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  1. AUBwins

    Jobs in KY?

    Thanks for the kind words. One of my prayers was for God to put me in a place to financially support my family, give a better quality of life and first and foremost be able to serve Him at my place of work. One way is to put God as my first reference. He knows you better than anyone right? He blessed me 13 years ago in my career going that path and ended up working for a great man. That man brought me onto a company he switched to 8 years ago which was also the best 8 years of my career. Now I believe I've gotten at another place that they treat you like family. Best thing about it, the companies where God is present will notice that reference as something special. Funny story, once the HR checked my references, the owner stated he wanted to know what the first reference said! The HR lady said OK, I'll tell you in a few mins Haha. Just put Him first and watch Him work!
  2. AUBwins

    Jobs in KY?

    It's basically 15 mins west instead of 15 mins East. I'm from Louisiana originally. Long drive up here for sure. Just ready for my girls to make it up too.
  3. We still have a chance to see a rugby TD on 4th down. Yes!!!
  4. They deemed horseracing acceptable, so why not?
  5. Life after losing Danica can be rough
  6. That's an awesome name. When does the playoffs start? And who's carrying the playoffs, NHL Network?
  7. Agree. Must have been jailbait since the college was founded in 1829. 😉
  8. I understand ... almost didn't accept because of it. That's why I tried to send some pics at least lol.
  9. It took a good 3 months to get one. Once I did, forced the issue on the one I wanted. Said pretty much need to know something this week or else I'm working elsewhere. But it was always a good fit. They just weren't ready to fill it a few months ago.
  10. Took a few pics looking around Frankfort and Georgetown KY today. I just moved to Frankfort for family and work. Have to say, beautiful place up here. Now if only the Louisiana weather would not have followed me here lol.
  11. AUBwins

    Jobs in KY?

    I actually have a change in plans. You have been following along so wanted to share that God continued working and gave me a much better job opportunity in Shelbyville, KY with a 50% increase in pay from the Buffalo Trace job. This was a big help in starting our lives anew in Kentucky. I was needing to know with this job before the end of the week before I had to get started with the job I had. God gave me the news today. When you put God first, great things happen. Thanks for following along.
  12. Well I have a change in plans. I may lose my new bestie @fredst, but I was offered the job I had my eye on before the Buffalo Trace job. A lot better salary and future career growth. So I have accepted that job instead. Inventory Manager at an aluminum producer/distributer about 20 mins from my current living arrangements and in the town we're looking to settle in within the next year. Pretty stoked about this one. Great vibes from this company with little turnover. I will say, Buffalo would have been a beautiful place to work though. Grabbed a few pics today. I will post more pics in the pic thread a little later.
  13. That's 2000 people you did not have to cater for 😂
  14. A frustrated Rowdy usually turns into fireworks later, especially if he gets caught in a late bump when in the lead lol. He finally won Xfinity race but failed post race and was DQd.
  15. They scaled back a lot with the cuteness from the startup episodes, but there have been some miscalculations in recent weeks. I think it could be related to time off or even the outdoor venue. The Cage ending is all a setup to get Cage ticked at Taz. I think he goes on his own soon. He doesn't need Taz, but just a way to build him quickly for a month.