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  1. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    Cinco de Mayo...I’m calling Lobos! But seriously, there will be a commitment video tied to this.
  2. 2018 4* WR Anthony Schwartz Commits to AU!!!

    Regardless of earnings potential, he clearly has elite level talent and it would be a waste to not use it. As I said earlier, AU track is on the rise. Spry has some very good young talent running and they are coming off one of the best years in AU history. Also, most monies from track are earned via merchandising and sponsorship's.
  3. 2018 4* WR Anthony Schwartz Commits to AU!!!

    There’s a serious youth movement occurring with AU track. We did very well in the ncaaa’s.
  4. FL fans throw money at auburn players chant fbi
  5. 5 Star Ashton Hagans decommits from UGA

    He's the #1 player in the 'state of Georgia', I'm not sure it's a leap to sign with the state school (although not a given).
  6. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix Commits to AU!!!

    Bday today
  7. FL fans throw money at auburn players chant fbi
  8. You fell for it...
  9. Auburn among top-5 hottest tickets

    I'd love to see the net seating numbers to change from current to 30" wide seat backs while filling in the North endzone. Keep student section bleachers. Hoping that an endzone expansion offsets the capacity reduction from the change in seat type.
  10. Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Yes, in 2011.
  11. 2019 5* OT Devontae Dobbs

    Dean is, and I'm going to call my shot that Pickering ends up there as well. Really like both of those players.
  12. 2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb

    Well, they just bumped him to $550k as part of a $2M assistant coach increase. Pretty substantial for a position coach.
  13. 2019 4* LB Lavonta Bentley

    Agree. That said, since this is the Vonta thread, we should absolutely look to continue the JO pipeline and get another quality in-state LB for this class.
  14. Locker Room Renovations

    Adding escalators and removing concrete ramps would provide a ton of space to expand or make it to where these additions could be more seamlessly incorporated.
  15. 2018 or 2019 Grad Transfer OT Calvin Anderson

    Would assume 3-5 rising Jrs would declare early?