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  1. New life for the “DBs don’t look back” threads.
  2. Lindsey, Steele and the players are really helping make Gus’ buyout look reasonable. It is the best team effort I have seen this year.
  3. I was wrong last week. The biggest offensive regression takes place between week 4 & 5. They are literally getting worse. I feel for the kids.
  4. Cubs win. Brewers lose. We cover. AUtrocious Offense regressing.
  5. So the biggest offensive regression takes place between the 3rd and 4th game?
  6. And the band played on, as our O continuously hits the iceberg.
  7. 12 - 12 versus ranked teams. Not worth $49MM. I believe he has a losing record versus all our major rivals. Blame the refs all you want on this one, the man is a choke job. Can’t close the deal, when it matters most. It is just who he is. The remainder of his tenure will be the same tune - so much promise, so much squandered. I hope to eat crow. I would love to eat crow on this. #frustrated
  8. The only people smiling are Gus, his family, his attorney, his agent and his financial planner. Total fleece job. He coached two games where he did not go stupid, admin forgot the LSU game, and he gets a massive payday. Welcome back to the perpetual land of mediocrity. Even if we get a miracle finish, he is not worth it.
  9. Prediction: Moving forward, we will have 10 great weeks of practice and the most amazing bye week in the history of bye weeks.
  10. Getting blown out by a 4-6 Harvard team on national TV. Unless a miracle run happens, this is beyond embarrassing. When does Equestrian season start?
  11. The standings don't lie. However, moving to the east would have us immediately challenging to be the 4th best team. Instant improvement, even with this team and staff. And I thought one more beer would help with the pain and sarcasm. Guess not. Oh well, War Damn Eagle!