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  1. FormerlySec38Row34

    Demographic Curiosity

    61 Male Hueytown, AL Didn't attend Auburn. Originally from Maryland came here in '76
  2. FormerlySec38Row34

    Let it SNOW!!!!!!!

    About two inches here in Hueytown, AL. Still snowing lightly
  3. FormerlySec38Row34

    Rose Bowl or Sugar Bowl?

    If Clemson loses to Miami, and OK/Wisc hold serve, a win for AU in the SECCG puts us in the #1 seed and Bama (currently #5) moves up to #4 and we play them in the first round. With Miami being back three spots, they won't jump bammer due to the bad loss to Pitt. ACC gets left out.
  4. FormerlySec38Row34

    Playoff nightmare scenario

    OSU would have a hard time getting in due to that shellacking they got by Iowa. That was a very bad loss.
  5. FormerlySec38Row34

    AU # 6 in Coaches Poll

    Definitely overlooked, but the ACC Championship game will fix that, one way or another.
  6. FormerlySec38Row34

    Georgia Game Report Card

    Absolutely loved watching this one. The obvious weakness in this team is discussed in another post about Carlson, our kick/punt coverage. UGA ran everything out, even kicks that normally would get a kneel-down in the end zone.
  7. FormerlySec38Row34

    AU Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 156......

    I would love to see one of the media at the presser just flat out ask, "Coach, why can't this staff make adjustments during the game, or at least at halftime?" I would love to see the reaction to that.
  8. FormerlySec38Row34

    What happened Saturday? Persepctive (LSU)

    I was thinking the exact same thing about trying to run the clock instead of trying to put more points up. That might have been OK until LSU scored and closed the gap to 23-14, but after that, it was just plain stupid to try to continue down that path. You don't go into the half with a 9-point lead that just shrunk from 23 points and tell the players that "We're in good shape". Malzahn's logic totally escapes me sometimes.
  9. FormerlySec38Row34

    This is why....

    See if this sounds familiar: get up by 20 points and then try to run the clock instead of scoring more points and really putting it away. Letting a lesser team hang around and going flat on offense, thus losing the game in the end. Once you lose your edge it's extremely difficult, if not impossible, to get it back. This coach is a pro at it (losing your edge)/
  10. FormerlySec38Row34


    We are, once again, the victim of the preseason hype machine who was calling for Stidham to win the Heisman before he even took an SEC snap. He is finding out the hard way, just how fast and big the defenses are at the top of the polls. He may or may not get better, but with the O-line collapsing on all sides, we may never know. Still in disbelief that we got a delay penalty while sitting at 4th and goal on the one. How does that happen, coach?
  11. FormerlySec38Row34

    Can the O be fixed this season?

    Gus' offense without a good run/pass opt QB is a disaster. It is the biggest factor in this offense. Without it, this is a high school offense.
  12. FormerlySec38Row34

    After a night of reflection,

    If they don't go back to running plays with a blistering pace, this offense will fail again and again. It is designed to be run that way and doesn't work for running the clock down. When you slow it down, the defense gets the advantage because they can analyze all of the motion and slight of hand. I also haven't seen any RPO that has been the hallmark of this HUNH. We keep getting the wrong type of QB for the offense that worked for a long time. Where are the tight-ends in this offense? Clemson blitzed a lot and we never gave Stidham anyone to get a quick throw to. They had to vacate position to blitz and we should have been ready for it. COACHING and play-calling. ADJUSTMENTS!!!
  13. FormerlySec38Row34

    Holding ball too long?

    You typically don't go deeper on routes after the play goes longer. You cut your route off and come back to the QB to give him a better target. Only decoy routes continue after the route is "run".
  14. FormerlySec38Row34

    Where did the HUNH go?

    Exactly, the Hurry-Up is what makes this offense work. You wear out the D-line and then keep the hammer down. This offense is ultimately defensible when the pace slows down. This is the main reason for the offensive woes for the last several years. I don't know why it was abandoned except for trying to protect an inept defense years ago, but that hasn't been a problem for the last couple of years. If they don't get back to 80-85 plays a game, they'll never get back to what they did in 2010 or 2013.
  15. FormerlySec38Row34

    Holding ball too long?

    Pocket collapsed from all sides most of the time, leaving nowhere to go. Result, eleven sacks and numerous TFL's. The goal line play calling was ridiculous. Three straight runs directly into a linebacker with no one blocking at the second level, then getting a delay call on 4th and goal from the one. I thought this was a HUNH offense. How do you get a delay penalty? I knew if we settled for FG's there, we'd be in trouble because that meant that the D had to be perfect, and they weren't. They had two letups and Clemson took advantage when we couldn't. One thing that is glaring, if Gus' offense doesn't run with a blistering pace, it is extremely defensible. That showed last night. It isn't designed to run the clock, it's meant to score points quickly and they haven't been doing that. The O-line was overmatched and out-quicked on the edges. Constantly had a man coming free with a straight shat at Stidham. Way too many missed blocks.