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  1. I believe next year's class will be the class we finished top 2 in. Bringing in some hitters I believe along with the Snow sisters.
  2. That was a lackluster showing. Missed Fagan's bat this series, especially today when we just had nothing going. We have to get better production from the bottom of the lineup. Way too easy for other teams when they only have to be concerned with the first 4-5 hitters.
  3. Early in the year, it looked like our bottom half would carry their part of the load. As the season has gone on, the bottom half is resembling last year's high probability of getting out. In the championship game last year, we all kinda felt like we needed to score the tie in the 6th inning because we knew the bottom 3 would have no answer for Parker.
  4. Glad we had a road series this week. Gets the girls to focus more. Great win today. I hope we light them up tomorrow and run rule them.
  5. Also wanted to add about Draper that she is looking better of late at slapping the ball for a hit. Good to see. That was something Tiffany was so good at last year. Gives her a little more room for the bunt.
  6. I love the aggressive approach on the bases by Draper. If she is going to get on and do that, we will put a lot of pressure on their defense. I just hope Wallace production doesn't drop off hitting lower.
  7. 2 of our areas of concern just took a hit. Experienced depth at pitcher, and sluggers. Marisette was one of the first ones sent in to pinch run. Being on the road forces you to focus a little more and the trip may be good timing. I am hoping the girls come out ready to play. It is a good opportunity for Ashley, Jenna and Whitney to step up and take a lineup spot. Maybe Justus can get a few more swings when Jenna pitches.
  8. No worries here. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your post. It had a feel of "Casey at the Bat", especially if Cooper could have cleared the fences in fair territory with her hit.
  9. Awesome news. It seems you have picked a good name for yourself lionheart. Keep fighting.
  10. Good theory and thanks for the clear analogy. That makes sense to me.
  11. The lack of consistent power can change the perspective of the offense for sure. Snow would have been the missing piece I think. Last year Carosone, Cooper, and Rhodes, were good for a homer a game it felt like amongst the 3 of them. AU would get singles, walks etc to load the bases. Continue to get single runs but leave the bases juiced until one of the Big 3 went yard! We have flirted with the formula a little at times this year but missing the "Put the game away" homerun. I also think the lack of a consistent 3rd pitcher every 5th game or so hurts. Rachel Walters was much more valuable than we may have realized at the time. Maybe Mak is overworked because they don't have a 3rd starter. Ashley has done some relief but not ready to start. Rachel was a senior, and Ashley a freshman. Obviously a learning curve there, but maybe Jenna should be used more. She has gotten outs when in the circle.
  12. The pieces certainly see to be falling into place. Now if we can get a little of that close game luck, we very well may have a very special season.
  13. No, I agree. She has turned it on lately. Merely pondering if anywhere else would give her more opportunities to drive in more runs with her recent outburst.
  14. I wouldn't move Wallace because she has thrived where she is. I understand the thought behind that move but Wallace has been way too good to risk moving her. I do wonder if Coop would do better in a different spot though.
  15. We needed that type of win. Winning from behind will be a confidence booster heading to game 3. Keep waiting for the homerun with the bases loaded, but great clutch hit by Wallace to score the 3. Still ended the inning bases juiced. Great play by Veach at the end to know the game was still alive. Great awareness that resulted in a win.