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  1. Kudos to NHL for bringing this interest back to the sport. They tie in the Round Robin style of the Olympics and the best part of the sport, the NHL playoffs! Must watch, I personally hope they wait until July so I can watch it. I get cable services again then.
  2. Yes this would be fantastic. Is it single elimination for a stretch or is every series a best of? When does it run?
  3. Coach Dye was the first Auburn coach I knew of and was also my favorite football coach. I have a picture as a child with him during a book signing. Just a legend. He was the catalyst for ending that Bama dominance of the Bryant days and shaping us to go toe to toe with them today. RIP Coach Dye and I'm sure he will a part of the heavens that make Auburn the loveliest village on the Plains.
  4. I find the placement of the A appropriate since they are a bunch of Richards.
  5. Thanks for sharing. I will likely be watching more of these. That was crazy.
  6. Woohoo, Chase wins! He's been on a heck of a roll since Nascar started back. He was wrecked by Kyle Busch with 28 laps to go at Darlington, while going for the lead. Chase was winning the coke 600 before a late caution erased his big lead with 1-1/2 laps remaining. You never want to be the leader on a late caution regarding pit strategy. Chase then got the true retribution on Kyle Busch by beating him in the truck race. For those that don't know, it's been 2 full years since a Cup driver beat Kyle. A 100k bounty was put on the race for charity and Chase took him up on it and won. Then Chase wins the cup race tonight!!! In the playoffs and a hot streak. Woo! @Auburn Kev Matt Kenseth is racing again, replacing Larson when he got fired.
  7. That was awesome, oh sorry ... the term is LIT now. Haha. Seriously that was genius. What a recruiting tool without even visiting anyone.
  8. It’s probably negated by all the domestic calls received during that time
  9. Just a couple of years away from the baby boom as a result of that move making their way into college. Hurricanes make the best babies .... uh so I've heard.
  10. Deonna Purrazzo appears to have gone to Impact. Missed opportunity for AEW IMO, especially with Britt out. Curious what Adam Cole does when his contract is up this summer. Other than Britt's girlfriend, he's buddies with a lot of Elite guys and has attended AEW parties obviously with Britt. That would be a homerun hire and he would excel in AEW before Vince ruins him.
  11. As much as our disdain in football with them, I can only imagine how they feel about us in basketball since Pearl's their Daddy lol
  12. AUBwins

    Jobs in KY?

    Yes, most excited about 4 distinct seasons. Instead of humid all year long. So when you moving back a 3rd time Haha?
  13. AUBwins

    Jobs in KY?

    Thanks for referencing me. I missed the first post. My work in Louisiana closed its doors in April (I was retained through mid May). We decided it was the perfect opportunity to leave her side of the family and relocate to the Frankfort area of Kentucky near my side of the family. My oldest daughter is 10 so she can spend the other half of her childhood with them. I haven't lived near my parents for 15 years and 20 for my sister as our college years overlapped. So we are excited for a change in life in rural Kentucky compared to the urban living in Louisiana. As of now, not much in the way of landing the job. We're looking to be there by July 4th weekend, living with the parents until house here sells. The reopening is slow and I'm sure opportunities will get better in the next month as they open up. I have one that seems promising as long as the timing works out, but this is all in God's timing. So I believe it will work if need be. Although it is hard living the unknown, but this whole decision has been a family based God decision so we're anticipating something good. Excited to just be there lol. Plus I love the ponies, Nascar, and Dollywood. Within an hour of the first 2 and 4 hours from the latter.
  14. Best pass by Kodi in his career at Auburn.