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  1. Gonna go with the obvious, diff sides of the ball. We still may sign Fehoko at DT. We chose Bell for the OL as an interior linemen over an OT.
  2. Yeah well a Top 5 is coming soon so...
  3. Stampini predicting UF
  4. Shannon had a death in the family, was not at the game.
  5. No doubt, would make a great Buck with another 40lbs added!
  6. Looking at him for Nickel right?
  7. Creed was fine it was Scott Stapp that was a douche! They were even better as Alter Bridge with Myles, who wasn't a douche!
  8. Named Florida his leader
  9. As long as only QBs play QB, and the 2nd QB only comes in bc of injury or blowouts.
  10. Pretty in depth article for a guy with an uncommitable offer.
  11. Yep that's why a 2nd yr would be like the death penalty. They will all transfer out and it will take years to recover! Freeze will be be fired in that case and they will be a complete dumpster fire.
  12. The Leo Lewis $ is being reported as $80k with $50k offers.
  13. Hill, Jenkins, Irvin, and Campbell seem to be the most common names I've seen.
  14. Keith has now CBd Asa and Joiner to AU. I can dig it!
  15. Big offer. Lot of talented backs in this class, close to home.