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  1. Martin to Bama. Joiner to LSU. If Teague goes UGA, we will full court press Pierce. Otherwise we will take Teague and Shivers and be done.
  2. That's a cat!
  3. I transferred between private and public schools in Bham and had to sit. I think in AL if you leave the zone you don't have to sit. I didn't move, only changed schools and had to sit.
  4. And there will likely be some commitments from that group.
  5. TD on track to graduate and be in AU in June. Up to 235lbs good weight.
  6. New 247 article out saying Sal is behind Harris in weight and blocking. CCL said he needs to be at 240lbs, has already put on 15, and is listed on roster at 228.
  7. Exactly. Have you heard coaches put a timetable on that or say they expect him to start? Just bc CCL utilizes the TE and we signed a JUCO TE, doesn't mean he is expected to be an instant impact.
  8. Sal was brought in the help, period. By all accounts during his recruitment, he has 4 to play 3. The coaches would love for him to play meaningful snaps this year but if it's an acclamation year that's ok too.
  9. At that time, I don't disagree. Now seemingly, with the hire of CCL, we are less vanilla with the passing schemes and therefore able to utilize a pocket passer in combination with power run and shifts/motions.
  10. Same as prior years, show it on the field and this gets easier. Not rocket science.
  11. Gonna go with the obvious, diff sides of the ball. We still may sign Fehoko at DT. We chose Bell for the OL as an interior linemen over an OT.
  12. Yeah well a Top 5 is coming soon so...
  13. Stampini predicting UF
  14. Shannon had a death in the family, was not at the game.