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  1. UPDATED GUESS: Hardy (DL) Frazier (TE) Butler (DE) JUCO (OL) or GT (P)
  2. Here is my guess.....UPDATED Hardy (DL) Burks (DL) Frazier (TE) McGuire (K) if we take 26 this cycle
  3. Does anyone have a preliminary list of the expected visitors to Big Cat Weekend?
  4. Actions speak louder than words.....don’t tell me about change show me.
  5. I would gladly finish with Keith's prediction.....that would be a very good class
  6. It is interesting to see all the reasons you guys give on why we should not go get or try to get someone. Maybe that is the reason we keep settling for inferior coaches. Got to hand it to Bama they did not sit back and say Saban would never come here. Nope that went and asked....
  7. Not a given that Dabo would only take one job. Again, all he can say is no, but the main point is we need to ask.
  8. Dabo Sweeney......load up the war wagon and go get him!
  9. 1 - Dabo Sweeney 2 - Bob Stoops 3 - Lane Kiffin We need someone who is proven......
  10. Who knows...but the offense looks very similar to the ones from 2015-2016 without a good QB... But now we have a good QB and it still looks the same, common denominator Gus.
  11. Will not guess score but after game CGM's seat will be on high heat....
  12. Yes, I did watch the game....and obviously you are seeing different plays that I saw. What I saw was the same old WR screens, WR quick throws, and WR down the sidelines. Wait almost forgot the try to run the ball between the tackles to get nothing. I saw the plays before they snapped the ball and if I can read what is coming before the play starts I am sure that the opposing team can see it as well. Face it, there has been no improvement in our offense since the Washington game. It would be one thing if we saw some improvements or shooting our self in the foot mistakes on long sustained drives but neither are the case. I am just tired of hearing the same old excuses but at what point does it become apparent that the offensive staff is lacking the ability to game plan and make adjustments on the fly.