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  1. Good for him. I really wish we could have seen the season he had the potential to have. I am thinking some of the studs we currently have can give us special seasons as well.
  2. That would have also been entertaining.
  3. $40 for the Orange + Blue package (basically every channel in the base packages) -- getting both is the only way to get multiple streams and ESPN/ Disney channels $5 for the kids package $5 for the Sports package (This would be $10 now if you get both Orange and Blue) $50 total (Just for Sling packages - I pay $50 or so just for the high speed internet with my cable provider, which is a bit much IMO) They now have a combo package with kids, lifestyle, news, and one more for $10 - 4 packages for the price for 2.
  4. I have sling and love it. I cut the cable so to speak but kept the Internet because it is actually the best Internet option in this area. I also hard wire the Internet to the Roku 3 have been pleased overall. Sling has actually just added a cloud DVR service for an extra $5 which will help persuade some that may be hesitant. Sling is live TV (maybe a slight delay based off the aufamily Game threads. I am a few plays behind but that is to be expected with any streaming service). I love being able to watch a game on my phone while the kids are watching nick Jr. You can stream up to 3 devices at once, which was an upgrade about a year ago. The only restriction is Disney owned companies only allow a single stream. That includes ESPN channels, Disney, and Free Form per Disney's terms, but I can watch Espn while someone else is watching FS1 for example. Just can't watch one/two of the channels mentioned in the group above at the same time. Thank goodness the family has kind of stopped watching Disney and moved to Nick Jr haha. Anyways, everyone had their preference but Sling is perfect for me. Also as long as you do not change your subscription, you get to keep your pricing when it increases. I still pay a $5 sports package despite it moving to $10 with all the new additions recently.
  5. I'm sorry, did you say something?
  6. Well said, Tim. Happy father's day to all the dads out there.
  7. That Glavine kid don't look that bad.
  8. Yes. It was Carrollton. Thanks for the reminder. Those hops he had proved fruitful on his 4th down catch against LSU that saved that TD drive.
  9. And could dunk on anybody in a high school basketball game. I witnessed his showcase when South Choctaw?? played against Maplesville High School in the playoffs his senior year.
  10. Well at least Shea is pretty stout behind the plate as well and has experience from being an everyday player. Without looking at stats, it seems she was better at the plate as well with some timely hitting. Losing Wallace is tough but at least we are not completely green back there.
  11. Feel the same way.
  12. I think Golf blackmailed some GMs into not drafting our guys. Great job Golf!
  13. Awesome. Need some youth at goalie. I just don't have confidence in our starter against Mexico.
  14. A result needed in getting a point. My man of match other than Bradley was Cameron. He played outstanding on disrupting Mexico chances late.