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  1. Named Florida his leader
  2. As long as only QBs play QB, and the 2nd QB only comes in bc of injury or blowouts.
  3. Pretty in depth article for a guy with an uncommitable offer.
  4. Yep that's why a 2nd yr would be like the death penalty. They will all transfer out and it will take years to recover! Freeze will be be fired in that case and they will be a complete dumpster fire.
  5. The Leo Lewis $ is being reported as $80k with $50k offers.
  6. Hill, Jenkins, Irvin, and Campbell seem to be the most common names I've seen.
  7. Keith has now CBd Asa and Joiner to AU. I can dig it!
  8. Big offer. Lot of talented backs in this class, close to home.
  9. Yes absolutely. Kodi is all over him and Copeland likes the relationship. I feel like we've all been saying this for a few years but just a good offensive showing on the field will secure some of this top talent. Too much inconsistency.
  10. MUST get IMO. He's getting recruited hard by Worm and Gatewood.
  11. Would like to see us get really involved in the recruitment of Zamir White. #1 back in the class (5*) from NC. Porter was his secondary recruiter.
  12. Scheme and blocking have been a huge reason why our backs have been successful under CGM. I don't expect that to change with new RB coach. But there is no denying the upgrade in recruiting between Fountain and Porter. And as WDE said, Horton was already coaching returners. Worst case is we still need to hire a TE/ST coach if Horton leaves. Best case is Horton stays and moves to TE/ST and continues his good coaching and recruiting in North AL.
  13. The question is how many would he haul in if he were at AU and not recruiting the state school? GA is fertile recruiting ground and most of those kids are looking for any reason to stay and play for UGA.
  14. Our 5* DL recruits aren't here without CRG. CTR isn't substantially better coaching interior linemen to offset the talent gap due to his poor recruiting. CRG at UGA cleaned up with talent. Rock just got fired bc he couldn't pull elite in state talent into the instate school.