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  1. I'm happy the refs realized early the over matched nature of this game and let them play without the ticky tack fouls.
  2. 57 points at half?! Double double in first half for Cooper.
  3. Smart play by Coop getting the easy FT before half
  4. One thing I took from the interview was Harsin's approach to the new hires. With ZE and Corn, Harsin knew the head coaches well, knowing the type of instruction they would be getting from the head coach, and later finding out from these coaches that they did well at those stops. CBH knew what he was getting in these coaches, deeper down than what's shown on the surface. Harsin is going to be special here. He is very bright himself.
  5. Sad couple of days for Braves fans.
  6. Has there been anything official from NCAA declaring the violations with UT? In theory, they can't be allowed transfer due to violations if there aren't any official violations.
  7. That's how I remember him.
  8. As inconsistent as the refs were, FT shooting down the stretch lost it for us. Shot 50% on like 7 straight trips.
  9. We are playing like we are facing the 92 Richardson team. We are acting young tonight with the long aggressive defense. Can't believe a double on the point had gotten us so flustered.
  10. Cooper is getting killed. They need to start calling some of these. They are letting them play a little too much. Definitely favoring Arkansas.
  11. Cardwell is one of those glue guys that will stick around
  12. Better in that segment. Man I wish we could have the ball handling of Powell out there.
  13. I see we still have clumsy hands. And making way too long of passes.
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