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  1. Found this clip on wrestletalk. Fire and Desire are one of my faves. It's really just a training video but got several interesting nuggets regarding the wrestling life within the first few minutes before they start the training. One of my favorite tidbits from the video is discovering they actually try out doughnut shops in the cities they are in to find the best, and the best doughnut for them was Meches doughnuts right here in Lafayette La!. I do have to agree they ate very popular. Have had many myself. Warning: It does have language in the video.
  2. Anyone watch the Jericho Cruise this week? I thought it was an entertaining show. I thought they did well managing the small areas around the ring, incorporating some high flying maneuvers. The tag matches were great. PAC has been fantastic. He and Mox delivered. I will say I am disappointed with Britt playing a heel, not the fact she is a heel but she just isn't very good at it right now. They were running a continuous show and actually went to a break during her promo with Schiavone in the ring. It was a bad attempt. Britt is one of my favorites and I think the angle could work but it's something that needs work. Still AEW is must watch for me every week.
  3. Thanks for sharing. I was wondering if Jeff was still there. I figured with Kevin there, and Auburn being a wonderful place in general, that he would still be there. If you had ever met their parents when they were alive you would fully understand why they are both so humble and nice. Truly the most approachable 2 people I have ever met, Pete and Margaret Steele.
  4. @bigbird Would be perfect then. I mean no kid is going to want to be recruited by a giant yellow bird, but My goodness is he solid!
  5. And a 4th Auburn McD AA. Double the Ronald’s in 1 year Woop woop!
  6. Can 49ers just commit to Mostert? That could be the next fantasy monster. 46 point outing today!
  7. We have a mystery on our hands ...
  8. Memphis isn’t a city that you fall in love with on your first visit, but it grows on you like a fungus over time. That is a great line!
  9. I have not. I will have to take a look. I welcome all insight regarding Tennessee living.
  10. Wow!!! Great news LSU loses another critical piece and Aranda gets a year or 2 of head coaching experience in case we make a change.
  11. He needs a back up head band lol