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  1. The bad play calling at critical times and forgetting to cover the TEs caused some holes in the walls. But going with the white face masks - seriously!
  2. Those guys are solid. I enjoy their takes and guests - blasts from the past with tremendous insights.
  3. Heart vs Head conundrum. NW wins unfortunately, but I hope I am wrong. Then it is MAGA time for CBH - Make Auburn Great Again.
  4. He will cut his buyout by $7MM and part ways with AU. It is Christmas time. Miracles happen. Right?
  5. The defenses massively benefit from both offenses completely imploding. Carlson kicks a 53 yarder as time expires. AU 3 | OM 2 Yes, I am drinking. 😀
  6. “You gotta give a lot of credit to their staff and kids. They were prepared. Played hard. I mean they did a good job overcoming Iocane Powder. They really got after us. Being on the road in the SEC is tough. I mean we pumped in a lot of Iocane Powder during practice, a ton, that is a lot, but we felt good overall. Really good week of practice. I mean you are always concerned about Iocane Powder, you know - the offense, defense, and special teams. I mean that stuff is odorless and tasteless. Seriously, odorless and tasteless. I mean like air. So, we will have to watch film and check concentrati
  7. This year will likely be the tipping point. He is headed for a losing season, or it sure seems that way right now. While I hope that doesn’t happen, that adds way more pressure than 8-5 seasons of previous years. We will go down in college football history for the worst contract ever or close to it. He will go down as a punchline. Both sides can make this a better landing and show grace. While I don’t think Gus would do it, halving his buyout with a gracious statement of mutual appreciation and a mutual agreement on parting of the ways, would go a long way for both sides.
  8. Stop throwing to Seth. Put in Loy for a series or two. Let the kid collect himself.
  9. Note to self: Contact Santa to update the wish list to hold the pony ☹️ in lieu of, 1) Texas money 2) Better contract negotiations 3) See #2 - especially the BUYOUT 4) End of CV19 5) World Peace 6) Better bathrooms @ Jordan-Hare Stadium
  10. Rinse and repeat - year after year. For as long as he is Head Coach, it will be the same. Don’t get worked up. Not worth it.
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