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  1. All Things NFL Thread

    Cap space will prevent but man I wish he would go to Carolina. Cam will get him the ball.
  2. Which SEC coach will break through 2018

    I agree, just hope we aren't one of them
  3. Softball vs. Missouri game 2

    He has a much shorter leash on Martin than anyone.
  4. Softball vs. Missouri game 2

    Would love to see Dowell get some hits. There is one.
  5. Softball vs. Missouri game 2

    Solid contact, Gone. WTG veach.
  6. Softball vs. Missouri game 2

    Big shift for Draper. 5 infielders. Further proves nobody expects her to pull the ball. Then she strikes out
  7. Softball vs. Missouri game 2

    Just need to get bats going.
  8. Softball vs. Missouri game 2

    We need to come back. Losing the first game already hurts, but losing a series to this team really could hurt top 8 seed later.
  9. Softball vs. Missouri game 2

    I almost think that was the point of steal. She was out enough, she could have gotten into a pickle to put the pressure on defense and possibly give Casey a chance to score.
  10. Sotball vs. Missouri - game 1

    Never thought that would happen especially since we finished the 5th and 6th relatively easy. We were rolling yesterday. Mizzou made the best of their quick film study from yesterday.
  11. Pro Wrestling Open Thread

    Welp, Charlotte loses the title on Smackdown on another Money in the Bank steal. WWE is at least wanting us to assume she is heading to Raw. The path seems to have been paved.
  12. I would not be surprised to see Bryce enter his name as well but no agent. His extended cold streak,which has happened two years in a row, probably hurts him in his evaluation. He is NBA caliber long range shooter when on.
  13. It was Arnold because i made the comment after the dinger, Moss had Rivera's number and surprised UT didn't wait 1 more batter before switching
  14. Great game today. That was fun again. We needed a good blowout over a quality SEC team. Then again just about every SEC team is ranked. That's every series since opening series against LSU we have won. 9-6 in conference. Proud of Vic getting on base with the chopper with defense playing in.