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  1. Looks to have gotten back on track.
  2. AUBwins


    So happy for you to experience that. Finally homeward?
  3. For a minute I was thinking this would happen on the same day but alas, tomorrow is Thursday and not Friday. But hoping for a special end to the week with Braves and Astros clinching berths to the WS. My 2 favorite teams playing for it all. So stoked, but gotta get there first. Both teams are basically in the same position last year and both lost. Hope both win the next game to do it. Don't want MO to switch. So the Braves were the first team I ever watched and pulled for. My grandfather and I would watch them nearly every night on TBS. He used to yell at Andruw Jones for swinging
  4. Wooo Braves Win! 1 win away. Let's get it this time!
  5. Yes because the C line is the 55 yardline per se.
  6. @McLoofus I ... I am so freaking mesmerized by this. Our girl, oh my. Don't have a clue what is about but absolutely want to watch to find out. Feel like one of those kids on Hocus Pocus where SJP Spells them with her song as they walk to their eventual doom.
  7. Honestly Houston has done worse at home recently then the road in the playoffs. When they played the Nationals for example. Every road team won.
  8. Crazy series of blowouts, so probably means now Boston will blow out the next 2. Depends if the trash cans have been hidden lol.
  9. Wanted to say last Saturday dynamite entire show was banger. And what a helluva promo by Hangman. Love it.
  10. Still has the spin move haha. Good for him. Nice return.
  11. Yea Boston always finds that insane power against the Stros
  12. And we know what happens to Saban if we get to 9 wins
  13. Wow, another grand Slam given up by Astros. 3 in 2 games. That's crazy. Can't win too many games giving up 4 on 1 hit.
  14. Coach O out after the season as reported everywhere. Will finish the year.
  15. I believe you are underestimating JTs value. See his recent usage and upcoming schedule, and likely one less RB to contend with by next week. Top 10 player ROS. DJ is more like a top 15-20. Talking ROS, not start of season.
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