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  1. The age of these WOs really stood out to me. Surprised so many 22-23.
  2. There are FSU beat writers now CBing both the them
  3. Hoping Irvin makes a run at C next year
  4. Yeah just an interesting aspect to consider while we dissect every scenario!
  5. Handy projected as a DT for us, correct?
  6. Here’s a good read on Shawn Oakman
  7. This implies that those are Lindsey’s plays and Gus is selecting one. If we are to believe the narrative, the short list of plays will be Kenny’s and Gus chooses one. I see a difference in principal.
  8. Looks like many have forgotten that Gus was meddled with previously when he was told to step away from play calling (Rhett the fall guy). Another example of our BOT not staying in their lane. If Gus was merely allowed to sink or swim in his own, he’d likely have been fired before the extension was even a consideration. As it stands, Gus has the opportunity to embarrass AU in either scenario; whether he flops or shines. When are we going to learn to hire a coach and get out of the way, allowing the results to dictate retention? Now he’s back to where we were years ago. It’s what he always should have been doing, it’s his offense we hired him for. And if he failed to produce, he should be removed as head coach.