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  1. Don't think the recruiting guys have a clue on this one. All have legitimate takes but...
  2. Maybe it was a "show up to practice" thing and not a "participate in practice" thing
  3. Well that's an easy statement to make after the fact. That was not the case when the OP was made. We'll see.
  4. You made an assumption (see bold font), I clarified. Nothing else to it.
  5. Nope. We'll see.
  6. What business does he own?
  7. Losing him to LSU curently, IMO
  8. Excited for Jorrell, but also many others. Seems like we snagged some hot up and comers.
  9. So Monday a Clemson lean now?
  10. I understand, just conveying from direct source. It has been written both ways and has seemingly changed over the course of his recruitment. Basically, he is too talented to keep off of the field but not getting on campus until summer has hurt his ability to come in and play immediately at LB.
  11. Not what TD himself is saying. See my prior post. Future is def LB unless he grows out of it.
  12. Being told his initial reps will be at Buck until he learns the playbook and is more confident in the LB role. Basically pin his ears back and get the QB. Straight pass rush. Athleticism.
  13. TD has put on some great weight this off-season with the aid of a strength coach in Bham. He has done so while still not getting the same nutritional advice and intake as he will once on campus. Kid is ready to play. Is being told he is playing in the opener. Is finding our quick that the guys on campus now are not as buddy-buddy with him and just going to allow him to take their spots. Going to be some great depth and great comp at LB this year and years to come. Most exciting and talented position group we've had in more than a decade.
  14. Only 3 hrs separating Auburn from Athens. If not UGA, AU is best option for parents to have both kids close.
  15. He gone