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  1. AUBwins

    the X's and O's of Malzahn's Offense

    And you still add to your nearly 11,000 likes lol.
  2. AUBwins

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Resurrect the Pat to Terry connection! George, stay with us man!
  3. AUBwins

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Huge visitor huh? 🤔
  4. AUBwins

    2019 Baseball Recruiting Thread

    Love switch hitters. Rare nowadays
  5. Yes! That freaking rocks! Glad your here to stay!
  6. AUBwins


    Wow 2+ years. Really wished the Braves were still on TBS. Miss the evenings watching with my late Grandfather in the 90s
  7. AUBwins

    World Cup 2018

    I was hoping Messi would get a cup, but he has not done his part either
  8. AUBwins

    NBA Draft/Free Agency Season is Here

    Haha. After reading this @fredst will be sorely disappointed he is not the Cory to your Shawn.
  9. AUBwins

    NBA Draft/Free Agency Season is Here

    He Lives! It's been a little quiet around here without you @GwillMac6
  10. AUBwins

    Television Shows

    I have recently made an effort to watch a good bit of Netflix series. I would like 1 episode of each until I got hooked on one to finish before moving on to another. Currently on the Frankenstein Chronicles. Slow start but really started getting binge worthy. Only 6 episodes in each of the 2 seasons but interesting nonetheless. About half way through 2nd season.
  11. AUBwins

    All-Encompassing General Discussion Thread

    We felt that way buying our first home. Getting a really good realtor helped us a lot. She would gladly let us know concerns if she saw them, and she was very good with reading our expressions and thoughts. It really makes a difference to have someone that is looking out for you over themselves. Enjoy it though. Those house visits are some of our favorite memories as a young couple. Interestingly I am feeling the same way as you with the thought of selling our house the first time, but we are not quite ready for that adventure yet.
  12. AUBwins

    Post a picture

    Lunch time walk found this tree with a story to tell
  13. Closest I could find to asking a bird ..