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  1. Great job gutting out a win. 2 of the 3 games had us in the lead with 1 out to go. I would think the softball nation had their eyes on this series and saw that Auburn was leading most of the series despite Florida getting 2 wins. Ticks me off about the Florida coach shoving one of our girls. JF3 probably not too happy about it either.
  2. I would love for a 1 2 3 inning
  3. Let's go ladies. Crank it up and put some distance
  4. I would think Woods would be a 70' substitution (maybe 2ND half sub). Clint has too much experience as a veteran scorer to take him out IMO. That goal in the box Friday is what I am talking about. I think Woods would replace Jozy if he were to start or one of either Clint or Jozy as a sub depending on the situation. Pulisic needs to play.
  5. And Honduras had 8 which is crazy as well. Pretty impressive for the defense to keep the Goose egg
  6. Do we know if it was a deep TD pass to JF3 or short pass and a shake n bake?
  7. My goodness what a buzzer beater by Florida. To get that close to the goal in 4 seconds was impressive in itself.
  8. Been a while. Probably Gold cup a few years ago with Donovan. Never looked that dominating though. That core being together made all the difference.
  9. Fantastic result!
  10. Zusi save there
  11. That one too.
  12. Good pass by CP. It would have looked better if Dempsey was there. Little miscommunication
  13. I was beyond frustrated when JK wouldn't give him minutes. Kid is going to get his mins going forward. Truly electric player.
  14. Holy cow what a goal! Dempsey hat trick.
  15. I am so glad they let him play where is comfortable. It is paying off. Great to see all of our horses out there on the attacking side, minus Woods. But this lineup is showing great chemistry.