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  1. Really should make them play a single game end of season but that could hurt us (giving up the extra race that the bye gets). So just win game 3 lol
  2. Really makes you wish we had a healthy number 2 if we do win today. They have the pitching to win 2 in a row Sunday.
  3. I'd consider running her back and being the Ace in if needed. I know the winner of this goes into Regional final needing to win 1 to advance.
  4. Nice to beat the former hometown team of mine, the Cajuns. Nice to see Bri get her groove back.
  5. Reports of up to 3"of hail in Lexington yesterday (baseball size ironic enough)
  6. Time to even it up Blues 🎵
  7. Storms are isolated but have been nasty little boogers, including hail and rotation. Best that they postponed. Tomorrow is clear so both games tomorrow will be good and only 40%chance on Saturday. Higher chances on Sunday so need to get it in before that.
  8. Well he's right to an extent. But it is fun to see him be outbid. Sucks they are outbidding us along with it 😆. Usually when Saban speaks, the rules change. So let's see what happens next.
  9. That's a bad time for that to happen. Hope he's doing fine. Louisiana does have a 13 game winning streak and 22 of last 23. So they are definitely hot at the moment.
  10. Oh Hell yea. Johnny Elite (morrison) is in AEW!!! He couldn't use half his moves in WWE. I wanted him to sign the first time. He fits AEW so much better. I do hope eventually AEW adds an hour somewhere for all this talent lol
  11. Dang that trailer looks good. Looks like so much packed into what is likely only 6 episodes lol
  12. OK. Got the league divided up into 3 divisions of 4 teams and the schedule finalized. Went with 3 divisions for 2 reasons .. 1. Best way to schedule the games that are played twice. 2. Playoffs will be division winners advance but top 2 seeds are best overall records. So it still rewards the overall season winner while division winners get in.. Divisions were set up, led by the top 3 from last year, hence the division names of Gold, Silver, Bronze. Then selected their designated rivals. Final slots filled with other teams as pairs (with their rival) that balanced the divisions best based on last year results. Overall proud of the result. Schedule notes ... I put the rival games on week 8 and 13 because of only 2 teams on bye each of those weeks. Less likely key players will be missing (of course 1 of my likely keepers falls on that day 😆) Rival weeks will also be the only weeks where all divisional games will be played. Stakes are high! NFL did us fantasy guys no favors again. 6 teams on bye week 14 with nobody on bye week 13. Nothing left to do now except wait for trading to start.
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