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  1. Respect Kyle a ton for this speech. He’s come a long way, once Samantha was a part of the picture. His touching tribute to his wife was heartwarming. 12:30 mark. The entire speech was good but the last minute and a half was straight from the heart.
  2. AUBwins

    NBA Thread

    Amazing how veteran like he was as a high schooler
  3. Agreed. We sure don’t want Chad calling that down.
  4. If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you’re a schoolteacher 👩🏼‍🏫 😉 Great words! Have you read this to the class yet?
  5. Dude is fast! Looks like a receiver running the ball. I liked his RPO action in the video. Kept his eyes downfield. Good height. @augolf1716 what is the competition level like in St Pete?
  6. AUBwins

    NFL Thread

    Oh yea it's coming this year. Does Riley come?
  7. He would be on lists of SEC schools IMO. Maybe he wants to establish himself for a few years a little low key to avoid hurting is rep. by jumping in too quick.
  8. That is hilarious. He does it in rhythm at least.
  9. I’m surprised Manning found him. 3 or 4 of those catches were basically in a row from Eli. Great chemistry with both QBs now.
  10. AUBwins

    NFL Thread

    Yes he is much better as an analyst.
  11. AUBwins

    NFL Thread

    All of a sudden Manning likes Slayton as well. I didn't know Eli could still throw that deep.
  12. AUBwins

    NFL Thread

    Slayton just got him a TD!
  13. I could see Chad and Gus in a room scheming the offensive game plan. They out think themselves with counters to the counters to the point their heads explode.