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  1. Sean White not quitting just yet

    I watched a replay of the MSU game last night, If SW can play the way he did in that game, or the other 5 during that streak before he was injured, and the line can keep him in one piece, I have no problem with him as the starter. But this is a slightly different offense than the Lashlee / Malzahn game of the past and he has been injury-prone. It will definitely be interesting to follow.
  2. 2017 SEC Helmet Schedule

    That worked, thanks
  3. 2017 SEC Helmet Schedule

    Got error code: 2C171/1. Can't access page from my account????
  4. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    It was either Goldmine of PMarsh that ran an article about how this has crippled the program after the first year of a new coach getting free reign and then handcuffing him. Great results in the first year, then going downhill the second, third and fourth.
  5. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    This is the same thing that bammer went through until they hit rock bottom and finally gave in and let their choice for HC RUN THE ENTIRE FOOTBALL PROGRAM WITHOUT INTERFERENCE!!!
  6. part of the qb puzzle revealed

    I don't believe that Jeremy's problem is fear of getting hit. I just think he has issues reading coverage quickly, and locking his eyes on one receiver way too often. He also has had consistency issues with accuracy. Could be footwork or whatever. Some of his problems now are lack of reps with the first team and I don't think he's getting any help from the coaching staff, just like a number of other QB's at Auburn.
  7. Woody should play Saturday

    Especially after the pick six and the three-and-outs in a row
  8. I just want to see adjustments

    Cox was hurt in the second half, but don't we have anyone else that can run? Maybe not up the middle, but somewhere? I understand injuries, but not a failure to make adjustments. There's no excuse for not changing to some other scheme.
  9. Woody should play Saturday

    Kiehl Frazier was ruined long before that game. He was never developed and that was just the straw that broke the camel's back. Since they didn't bring him along, we don't know whether it was the game or the poor development. If Woody is good and he knows the playbook, put him into the A & M game and see what he can do. If he shows that he can do it, give him a shot. These aren't the little cupcakes at Yale who can't take a scolding, these guys were recruited to play SEC football. The big question is, has he even been taking any reps at all. If not, then it's a moot point. The thing is, if SW can't go, and JFIII won't be allowed the full package, what the hell do you do?
  10. Woody should play Saturday

    Johnson and Franklin will be eaten alive by the Bammer D. Now if you put Franklin in the A & M game, give him the full playbook and he performs, then maybe, but he hasn't shown the ability to throw the ball accurately at any distance. You WILL have to throw against Bammer, or you will end up like LSU
  11. Woody should play Saturday

    So, do you blow off the rest of the season with an injured QB, or one the coaches don't trust to throw the ball? What is your solution if SW can't go 100%? We're going to need everyone at 100% level of play for the Bammer game, or we'll get shut out and the D will get gassed by the third quarter.
  12. I have been a critic of Pat Dye,

    UGA's D is one of the top-ranked in the nation, regardless of their record. On top of that, KS coached his D against our O for a full season. He knows all of our tendencies AND PLAYS. He knew what we did and didn't have available and how to defend it. The coaches failed to take this into account and didn't change a single thing in the game plan.
  13. Woody should play Saturday

    Two games and a bowl game, and one of those is our archenemy. You need to set yourself up for next season. If Sean can't perform and Franklin won't be allowed the full playbook, you have to do something. Both Ole Miss and Texas A & M did it, and UM did very well. Do you have a better idea?
  14. Georgia Game Report Card

    Running the ball? The second half had almost no running attack. They threw the ball exclusively on at least three series, with nothing but a pick-six to show for it.
  15. Is Alabama really that much better than the rest of the SEC?

    Saban's greatest attribute is getting the right players for his schemes. He doesn't have to do a lot of maneuvering of his players because he gets the RIGHT talent for his style of play. When he added Kiffen to the mix, everything seemed to mesh. Kiffen has the innate talent of getting the right matchups with his play calling. Overall talent is important, but matchups are even more so. He can see the weak spots and get the right play called to take advantage of them. Saban's defenses are the same. He finds the weak spots and attacks them. You can't take advantage of a weak secondary if you don't have time to throw the ball. His teams are disciplined and talented at the same time.