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  1. One of these days we will see a "Indiana State" win the big dance, if they have the right coach. George Mason made a great run one year. Best chance I think of current landscape is Iona with Pitino as coach. We know he can get it done. Gonzaga is no longer a no-name so they do not qualify.
  2. Not really the same thing, but wanted to post a "top golf" play @augolf1716 Do you agree with this? I know there have been some great shots such as Tiger in the US Open in 2008 maybe?
  3. Sweet! Free?? Somehow have to find a way to watch while working lol
  4. Aggies earn more FTs than us with the way they attack the rim. But tonight is ridiculous. They definitely ticky tack against them but can't get a call when we get literally knocked down.
  5. Wish the ref would have the jewels to T him up
  6. Love that the offense play after timeout is a 35 footer from a hobbled PG. Another almost win. Need to actually win.
  7. Really picked up the offense for both at the end. Broome is kinda helpless at the moment with 4. They are going there every play.
  8. Just once ... I want a pearl team that can make a dang free throw.
  9. Seriously. Wide open. Shoot that sh....
  10. Should have Teed up Buzz there for deliberately being an Arse to the ref
  11. Ending the half on 12 point Aggie run is just perfect
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