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  1. Bashing Gus

    Man, you're going to make me run out of likes.
  2. A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    But what if the players need to be executed?
  3. I'd rather be an Auburn Fan than a fan of.....

    Couldn't resist adding this to the thread: "I have a tremendous home. I think (wife Dee) still likes me. I used to rely on my dog, Rudy, when I got home. I knew Rudy just wanted to go for a walk. He was glad to see me. Rudy's not around anymore. But Dee is pretty consistent." Beleaguered Nebraska coach Mike Riley, on dealing with fallout from his failure.
  4. I'd rather be an Auburn Fan than a fan of.....

    Man, you nailed it with that one!
  5. Nebraska. They're off to a 1-2 start including the weekend's lost to Northern Illinois. It's tough to see such a once proud program in such dire straights. I'm sure that their fans are jumping off the cliff. Since there's quite a few other teams out there that are objectively in worse shape than ours right now, let's have some fun and look around to see who has browner grass than we do. How 'bout you? Who would you add to this list?
  6. Prediction for Game 3

    I predict that we will probably win.
  7. FWIW.

    Let's put it this way. Back when Coach Heisman was here, Golf helped clean the team's leather helmets.
  8. Georgia Southern 10 Positives

    You get the missus to drive while you read a football forum? That's impressive.👊
  9. Texas A&M -- Sumlin -- Hot Seat

    Well I remember that when I was a student during the Doug Barfield era we were beating Wake Forrest 35-3 at one point. We ending up losing 42-38!
  10. Depth Chart for GaSo

    I still remember Pat Dye's crack at a press conference in response to a question from the press about how the kickoff return team was doing: "Now you don't necessarily want to lead the country in kickoff returns" Punt returns are much more important and hopefully we can lead the country in that category.😏
  11. Who is Auburn's 2nd toughest opponent?

    I'm with you Clayton. If they hadn't had Watson, they would have lost 3 games last year. I believe that they could lose 4 games this year.
  12. Ranking all 130 FBS teams

    I would have Texas A&M and Tennessee switch places.
  13. scrimmage updates?

    I'm thinking corner. Do we have more than 3 we can count on?
  14. Sat down on my couch yesterday down here in Florida to watch "Auburn in 60" which I recorded last week. I turned on the ceiling fan and for just a second....I thought I felt...the "Nip".