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  1. I have considered it but would likely not have time to do the draft at any time it is posted lol.
  2. That takes me back. Tony with Jim and Excalibur would be all star. Excellent news.
  3. I love that Acuna was benched for not hustling. Turned into a blessing as the reserve hit a GS that proved the winner.
  4. via
  5. Didn't realize the 99 yard drive was the game winner. Masterful drive by Stidham. Majority of passes were over the middle. Why in the world did we not utilize a strength of Stidham when at Auburn? I know coaching is better now but he could throw those passes at Baylor too. Anyways, very impressed with Stidham control over the offense. He looks confident like a starter. Patriots struck gold with their rookies this year.
  6. Patriots replay is on NFL network right now, 12 mins left, before the Stidham touchdown drive.
  7. I think it is more about preparation than luck with them. When they blow teams out and put the reserves in, they run the whole offense until late in the game. The backup is prepared to come in. One of my biggest frustrations with Gus is the fact that he is just trying to end the game to come out healthy physically instead of actually using the valuable game experience to prepare the QBs with passing attempts.
  8. Yes agreeing about Coach Steele being as genuine as they come. That also comes from personal experience with the Steele family. His parents attended the church my dad pastored at years ago. Steele has been the best hire of the Malzahn head coaching tenure IMO. In the article it mentions him being the first DC to be here 4 seasons in the last 30 years! Back to the Coach Dye days. Consistency.
  9. Better numbers in passing and rushing in week 2. And a comeback win. Awesome!
  10. Omg, that was hilarious. Can definitely make a baseball broadcast more lively Haha. I like him better as baseball color guy than a basketball one. I guess this was a guest appearance since they were in LA? If this lasts more than 4 hours, get help
  11. FloridaGeorgiaMissouriKentuckyTennesseeSouth CarolinaVanderbiltAlabamaAuburnTexas A&MLSUMississippi StateArkansasOle MissAlabamaAuburn476
  12. I started to pursue software engineering when starting school in hopes of one day using this line, Haha.