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  1. Well right now we fired most of staff. So new staff would coach if we did accept.
  2. I think Bijan will go round 1. His profile will rate too good to risk waiting until 2nd round. Most years I agree, but with the way rookies are taking off early I think one of these very bad teams will take a chance early on him, unless he falls because of a discovery during draft prep.
  3. Could have killed so much time in the corner there. Then maybe the heart drop VAR review doesn't have to happen.
  4. This is hilarious.
  5. OK so no Liberty. Thought I saw that one somewhere. Cincy fans want him.
  6. Word is Deion will decide between Colorado, USF, Liberty and Cincinnati by Sunday.
  7. I figured you probably watched a lot of old Japan tape.
  8. Like What?! Hogan did a step up enziguiri?? This looks incredible. Didn't know he worked those moves like that. @GwillMac6 @ellitor @Brad_ATX Y'all knew this?
  9. Thought the same but declared an abdominal injury. Better than saying family jewels 😆
  10. Honestly having the ref we had was a blessing. He let a lot of stuff play. And good discipline late by defenders trying to avoid fouls. The ball was past Turner in the final minute. Wow.
  11. Holy crap that was intense in stoppage. Shame on US for not trying to finish this earlier in the half.
  12. Normally I agree. But until they keep them out, I don't believe they will if there is a toss up. And Bama both losses are by 1 play. That's how they will likely see it.
  13. Pulisic crashed hard into goal keeper on his goal. I thought he got a hard knee to the jewels but maybe it was quad. He was struggling for a bit at the end. Actually looked to be gaining movement as time went. Hopefully doesn't stiffen at half. Finally got that hero moment. 🙌 USA had so many chances and great runs. Kept majority possession and no shots by Iran. Gonna be feisty but if we get goal 2 before they get one, i think looking at 3-0 or 3-1 result US. Wearing them down and counter now.
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