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  1. Men vs. uat

    As long as no derogatory comments are in the heckling, there is nothing wrong with it IMO. Hearing the Daddy's Boy chant gave me a laugh. We played against a coaches son in a regional game in the playoffs my senior. Every time he touched the ball, the student section yelled Daddy boy! Repeatedly. It absolutely effected his play that night. If the fans can help, so be it. I, too, do not like the step step you suck chant.
  2. Men vs. uat

    Isn't that a foul too?
  3. Football Only Facility

    I was thinking this was a great idea, considering the team portraits of the football and basketball teams, but the styles in the video seem to be adding to that trend.
  4. Caption This

    "We should put a Baseball only facility behind the wall in left field" "[Thanks for the pointers Gus]"
  5. I am familiar with Maplesville as I grew up in the area. The stretch of road in front of the school leading into town, while somewhat sparse, is consistent with little dips and hills. The dip is just enough to hide a car, or a deer. He is very fortunate to be alive. Sadly, the stretch of road from Maplesville all the way to Selma, has been used as an impromptu drag strip for years, dating back to when my parents were in school. Slightly related story, my mom beat someone with her parking brake on as a senior. She also accepted the fact it was a stupid thing to do.
  6. The Future of Auburn Basketball

    Come tourney time if Brown shoots like Steph Curry did with the Davidson run a few years back, I could see teams drafting him. Being lethal from 3 can go a long way, especially now that Brown has shown more ability to create is own shot with the ball.
  7. Bracket Projections Talk

    Yes, very favorable. We must not be the top 2 seed according to ESPN. I know the top 1 and top 2 can't be in the same bracket per the committee response earlier. How is Texas Tech built? I know what AM brings to the table with their size and length. Just wondering if Tech would be a better matchup.
  8. We’re ranked

    Yep Being a #2 in Midwest regional after first 2 rounds in Nashville is better than going West for the tougher games.
  9. Tiger Invite Game Threads

    First chance at a comeback was a success. A little speed and power.
  10. Tiger Invite Game Threads

    Going yard from the 9 spot. Huge!
  11. Tiger Invite Game Threads

    There goes the ERA. A good time to see what we are made of when losing late
  12. Are we going to sign anyone this year?

    Yep. Lavar and Charles already have had heated exchanges.
  13. Men vs. Kentucky

    The year
  14. Men vs. Kentucky

    I just realized this. We didn't rush the floor, and I am glad we didn't. We are now expecting to win. We are the ranked team. Amazing where Bruce has brought us.