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  1. Now perhaps the greatest softball player to play will be an Auburn fan
  2. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    AuburnTexas A&MKentuckyLSUSouth CarolinaTennesseeAlabamaFlorida StateOklahoma StateGeorgia 45
  3. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    Me too. I think I will stop predicting it though. We always seem to give up a cheap score. I think Lock beats our DBs at least once. Maybe they get a FG from a shanked punt. Good thing is we are +2 in turnover margin on the road, while putrid at home. We get a couple of quick scores in a matter of mins to take the air out of the Mizzou. 48-10 Auburn
  4. Miss State vs UGA

    Does miss state have a let down in this game after an emotional curb stomping of a West rival?
  5. New softball assistant coach

    One of the the best pitching coaches as head coach, combined with one of the best hitting coaches in the country with the talent of that roster is a good thing.
  6. We doing Mizzou Look-a-likes?

    Don Cheadle Logan Cheadle
  7. We doing Mizzou Look-a-likes?

    Big show "The Giant"
  8. We doing Mizzou Look-a-likes?

  9. Sean White dismissed

    I actually enjoy reading his articles because this very reason. I can usually find them by the title of the article.
  10. AU vs Mizzou - Weekly Presser

    Mop up duty for us is handing the ball off, so if MW does not get to practice passing then there is no point to playing him. Also, Malzahn definitely used a strong word in describing Byron Cowart, saying he "quit". A little uncharacteristic from CGM.
  11. Byron Cowart

    While it is no secret he came for Muschamp, I respect his decision to be closer to mom and to finish the semester. Again, I believe once he is released from the football team, the clock starts for his one year sit-out before playing again. So he can re-join a team in the 3rd or 4th game of the season next year unless he gets a medical transfer waiver to be near his ailing mother. I am just speculating on what I think I know Best of luck to you BC and may your Mom make a full recovery.