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  1. I'd liked what I heard from early camp. He seemed like he was taking it up a notch. He will be a force this year. I'm due a good one on these man crushes. My dude last year never saw the field and transferred out lol
  2. He's still there? As a player? Thought he was part of coaching staff by now. Been here forever. 😁
  3. OK. I didn't realize you had set it. I'll update. Thanks.
  4. 2 weeks until keeper deadline. @cole256 @Auctoritas @McLoofus(just in case you check it) Just a reminder that you need to choose your keepers if you want to keep any. Also some of you may get trade offers for your keepers if you get active on the league page. 😉
  5. Love seeing the 12 on an Auburn QB. Burger, Cox, now Geriner.
  6. I'll go with the man cleaning it up deep. Donovan Kaufman! #1
  7. Noticed bird started the thread at random and claimed his. Probably knew you were off that day lol
  8. Pretty pleased that other than the last min of the game, the score was within 10 the entire time and finished that way. Honestly was hoping to see us within 10 of we lost and we did that. We hung with these grown professional men. Valuable experience gained and nice to see how we respond to a more physically imposing team. Not satisfied with a loss but pleased at the effort nonetheless.
  9. That's encouraging to see with the newcomers (or is it bad that our veterans aren't leading lol?)
  10. Imir is money from 3. 5 of 7 for Israel guard.
  11. Hasn't the game been more enjoyable without the excessive foul calls? Letting some things go but calling obvious fouls. Flow of game been good. At least IMO
  12. Good clock awareness by Zep (maybe Westry) with the lead pass down the court to Flan to beat the clock. Impressive finish to half.
  13. That one hand put down was impressive too
  14. Cardwell is perfect example of when he was signed. Said he was a bit of a project but should be a nice piece later in career. I think this year is the boom. He's developed nicely and looks ready to ignite.
  15. And with his subsequent air ball on 3 lol
  16. Big time block Dylan!!! Then 3 by KD. Up 7
  17. Caused 18 turnovers in first half. Not just Israel being sloppy either. We are forcing them mostly.
  18. Tied it up, now taken the lead back. And another steal!!! Cardwell Jam! Defense impressive. 40-36 Auburn.
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