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  1. His wrist was already wrapped. It is his shoulder and it is either a collar bone or rotator cuff type injury. It is the right shoulder. Jen hurt the left on on the five play at the end zone.
  2. I am an '85 AU Grad who came to Auburn from WV (though I was born in MD and lived 12 places before being graciously accepted to AU in '81). I love AU! My oldest daughter of 4 chose AU to study Interior Design though she had 6 other options. Unfortunately, we lost her to an AVM hemorrage while she was a freshman in class in Nov '12. I love this university for many reasons but mostly because they live the "FAMILY" commitment. Our 2nd daughter is a freshman and chose Auburn because she wanted to be a part of a university of students, faculty and a community who care for others like they did for us. I believe in Gus and the coaches he is bringing to AU. I BELIEVE they can make a difference in a person's life. I believe in character and how it changes the lives of others. I believe in Jay Jacobs who personally connected with us to pray for us. I am a HUGE football fan and a fan of all AU sports. I could talk for hours with most of you and hold my own. i also BELIEVE and know that trust is a blessing and I trust in the leadership because the captain has a bigger plan. War-Eagle and thanks TWILL for stepping up. You will make a difference.
  3. At the presser, Gus stated his reason for being late was an instrument panel issue on the plane. For that reason, I thought I understood him to say they drove.
  4. I too was at the game and live in SC. We know more about what needs work because we played Louisville. Clemson (and many others) won big against smaller teams and likely has a false sense of security. Had we played a Wofford. The Heisman talk for JJ would have started. Let's get incrementally better each week and be glad we have Jax State in game 2 and not game 1.
  5. They show Ivey for us. He chose UF so they are mistaken.
  6. I honestly don't see Saban and WM hooking up again. If WM's goal is to rub elbows with a great offensive mind, I believe Gus would be better than the LK. Besides, is LK being mentioned in any HC opportunities? I hope he open his mouth soon. Gets interesting when he does
  7. Sorry all. The story I saw was from 10AM this morning and I did not read through the updates first. I regret causing the commotion. Glad it was debunked. War-Eagle!
  8. I am an '85 grad from Auburn who lives in SC. I have 1 child who was at AU and passed away there as an 18 yet old fresh in '12 and I have another who will be there next fall. I am All In AU and far from a Bammer. The site is reporting the deal is done. I am hoping it is not true but their sources may be as credible as ours. I pray he is headed to AU.
  9. USCe reporting the deal is done and he chose them over us. If he had come to AU, he would have been gone in a yr. Going to SC means he is their next head coach within 2 yrs. He leveraged the DC position into an HC position without leaving the school. Hate it but makes sense.
  10. I live in Greer, SC and have for nearly 6 yrs. I coached my sons youth team against Jake Bentley 3 yrs ago. He rolled out of the pocket and threw a ball through the back if the end zone from the 50 right before halftime. He was 12. He killed us. I believe he I better than his older brother who is a senior at Byrnes. Their step brother is Chaz Dodd who is a sr QB at Rutgers. He was the QB on the Byrnes team when Lattimore was a Sr. Bobby has raised 3 legitimate QBs in his own home. I asked him about Jake when we list to him the 2nd time. He said he picked it up from his older brothers. He will be the best of the 3 of them.
  11. OB4AU

    Which sections? site shows the stadium and the team sidelines.
  12. Please let me know, if you have 3. Thanks!
  13. OB4AU

    Needing 3 tickets

    I am seeking 3 tickets for the BCS Championship Game in Pasadena. Please contact me if you have some. Thanks!