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  1. That’s all we’ve been able to do for years.
  2. He was already contacted by other schools, but his buyout is keeping him in place.
  3. I’m no guru, but aren’t screens effective against the blitz?
  4. I sure wish our 2,3,4 RB’s had gotten more carries throughout the year. We could use experienced backups right now.
  5. I think she was the guest speaker in the locker room before the game.
  6. There is no way that Bama’s TE is the best blocker Holland has faced all year. He was clearly holding throughout the game.
  7. They also had only 6 men on the line of scrimmage. Completely blown call. Luckily it didn’t impact the game too much.
  8. Maybe we should do it more often? It seemed to work.
  9. Getting paid to take the blame for Gus. He is probably underpaid considering the damage that is being done to his career.
  10. Don’t forget last year’s LSU game. We only won that because of Les Miles’ poor clock management.
  11. I'm pretty sure beer goggles fool everyone at some point. (At least that's what I'm telling myself right now.)
  12. It was my sophomore year. That night is memorable because of the game and because I drank about a case of beer and hooked up with a very unattractive and not slim girl. Thanks for bringing up long lost memories.