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  1. Bama run ruled Alabama St 11-3 the day after we played them.
  2. Both NXT and AEW benefited from NXT moving to Tuesdays. Last week both were in the 680-750k viewer’s range. This week NXT had 800k viewers and AEW had 1.2million viewers! Also both increased in demo ratings as well, finishing top 10 each in the 18-49 demo. AEW had a .44 rating and #2 overall.
  3. It appears it was entered wrong into the scoring system, no controversy. Sounds like Baylor rode the meet of their lives. They were 3-7 on the year and 8 seed. The downer is we actually should have been named Champs last year and give us the 3 peat already, but it's like losing 2 titles with the loss. I digress. Amazing streak we've had and proud of their domination these few years, especially with the way our sports were struggling.
  4. Also Chelsea Green released. Another solid woman competitor.
  5. WWE releasing another round of talent. Some notables, Samoa Joe, Bo Dallas, and biggest for me, both Iconics. PEYTON Royce was extremely under utilized. She was breaking out until just killing the push. Her boyfriend (husband maybe?) just so happens to be Shawn Spears at AEW. Definitely hope to see her make the move. Question for Joe, is he physically unable to compete? He's been in commentary a while now. Not sure why they dumped him. He was better at the booth than most unless he didn't want to do that anymore.
  6. That's a big time get for this staff. Impressive.
  7. I really think the difference has to do with dosage and proximity of shots. The 100 micrograms of Moderna with an extra week to build antibodies compared to the 30 micrograms of the Pfizer. Just my opinion since I have no medical training lol. Makes sense to me though.
  8. Maybe she has a great grandmother that she could introduce you to
  9. Have you seen enough of Trey Alexander to see him as the off the bench guard like we wanted Bryce to be? Focusing on later in season after he gets acclimated to the college speed.
  10. Well i give you a chance WWE on the RAW after Wrestlemania, only to be bored and severely disappointed. Charlotte promo was the highlight. Otherwise, meh. Oh I love watching Viking Raiders as well.
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