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  1. I like that we seem to be getting more "good hitters" on defense. Nothing better than making an offense keep their head on a swivel when the cross the middle of the field. That is what Auburn used to be on defense. A tough, blue-collar defense that was not afraid to hit you in the mouth.
  2. Kudos to the US squad keeping their cool enough to not get booked. Of course this ref probably wouldn't have anyways.
  3. What day are we playing?
  4. Yep. Keeping the foot on the gas will be a welcome sight for sure. I just think he will let it happen this year. Although against the non power 5 teams, it is hard to expect anything else since that is the only time to get the young guys some action.
  5. Malzahn does have that Spurrier "swagger" about him this year. I think that is a good thing. Steve was very aggressive when he had confidence in his team's ability, especially with a big arm at QB. I think we will be the most aggressive in all phases we have seen since the 80s. I don't know if we have ever had our weapons in all 3 phases like we have this year. Our kicker is a threat from 60 in! I am really excited to see this team be the team no one wants to face, much like the Florida teams from the 90s.
  6. The article stated ND already has a power 5 non con game that year.
  7. I just saw the highlights. Wow. Nice to see the fight to get the result needed, despite missing 2 penalties. Crazy. That assist from Zusi along with the header for goal was special.
  8. Well he did play at Vanderbilt
  9. Someone said on here a page or two ago Steele isn't mentioned much, but he got good praise this time.
  10. I never put the two together with 13 seconds in the year '13. We had a lot of good fortune getting us there and a lot of misfortune in one game to equal the cosmos I suppose. Some called 2010 a divine intervention with number 19 holding the snap of a field goal with 19 seconds remaining (before killing the clock), to break a 19-19 tie to win NC. Just crazy to think about.
  11. I bet this extension also has to do with Corey no longer being groomed as coach in waiting. Clint wants to put us in a good place before deciding to hang up the stopwatch, thus extending his contract to give more time. Just opinion here.