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  1. au_bsci_04

    2019 3* S Jammie Robinson

    Several recruits got the edit. Clark and Booth were a few. I assumed it came from AU Athletics.
  2. au_bsci_04

    2019 4* CB Zion Puckett

    AU in Top 10 per his twitter
  3. au_bsci_04

    2018-19 Bama GT C Brandon Kennedy

  4. Rivals expecting a bump bump for GP in next rankings.
  5. au_bsci_04

    2019 4* WR Ramel Keyton (Vols 5/16/18)

    More concerned about UTk
  6. au_bsci_04

    2019 5* OT Devontae Dobbs

    Article title says he wants to visit again
  7. au_bsci_04

    Travis Williams The Recruiter

  8. au_bsci_04

    2019 4* S/WR Jashawn Sheffield

    He still visiting this weekend?
  9. OP already said he’s recruiting and we’d have #1 class. Between him and Nix, we’ve got guys who will be at elite camps like The Open recruiting top talent. An early high profile recruit is something we’ve been missing.
  10. au_bsci_04

    2019 5* OT Wanya Morris (Vols 5/1/18)

    Not worried about this. Wanya will choose UT tomorrow. He is not a December grad though. So getting OP is the priority. That will give us 2 of Wayna’s teammates and 8 months to flip him.
  11. au_bsci_04

    2019 4* ATH Steele Chambers

    Ohio State
  12. au_bsci_04

    Brown or Purifoy at the 3

    I think people are severely overlooking Doughty. From all accounts, even within the team, we was the best guard on the floor in practice, including Staph. He’s a versatile 2/3, so if he doesn’t find a starting job, I suspect he comes in at both positions to spell Brown/Heron. Unlike Brice, Doughty is a slasher with a good outside shot. He’s also from Philly like Horace, so he brings some swag and toughness.
  13. Cinco de Mayo...I’m calling Lobos! But seriously, there will be a commitment video tied to this.
  14. au_bsci_04

    2018 4* WR Anthony Schwartz Commits to AU!!!

    Regardless of earnings potential, he clearly has elite level talent and it would be a waste to not use it. As I said earlier, AU track is on the rise. Spry has some very good young talent running and they are coming off one of the best years in AU history. Also, most monies from track are earned via merchandising and sponsorship's.
  15. au_bsci_04

    2018 4* WR Anthony Schwartz Commits to AU!!!

    There’s a serious youth movement occurring with AU track. We did very well in the ncaaa’s.