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  1. These 2 schools just make too much sense if we want big name expansions. I've actually also liked the idea of Penn St as a buddy to tOSU over Michigan if you go to 20.
  2. Agreed. What a fail that turned out to be 😆
  3. Man I love our coach! Can't wait to see the toughness we show against Akron.
  4. I mean if we bump our allotment up 15-20 mill a year, you'd think we could/should spend more.
  5. You never want an injury when fighting for roster spot. Happens to Auburn players way too often.
  6. She swam a good race to get that Bronze.
  7. Sounds like we will have her for at least a year (the really good opportunity spooks me a little to be confident in more than that). But she seems well grounded and I bet college is important with her upbringing.
  8. Just hope she is able to do both. Come to Auburn and be the international star she is.
  9. While he may have gone a lot lower than expected, he had to be ecstatic to basically be playing at home. And pairing him up with Trae Young? Cooper may get a ring next year.
  10. The one shown tonight was what she won this morning. But it was still great to see. The individuals are in a few days I believe. I think they have a break.
  11. Dang, there goes the 1st Round run for Bruce. Although, Jalen Green, Kuminga, and Davion Mitchell went top 9. First 2 were thought to be coming to AU and the 3rd was at Auburn but left for PT. Just saying that Bruce saw their talent in recruiting. I know we can't really claim them for AU.
  12. Yea I know, and I love the GA series, just tired of having to always go uphill every year. If others would have 2 tough opponents then great. Now at least in that scenario Bama would keep LSU.
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