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  1. Auskip

    Washington Game Report Card

    Bird couldn't get accepted into Auburn?
  2. Auskip

    Did i watch a different game

    I agree about the commentary. It really got tiresome to continually hear about how great Washington's DC was.
  3. Auskip

    Washington Game Report Card

    STAAAAT!!! You 'da man!!
  4. Just so you know, Gus is now 5-1 in opening games.
  5. Auskip

    2018 Ticket Watch

    Got mine yesterday. Were sent by priority mail. 😎
  6. Auskip

    Top AD candidates becoming clearer

    I think Lion is spot on with this.
  7. Auskip

    Don't call Paul Finebaum next week....

    I never listen. But I might on Monday. Should be fun listening to the cliff jumpers.
  8. Auskip

    Gus just out coached Saban.

    That is just too funny! I'm picturing some of our aufam posters trying to hang on while climbing back on.
  9. Auskip

    Quoting Gabe Gross

    It would probably take something more in your face like: "We beat the dog crap out of them!" to get things spiced up.
  10. Auskip

    Get better this week

    I'd spend all three of the main practice days working on kick return defense and pint return defense.
  11. My wife was wondering if you considered the fake field goal in your analysis?
  12. 51, 49, 44, 52, and 42 points scored in 5 of the last 6 SEC games played. Yep, that's pretty predictable. Also a school record...
  13. Auskip

    Roku - Streaming the Games

    What about about the Pac 12 network?
  14. Auskip

    Notes going into Week #6

    Stat! You 'da man.