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  1. I like the lineup used Saturday and Sunday. While it will not necessarily prove to be true every game, Cooper had some good situations to hit the ball in. If the 8 and 9 hitters can turn the lineup over like they did the last 2-3 games, that could keep the bases juiced for the power hitters in Carly, Cooper, Fagan, and Veach. I think turning the lineup over will prove more beneficial than starting Draper in leadoff, especially after the lack of production in the 7-9 spots during the world series last year. After the first at bat, the top of the order is basically the 8/9 spot with the current setup. I also prefer to keep Cooper in the top 2 spots as long as we keep the slap hitters in the 8/9 hole. Gives Kasey more at bats, which she is typically getting on base one way or another. I also like putting the hot hand behind Cooper. Veach was hot coming in and Fagan got hot during the weekend, while Veach cooled a little. Either way, it looked more cohesive this weekend throughout the lineup. PS. Now if we get a proven hitter in Crocker, for example, in the 9 hole, then I can see VD moving to leadoff.
  2. Great job of hitting to manufacture runs. Victoria had a heck of a day. Great jobs by the newcomers as well.
  3. Yep. Some third down conversions to the tight ends and connecting on the bombs down the field would suffice. Oh and maybe figure out how to make a screen pass gain yards. I would be happy.
  4. At least we still beat the turds. It would be nice to take this sport back over.
  5. Ok thanks for clarifying.
  6. Does the CBI really take teams from power conferences? It seems they load up on Sunbelt schools, etc.
  7. Serious suggestion. Practice more on free throws. Make more of an emphasis on it. Free throws are 90 percent mental. Rep rep rep. Our guys seem to get to the free throw line when we drive. So if we could make more FTS when we are there, that can certainly change the complexion of the game. That could be a strength to work with. Especially if the 3 is not falling.
  8. I have been wanting to start one for a while, but I figured the start of the 2017 season was as good a time as any. Really looking forward to the season. With JR missing the last half of the season with a concussion, I am ready to see him race again as a married man. A good woman helps to keep things in perspective. Anyways, several changes to the season this year to try to gain more followers, especially young people. New points system, and a big change is the races themselves. Each race is divided into 3 segments. Points will be awarded for winning segments. This is an effort to keep the racing exciting throughout the entire race and not just at the end. I hope this does not eliminate the green flag stops, and fuel mileage gambles. Those create exciting finishes. FS1 has the exhibition race tonight. Then qualifying all next week leading up to the Daytona 500. Any NASCAR fans out there? I know of at least one on this board. What do you think of the new format?
  9. That change up is knee buckling.
  10. I agree. We should just throw it around. Throw a few to the tight ends. Show teams something new to respect with this offense.
  11. Line out to Decker in left. Final! Auburn wins 2-0 for the second shutout in a row to start the season. Great pitching so far this weekend for Auburn. Lipscomb closes out the final 4 innings.
  12. Groundout to second. 2 down. Let's finish it Cole.
  13. Great play by Luke Jarvis to snag a grounder up the middle and throw the runner out. 1 out