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  1. Someone made a miniature replica of the buffalo trace water tower. Not that small but a mini from the real one lol. Already sold.
  2. Ha... they look to be pretty decent on offense lol
  3. That call alone should get him fired! Stupid stupid stupid
  4. Well always go past the 1st down before breaking the route.
  5. Maybe dudes are focused with those new Beats by Tank (except that drive lol)
  6. Those guys ran with Ashford on 2nd team. NFL usually sees this as well. Guys that repped together start showing it.
  7. Pick!!! And Hall knocked that lineman the F out!
  8. Loved that drive. Straight willed us to a TD. TD or bust. No passes. 2 4th down conv running the ball. Confidence boosting smash mouth football.
  9. For those that don't know. Saraya aka Paige made a surprise debut in AEW. It was Epic! Nobody knew it was happening.
  10. So far not too bad. Only a few completely missed on and looking promising on a few, especially Holden.
  11. ... we lose the next 7 😆. Seriously hope that doesn't happen lol
  12. It's cool he's doing this before he even gets to the league. Thank you NIL. Nice to see Positive use to it. Thank you Tank!
  13. He'd be a great fit at Arizona State.
  14. Auburn Charlotte LSU Mississippi State Georgia Ole Miss Kentucky Baylor Oregon USC Texas Oklahoma Ohio State Alabama Florida Arkansas Wake Forest
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