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  1. AUBwins

    Dream Conference Realignment

    Actually I have seen the model you mentioned and was/is my favorite model for the future expansion to 16 team leagues. The one referenced above would work with the 14 teams we are at now. Either model would be better than what we have. I do hope we go to the model you mentioned as 4 x 16 team conferences.
  2. AUBwins

    Dream Conference Realignment

    Added pics in the article for quick visuals. First I have seen if this model. Love it! We would get all our rivals back, especially with the 9th game. I like that this works with 8 or 9.
  3. AUBwins

    Chizik weighs in on gus

    So it sounds like we need to just make Gus OC again and bring someone else in to HC. He sure kicked tail as a coordinator.
  4. AUBwins


    Can't have a thread with that subject heading. Lol this is a family site. ­čśä
  5. AUBwins

    Woodson New Coach

    Doesn't he know Cadillac has no eligibility left? Geez. On the other hand caddy's RB Noah Cain does. ­čśë
  6. AUBwins

    Bowl Preparations

    At the end of an opening game scoring drive.
  7. AUBwins

    Post a picture

    And what would Christmas in Louisiana be without Santa sleigh led by gators? This was taken at the Sheraton in New Orleans. The bottom picture is a chopper honoring Rodrigue and his Blue Dog series paintings.
  8. AUBwins

    Post a picture

    Keeping with the Christmas theme, this guy has been hanging out in our house this year teaching our kids about the true treasure of Christmas.
  9. AUBwins


    Great point! Now I'm sad
  10. AUBwins


    North´╗┐ Carolina A&TUtah StateArizona StateGeorgia Sout´╗┐hernAppalachian StateLouisianaUABOhioSouth FloridaToledoBYUWake ForestArmy´╗┐BuffaloLouisiana TechBoston CollegeMinnesotaCaliforniaTempleMiamiVanderbiltAuburnSyracuseWashington StateFloridaSouth CarolinaArkansas StateOklahomaNotre DameCincinnatiMissouriOregonNorthwesternTexas A&MStanfordMississippi StateKentuckyCentral FloridaOhio StateGeorgia´╗┐
  11. AUBwins

    Bowl Preparations

    I hope we change up bowl practices. We just don't seem as prepared as the other team. I think we spend too much time on cleaning up fundamentals and not game planning. I do think we need to work on fundamentals, but not a full week. I just remember through press conferences last year UCF starting on Auburn a good 3-4 practices before we started game prep. Maybe we are doing more than what has been stated; but with only 1-4 bowl record, it is a good indication we aren't doing something right.
  12. AUBwins

    All Things NFL Thread

    Yep, I will leave this here for @GwillMac6 ­čśÄ
  13. AUBwins

    Men vs. Dayton Game thread

    Till after basketball season?
  14. AUBwins

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    I like that system. OC can make sure we're in 1 of 3 plays that fits what we are trying to do, but Gus gets the satisfaction it is his decision.
  15. AUBwins

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    Totally agree. I would like to see Joiner get a shot at it. Hopefully he shows up during bowl prep and spring. Give the coaches a reason to play him. Glad to see you're back.