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  1. 1984 Liberty Bowl Particulars

    That was back when I could afford to go to a game.
  2. Truitt transfering to UNC (Updated 1/29/17)

    So maybe it's just me, but I think Truitt will probably go somewhere with the intention of getting his master's degree at a school that is highly regarded.
  3. This is looking like the Georgia game. If we can't pass we won't keep up.
  4. Florida vs LSU

    Looks like they pulled out a little too early.
  5. ***Auburn vs. Georgia - Game Thread***

    That was Johnsonesque.
  6. ***Auburn vs. Georgia - Game Thread***

    Absolutely. It's the weekly "End of the World/Apocalypse" thread.
  7. ***Auburn vs. Georgia - Game Thread***

    Maybe they let it go because the WR pushed off first?
  8. Those wins over MSU and Arkansas are looking better all the time.
  9. Because refs never blow calls. I guess that first play from the Bama vs A&M game wasn't targeting since it wasn't called.
  10. No longer a competition

    Zero doubt so far, but our coaches have shown this year that they will break tendencies at opportune moments. KJ won't always run the ball from that formation.
  11. ball placement

    I believe he was saying that the refs have been doing this since the 60's so we don't need to prepare because it is expected.
  12. ball placement

    How many times can you challenge and win?
  13. Other teams can try, but there is only one Chad Kelly on our schedule. The remaining teams don't have that talent level at QB and/or WR. Even on a historic night that wasn't enough. He started out white hot and threw for half of his yards (200+) in the first quarter. No one can play like that for a full game (he wasn't going to finish with 800 yds) without reverting to the mean.
  14. ball placement

    There were probably 10 spots where an extra yard was given. It's not an exact science all of the time, but something was way off tonight.
  15. **Arkansas at Auburn Game Thread**

    Yes. Those refs need to be sent back to school.