State Clemson Boston College Wisconsin 54
  2. AUBwins

    NFL Thread

    Oh and Mahomes leaves with knee injury. That changes everything tonight.
  3. AUBwins

    NFL Thread

    I still think the Saints take, only because they are 5-0 without Brees and will likely return as early as next week. They have not fallen off like just about everyone thought they would.
  4. Normally I would say that exactly what will happen, but this is the WWE we are talking about. They have Dory syndrome when it comes to sustaining a story line. Just keep swimming! 🤣
  5. AUBwins

    XFL Thread

    CAP is going to show out.
  6. Haha, yea more than I thought. I am most excited to see what push they give Liv Morgan.
  7. Who do you think would be considered blockbuster? Clearly Raw is loaded with former cruiserweights and strong women's division. Smackdown has the muscle. Honestly Raw roster tops Smackdown for now IMO and has a lot of exciting people to watch. Smackdown didn't change that much. Obviously Charlotte is one you'd like to see there
  8. Sorry to hear that brother. It's always tougher when it's our kids. My prayers are with James, with your family, and with you my friend. God bless.
  9. AUBwins

    NFL Thread

    Rare free kick opportunity. No rush, just a free kick on the 50 yard line for a possible 3 points. Had the leg but missed the 60 yard attempt wide right. That would have been awesome. Perfect for a London game, no?
  10. I think you answered your own question. If they want to continue to push the women's division, they need to stack it together. They are trying to recreate that magic from last year. That way Ronda can return to both women she feuded with. When she's ready of course. Meanwhile Sasha gets to run roughshed in Smackdown now. I guess you will have the Bayley vs Sasha angle. Question is where does Liv Morgan go with her new look? My guess is Smackdown for a push.
  11. Although now that AEW is in the fold, all of WWE just feels like sports entertainment. NXT is closest.
  12. UhOh - She’s wearing red. Full Bayley heel turn!
  13. Georgia Arkansas LSU Missouri Mississippi State Alabama Vanderbilt Texas Iowa 54
  14. Yes SmackDown will still be a better show.