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  1. I was more referring to the storyline suicide by going to main show.
  2. Good for her. Just wish I would not have to see her in those OU colors Haha.
  3. They probably brought her character up more than the wrestler. She has a few signature moves that are unique. Becky has clearly carried those matches however. Honestly at this point, they are all better off staying in NXT.
  4. Powerful duo right there. That was a little fun. All except Baron of course.
  5. I knew there had to be a reason for Becky match first. Love this because I know Becky will be making another appearance shortly. Lacey is a nice looking ref though 😍
  6. That was a wicked finish for Kofi. Most of the matches have been pretty good considering the card. Then we're treated to Shane, then Baron. Ugh.
  7. Looks like a triple threat based on numbers. Can't wait to set her play.
  8. The hat styles stink this year. I think they should make trades official before the draft. It is very confusing to follow.
  9. Absolutely believe we win it all with Chuma.
  10. I was following the NBA thread on the non Auburn sports page. I think Chuma goes no later than 35th pick to Pelicans. I think the additional picks they just acquired allows them to gamble on an injury pick like Okeke. Could go Spurs sooner than that. My opinion anyways.